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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, Have convinced hubby to start his skills assessment (finally) but now he’s feeling stumped because he has to do a recognition of prior learning. :eek: He’s mainly in a panic because he has no idea of what is expected of this document, general layout, level of detail etc… Is there anyone out there who has successfully completed a RPL for Developer Programmer (261312) or something similar? If so, would you be willing to allow my husband to take a look at all (or parts) of your RPL? He is perfectly capable of writing his, so he has no intentions of plagiarism, but has encountered this gigantic mental block that’s keeping him from progressing! He just needs to see whats expected. Thanks everyone.
  2. Merxi

    ACS assessment

    Hi all, I need some brain storming about assessment. I did assessment with ACS 1,5 year ago for first time. I apply for position as Developer Programmer and I got negative assessment with results that my UNI is as minor in IT and they recognize my experience as 5 years and 2 months. For positive assessment with minor in IT is minimum 6 years required. I waited to have 6 years of experience and my agent recommend me do assessment for different potion as Web Developer. And they recognize my UNI as Major in IT and they didn't recognize some of my experience as before. But my assessment was Positive because of UNI as Major. My position from previous job was Developer. So it's something between Developer Programmer and Web Developer. What do you think can I try to apply again for Developer Programmer with 6 years of experience? I need assessment for this position because of new state sponsorship. I don't want to upset ACS and have some trouble that one I applied for one position and after for other. Both of them are really close. Thanks for your ideas and tips. :xmas3:
  3. Hi, Can someone tell me if I'm eligible for NSW SS? I've applied to ACS for 261312, and it's currently with assessor. I read somewhere today that NSW will only sponsor me if i'm a Java developer or an Oracle expert? I'm a .NET developer with over 4 years experience. Can anyone tell me if i can get NSW State sponsorship? Thanks, David
  4. Hi There, I'm in the process of applying for ACS skills assessment, but, really confused about nominating my occupation as Analyst Programmer (261311) or Developer Programmer (261212). I've a IT degree with a lot of Software Engineering/Programming related subjects. Find below my duties/responsibilities: Understanding business/technical requirements Communicating with the client team to clarify and finalise ambiguous or incomplete business/technical requirements Developing applications as per the technical requirements specification Reviewing developed program code Developing of test scripts used in unit testing Documenting test results Fixing defects detected during the unit testing phase Ensuring high-quality throughout the process I'd be thankful if someone can help me with selecting an occupation. (I've observed that a lot of people opt for Developer Programmer and only a few for Analyst Programmer. Is this just me?) Thanks, armandra!
  5. Hi, I'm still considering traveling to Oz next year (or 2012), after a few stays in a few other countries first. I have a place to stay for a little while in Perth with a friend who has just moved over. My situation is that I've never been to Oz so want to see what it's like. I'm also in the public sector here, so my job's not safe and tbh, I don't want to be that job next year if I can help it. Another point is, I used to be a software developer (suffered severe burn out) and have been thinking about going back into that, but I've not done any programming work for like 6 years, although I'm working on my own open source software atm. Having scanned some threads here, it seems difficult to get any work due to no experience in Oz, so I was wondering if it's possible to get some work experience via these expo's and come over on a temp work visa? I'm 37, so a WHV is not viable, but also according to the Oz immigration visa wizard, only a permanent visa is viable for me, at an extortionate cost :eek: tbh. I'm seriously stuck on what I should be aiming for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Luke.
  6. Hi All, I had plannin on submitting my 2231-79 (.net) skills assessment on saturday, but I see it's no longer on the SOL list. I've checked the schedule 3 doc (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule3.pdf), and 2231-79 is no longer listed. But 2231-17 (Applications & Analyst Programmer) is. I've read on some sites, that 261312 requires 5+ years experience? I've got a Bachelors degree + over 4 years experience. The ACS PASA doc states that I'll be group A if i have a bachelors degree, with 2+ years experience. Can someone tell me the official line on getting 261312 assessment? Would 2213-17 be equivalent to 261312? Any help much appreciated - my head is fried. David
  7. I have Masters Degree in Computer Science and done some Microsoft certifications on C#.Net. Working as a Analyst Programmer using C#.Net since 2004. I got really confused with ACS codes, 2231-17 is for Analyst Programmer and 2231-79 is C# specialist, I can't find out what is suitable for me. Is both are in Critical list or not. It would be greatly appreciated if some one help me to find out the best and suitable ACS code for me. Thanks in advance. Sanjana.
  8. Guest

    Trainee Programmer

    Dear All, I need your advise on below mentioned matter. Because, I am going to do my ACS skills assessment in RPL way as I have only local computer diploma + 8 years working experience. But 1st year of my total 8 years experience, I worked as a trainee programmer (full time)? Does ACS consider my first year as trainee programmer? Please advise me on this matter and I really appreciate your early attention. Thank you.
  9. Hi, Two weeks ago I received my 175 immigration visa and am keen to get work in Australia. What is the best/quickest way to get programming work in Australia (perm or contract)? I received the visa just after my last contract ended so am at home at the moment. in the UK, the IT market is really slow and flooded with retrenched IT workers. Is this the same in Australia? Is it better to just fly over to Australia and search on that side? Is the market dead there atm? Should I look from over here in the UK? or are my chances really slim from here? Help, honest advice needed. Regards Byron
  10. Hi everyone, completely new to all this , me (44) the wife (38) and kids (17 + 13) are looking to move to Oz. I have been a cnc machinist for over 18 years but I have never served an apprenticeship I have a city and giulds in cnc programming, and I currently employed as shop floor foreman over 8 men, responsible for quality control, most of the setting and probably 90% of the programming mainly fanuc and mazatrol, machining stainless steel,Duplex, Hastalloy , just wondered the best way forward from here? Can I still get a visa even though I have never served an apprenticeship? Cheers Paul and Julie Bolton England