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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I lodged my fiances 300 visa late 2017 and i am still waiting. I am just wondering how long have you all waited for your prospective visas.
  2. I have made the application from Australia to bring my girlfriend from Thailand. The visa was logged on 17 / Nov / 2017. On November 23 the biometrics were done and on December 10 the medical exams. Likewise on January 8 police records were logged. Today we are waiting for an officer to locate the file. Of course in the previous application, all the possible information and required formats have been delivered. Based on your experience how long do you think you will have a visa response? and I know Thailand is a country that Australia has a lot of control over visa information, will it influence the timing of the process?
  3. I entered Australia on a Prospective Marriage visa in April 2017 and got married the following month. I then applied for a Partner visa. At the time the application was submitted, I attached the same statutory declarations that I used for the Prospective Marriage visa (from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.) They are from April 2016. I have not yet provided any additional statutory declarations. So far, I have received one letter requesting further information (which was supplied) and my husband received another from the Sponsorship Assessment Unit. We supplied the information that they requested. However, on neither occasion did they ask for another statutory declaration. Looking back through the documents I have submitted, I am apprehensive that they may not accept the "old" statutory declarations even though they have not flagged this with us in the two instances they have been in contact. They didn't mention the fact our police checks were more than 12 months old either, but to err on the side of caution I ended up obtaining some new ones in November. Do you think we need to supply more statutory declarations, or should it be fine as is?
  4. Hi, I moved to Australia (Adelaide) earlier on in the year on a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300). We are getting married on 25/06/2017, later this month, and the visa expires on 28/07/2017 so we will have a month from the wedding to the expiry. Plenty of time for our Subclass 820/801 application however I had some questions about it all. Firstly, the documentation that I have to submit for this next application, is it the same as for the original one, passport photos, statutory declarations, birth certificates etc? Or do they hold things like copies of my passport on file etc and I only have to submit new evidence like the marriage certificate? Secondly, when we applied the first time, we did a paper application so had everything fully certified by a solicitor. I now have an ImmiAccount and it will obviously be a lot easier to apply online and submit all the evidence that way. Do we still need to supply certified copies? Or just colour scans? As to my mind all we would be supplying anyway is a colour scan of a certified copy! Or do we apply online and then send all the certified stuff through separately? I hope someone will have the answers because the immigration website is pretty muddy! Thank you!
  5. Hi Everyone I am Currently on the prospective marriage visa 300, and I have just gotten married and will need to apply for the 820 visa. I used an agent for my prospective marriage visa and he was great, but for the 820, his fee is so expensive, and after looking at the forms all being online now it looks pretty straight forward? Is this true? What are peoples experiences going alone? Also Does anybody know If I would have to resend all the evidence of the relationship, i.e joint bills, photo's etc for this 820 visa or would what I sent for the prospective marriage visa cover it? The same with all the form 800s we had completed by family and friends stating that the relationship is genuine, would we need to do all of this again? It seems a bit silly having to send it all twice. Hope someone can help
  6. appletwist

    Certifying documents

    Hello all, My partner in the UK is applying for the Prospective Marriage visa and he needs to provide certified copies of his passport and birth certificate. I read on Royal Mail's website that they have a Document Certification Service and it mentions which documents they can certify, passport being one of them. However, it does not mention birth certificates on the list. Can someone please tell me how my partner can get his birth certificate certified in Scotland?
  7. MollyRyan

    Prospective marriage visa help! :)

    Hello all, We are Molly&Ryan from the Uk and we're currently seeking some advice regarding the prospective marriage visa. First a little info about ourselves. We've been together for two and a half amazing years now having spent a year in Sydney when Molly had a working holiday visa. I have PR so I'll be the one doing the sponsoring. After over a year back in the UK we're looking to head back to Aus and tie the knot. As I understand it the applicant must be off-shore at the time of the application but the sponsor does not. It mentions that the sponsor must be able to provide evidence that they can support the fiancé with money and accommodation for two years. SO what we're wondering is if I need to be set up in Australia with a job and accommodation before we send the application off? Or if I can be off-shore as well despite not currently having a set up in Aus? Obviously we want to spend as little time a part as possible but the guidelines for the sponsor seem to be a little ambiguous compared with that of the applicant so some advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading! Molly&Ryan
  8. Hey everyone! I applied for the prospective marriage visa in march, and it got acknowledged by my co on 10th April. I already did the medicals and all the police checks when I submitted my application, as my migration agent advised that it may be granted quicker. However the co advised the 8-9 month minimum wait. I'm finding it really hard now being apart from my fiance, who is still in Australia. How long has it taken people to get their visas granted?
  9. I have read a lot of posts about how to certify, but seeking advice on whether copies of cards sent to each other or to both of us need to be certified? Are these considered a document? We have certified our bills, identity documents etc... but are unclear about whether we need the JP to certify copies of engagement cards, birthday cards and letters to us. Also, emails can't really be certified right? As they are printed from a computer? Anyone submitted and successful that can comment here?
  10. Hello, I hope you can help us. I am an Aussie citizen (however originally from UK) and I met my partner while in Europe last November. My partner is Dutch and we intend to apply for the subclass 300 fiance visa (prospective marriage visa). I live in Brisbane and she lives in the Netherlands. However I have a few questions which I hope others who have been through a similar experience can help us with. 1. We met for the first time in November 2011, and have only been together physically 5 days (in November). However We are totally committed to each other and are no spring chickens (I am 57, she is 50) so we both know what we want in a life partner, and marriage is a clear best option. Since we met we have been in multiple daily contact via email, Skype, phone. However will the short period of time we have physically been together count against us? 2. When would be the earliest time at which we could reasonably apply for the fiance visa? Would 3 months from date of first meeting be sufficient to convince the authorities that it is a committed relationship? 3. My partner has two daughters from a previous marriage, one 16 and one 18. The 16 year old lives with her and is still at school, but the 18 year old lives away from home at University in Scotland. However as a student she is still financially dependent on her mother. Would both the girls be able to come in under their mother's prospective partner visa? 4. Because of the added complexity of dependents, would it be best to use a migration agent? 5. Finally, does anyone know the approximate time scales? Ideally my partner and daughters would like to be in Australia by January 2013, in time for the start of the school year. Is this feasible? Thanks in advance for any advice and info.
  11. Guest

    300 and/or 309 advice please

    Hi again all, Applying for a Prospective Marriage visa or Partner Visa (not sure yet ) Reading the various relevant British government websites it seems that for an Aussie to marry in the UK one would need a certain visa to enter on that grounds - and/or a Certificate of Approval from the Home Office - and this can take up to 3 months to 'process' aswell. :err: can anyone verify this or advise of an easier way? From other forums I've read we may be best to fly to a country such as Denmark where apparently you only need to be in the country 3 days and minimal costs to marry... again any advice or warnings?? Ideally my fiance and I would marry here or in Europe and then apply for the Partner Visa, as we do not want the risk I suppose of not being granted the Prospective marriage Visa, lower costs overall - and it seems the processing time for a partner visa (offshore) may be shorter? failing this we come to my most important question I suppose - part of the Application for Prospective Marriage says we need a letter of Registration of Marriage including date and venue - which we obtain by lodging and NOIM with a celebrant. That makes sense but nowhere can I find how to actually get this to happen. Being in the UK currently, I'm emailling a few celebrants in Aus to no avail. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for any help with any or all of the matters, Damon.
  12. Hi all, myself (australian citizen) and my partner (UK citizen) are going through our paperwork (evidence etc) and about to apply for a 300 prospective marriage visa. We met in aus, lived there and in the UK and Ireland together for 1 total of 19 months. In december of 2009 my partner left australia as we could not get the visa we wanted (de-facto - as we hadnt quite made the 2 years. ...and so we decided for me to stay in aus and attend university, and for her to go home to england also for university. In April we decided this was a bad idea and we definately did want to be together, so 2 weeks ago i flew here (UK) -- however am quite worried that this 5 months of us being techically seperated will hinder our chances of the visa being granted. ~ might it be smarter to simply get married now while im in the UK and then apply for the onshore partner visa? Ideally not but I'd hate to lose the AUD$1705 application charge due to this technicality. We genuinely do love and want to be with eachother and time is of the essence as im sure many of you can apprciate. any advice would be greatly appreciated as we are now quite apprehensive! Thanks in advance, Damo
  13. Hi all I just did a search to find the answer to this question but I'm going so stir crazy with thinking about submitting our visa app that I couldn't find anything! :err: My fiance (he's the pom, I'm the Aussie) is applying for the Prospective Marriage Visa (300) and we're just about ready to submit the app, finally - does anyone know what the deal is with returning documentation?? I'm sure I read somewhere that if you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope then they return it all, but I can't find it, and I'm worried we won't get it back (I figure we'll need it all again when we have to do the partner one in Aus)?? Do we have to put in a cover letter and request this etc?? Also, as we're both in London and planning on coming back to Aus together, I don't have a permanent address there (part E of the sponsor form 40SP asks for an address where my partner will be living in Aus) - I've written an additional statement to explain everything, and I've given the address of my house in Canberra (which we won't live in - it's rented out, but I still receive mail at that address, and I own the house)... What do people think, will this be enough?? We're planning to live in Sydney, but yeah, won't have an address until we get there and find a place etc... Thanks in advance for any advice and sorry for the rambling - as I said, I'm going a bit insane with the stress of it all, argh!! :wacko: Cheers Kat
  14. Guest

    Form 80??!! Help!

    Okay, so what is this Form 80 malarky?? I'm confused, as heaps of people submitting partner category visa apps seem to be either submitting this form with their apps or being asked by COs to submit it - it's a yukky, horrible, long, difficult form (at least in my and my fiance's situation) and I'd love to avoid it! :unsure: Can anyone shed any light? Have you been requested to supply it? Did you just put it in with your initial app? Is there anywhere in the instructions for application that explains how and why we need to do this one? Thanks in advance! Kat :confused:
  15. Hi, We were wondering if anyone's got any knowledge & experience with the Spouse/Defacto visa - 47SP, 40SP verses the prospective marriage visa? I'm Australian & my partner is from UK and we're applying outside Australia. We believe the better visa is the Defacto/Spouse visa because you only have to apply once, for both the temporary visa and the perm. visa. Is this really the case? We were also wondering roughly how long it takes for the visa to be granted? And what is the time they give you to settle all affairs before you have to travel to Australia? We're trying to do it ourselves rather than paying a fortune to an advisor. We've tried to contact the officials for assistance, but they were very vague, and actually reluctant to give any advice.