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Found 49 results

  1. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/corporate/information/fact-sheets/20planning Australia’s visa numbers for the program year to 30 June 2019 have been released today. The Department of Home Affairs has released details of the number of visas available under the non humanitarian program for the year to 30 June 2019. There are no changes compared with the 2017-18 program year. It should be remembered that the Australian Government has adopted a change of narrative in recent months, such that the number of visas in the budgeted program should be seen as a ceiling, not a target. In doing so the Government can be seen to be responsive to community concerns when the actual outcome in terms of visa grant numbers is less than was budgeted originally. Best regards.
  2. some good news for cat 4.:jiggy: 23rd May 2011 Iscah News EXTRA We just had attended a presentation by DIAC in Perth and the following interesting titbits were discussed. Company visas A discussion paper will be out in June 2011 for a possible June 2012 implementation. It will hopefully lead to simpler second stage (ENS and RSMS) processing. New 1st July 2011 Skilled Points Test - Passmark still expected to be 65 points - Some of the work experience may be gained in a longer period (up to 10 years now although the slides don’t seem to reflect what is currently on DIACs website) - The IELTS regime of having to have results at the time of decision (rather than application) will likely remain the status quo. - Skills assessing bodies will be responsible for assessing whether a person’s work was at the required level DIAC require (this is a very big change). - DIAC expect to finalise all Priority 2, all Priority 3, and some (around 10,000) Priority 4 cases in the 2011/2012 program year. These priority 4 cases will start with the oldest first, which are likely to be pre September 2007 onshore skilled visas - The 485 visa is likely to remain in its current format - Any fraudulent document or deliberately misleading information presented with an application can lead to a 3 year ban on any other visa, including for family members. More information as we get it Cheers and enjoy the week Steven Iscah Migration www.iscah.com MARN 9687267
  3. State Sponsored Migration List (SSML) - 2011-2012 program year 28 New Positions Added. http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/applyonline/skilled/planning_level_status.php Regards IrisStew
  4. Hello all, Just wanted to ask a few questions if I may...I am currently in my 2nd yr of Nurse training...and am really wanting to emigrate to be with my family who are in Australia once i qualify. Have just been told about the 457 visa, where you can go on a temp visa for 4 yrs, and be sponsored by an employer. The only worry I have with this one, is how easy is it to get a hospital to sponsor you? Do they generally want at least a few yrs work experience after qualifying? Alternatively is the Graduate Nurse program the way to go? Where I can possibly apply to one of the hospitals and get on one of these, straight from uni? But how do you that with what visa?? Am really confused! Can anyone help by having experienced either of these? Many thanks Sarah
  5. I got positive assessment from Engineers Australia and got 10 points of regional sponsorship from Western Australia. Now I want to apply online for General Skill Migration Program. Please send me the link where I can fill and submit online application. Thanks
  6. Hey all, I am just reading the Queensland Health Graduate Nursing Program prospectus, and it states that for me to apply for a graduate program..then I need a Visa, and a passed ILETs test, and registration at point of interview? If i am reading that right? It says about the visa, that if i am currently in the process of applying for the visa, then I shouldnt apply for the program until its been granted. My problem is, the visa I was going to be applying for is the temp 457 visa where you need to be sponsored?? Surely I wouldnt have that yet, as I was hoping that the hospital that were offering me a grad program would be sponsoring me?? Im CONFUSED!! :wacko: Can someone help?
  7. Following the transmission of ABC's Four Corners program earlier this month, which aired allegations that criminal gangs lure women to Australia and then force them into slavery in Sydney and Melbourne brothels. Australia's student visa program will be investigated following allegations that women entering Australia on student visas are being forced into the sex industry. It said that if they refuse, the women are beaten and their families are threatened. The Immigration Department routinely carries out compliance operations in the sex industry with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The operations are designed to ensure brothel owners are not employing foreign nationals working without a valid visa. But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says following this month's "particularly serious and disturbing allegations", a thorough analysis will be done. "Allegations of illegal work and the exploitation of workers in any industry by unscrupulous employers or migration agents are taken very seriously," he said in a statement. Mr Bowen says if any links to human trafficking are found they will be referred to the AFP for further action.
  8. Hi everyone in the house.i want someone to direct me how to apply for the Victoria Skilled Sponsored Program.You can send message to my gmail box.I've read about the program and im interested to move to Australia.
  9. The Pom Queen

    Quants Frequent Flyer Program Free

    I had an email through from Quantas saying all sign ups for the frequent flyer program are free for the next 24 hours. It usually costs around $80.
  10. What are the major points that Mr Knight has proposed to government and when are they going to be applicable.................??????????????????
  11. Guest

    511111 or 511112?

    Hi all You may remember I was on a bit back when I split from my ex and was worried about kicking them off my 572(student) visa. At that time my employer expressed a desire to sponsor me (856!), and we've left it until now to start applying (as my Dip IT finishes shortly). I have over 10years experience (at least 5 demonstrable) in Project/Program administration. My current role is Contracts and Account Administrator (but I also run the training program, and coordinate incentives programs). I dont know which i should apply for 511111 or 511112? Does it matter when its clear to see I broadly meet the criteria for both? My employer obviously has to nominate me too, so its important we select the right one - theyre submitting their application/nomination this week. Im probably being paranoid and i also have the luxury of already having a visa, but the difference in fees for me are phenomenal if I get PR. It's still my intention to complete my degree, and I have the support of my employer to do so, so even if I was turned down, I could appy with a degree in a year or so. Anyone else got stories to tell about 511111/511112, or can allay my fears/give me pointers to success?
  12. Hi all Wonder if anyone can help. I'm collating everything to go for a VETASSESS skills assessment for Progam and Project Administrator. I have working in marketing roles for 10 years, but in all of them I have managed projects e.g. created & maintained project plans and other documentation, completed status reports, dealt with questions about the project, presented to senior managers about the projects, worked with suppliers and other teams to deliver the projects. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of going through VETASSESS for this role and what sort of things are they specifically asking for? I could write pages but want to make sure that my CV / application has the key words they are looking for. Many thanks Amy
  13. South Australia has finalized it's State Sponsored Migration List for 2011-2012 program year. http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/applyonline/skilled/planning_level_status.php cheers tarini
  14. Guest

    Nurse Graduate Program 2012

    Hi, I'm a student nurse going to graduate in the uk in September, I'm going to apply for the nurse gradate program in NSW. I was wondering if anyone has done this before on here, the interviews are on while I'm on my last placement do you need to go to Sydney to have the interview. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem? Any help would be great! x
  15. I’ve never flown frequently enough to consider joining some frequent program until now. Please could someone give me any advice whether it would not be worth joining? I’ll fly out on August 13 (with Quantas), and be returning home once every 12 months + any additional annual holidays (probably to eastern Asia). Are different airlines frequent flyer programs interchangeable? Or would I then be tied into using Quantas forever? Thanks in advance for any advice :biggrin:
  16. I received email from South Australia stating their increase in budget funds for more migrants its a good news to those who are stuck in Cat 4
  17. Hey guys, I am on email list for the "Migration Expert Australia, and i recieved the monthly news letter. There is a section which mentions about for coming changes in Aprol for the migration program. Has anybody heard of those changes coming? I thought it was just the points system in June The Australian Government have previously announced changes to the skilled migration program to be implemented in April 2011. If you are considering applying for a skilled work visa, we recommend lodging your application as soon as possible as your eligibility may change in April. (source "Migration Expert Australia News letter- February 2011)
  18. Guest

    511112 Program Administrator

    Hi all, I am currently in Facilities Management for the NHS. I understand that I am now on the SA SMP under Project/Program Administrator (511112). Does this include those who are yet to apply for a Visa? I am not sure if I have enough points under Visa 176 as now 39 ( 40 in August). Thoughts please. I think I could get 95 can I get to 100? Or is Visa 475 possible under SS? What timescales am I looking at? Where do I start? Please help. Thanks Thomasclan
  19. Student visa program under review - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "...The Government says the inquiry will look at ways to reduce the abuse of the student visa program and consider the possibility of introducing visa categories for different education sectors..."
  20. Jag Khairra

    TRA: Fees update for Job Ready Program

    Received this information through ComLaw today: (i) Provisional Skills Assessment: AUD300 (ii) Job Ready Employment Assessment: AUD500 (iii) Job Ready Workplace Assessment: AUD2,000 (iv) Job Ready Final Assessment for the purpose of the Job Ready Program: AUD150. This Instrument, number IMMI 10/052, commences on 17 November 2010.
  21. Guest

    Job Ready Program

    Hi Everyone, I just finished my Diploma in Hospitality and applied for my Temporary Residency.I am planning to start my own Restaurant.My question is can I use my experience as a chef in my own restaurant for TRA assessment and complete the job ready program and ultimately apply for permanent residency. Cheers
  22. If anyone is interested there is a documentary on ABC TV tonight at 8.30PM Eastern standard time called "The Making Of Modern Australia",it's about the great Australian dream of owning a house.by the look of the synopsis it should be interesting.
  23. The Minister for Immigration is going to announce the introduction of capping of the General Skilled Migration program, and most likely the deletion of some building trades from the CSL, during the next 12 hours in Australia. Impossible to say what this will involve, the devil will be in the detail, but in what has clearly been an orchestrated media campaign most likely motivated by the Queensland elections next Saturday, every Australian newspaper has stories of this ilk this morning: http://www.theage.com.au/national/sk...0315-8yyp.html http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au...31-601,00.html http://www.smh.com.au/national/immig...0315-8yy2.html Leaving aside the hype, it seems clear that: a) the following occupations are being removed from the Critical Shortage List: bricklayers, plumbers, welders, carpenters and metal fitters; b) the general skilled migration program is going down from 133,500 to 115,000, ie still at historically high levels but down from this year's peak. c) to cope with the added backlog in the current program there will be capping, ie it's likely to take longer for visas to be granted. No doubt more will emerge in the course of the day. Right now it's pointless to contact your agents, they won't know about these changes and certainly not the detail until after the Minister's announcement, probably this afternoon. At the moment the only practical issue is that those five trades are probably coming off the skilled shortage list. Cheers, George Lombard
  24. Hi everyone DIAC has confirmed that its previously announced changes affecting the GSM program will come into effect on 1 July 2010. The post on its website reads as follows: "Previously announced changes affecting the GSM program will come into effect on 1 July 2010. See: Changes to the General Skilled Migration Program If you are intending to apply online for a GSM visa before 1 July 2010, we recommend that you lodge your online application well before 6 pm AEST (GMT + 10) on Wednesday 30 June 2010 as the implementation of these and other departmental system changes is likely to cause a systems outage. See: Planned System Maintenance and Technical Issues Applicants are advised to note planned system maintenance times before commencing an eVisa application, as planned maintenance will prevent a commenced application from being lodged. The department is not able to accept and back-date applications which have been commenced but not finally submitted through eVisa as a result of planned system maintenance or an outage. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause." Best regards Susan
  25. Guest

    June 11 Changes in GSM Program

    The minister has announced changes to the General skilled migration program. Just the old news of revoking MODL and implementing new SOL. The detail is available at What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration