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Found 31 results

  1. Hi there, Apologies if this is a bit of long post but I've been looking seriously into applying for the 190 visa in project/program administrator category over the last few days but still have a few questions before I take the plunge and start paying for agents, VETASSESS, medical etc. Questions below and very grateful in advance for any assistance: 1. I've taken the basic points check but I'm having a hard time determining how many years experience I have. I would say I have 8+ years in the field but some of that is lower level. I live in the UK and have worked at the same company for over 8 years. My job titles from current to oldest are Programme Manager (1 year, 10 months), Assistant Programme Manager (4 years, 2 months - not sure why my company use this title but equivalent is to a Project Manager), Programme Coordinator (1 year), Programme Administrator (1 year, 6 months). All roles have been with the same organisation, a not for profit in the environmental sector. My roles have primarily been focused on delivering grant programmes for the Government in UK on an annual funding cycle focusing on promoting environmental policies and action. When I look at the description of the tasks they are looking for it matches a lot with my core tasks, although I'm not sure the kind of work I'm doing is exactly what they are looking for as I'm not generally building anything, doing IT etc. I have a fundamentals qualification with the Association for Project Managers (APM) but no other educational qualification in this area (I have a Honours degree from a UK university in Politics which does score me some points in other areas but not a lot). Any thoughts on how I might get on with VETASSESS? 2. I have a congenital heart and lung condition which is giving me slight concern for the medical section. I know that all cases are assessed individually but I'd love any experience shared on this. I am 34 and very stable, dont have any medication and havent had any surgery for decades. I do see a cardiologist every year though and get some fairly basic checks. I fully appreciate here I wont get a full answer but I would love any personal experiences from those that have gone through the medical exam with any related health issues. Also, can anyone confirm if I should get the medical done prior to even submitting the EOI? 3) Language - Both my partner and I are native English speakers, UK citizens and have got degrees from UK universities. Am I correct that we still need to take an English language test? And does this also need to be done prior to submitting the EOI Apologies for the length but would love some feedback before I start parting with my hard earned money. Thanks in advance Neil
  2. Hi all, I'm a registered adult nurse with 2 years experience and I'll be going to Perth as a newly qualified midwife. I'm interested in the King Edward Memorial Hospital Midwifery Graduate Programme. Not sure if I'm better off applying for that or just applying for a midwifery post once I qualify. Would love to here from people who have been on this programme or similar or not at all once qualified and what your experience once like. Thanks:cute:
  3. well its official !!,we have been picked to do the pilot episode for a new BBC show,called 'Wanted Down Under'.Fly from Heathrow to Brisbane on wednesday for a couple of weeks filming all courtesy of the BBC,I cant thank them enough as what an insight this should give us into the life we want to lead ,should hopefully be called for our medicals on our return so i guess its one way of passing time.Will let you all know how we get on when we return ,if anyone has any tips on keeping my 2 and 7 year olds occupied for the journey i would be most grateful cal x
  4. I know we've probably been here once or twice.... I'm looking for High Schools with music programmes for my 13 year old, (aside from Churchlands) also is it worth establishing interest from this side of the pond? (as in audition, I know otherwise it's catchment only) we'll be arriving January 2012. Thanks guys Sarah
  5. Can anyone recommend any good agencies? My employer has offered me a job in Canberra but I've really got my heart set on Sydney (see thread here). For the curious/interested my LinkedIn profile is here.
  6. Hi folks. For those interested on Wednesday evening here in the UK on ITV1 at 730 there is a new programme starting called I 'think' Poms In Paradise'. It 'supposedly' shows the two sides of migration to Australia, hopefully this is the case. As we all know at times the reality of migration is vastly different to what is shown within the media. Hopefully it will be entertaining AND informative. Just thought some of you would like the heads up on it. Cheers Tony.
  7. A new series looking at Australian art (this is not an oxymoron) starts tomorrow on BBC2. The first episode coming from FNQ and Torres Strait Islands... BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Hidden Treasures of..., Australian Art
  8. I got an email newsletter from migrationexpert this morning saying there are going to be changes to the skilled migration programme in April this year. I thought the changes are coming into effect in July. :shocked: Does anyone know what they are talking about? Perhaps I have been asleep, but I don't know of any changes in April. We will have to lodge our 175 visa before July if we are not succesful with our SS application, but we won't know before April i think.....?:mad:
  9. Hi Nick. Wakey, wakey. Your message box is full mate. Can't send you a PM till cleared out a bit Nick. Cheers Tony. :cool:
  10. The Exchange Programme Long Look (EXPLL) is a multinational, trilateral exchange between the Armed Forces of United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The 140 exchange positions are drawn from each of the three Services and represent a wide range of employment groups; they are to be exchanged primarily on a RECIPROCAL BASIS within their respective host units. The RN contingent for this programme will be a maximum of 20 personnel to Australia. The expected duration of the exercise is 4 months, from Mid March to Mid July 2011 (formal dates will be published once known). I am a Petty Officer Caterer / Cook currently employed as an instructor in HMS Raleigh, Torpoint, Cornwall. I have submitted my application for EXPLL 11 and am looking for a suitable candidate in Australia (preferably Sydney / Queensland area). If you are interested in this, or may know someone who may be interested, please let me know
  11. hello all would be grad nurses. i have been told by the HR guys that the rules are changing and as of next year they will only (queensland health) be taking grads who have trained in queensland! not sure whether this applies to the private hospitals. emma
  12. Hi All I have just been reading the Agents Only thread in the Migration Issues "sticky" section of Poms in Oz. In it, George Lombard suggests a separate thread for those who have embarked on the skills assessment etc processes, onty to have their hopes dashed by the sudden announcment that DIAC will no longer accept any applications for offshore GSM visas if they nominate any of the occupations on the present SOL. George is predicting litigation. I imagine that any litigation will be started by people who have been studying in Australia, for skills which are on the present SOL, but who need to apply for an offshore GSM visa instead of for one of the onshore GSM visas. (I am not clear about why some of the onshore Students have to apply for offshore visas but apparently there is a sound and valid reason for the fact that many of them have to do so.) I think that George is right to suggest a separate thread, so here is the separate thread. I had a look at the sticky section of Migration Issues last night and removed the threads that I think we can manage without for the time being. I think that the George-inspired sticky thread about State-sponsored migration will become very important in the coming days and weeks. George has spoken with some of the State Immi people. Apparently they were not given any advance warning about the Minister's sudden announcement yesterday and their initial reaction to it has been one of anger. The whole thing seems cock-a-mamie to me. What was the point of the elaborate ritual of scrapping the MODL and so on when the Minister planned to scrap all the offshore GSM visa applications anyway? His 'logic' with this nonsense escapes me. Please read the Agents Only thread - it contains some excellent information for the people who are affected by the Minister's Latest Announcement. Cheers Gill
  13. Just trawling the schools at the mo around the Gold Coast and my son has been offered a place on the Steiner Excellence programme at Benowa High. Just wondered if anyone had any info/thoughts on this style of teaching and whether their children have been part of it? Cheers Julie
  14. Hi All, yesterday I read a couple of posts re. a radio broadcast that's taking place this Friday? on ABC Australia Radio, re. DIACs Sept 23rd changes. Could sombody please post a link here because I've lost yesterday's link and I can't remember which thread I read it on!! :unsure: Cheers zippy
  15. Hi All I am due to start a Mental Health Nursing Grad Programme in August. My course is held at Graylands Hospital Perth (im a newly qualified RMN). Just wondered if anyone else was going to be starting the same time. It would be good to here from someone starting same programme. OR if anyone has already started the programme it would be great to hear your experience . Thanks :biglaugh:
  16. monkeymandness

    migration programme 2009-10

    Received this E-mail today from a company we registered with, but did not end up using as our Migration Agents (can't remember the reason, nothing negative but received other recommendations as well). They still e-mail me, don't know if this info is of interest to anyone..............Amanda We hope this finds you well. The Australian Government has delivered the Budget for 2009-10 and we wanted to ensure that you are fully informed of what changes will be introduced to the immigration program. If you are a current client of XXXX then you are well positioned to receive expert advice from our Migration Services Team of how the changes may affect your case. Here are the highlights of what was announced by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, for 2009-10: Summary: the migration program will total 168,700 for 2009-10, comprising 108,100 skilled, 60,300 family and 300 special eligibility places. Permanent skilled migration intake reduced to 108,100 from 115,000, an overall reduction of 20 per cent on previous planning levels in the previous budget. Critical Skills List (CSL) to remain in place, providing priority processing to applicants whose occupation appears on the list. Employer and government sponsored visas will continue to be fast-tracked and uncapped. Family visa stream will receive an increase of 3,800 places to 60,300, including an additional 2,500 for partners, 1,000 places for contributory parents and 300 child visas. English language threshold will increase from 5 IELTS to 6 IELTS for trade occupations (non-sponsored), meaning they require a competent level of English. This change will apply from 1 July 2009 for offshore applicants and 1 January 2010 for onshore applicants. A job readiness test will be introduced on 1 January 2010 for onshore skilled trade applicants. Fewer trades-level occupations will be granted in 2009-10. The Government states that it is committed to maintaining a strong migration program, which will be critical for Australia’s future prosperity. Our recommendation If you are considering applying for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia, start the process now. The changes announced by the Government will result in: greater competition for the fewer places available in the current skilled migrant visa program; and longer processing times for those applicants whose occupations are not in critical demand; and a proportional increase in visa grants in the employer and government sponsored visa streams.
  17. WA has had a sophisticated 457 visa sponsorship program for internationally qualified primary and secondary school teachers, particularly UK and Irish teachers (but not limited to them) who want to work in WA country schools ONLY for at LEAST 3 years. After 3 years the department will sponsor you for permanent residency (you can avoid points system for this) if it is in both party's mutual interests. You may NOT work in city school or any of the school districts within Perth. You will be allowed to designate preferential country locations but will be placed where they wish you to go. You will not have any say in the matter for the first 3 years. WA country schools vary between great and harsh. There are many socio-economic problems in country locations as well as major issues with school attendance and aboriginal issues. It's a coin toss combined with your own ability to assimiliate into the local culture that will decide your experience. The retention rate for teachers on this program varies, with some instances of teachers quitting even within the first few weeks, however, other have stayed and love it. Be advised that after 1 year on a 457 visa, you may claim 1 years worth of Australian Work Experience which you can then use to help qualify you for a 175 or other such visa. You do NOT have to wait to be sponsored by the WA Department of Education for permanent residency and may quit at any time. In my case, I lasted a year on the WA sponsorship program but was sent to the worst schools in WA. I did get my year of experience, quit and now have applied for 175 visa sponsorship. I applied onshore for a 175 visa in October 2008 while still working for the department and then left the country at the end of my contract in December. I am now awaiting a CO and approval of my visa. Once that's done I'm back to Brisbane to find a decent school. For more information about WA Department of Education sponsorship, contact Sue Carpenter at Sue.Carpenter2@det.wa.edu.au who is the overseas recuiting officer for the program named Teaching WA. Teaching WA website: The Department of Education and Training - Teaching WA - Visas and sponsorship Be advised that Teaching WA may have currently suspended their sponsorship program due to the economic downtown. Inquire directly with Sue Carpenter if you are keen in being nominated for sponsorship. WA country schools have a long-term and chronic shortage of teachers in almost all fields. Teachers are in high demand despite the economic downtown.
  18. Hi everyone, I have just qualified as an Adult nurse this week, and have a telephone interview with Greenslopes Hospital (Ramsey Health) in Brisbane for a position on their graduate programme. Has anybody got any advice or ideas on what they may ask me, please?! Any help or tips would be great, thankyou! Sim
  19. Hi Guys, Just wondering if there are any student nurses on the forum that are applying for the Graduate Nursing Programme this year?? I am going to be applying through the Queensland Health & Ramsay Health, thought if I tried 2 it might increase my chances. I just have a worry about not being able to get my Certificate from University before I leave for Oz. I am due to qualify in September 09 & will register with the NMC & hopefully leave in late October once I have my PIN number. Once in Oz I will have to register with the QNC, will I have to wait for my certificate or is there a way they will accept your transcript until the certificate arrives?? :confused: Sorry for rambling a little, hope it makes some sense. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Cathy
  20. Just thought i'd let people know, on channel 12 freeview, uktv history i think it is, they have been showing a series called 'wild down under' all weekend. Its about Australian wildlife. Its been pretty good to watch and seems to be on today (Sunday). Worth a butchers if you are in bed with a rough head! Andy
  21. I hope we can blast this site with the endless showings of the show.For me it had good and bad points. I would like to start the ball rolling with the question of wages versus mortgage. My example is that 'according to the programme' on a wage of £30,000 (as a spark) I can afford a house at £250,000. mmmmmmmmmmm I can't and wouldnt dream of getting into that much dept here never mind in Oz.It sounds like financial suicide, or am I completely missing the point.:policeman: I would appriacite as many explanations as possible Tony the Spark
  22. Hi, looking for a bit of advise. I am a nursing student and have been informally offered a place on a new nurse graduate programme next year. Has anyone actally done this programme? Does it involve much academic work? Is it worth doing or would I be better of doing a year is this country first. Many thanks for any information. XX
  23. I think she went to perth? i am just interested to know how they have got on. thanks Karen
  24. Did anyone see the trailer last night for tonights show ... something to do with Skilled migrants having to go home? I didn't catch it all.. but it looked like the couple were Brits and having to return to the UK - don't know why though, but the lady looked really upset ... did anyone catch what it was about? Ali
  25. After watching the Panorama programme last night on Foxtel - The Mystery of Madeline Macann - are they ever going to find her ?, It is coming up for a year now since the poor girl went missing. What is the latest update (i have searched on the internet but there seems to be so many stories & tales and not sure what can be believed - so i guessed you guys that are in the uk would be in the know a bit more, from the local papers etc & tv reports. This reminds me so much of the little blonde boy Ben Needham that went missing from Kos in 1991 who was almost 2 at the time, so guess he could/would be about 19 now. I can't begin to even comprehend how the parents & familes of these children can live their lives in limbo off the not knowing.