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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everybody. I haven't been online for a while. Hope you people are all doing alright :biggrin: As the thread's title suggests, I will start a postgraduate degree online from january on in order to diversify my skills and job opportunities when in Australia. Being interested in environmental management, I have considered so far the following providers: Maquarie, UNE, university of Newcastle and Edit Cowan, all proposing online postgraduates courses in environmental or wildlife management. I have so far search trough this site http://www.gooduniguide.com.au/ and e-mailed all the providers to get more informations, but since the required investment is huge I would be interested to learn about other people experiences or advices, comments on e.g reputation, things I should be aware of, etc.. Thanks in advance :notworthy:, Cedric
  2. Heathfamily

    TV, phone and broadband providers?

    What are peoples opinions and service experiences of tv, phone and broadband providers? Who are they and what are there prices like? I have Sky here in the UK for all three so hoping I can get similar in Australia. Maybe a poll could be set up? Any links to webites would be usefull. Thanks
  3. Guest

    UK ISP providers?

    I'm trying to sort a problem for my mum. She only uses the internet to email me, and goes onto the internet for a max of about 5-10 mins a day. She does this using and old (Win 98 computer) and dial-up via a BT phone line. She used to use Tiscali's free ISP connection by dialing via a local number - but that was taken over by TalkTalk and has been a pain ever since (and I suspect more expensive). She wants a new "free" ISP provider that she can use. I am unsure if BT have a ISP service that she can use without broadband as that might be the best option. She is adamant she does not want broadband (although this may be the best option at the end of the day) but I can't seem to find the old "free" ISP providers that used to be scattered around. Just wondering what options there are in the UK at the moment? Thanks Vicky
  4. Guest

    Internet Providers

    Hi all I'm moving out to Peth in November but need to set up internet pretty quickly as I work online, could anyone tell me which are the most reliable providers and how good is the cover. also how quickly would I be able to get it installed???? thanks in advance Marg xx
  5. Hi Can anybody please advise me as to where is the best place to get a mobile phone provider in Perth and which have the most reasonable tariffs please? I will be cancelling my Orange contract here in the UK and then looking for a provider just as soon as I arrive. Also, I am will be looking for a good broadband provider so I can start using my laptop as soon as I able rather than having to go to a Internet Cafe it will make life alot easier. Can anyone please advise me do they have the doggles like they do here in the UK? Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks Debbie:)
  6. Guest

    Canberra Mobile phone providers

    Hiya We are flying out tomorrow! I am taking my old orange phone which is unlocked (am making pay as you go) and will buy a sim card when i get there. What is the best network in canberra? What should we avoid?! Thanks!!
  7. Jellybeagle

    TV providers

    Hi all Soooo excited - landing in Mackay 3 June :jiggy: Just trying to sort out some home comforts - can anyone tell me the best TV providers in Makay - Foxtel / Austar ?
  8. Guest

    Mobile Providers

    Who are the best mobile providers in the Melbourne area? Looking for the providers with the best coverage and although there are a lot of companies out there I don't have a clue which one will give the best signal in most areas. Cheers, Stu
  9. I was hoping somone out there might be able to help me.... I am desperately trying to find an employer willing to sponsor me in oz. I have my skills assessment as a Hotel/Motel manager and have a 176 visa lodged, however due to the rule changes it looks unlikely ever to happen without n employer sponsor. But I am finding in the hospitality industry it is virtually impossible to even make contact with employers unless I am already eligible to work in Oz. I thought perhaps a smaller or privately run Hotel, motel, caravan park or similar may be more likely to consider me. And I hope someone out there might be in that situation or know of someone who might be interested. Ps I am prepared to go anywhere in Oz...just want to be out there.:daydreaming: Fingers crossed Hazel
  10. Guest

    mobile broadband providers

    Hi all Only 19 days to go!!!!! Can anyone let me know what is the best pay as you go mobile broadband in Oz, if it exists. In the UK there is only one, ie vodaphone, otherwise which would be the best pay monthly contract. I have 2 dongles already, so only require a sim card. Thanks
  11. abz123

    WA utility providers

    Just had word that our mortgage approval has come through so wondering what the position is with utility providers in WA i.e. do we have any choice who we get our gas and electricity from or is there just one provider of each? I tried Google without much success. I know that telephone / internet has a variety of providers but can anyone recommend a decent bundle, or warn me off from any of the companies out there? Telephone usage will be light as most international calls will be VoIP and I reckon 10 GB per month would probably do it for internet usage.
  12. Hi, we have just moved to the Gold Coast and will be moving into our house on Tuesday. Can anyone reccommend a good internet service provider. We will more than likely have to go wireless as I have heard that adsl is hit and miss. We were with Virign in adelaide and the reception and phone was absolutely crap. I have also heard that origin is good for the utilites is this true. We were with Truenergy in adelaide, but I don't think they have that here. Thanks. Julie
  13. Hi i've got a BB on Orange in the UK but know it will be rediculously expensive to use things like my Blackberry Messenger and to look at my Facebook & e-mails etc. Just wondering if theres a service provider that lets you use these facilities as a Pay As You Go service and who the best providers are? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Bobbsy

    Phone/Broadband Providers

    Right. It might be time for another one of "those" topics. My generalised frustration with and hatred of Telstra is reaching fever pitch and my 2 year contract is now up. Does anyone have a provider of landlines and broadband that they're actually happy with? Obviously, the main alternative is Optus and, from some Googling, they don't seem to fair much better in the popularity stakes. FYI, we can look at various ways of contracting and bundling, but need a single landline phone plus good broadband--presently we have ADSL2 (20 meg though we never get close to that) and a 25gig monthly limit. I realise that the actual wires to my house are unlikely to change but I'd love to find somebody who will listen when I say the Telstra socket crackles loudly on phone calls and drops my ADSL any time the cord plugged into it moves even slightly. I'd go back to standing on my roof with semaphore flags to cancel Telstra--but I can't get sufficient data throughput for PIO that way... Bob
  15. abz123

    Mobile broadband providers

    Due to arrive in Perth late March and arranged short term rental property for 3 weeks in Connolly. Plan is to get mobile broadband access to do all the usual bits and pieces until longer term rental sorted out and we have a land line. Is any particular provider better / worse than any other for coverage e.g. Orange has a "black spot" in my town and is unusable. Are there free wi-fi hotspots that I can jump on at someone else's expense? I presume I can get a pay as you go contract but any particular "nasties" to watch out for in contracts? How easy is it to get a "proper" contract before having a job / utility bills etc.? Anyone any experience of Cherry Call (found a link on PIO)? Seems too good to be true that you can use free Oz minutes to call the UK (or anywhere else for that matter!)
  16. Due to quite a few reports recently may i please refresh the memory of anyone who offers the above type of service or a variation of it. These are some clips of the Forum Rules, the full site rules can be found in the Welcome section of the forum. Business Members 1 - Before advertising any business or service on PomsInOz.com, contact the administrator. Any posts deemed to be advertising material without the consent of the moderators or administrators will be deleted. 2 - You may NOT post your company name / company logo as your avatar. Service providers using this function purely to promote their own wares without adding value to the community are likely to be removed and/or edited. Please seek prior permission from the administrator prior to advertising your service (See point 1 above). 3 - Service providers are prohibited from starting threads primarily to promote their business, product or service. Examples of which may include (but not limited to) vacant rental properties, real estate and job vacancies.
  17. Im totally rubbish with things like this. Can anyone recommend which provider is better without breaking the bank. I need phone and internet setting up. we're in melbourne. Some connection company were trying to talk to me about it the other day, but im not signing up to anything over the phone have just been onto a few website but all are asking for my fone number to see if they serve that area...................thats no good to me, ive got no phone:huh: oh help please:wacko:
  18. Hi all,:spinny: Can anyone let me know who are the service providers in Victoria, either State or Regional, for GAS / ELECTRIC / WATER (found a great link that lists and compares for broadband & phone Victoria - Service Providers - Broadband Choice, Broadband Bundle - Compare phone & internet bundle plans). Or any other things useful for running a house, except me of course!!! Any help please, please, please. Tar very much chucks. Ley x :unsure:
  19. Help please we are in Perth and moving into a long term rental on Tuesday and we need the internet and a telephone package any advise on the best providers would be great as im well lost off when I try to find a decent deal .Any advise would be great because I dont want to be tied to a rubbish provider for 12 months Thanks in advance Julia :hug:
  20. Guest

    Internet providers

    Can anyone recommend a good internet provider, maybe wireless if possible? I need good internet for my job as i work from home but all the wireless internet i have experienced at friends houses have been rubbish and totally overpriced!!! Is it possible to get a good internet service for less than $100 a month?? Thanks
  21. Can anyone pls advise any satellite dish service providers in Brisbane? I need to install a dish to receive some Asian and European channels.
  22. Guest

    Internet Providers???

    Hi there, Will put on a thread shortly, about out arrival, but can anyone recommend internet providers? Need internet, home phone, mobiles etc., all at a reasonable price. See what you can come up with... Thanks... Andrea x
  23. Hi everybody, I know this thread or simular has (prob) been done a hundread times before, but here goes, anyway! I've been looking into the various broadband/digital tv/phone/bundle options in Aus on the net and like the UK, seems to be a bit of a minefield...with a few noticable differences... * There doesn't seem to be the competition there is in the UK offering good value bundle packages, (SKY digital tv/basic broadband/home phone £26 month) about the best I could find was TELSTRA BIGPOND, BUT there is NO discount/cash incentive to have all your services in the one place, JUST free texts/minutes on mobile (hope I am correct in saying this?) * Broadband seems to be VERY expensive compared to the UK if you want unlimited/fast downloads * Opus appear to be a nightmare if you want to leave them! Any comments/reconmmendations?
  24. Guest

    Internet providers...

    I'm moving to Sydney in Oct and will be staying at a friends house temporarily (they are currently living in the UK) I would like to get broadband put on for my arrival, has anyone any recommendations for providers?