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Found 14 results

  1. milliem

    Surely it isn't as hard as this

    Okay for the last week i have been scrambling around trying to find an internet / broadband provider and finally signed up with the only one who does service here. I am away on the install date they gave me so after 6 hours on hold or on the phone to various departments we have established that the earliest alternative connection date is July. Even then they are unable to give me a date as yet. I desperately need the internet for my work. I have tried everyone but Santa Claus and even offered to pay a premium for the connection but no one is able to help me. I guess if one company has a monopoly there is no rush. :dull: I am so p'd off to be stuck with this rotten dongle that loads about 6Kb per second and takes ages to load each page and constantly loses connection. :cry: The previous internet provider in the other house was no better. That never worked and I had to go through trading standards to get the contract cancelled and my money refunded. :frown: I think it's time that I concede defeat on this one and admit that it will probably never happen. :no:Roll on 2015 and the national broadband network. :arghh:
  2. Could anyone tell me whether there is an official governing body with which we could raise a complaint against a Relocation agent we used to relocate from London to Sydney? The Relocation Agent promised us she would not charge a fee should she not be able to find us a suitable property to rent in Sydney. Long story short... she didn't find us a property and has now taken payment for a full service fee (to which we had not agreed). Does anyone know how we can raise this dispute with a formal governing body in order to get our monies back??
  3. Guest

    home phone provider

    quick question: which company to go for if you only really want a landline and be able to make cheap international calls. i mostly need a landline to get calls from germany and occassionally call germany and uk as well. anyone on a good price plan? cheers
  4. OK, looking for suggestions on an internet provider for the northern beaches area of Sydney. We are internet heavy in our household so a suggestion on a company with unlimited data useage would be good.
  5. I've had a mortgage for several years, and have had consent to let to rent out my flat to tenants for the last 3 years. I'm now thinking about moving to Australia - do I have to tell my lender? I've heard rumours that they are not happy about lending to expats in Aus (though I obviously already have my mortgage in place). Also, I currently have tenants, but in a few months time my friends are going to move into my flat for a while. Do I have to tell my mortgage provider who is staying there? Surely it's up to me where I live, and who lives in my flat as long as I still pay the mortgage?! Especially since I have permission to lease. My concern is that telling them anything these days opens up an opportunity for them to increase my mortgage rate (it's not currently fixed). Thanks!
  6. Just doing a bit of research on who's best to go with We're coming over in a couple of months and will be getting our UK phones unlocked so we can sign up on a SIM only deal in Australia when we arrive I can see from the carriers' websites what their deals are like - but of course what they don't tell you is who has the best coverage? We'll be spending most of our time in and around Sydney, so I can't imagine it will be an issue. But are there any standout service providers, or ones I should avoid? Thanks in advance P
  7. Hey everyone! Moving from the UK to Oz- I have sim free iphone bought outright- wondering what is best network to go on when i get over- suppose i use data roaming the most and will be ringing back home every so often- who has the best deals? Cheers :biggrin:
  8. Hi there; Hubby and I are now veering away from Pay TV and the T Box or Foxtel as it seems pricey for what you actually get and wondering if it much cheaper just to find someone to provide us with broadband. We use the Internet daily on average 3 hours a day just generally surfing, sending emails, blogging but no realy streaming or downloading. Would like wireless in the apartment as both hubby and I have laptops and we would like to go one simultaneously. How much GB do you think we will require and can anyone recommend a good provider or deal? Looking at Bigpond it appears if we do just broadband we have to pay extra for a modem and installation but if we do $99 including T Box those things come free. Is that right? Thanks guys. You're always ever so helpful.
  9. Guest

    child care provider

    :arghh::arghh:hi i'm hoping maybe someone might put me in the right direction please. i have worked for the last 3 years as a child care provider from home and have 2 years books. i'm hoping to move to brisbane with my 2 children and do the same work out there, but sadly i can't see this on the skill list, and don't know were to go from here. i have rang a few agents but they say yes we can help you, to only get a phone call to sorry we can't. many thanks
  10. Hi, we are about to start our new life in Australia. We have always had private health cover in the UK through BUPA or PPP, paid for by our employers. From what I understand of Medicare sounds like it would be a good idea to arrange similar in Australia as not all costs are covered (plus i dont mind paying for insurance to have peace of mind!!). Can someone tell me who are the main healthcare providers in Australia? I would like to arrange this before we fly as I would like to be covered from day 1. tx
  11. Guest

    changing provider - student

    Hi Can anyone help i changed provider after the first 6 month after starting at this certain college, before i changed i checked with the immigration and they said no problem and took a copy of the new coe. However i have been informed that because i changed provider that the first college months count for nothing !!!!!:arghh::arghh: apparently i will fit the tra criteria of the 2 year study ruile but not for immigration ?? has anyone changed providers then gone for pr ? did anyone have a problem ? i need HELP
  12. Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend an Australian mobile phone sim provider before we get to Aus. We are heading for Perth. When we get there (eventually) we will also be getting broadband so any that go hand in hand would be great to know of, but we won't get brodband till we arrive. Thought it would be great to tell everyone our new number before we even leave the UK and knock another 'must do' off our list. Thanks in advance of any info. Glen & Shirley
  13. Hi, We are currently with bigpond internet on a 2 year fixed contract,($69.95 month) we get 12gb to use each month at a speed of 1500/256kbps then we get slowed down to 64kbps and god it's slow !!!! - we have been slowed down since the 20th as thats when we met our 12gb (our plan runs from 25th to 25th each) so now got a few more days on wind up mode !!!! Has anybody got a great deal from which providers in Oz as theres so many out there its sooo confusing. Thanks gizmo
  14. Guest

    early years provider

    hello everyone, does "nursery person" on the skills list mean day nursery or is it gardening as in plant nursery? I`m an early years childcarer (mainly 0 to 5 year olds),i`m qualified with the NNEB and have been in this career for 20 yrs,currently working as an "Outstanding" graded childminder. Is this going to be one of the needed skills ? Many thanks :jiggy: