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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm planing to apply for Victoria SS, Occupation - Software Tester Being a Canadian nationality, do I need to provide IELTS results to victoria? Thanks is advance
  2. In the UK some mobile companies allow free calls and texts to other users on the same network. As there are 6 in our family this is a handy freebie to have. Does anyone know of any networks in Oz which allow the same on PAYG tariff?
  3. So annoyed this morning. Had an email from CO to advise that they are likely to refuse application for a 457 visa because the nomination by the employer has been refused :sad: Immigration requested extra documentation from them on the 16th. Employer provided the information on the same day, and chased them a week later to see if they had received it (no reply). They emailed them again, again no reply. I had an email from my CO last week to say everything was ready to be issued, but they are still awaiting documentation from employer. Employer sent again, and called them to confirm they had received it (nobody available to talk to them on this occasion). This morning had an email from CO to say they are likely to refuse my application as the employer has "not provided the requested information", and did I want to withdraw the application before it gets refused or provide evidence that the employer has a valid nomination :mad: Emailed my employer, she said they have provided everything requested and have no idea why they would say they haven't. Makes me so mad, almost at the point of thinking is this all worth it? We must be talking at least another 6-8 week delay now if we decide to give it another go. Dealing with immigration is like talking to a brick wall, nobody responds to emails or phone calls, or even acknowledges your emails. When you call them you get told the case officer is busy and will send you an email, nothing is ever received :mad: Really don't know what to do for the best now.
  4. Hi, As part of the sponsorship application we have to provide financial evidence of how were going to fund our move etc, asking for a waiver as we dont have $20,000 free at the moment!! Anyone done this, and what did you put as proof? Steph
  5. Can anyone shed some light PLEASE??? My wife and I are at the stage where we are doing our research, collating all our research ready to submit to ACT for SS and eventually 176 visa. Over the past few months I have collected numerous job ads from seek, my career etc etc etc. All the ads collected are in a word document but looking back at the doc I have a few questions. I achieved an AQF in Print Machinist, MUST the job ads be specifically for a Print Machinist? I've been in printing for 15 years and therefore been involved in every sector of printing, so would it be ok if I include in my research (this is the document I will eventually submit to ACT for sponsorship) print sales jobs, design jobs, management jobs etc etc etc. They all involve printing but not Print Machinist specifically as my AQF states. Any help??????
  6. I was wondering if anyone can give an overview of the medicare system. I have read a bit but am a little confused as to what you need to pay for, what doesn't need to be payed for, in the event of a visit to the docs, or worse a hospital visit / operation etc etc. I've seen reference to bulk billing and a "gap payment" and was wondering what these are. I am aware of the need of ambulance cover as a definite must upon arrival, but what else in terms of health insurance would people advise having? Is the public medicare system sufficient or is it worth investing in private health cover, what difference would it make if we did have health insurance? Sarah
  7. CO has requested documents like bank statement and payslips. I have collected all the documents, but now the things it that there are just too many files with too many pages in them I was thinking about providing a index file. Which shows that pay of which month was paid by which employer is present in which page of which document :rolleyes:. Now what do you think ? Should I do it (because it is too much trouble and work) and not even asked by CO in first place .. ? But will definately help the CO or any one who want to look at all the info? Has any one provided any such index file?
  8. HI I am keen to know whether my application has been sent for security checks or not. I inquired this from my co once and he did not give a clear answer and only said all internal checks have been initiated. Now, I have decided to contact IGIS to inquire the issue from them but I have heard stories that IGIS no longer provides information or they do not give a clear answer to applicants has anybody recently contacted them and got a clear reply from them? Regards:wubclub::cute:
  9. We, like many people, were concerned about the time being taken for what was perceived to be delays due to Form 80 (routine, security, external) character checks - it's been almost 11 months since submission of our second Form 80 and Meds/PCCs (CO request) and since then we have heard nothing other than the routine/external processing line. We have seen many people contacting IGIS in the recent (and distant) past who have received information on whether/when a referral was passed to ASIO, whether there is any delay/if it is being correctly processed and an expression of when matters might be concluded (or not). We recently sent in a request for information and after a general email stating what IGIS would do, how they deal with issues, we then pressed further regarding the lack of specifics and were told: "Due to the large number of contacts from people seeking updates on visa processing, IGIS is no longer able to provide any information concerning the progress of a case. Please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for information about the status of the visa application." It would appear that a rather large change in policy has taken place. We do not now know whether such checks are, or ever have been in progress, let alone concluded and whether the problem is at DIAC's end or not. If any of you are to write to IGIS subsequently, please let us know your experience as it does seem odd that everyone who wrote to them a week or so before us got a rather more detailed reply. Any advice here would be most appreciated.
  10. Happy New year and holidays to everbody. Wish you all the best! I have an urgent question needing some expertise help. I have worked in Australia for 3 years. My comany has agreed to sponsoring my Australian PR application (subclass 856). One agent has been assigned to me. Of course the agent has asked me to provide many documents.I has been doing accordingly.But I think one point is not very clear or even not correct. My spouse and kid are not in Australia and they don't have plan to migrate with me now. According to checklist of Employer Nomination Scheme, non-migrating family members are also required to undertake health assessments.I have done my own medical check here,but one question is that, do my spouse and kid have to have health assessement before or after lodging my PR appciation ? Because in the form (1071i FORM)of Health requirement, it says that "If you are overseas – do not complete your health examination before you lodge your visa application. The department will provide applicants with detals of the medical examination required for your circumstances." The agent told me that my family members must provide the health assessements now (before lodgement). I doubt that. Does any expert know that they should have the heath examination now or after lodgement ? thanks a lot in advance.
  11. Hi, I am just gathering all the documents together for the ACT State Sponsorship application and it asks for a copy of the visa application, when I submited this sometime ago I did not get a copy of the application just a receipt showing all the reference numbers. Has anyone who has applied got any advice on what they provided or do I need to try and obtain a copy of the app? Thanks for any help!
  12. Hi All Hope someone can help? Arriving in Oz end of Jan 2011 and will be in temporary accomodation initally before finding something more permanent. How does that work with shipping across your belongings? If I give the shipping company my temporary address might have moved by the time belongings arrive. Will be staying in same area. Do you give the company your temporary address and then contact them if you move, and are they ok with this? Cheers
  13. Well hallelujah, the 1276 form for a 176 has been submitted and paid for and we're now the proud owners of a TRN number. When going through the document check-list I attached just about everything they need except the passport size photos, and I know from reading the forum that you need to wait till your case officer requests medicals and police checks but I don't know if this is just a co-incidence but in that same section was the "proof of defacto relationship". Does that mean you also don't provide that till your case officer requests it? (ie it isn't always necessary). Or is it just a co-incedence that they appear grouped together? Thanks guys and boy do I feel less stressed now I've worked out the gremlins in the online form!:biggrin:
  14. My Employer sponsor has just checked online status & it's update as of today is: unable to provide extra information. They were requested extra info on the 21/4 & supplied that day, my sponsoring company asking if they required any further info to let them know. They received no acknowledgement, so emailed a week later asking if the info had been received. The co a acknowledged about 2 weeks later, that she has received. I then checked my status & it says application withdrawn! Do you think our CO has lost our email? What the hell has happened?
  15. hi, hoping someone can help with ideas on this one. We have applied for import permits for our vespas so that we can ship them to Australia. We sent them loads of evidence including copies of one-way tickets, visas / passports, Aus bank accounts and so on. However, the Vehicle Imports dept in Canberra have asked us to send further evidence of our intention to remain in Aust. e.g. letters from current employers saying we have quit our jobs here in the UK. Given we don't need to resign until one month before we leave (ie. at the end of this month) we are stumped on what further evidence we can send them at this point. And we are worried that we need to get the permits soon as our shippers require them before they will load the bikes into the container. I am thinking of phoning them to explain our problem. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue and how they got around it?? cheers sg
  16. Hi there, We're a little bit concerned about sending a reference from my husband's current employer in case TRA decide to contact them. If our Oz dream goes pear shaped we don't want to jeopardise employment here. We have a person in the company that we trust to write and sign the reference, but printing it on letterhead gives TRA to contact anybody in the company regarding this which would be a nightmare! We're already sending a stat. dec. for the companies my hubby worked for years ago that no longer exist. Would it look bad if we send one for his current employer too? Can anybody shed some light. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :cute:
  17. Hi, just joined the website. Well here is my issue, I am hoping some of you guys may be able give me some pointers and help (or closure) I went to Australia for three month back in 2007. Since my intial three month career break. I have return twice on a working holiday visa. With a break of 7 month inbetween each visa back in the UK. During the two year period in OZ, I worked and lived like an Aussie in Sydney, I held down a good job all the way through. I even got took on by the same firm again, with a pay rise. Once I was on my 2nd working visa, and I was allowed to work for them again. I had an awesome set of Australian mates, who I miss more than anything. I like them was devastated when my 2nd visa was up and had to go home. The airport was 1 of the worst days of my life, for me and them some said. I just got back to the UK and pritty much felt like my life here is pointless an going nowhere, just like two year back. I have been looking into the student visa thing for about a month. I went to see a migration agent, who told me if I was looking for PR. I would need to start from scratch. My banking/exprience is not worth anything on the SOL list. He also dispelled a few myths I heard over the years as well surrounding PR. So it was money well spent, I guess. So I have been looking on the computer nearly 24/7 researching websites, going to expo days etc etc. So I am looking at doing a course in bricklaying or Tiling, for two years so I can get the 60 points I need to obtain my goal of PR. Major change of career, but I am serious about doing whatever it takes. People always say you need to change your career totally once in awhile. I have looked at a few places Perth (Silver trowel), Gold coast (TAFE Nambour) and Melborne (Holmesglen College) that run these courses. I can cover the cost of tutiton fees but it will cost me everything I have saved up for since I started saving lol. Plus reading the stories on here, I have read things can go wrong so quickly and immigration change the goal posts a lot. So it seems like a gamble that could fall apart. But I cant give myself a few month to think about it becuase I have reached 28 years old. So I need to get this on the ways as when I hit 30years old I loose another 5 points. Which brings me down to 115 which is no good. I was hoping to get advice off any other people that maybe going down this route in order to obtain PR or are on it. Plus any advice people can give me in gerneral would be much appreciated, as my head is all over the place with this stuff at the moment. I not going to make any descions on this till the DIAC, release the changes to the student visa, which I have read are going to happen soon. Returning to Australia is my dream, and its all I think about from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them again a night.
  18. Hi, We got our CO on 1st July and were given 70 days to provide PC's and additional relationship evidence. We submitted this on the 22nd July and were hoping it would be quite quick now they have everything they need - its a 175 CSL visa. I have read that if CO gives you 70 days they will not look at the file again until this time even if everything is submitted and ready to go - can anyone confirm if this is correct? Problem is I make this the 8th September which is actually the day we have flights booked to Oz. Although I have got the tourist ETA visas done for this trip, I was also really hoping the 175 would have been approved and therefore this be a validation trip. So I basically just want to know if anyone else can confirm if they were given 70 days to provide the additional info and submitted it much earlier, did anyone get the visa before the 70 days were up? Thanks so much in advance Amy and Paul x
  19. I have just been requested from my Case Officer to provide evidence that our medicals have been sent away to LCU Sydney. I spoke to the Doctor and he stated that these have been sent. Nevertheless this is not providing me with the necessary evidence. So how would I go about this matter. Is there a e-mail address or a web-link I can use to find out if the LCU in Sydney have received our medicals and to chase them up, etc. This officer is also requesting evidence that our police checks have been sent as well, once again I have no evidence to prove this as these was just posted on the Sunday 10th May.
  20. I will be emigrating to the sunshine coast and wanted to know who will be the best mobile provider for that area:- yes optus, telstra or vodaphone? Also who offers the best deals, I have had a lokk on each ones websites but it's a little confusing! :wub: Thanks Emma
  21. Hi All After speaking to quite alot of people and having it confirmed today, if you are new to this site and you are just collating your documenation to send off and submit example ie work references, client, supplier ref...... please please ensure that you dont send any orginals documentation. (unless you have been given multiple originals) We are doing our submission and migration via an agent and boy..... he didnt advise us of this fact. only advised us that any supplied copies have to be signed accordingly........ Why you may ask!!! As you need the orginals once your in OZ for rentals purposes, future employment in oz and also getting your trade licence once their. I nearly made the same mistake, but asking questions in the lounge and meeting some really great people on here just within 1 week has saved our bacon big time .... lol .....and just think of the additonal stress and panic we would of incured. getting refs again but from down under.. painfull and massive delays and making things difficult in renting - homeless!!!!! I Really hope other new people find this useful. Regards Judy :wacko:
  22. Hi All I'm in the middle of a 175 online application and I got an email on 30 Sept asking for additonal information which isn't a problem in itself (it was for some work references etc). A note appeared on my online status page stating '30/09/08 Further information required'. I uploaded the information they wanted on 9/10/08, however my status page is still showing '30/09/08 further information required'. I'm slightly concerned it's still showing this status over a week after I've uploaded the information they asked for (especially considering the 28 day deadline)! Does anyone know if this status changes to acknowledge they've received the information? Or does it just remain unchanged? When I go to the upload/attach page it clearly shows I've uploaded the files. Any help greatfully received! Thanks Tom (beginning to fret slightly!)
  23. Hi all, We are at the final hurdle in our application process and have just been accepted into Oz subject to meidcals/police checks I have discovered this forum today and its great! So many positives and stories about people who have made it happen. The reason for posting is my wife keeps going through the should we/shouldnt we move! We are keen to do it for quality of life reasons, more time with the kids (we have 3 girls, 10, 6, 2) and a safer environment for them to grow up in. Can those of you that have migrated and feel happy, send us some positives to give her peace of mind that its the right thing to do! Lastly, I work in Insurance here and she is a teacher. Has anyone found work in these fields? Thanks The Davidsons:smile:
  24. Hi, Its probably really simple, but can anybody explain how to go about supplying your medical and police checks to DIAC before they are requested by a case officer. Susie and I are posting our application form next week (if we ever get the thing finished:-) and were wondering how we would go about sending in our medicals and police checks before the case officer requests them. We're impatient like the rest of you, and so plan to request our checks to coincide with the average 3-4 month wait to be assigned a case officer, but just incase we get the timing wrong we are curious how to send of the checks and effectively "front-load" the application. Anybody got insider knowledge, or tips. Cheers... Chris