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Found 39 results

  1. Hello good person and thank you for your interest in my humble topic. My other half is an art historian, specializing in East Asian art and...even more arcane...she has a penchant for Chinese ceramics of the Middle Ages. The arrival of our daughter has forced us to think long and hard about our collective future and we're seriously considering emigrating to Australia. Our visa application is 50/50 as her skills are not on any shortage list, but besides that our concern is that of her job prospects. She has a PhD (Doctorate) and five years post-qualification experience lecturing. We accept that sacrifices will need to be made in the short-term to secure the long-term we want; thus we are not hung up on location. If you're in the know about art history, museums, things Chinese and Japanese or the general art scene then we'd love to know your opinion on what her job prospects might be. Your feedback is much appreciated. Don
  2. Hi, I'd appreciate if anyone can give me any of information or advice on employment prospects in England. I'm 20 years old, have worked in Media and advertising and am curious about the differences in seeking work between Australia and UK. Differences in resume formatting, the application process and the like. In Australia I find there's a three step interview process is this the same in England? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  3. I have been to NSW TAFE website: https://www.tafensw.edu.au And checked out the courses listed there . But there are just overwhelming number of courses available and I am not sure which one should I choose. Basically I will need some thing that will prepare me for formal official environments and improve my Australian English. I have found one course speically interesting. It is "Skills for Work and Training". But I can understand the difference between the two links I am mentioning below. Because they appear exactly the same except one is Certificate II (NRT) and other is Statement of Attainment (NRT) https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=9072 https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=9069
  4. Hello! Although my husband is the superstar that got the job offer on a 457, I'm the one doing all the posting and asking on Poms In Oz , heheheh. Although his salary offer is pretty good, I want to work too. I already have my CV with my favoured prospective employer, but want to keep my options open in case nothing comes of that. I've heard it can be tough for 457 dependents to get work. I'm not expecting substantive employment as a temporary resident, but would at least like to temp without doing odd weeks here and there - would rather do fixed term for 6 months to a year. I'm a data analyst (like a statistician, not the business or systems analyst kind), but will do admin, financial or data management type work. Actually my dream job is customs, like on Nothing To Declare/Border Security, but I reckon you need citizen status for that! I'm waffling now. I guess I just want to hear from other 457 secondaries - husbands, wives, even grown-up children of the main applicant - about their employment experience. As the time to go draws nearer this is playing on my tiny mind somewhat!
  5. Hello :biggrin: Just looking for a bit of advice/help please.... I've been offered a job working for a company in Sydney starting in September this year. I will be coming on a 457 sponsorship visa with my partner having the same conditions on a spouse visa. He has worked in the UK in the betting industry as a shop manager/relief manager for the past 10 years and this is the only real experience that he has. What are the job prospects over there for people seeking work in the betting industry? I have heard that there are loads of TAB betting shops in bars/hotels over there. Does anyone know how you would go about applying for this type of job? He is hoping to line up interviews or a job before we go but I'm not 100% about how to do this from the UK. We have also heard that the UK betting industry is well respected over there so shouldnt struggle to get a job - but this could be hearsay. Also does anyone know roughly what salary level he could expect in this type of role?? Thanks!!!
  6. Hello all, Any advice would be gratefully recieved on this matter please as i cannot decide whether to take the plunge!!. I am a 31 yr old male looking to take a gamble and join my brother who works in Sydney to try and find sponsored work as i think this is going to be the quickest and best way to work in oz for a while. (im too old i think for work/travel visa) I have a batchelors marketing degree but have always worked in financial services/insurance sales and account management. Therefore i am wondering what the job market is like in this area and whether getting sponsored is perfectly acheivable?? If not, is there much cash in hand work available to tied me over? Any advice would be fantastic. many thanks Daniel
  7. Nicole Eire

    Prospects for unemployed?

    I have been reading through a few threads and am now just looking for clarification on the situation for people unemployed for more than 12months. For a family (which rules out possibility of WHV) where the main applicant has been unemployed for more than 12months, are ther therefore no options whatsoever available for emigration? This seems very strange to me! Surely the currently unemployed are still eligible candidates for emigration? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Guest

    Work prospects

    Hi all, Another newbie here seeking advice. The wife and i are considering making an application for a skilled migrants visa. We have been to Oz before in 2008 spending 3 weeks touring Queensland (From the Daintree to Gold Coast) then 10 days over in WA (Based with relatives in Mandurah) and fell in love with the place. We are considering either Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast area) or WA (Mandurah area). We have friends and family in both areas. I am Land / Engineering Surveyor, but do not have a degree. What i do have is 15 years experience both managing and engineering some major Civils projects in the Uk (Concrete framework and road construction) I have lots of training but none of which is recognised by the Australian government. For this reason we think Rachel would be the better lead applicant. Rachel is a Residential Care Home manager with a NVQ level 4 in Social Care, an NVQ level 4 (RMA) in management. We have been told the NVQ4 in care is adequate training. Her best fit job description is "Residential Care Officer" which only has a 40 point score on the latest SOL list but her Uncle is willing to act a s a family sponsor. My questions are: * What would my job prospects be considering my lack of a degree. * Would Rachel be able to work as a Care facility manager or would she have to settle for a lesser roll. * Which state would offer the best work prospects for the both of us. Thanks in advance for any advise guys.
  9. Hi. I'm trying to gather info on what the work situation is like in WA at the moment for electricians, please. My oh has applied as General Electrician, and WA SS granted in May'09. :smile: I know he will have to have his trade papers recognised (TRA??) and possibly do some sort of course/exam on arrival in WA to get his A Grade licence, but can anyone tell us what the actual job prospects are for sparkies? And what wages should he be looking at? EG: If he was earning £20 per hour in the UK (using round figures) then do we look at an exchange rate of 1.6 so approx AUS$32 per hour? Or should it be more like exchange rate of x 2, so $40 - $45 per hour? We're not sure what exchange rate to use, as this will ultimately determine what we can afford to rent etc etc. Thanks for any help!! Px
  10. I am an FCCA with 15 year PQE currently working as a divisional FD for a major UK residential developer, an industry I know loads about having worked my way up from Mgt Acct to FD over the last 15 years too. My specilaity is business planning and the understanding the operations side of the business. Having passed all the various tests (digging up my old quals and modules, etc) I got a family 175 visa late last year for me, my two young boys and my wife who is a nurse in the mental health field. We went over to have a look-see and holiday in December to Sydney and Melbourne and just got back, but obviously took the opportunity to validate our visas and now have 5 years to move - either before we get too old, or depending on what people advise here. So where to apply to, how to go about it, and what city or state should I be trying? (Bearing in mind my speciality is residential / construction) Sydney though beautiful was way too expensive but Melbourne looked good. Any ideas or advice please?
  11. Hi, Newbie here :yes: Please can someone tell me what the job prospects are like for general electricians in Adelaide and/or Melbourne - we haven't completely decided where to head to yet! We have our PR visas. Thanks for any info. Kari
  12. Guest

    Nursing Prospects in WA

    Hi All Im Fiona a UK registered nurse, and Im currently looking at submitting a visa application once the SS list is published. I had the offer of an employer sponsorship about 18 months ago but had to decline, due to financial implications. As very few hospitals are now sponsoring overseas nurses we (husband, Mark 42, Daughter Jodie 15)are looking at the skilled sponsored 176 visa. Can any nurses working in WA give me any indication on the condition of the job market for nurses, any info would be a great help?
  13. Hi everybody, first of all, please excuse my english insufficiencies, as I am not a native english speaker. I am a qualified secondary school teacher in biology based in Geneva and I am deeply interested in the opportunity to migrate to Australia inasmuch as I love this country for its beautiful natural environment and its unique natural history. I was wondering if any of you have had any experience or knowledge about the migration and job prospects for a teacher. I know that secondary secondary teacher is a profession included in the skill occupation list and that it is even part of the so-called skill eligibility lists of some of the States, but I was wondering about the relative "easiness" of getting a state sponsorship for such a profession and also about the real job prospects in this field in Australia (especially, which State should be considered first from a job prospect point of view, considering I would prefer to live in a small countrytown (although not too remote) than in one of the big cities). I know that there is a global shortage in the field but I also know that there is wide differences amongst all the disciplines (I also worked for some time as a casual maths teacher in the past, which might help). Thank you for considering my message. Any answer or comment will be much appreciated. Cheers, Cedric
  14. Paulashacks

    Job Prospects

    Hi We would like to emigrate to the Maroochydore/Bli Bli area. We have enough points to apply for a visa but my hubby is worried about what training he would have to do to be able to work on gas over there, how long it would take and what the chances are of actually getting a job at the end of it. He currently works for British Gas as a Gas Engineer and has his LPG certificate. Has anyone been in a similar position and can you give us any advice? Also if he couldnt get a job straigh away, are we entitled to benefits etc? We have 2 daughters currently aged 7 and 8. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
  15. Not looking good read this http://www.mbasa.com.au/lib/pdf/industrynews/20102509_survey_September_quarter_2010.pdf Cheers Stuart
  16. Ok before accepting the WA SS, thought I will ask some advice from the good souls here. I am accountant intending to migrate to WA/Perth (have the WA SS, applied for 175 CSL, but considering converting to 176). Though the occupation is on the WA "indemand" list, what are the prospects? (generally) for migrating accountants. I will be ready to start with an entry level position and take up the CPA............ OH will not be working, intends to go to uni (we do have funds to cover for atleast 2 years uni). Are the starting wages enough to cover the cost of living? (generally, I know it can vary from person 2 person) Any suggestions/advice will be highly appreciated.
  17. Pls help me to know are there adequate job oppurtunity for family counsellors in WA. I am a 475 visa holder planning to move to australia in the month of may. I have searched job availibility online. Most of the available post requires PR. Secondly i want to know can a state sponsored 475 visa holder reside & work anywhere in the designated areas of australia or only in the desinated areas of WA. And lastly What would be the typical rent for 1 bedroom apartment in these desinated areas? Pls reply to my queries I am very desp[erate to know
  18. My partner ( Louise) and I will be heading to Wa in April. We are hoping to get jobs in a Hotel/Pub/Resturant, but we unsure how much, if any work is out there. We have many years of experience between us and currently run a 5* B&B in Bath. We are easy on actual location of job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Keith :hug:
  19. Can anyone say if there is an upturn in employment in the construction industry in oz. Have read about most jobs available now than for last 15 months. Has Australia turn the corner(unlike UK). Are any construction or safety companies sponsoring at present?.I have contacted numerious but not got much of reply from them. There doesn't seem to be any hope for an upturn in UK so hopefully off to oz next year.
  20. Guest

    Job Prospects

    Hi Is there anyone out there who works in the logistics/warehousing business? Spoke to a recruitment company whilst out in OZ in June, it all sounded good though I would like to hear from the horse's mouth so to speak. How have you found it employment wise out there.
  21. Guest

    work prospects

    Hello, we are a family of five new to PomsInOz, wanting to emmigrate to West Oz. OH is a decorating tutor. But will work in Oz as a painter and decorator. We have applied for sponsorship. Just wondered what the job situation is for trade jobs? Been looking on job websites and cant seem to find any? Is this because jobs are found by going to Oz or because there isnt any at the moment? :eek: jane
  22. Hello, I am considering a move to Perth,WA with my family in the next year or so. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how the accounting filed is in WA, and specifically Perth? I have a degree and two years post-degree experience in Canada. Are there many accounting opportunities in this area of the country? I have read that this is a good area of WA for business and finance professionals. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  23. Hi all, just wondering what the job prospects are like in oz for wall and floor tilers. any info would be great thanks leighanna
  24. Is there a recession in Oz? How bad is it? Back in January we booked one year working visas and flights to head over for a year beginning in August 2009. We plan to look for jobs in architecture and possibly something in teaching (I am aware that my teaching qualification may not be transferable so am happy to do teaching assistant or similar). We are also happy to work in unskilled jobs if they're available too. We aim to start in Sydney but could move to the jobs. We have heard that Australia is in a recession similar to the UK, so are wondering whether we are likely to find work upon arrival? Or, should we change our plans and head elsewhere? Any feedback would be gratefully received. Thank you.
  25. Hi Everyone I was wondering what the prospects are like for IT trainers in Australia. I am an FE qualified lecturer. I am currently working in the UK for the National Health Service as a computer trainer but have experience of working for the civil service, FE colleges and the voluntary sector. Grateful for any views/comments. Cheers Mark