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Found 18 results

  1. jem32

    how to prove ??

    Hey, without any documentation how do you prove you worked in Australia. Jem
  2. I have been in touch with my school to get a letter but as I left over 10 yrs ago they no longer hold any records that I attended the school and I was taught in English. I have all my GCSE and A level certificates but I've heard this is not proof enough. I am going to try and contact the examining board to ask if they can do anything but if not can I write a statutory declaration and get it signed by the justice of peace and send this along with all my cetificates?
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new to this and would like to ask your advice on a slight problem I have I have gotten WA sponsorship and applied for my 176 visa however in my application i ticked the 'specific work experience', however i then realised that I didnt need to claim these points as I already had more than enough without them!! I would just attach the documents anyway except I am already in Perth on a 457 visa and I no longer have any payslips etc to prove the full 3 years - it would be quite a hassel to try get references etc so................my question is if I just dont upload any of the documents will they just take the 10 points off my application and process it on what I have submitted or would they cancel the whole visa??? Im sure you all know how stressfull visa applications are (Ive done 3 now at this stage and they dont get any easier!!) so im hoping someone out there can help settle my brain on this one Thanks so much
  4. Hi there, we looked at submitting a 176 SS visa but it wasnt going to work as they were asking what cash we had in the bank. All of our money is tied up in our home, furnishings and vehicle and we will have enough money to settle after selling them to put with the savings we do have. Does the 175 Visa require the same information? is there an amount we have to have in the bank before we are accepted.
  5. Hello guys, I have applied as a 167 category in November..... I have uploaded last 5 years payslips....3 years bank statements.....2 years tax documents....2 companies appointment letter.....1 company resign letter.....2 increment letter.....visiting card, company card, list of ongoing project and finished project...2 companies exp letter..... is that enough ???? up to October I have uploaded salary slip and bank statement...but each month I am receiving bank statement means just received bank statement and salary slip of November...so should I upload this or whatever uploaded is enough....and if I upload for November month then continue for dec..jan..feb...till online status for work exp changed to "MET" ???:confused:
  6. Hi everyone Myself and my girlfriend of 3 years are applying for a defacto visa so Sarah can be back with her family. Despite knowing each other since i went to aus on a 1 year working holiday visa we have been together since but only lived together for 12 months since Sarah come over to live with me from last august. We have applied for the defacto visa and have heared back from our CO who has asked for more confirmation of us living together. The issue is i have been rather slack and not had my post redirected to the flat we now live in. Sarah is fine but I have had my bank and pretty much all offical post being sent to my parents address where we both lived together for the first 5 months. Part of the reason for this was due to the fact we have not signed a lease and are renting a room off a friend who has a new build and we were unsure as to how long we would be living here. My worry is will our CO take notice of this if i put this to them in writing but in more detail. I have some stuff sent to our current address such as doctors stuff, items ordered online etc but no official things as such. I will send copies of the items i have mentioned but do you think it is worth me putting something in writing to our CO regarding the issue or will they ignore this? We are just worried about this as we are aware its stupid i did not have my post redirected but my parents just forward my post to me via mail or by hand. We have statements from my work colleague and am going to get my friend who we rent off to write something. Does anyone have any ideas of how we can prove to our CO we have lived together with so little official documents? Or can we arrange to speak with them over the phone or meet them in person to answer any quesitons they may have. Please help, thank you Jim :unsure:
  7. Hey there all, Have an employer going through the 119/857 with me and on the application form, you're supposed to list jobs since you left school. Now, back in the days before computer databases really took over, companies destroyed records aged 7 years and over... My employment history is traceable to 2000 and not any further back... Has anybody else come across this? Most of the companies I worked for don't even exist and I can maybe get a couple of letters off companies that I worked for stating that they don't keep any records.... Is this the way to go forward? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks Alixir
  8. libbysmum

    How to prove assets/savings for SS

    After looking into SS for SA, there is a form "declaration of financial capacity" that has to be signed by a JP or the like to "prove savings assests etc", who has done this and what do you need to provide to the certifier? Bank statements, house valuations, mortgage statements? Does the certifier have to actually see anything on paper regarding your finances? Or is it just a signature, to state that you are legally declaring what your assets are?
  9. hi there after being told we have our 457 visa confirmed suddenly they are requesting proof that my 18 year old daughter is dependant please help and advise me my daughter does not work nor is at college so how do i prove dependency ??
  10. Hi all, We are looking at submitting a 175 application soon, and am ensuring I've got all the evidence required. myself and OH are unmarried although we have been a couple for 10 years, living together for 7 and have 2 kids. As yet we dont have a will, but it is one of the forms of evidence DIAC suggest to prove our commitment as a couple. My question is, is this really necessary? Has anybody applied and passed their visa as a defacto couple without using a will as evidence. what other evidence may I use? I do have joint life insurance??? I know a will is important anyways, but dont really want to be forking out loads of money with the big visa bill around the corner. Cheers Sarah
  11. I hope someone can advise on this - How do you prove that you have worked for at least 12 of the last 24 months in an occupation on the SOL? what evidence do you need to give? The reason I ask is because I have had broken employment over the last 2 years, and also the jobs I have done will not be the same as the skill assessment i may go for. Has anyone had difficulties in approaching employers about this? Also, how do you prove what classification the job that you are working in is? i.e. if the job is not as clear cut as say a Doctor or accountant etc, how do you prove what Skilled Occupation it is? The jobs I do could come under a few catagories, like intelligence officer, or business and information professional not classified elsewhere.....just dont know how to prove this if it doesnt match the skill assessment I may go for. any advice or experiences much appreciated thanks
  12. Guest

    How can I prove I am unique!!

    Hi, Anyone any bright ideas on this one? I am on a 475 Temp visa. I have a job and so can apply for permenency under the Employer Sponsored Scheme. My problems is, that to do this I need to be able to show that my job could not have been filled by anyone local. The company is in Adelaide and just posted the ad on CareerOne. I applied, they interviewd 6 and I got it. Immigration SA website says that to show that the skills didn't exist in SA that the employer should attach a letter from a recruiter saying how hard it is to fill these vacancies. What recruiter is going to do that when they didn't have the business in the first place. Anyone any experience of this process? What did you do? What evidence did you (er sorry, your employer) provide? BTW - I am a Management Consultant (Public Sector). Thanks Nick
  13. hi im on a 457 visa living on brisbane and going to start my PR i want to know how i prove that my 18 yr and 21 yr old are dependant on me ? they also want to return to the uk to study as it works out cheaper to study over there than her as we arent PR yet any advice please julie x
  14. I rang an immagration expert and she said that to prove I am in the job I MUST go on a course to prove I am in the occupation i say. Is this true? Cheers
  15. Hi there Just looking for some advice on something. Basically I am a nurse and am hoping to move to Perth on a 457 visa. My partner however (not married) is hoping to come over on my visa and I have recently recieved a list of all the requirements to show our defacto status. We have been together for 4 years and lived together for over 2. The list is quite extensive and I just wondered if anyone else on here had been in a similar situation who was the main visa holder and how they went about proving their defacto status so they could take their partner with them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. hi just SOME general worries as i will be having to prove in court this is the right thing to do for our family/kids. Ex is gonna "fight goddammed hardest" not to let kids go. been firing financially based questions at me which i am not answering, just assured him kids will be looked after,schooled,fed,clothed, you know the way they have been for nine years without him!!!...I know Oz is not the cheapest place to move and i have read about some issues about petrol, rising house prices, interest rates and so on OH will hopefully be earning around $35,000-50,000 also i will be getting part/full-time job in retail (currently manager over here) not sure what wages like, for those of you that are there do you have regrets about going, being skint etc...also i don't expect fairies to come and do boring stuff like housework and shopping, but how has it change your day to day lives being there?:wacko:sorry to go on, jane
  17. Hi I might be being a bit dippy(this is usually the case!!) but what if any documents do you need to included in with the 47sk to prove that the main applicant has vocational english. Any help would be grateful!! Zoe:twitcy:
  18. Guest

    Prove am going to get married

    Hi all, I am going for the prospective marriage visa, in that visa i have to prove that we are going to get married within the 9 months allocated in the visa. How can i do that ?. Partner said go to the minister?? any other way ? Any help will do thanks Nattie