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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Route to PR - Pros/Cons

    Hi All, After spending much of 2010 in Australia on a working holiday visa (no regional work experience) I am more and more focused on permanent migration by the day! After a failed (it seems the list of "recognised institutions" from which your degree must be from make no sense!) attempt at a recent graduate visa late last year I have been looking at my options. I am a UK citizen, 25, Mechanical Engineer with no dependants so points test wise at least I don't think I have any troubles. Ultimately I am looking to live in Melbourne (Automotive industry and Mountain Biking) within 12 months with the right to work and ideally no ties to an employer. I think I have missed out on a few jobs due to not having a visa in place so I am being drawn towards a VIC sponsored 176 visa would be my best bet to get me where I want in a realistic period of time. I am looking to apply for state sponsorship ASAP but would initiating this process have any knock on effects if I were to secure 457 sponsorship in the mean time? What are peoples experiences of the VIC sponsorship and 176 visa processing time scales at the moment. Can I submit my 176 application before i receive state sponsorship conformation (would there be any benefit of doing this). Are there any changes due on the horizon which I should submit before/wait until after? Luckily I have a Canadian work visa ready to go so the plan will be to go and sit out the wait in Vancouver for the summer and for however long it takes... could be worse!
  2. Why do it? Well I'm not sure whether we are going to stay here, but we're going to give it a full year before we make the decision because its a tough one. I miss my homeland, and I really miss my family and friends, and that overshadows my enjoyment of it here. However it is a pretty enjoyable lifestyle, and we're lucky enough to have landed well paid jobs. I started writing a list of pro's and con's for my blogsite although I keep thinking of other things and forgetting to write them down. So this is my Pro\Cons list. Some of my opinons change day to day, and are generally pretty trivial. But you're welcome to comment! Pros •Food - in general the quality is far better, it’s cheaper and you get more of it. Most restaurants are BYO as well. We eat out all the time now. I love the food here. The cakes are awesome. •Rounding up - they round prices up at the till. So if your bill comes to $9.01, they just knock off the cent. Similarly if it comes to $8.99, they’ll ask you for 9 bucks. Makes perfect sense really. •Fresh Flowers - so cheap. I never splashed out on flowers at home but I do it all the time here - and they know how to arrange them beautifully. Its slightly freaky how long they last though. Three weeks after buying them they're still in full bloom and I have to chuck them out because I'm bored of seeing the same ones. •Transport - air conditioning. 3 tier trains. And you can flip the seat backs to face either direction. Punctuality is no better to be honest. •Wildlife - there are lorikeets, parakeets etc in the trees and they’re all pretty and colourful and exotic. I love Ibis (Ibi – Ibises- not sure of the plural) and I love seeing the fluffy natives, although I have to get to a zoo to do it. Koalas are a big hit. •Greenery – Its very green here. I’m not sure how because it hardly ever rains. I’m not saying I don’t miss the English countryside, but the landscape here is pretty too. •Shopping - clothes are generally cheaper as are shoes. I love the clothes shops here, although I do miss M&S knickers. I love el-cheapo SES shops which are everywhere. I can now manage without Primark for my bargains. •Weather - goes without saying really. Its winter, but we have really sunny days here (although we have bad ones too!) •Schoolkids – so polite. I’m not afeard of getting on public transport with them. (unlike in Edinburgh or South London) And the uniforms are great. Very smart at all times. •Hobbies – they’re big into hobbies here. (although scrap-booking baffles me – why bother?!) This is great for me -I love it. I’m now a hobby-ceramics doer-extraordinaire. •Housing prices (not in inner Sydney I hasten to add which is mega expensive). If you choose to live outside of Sydney (or another state even) you can get a brand new massivo house build for not very much at all. If you want one that is. I’m not sure what I’d do with 5 bedrooms and a rumpus room but I’m sure a home cinema and a pool would be very nice indeed. •Sense of humour. They’re very tongue in cheek. I love the way they advertise property with hilarious descriptions – and I like the no-nonsense tell it like it is – I saw a car the other day with ‘**** service - **** car’ posted in the window. Apparently it’s a popular way of voicing your opinion on a particular dealer. I think it’s great. Cons •I have previously said no decent veggie substitutes - they don't have quorn in Australia or Linda McCartney products or vegemince. All they have is tofu which hubby can't bear, and that nasty dried stuff which you rehydrate and makes my stomach turn. I am gradually revising my opinion of that because there are other things. But I still miss quorn and still prefer our supermarkets - any of them really (Asda, Tesco, Morrisions, Sainsburys and those mega Iceland deals) I miss fabulous deals – its not that cheap to buy food in supermarkets. •Chocolate. I prefer English chocolate - they do have the same brands here but the taste is different although subtle. I think you prefer what you're used to. We do have the English shop though where you can get UK products at highly inflated prices (even my beloved jaffa cakes) •No heating - they don't have central heating (in Sydney anyway) so we had to buy an electric heater (or you can fork out on a gas heater which costs less in the long run). It does actually get very cold here in winter and the Australians notice it more, so I don't know why they don't have central heating. •Wildlife - there are lorikeets, parakeets etc in the trees and they are NOISY F**KERS!! Wake us up every morning. It’s a god-awful cacophony. I’ve never heard anything like it. Seriously you can't know unless you've heard it. I keep meaning to tape the sound just to illustrate to the mother-in-law how bad it actually gets. •Insects - oh my god I never saw cockroaches so big. And the house spiders are huge too. I’ve gotten used to it now. Its still ick though. •Shopping - beauty products have a tendency to be pricey, unless you shop about and find the bargains. I miss Boots. I miss two-for-one and three-for-two and just buy this get that free. •TV - pretty bad. We get mostly US cop shows and daytime TV is just a string of awful half hour ads for either kitchen equipment or this magnetic blanket thing - much like in the US. Hubby's gripe is that we can't get Foxtel (equivalent of SKY) in the flat, and they aren't interested in installing it (no worries mate - just move somewhere you can get it). TV Scheduling is appalling in that they can’t stick to it, especially when its ‘big brother’ season. •No Scart - they don't use scart leads here. Annoying. But more of a ‘conversion’ problem really than a con. •Banks - charging you left right and centre. Even to get money out of your own bank. Paying for withdrawals – whoever heard of such a thing. Since I started work at the bank, I can see how much they charge you to take out a loan. Its ridiculous. Bank Fees are scandalous. Scandalous I tell you! I've run out for now. Like I said there are others but I forget them. I'm glad my husband wanted to move here (I never did - it never occured to me) and whatever we decide in the long run I'm glad we came. Moving to Sydney Forum - http://www.sydneyforum.com
  3. Elliott-Family

    Pros/cons of container sharing

    Hi We think we are gonna just take some boxes, bed, mattress, bikes and tumble dryer to oz so are thinking about containers We dont want a whole one as we cant really afford it Please could you share your costs and any pros or cons for sharing many thanks Claire x