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Found 33 results

  1. Hi all, Quite interesting forum, pleased to read so much information conveyed in one place! I'm a Security Professional with 12+ years experience in the field, also holding market recognized certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CEH, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL and Prince2. Could you please share how the Infosec Market currently is in AU? I'm moving to Australia by december, and just trying to figure out how long it might take for me to find a job, since I've got no local experience (what seems to be a big issue). If you are IT, but not into security, your opinion will also be appreciated! CISSP
  2. ASDot provides financial support for Overseas trained professionals. More information here! https://www.aei.gov.au/Services-And-Resources/Grants/ASDOT/Pages/default.aspx
  3. Hi there, Had an interview for a role in Perth and employers seriously considering the 457 route. I just want some guidance that the role will fit the 457 criteria. I THINK it comes under Information & Organisation Professional but would appreciate a second (or third) opinion. The job is Client Administration Manager within a financial services company and the job spec involves the following (list is by no means exhaustive): - retrieving client information from third parties - ensuring client database is kept up to date with relevant information - liaising with financial planners to prepare accurate advice documents - diary scheduling - assisting with new business & arranging follow ups - maintaining confidential files & records - creating training database - management & filing of confidential correspondence The salary seems to meet the 457 requirements so its really working out if the job does too! Thanks! :err:
  4. Dear Poms, I would be grateful if anyone can advise me on a recruitment agency that specialises in construction professionals. I am a building surveyor and have got my 176 SS visa for SA. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had a good experience with a relevant specialist agency. Look forward to the posts. Ploppy.
  5. Hi folks It seems clear from other threads that AHPRA registration can take sometime (6 months wait not being uncommon) - most posts though are from nurses and I was wondering about other health professionals experiences of getting registered? Is this other professions experience too? Thanks
  6. Dear agents we are not sure what and when the immigration dept is going to process our applications.many of us submitted the ACS new skills assessment to DIAC and moved from priority 4 to priority 3 processing. we contacted the immigration dept and operators told us different information 1.within the 6 weeks CO will be allocated 2.within the 2 weeks CO will be allocated 3.processing not commenced for the applications whos applications moved from priority 4 to 3? we are not sure what to believe or when we will get the information? any agent can you please confirm the information or processing from MIA or from DIAC relating our applications? i really appreciate your valuable time and answer. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just wanted to know if there are any pharmacists or computer professionals (NEC) out there who have applied, haven't had their application finalised yet and have a case officer allocated. The above two occupations seem to be the ones that were on the CSL, but are now not on the new SOL; the recently-released priority processing details state: "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." We have not received any contact from our CO, but were wondering if anyone else has, and if so what was the response and secondly has anyone actually contacted a CO themselves in this regard and, if so, what response did they get ? Many thanks
  8. Hi, Me and my boyfriend moved here a couple of months ago, and have met lots of lovely people but we're missing the British sense of humour! If in the new year you fancy meeting up for drinks, BBQs, sporty stuff or playing tourist, we'd love to hear from you. We're both 27 and were living in London for 4 years before moving here. We're living in Wembley, Perth but happy to travel to meet up. Get in touch via pm or reply to the thread, Look forward to hearing from you soon Bethan
  9. Does anyone know if Business and information professionals 2299-79 fall under the the new SOL 261111 ICT business/system analyst ?????
  10. The following advice received from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program Director David Stewart: DIAC is aware that there is a degree of confusion regarding the situation of GSM visa applicants whose skills were assessed by ACS as Computing Professionals NEC pre 1 July 2010. DIAC are discussing this issue with ACS and hope to resolve this matter in the not too distant future. DIAC's current advice is: The following policy settings remain unchanged: Applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; Computing Professional (NEC) in ASCO does not currently map to an ANZSCO occupation on Schedule 3. Applicants can always submit new information to DIAC and if regulations allow it must be considered. DIAC would not advise clients to get reassessed by ACS unless it is determined that Computing Prof NEC maps to occupations on Schedule 3. If such a change were made DIAC would process applications generally in order of original date of lodgement and not date of "reassessment". Any such change will be advised via Department of Immigration & Citizenship and GSM auto reply processing information mailboxes, Adelaide and Brisbane.
  11. Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread for Computing Professionals NEC and CSL applicants who have not heard any thing from their CO yet as we suppose to be contacted by them. Please let us hear from all the Computing Professionals NEC and CSL who have CO but have'nt got their visa yet and also from people who have been lucky in this category and got their visa approvals. Those who fall in this category please add their information so all other applicants can have an idea that where they stand at the moment. please keep posting as other applicants will be kept updated. Please also add your application timeline as well. Good Luck ITpro Application Date: jan 2009, co assigned: May 2009, PCC MEDS sent: June 2009, job varification: May 2010, Visa Grant Date: Still waiting :arghh:
  12. Guest

    Health professionals

    Do u think health professionals( doctors, nurses, dentist) will be given a higher priority than those of other jobs in terms of visa processing? Or it doesnt matter what kind of job do u have as long as its in the SOL?
  13. My husband and I are weighing up whether to accept a job offer in Melbourne and come out from the UK for a few years. Part of this consideration is Melbourne as a place to live - which we are very excited about - but more specifically, WHERE!? Does anyone know of any great suburbs for young professionals (we're both 29 year old lawyers) - we'd like to rent for the first 6 months probably then look to buy if we're able. We'd like as big a house as we can afford (anything 2/3 bedroom + is fine) with a little patch of grass out the back for our cat, and need to be no more than 30-45 minutes commute away from the CBD - either by car on a quiet commuter run (is driving to/parking in the CBD during the week feasible?) or by train/tram. We'd also like great bars, restaurants, social activities, on our doorstep or fairly close by so we can throw ourselves into a new community and settle in and make some great friends. Also somewhere easy to get out and about on a weekend would be great - hop in the car and go for a long drive to explore the surrounding area/go away for the weekend/take a trip up the coast .... Any info would be gratefully received!!!
  14. Guest

    Computing Professionals NEC

    Hey guys, I wanna ask you guys, is there any chance DIAC will allow pre-July graduates to change their occupation, if they can manage to get new ANZSCO code, based on their experience or studies?
  15. Hi, Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere as I'm sure someone else will have. Last year I was accepted for State Sponsorship for the ACT. The occupation ACS assessed my skills was: Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer I have been in Cat 5 for the last year waiting for News (Post September application). Now DIAC have renamed all the occupations on the SOL (and the SMP I believe?), I am wandering if 'Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer' is covered by any of the following that's on the SOL (Systems Programmer was not on SOL): 261111 - ICT business analyst 261112 - Systems analyst 261311 - Analyst programmer 261312 - Developer programmer 261313 - Software engineer I would have thought it would come under 'Software Engineer'. My question is - as the occupations have been renamed, do I need to reapply for skills assessment (ACS) to receive new occupation and possibly as I may be on SOL be moved up a Category? Or do DIAC do this automatically and readjust people's Occupation and therefore category automatically? Also same question goes for the SMP which is due out next month for ACT... Do I need to do anything or just sit back and relax (and let DIAC\ACT deal with)?! I'm confused! Thanks, Mike.
  16. After seeing NSW state list http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/STNI_Criteria_STNI_Skilled.pdf Couple of things were puzzling in my mind, In the list under the ANZSCO code 261313 they have mentioned the specialization as Java. But according to the SOL schedule 4, previous ASCO code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations such as Java, C#, C++ etc.) mapped with ANZSCO 261399 Also in above link, IELTS score mentioned as 7 and is it overall score or each component ? After seen this list, I was thinking probably they would have mistakenly mapped previous code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations) into 261399. Based on this, I guess there will be a high chance that, if you have a successful assessment with 2231-79 (Java, C#, C++ etc.) and If you apply for a re-assessment you'll most likely get 261313. With ANZSCO code 261313 we can proceed with; GSM 175 with IELTS 7 (each component) ??? :goofy:
  17. Any status on these visas? I haven't heard anything from DIAC nor my agent. Please help.
  18. Hey there everyone. Are there any other health care professionals out there that are planning a move to Melbourne around October time?? If so, have you guys got jobs sorted and do you know other people out there? If you want to chat we would be interested in meeting others in a similar position to ourselves.
  19. Hi Friends Can you please clarify if band 7 in all four modules are needed in IELTS or average of 7 would suffice for a GSM - IT applicant Regards Mahesh
  20. Guest

    advice welcome please

    Hi there, wondering if anyone can help with some advice. We were hoping to apply for a skilled 175 visa once I had gained 12 months work experience, which will be February 2011 (I am a podiatrist). Due to the recent changes we're wondering if there is another route to follow or do we just need to wait and see what is happening at that time? My partner is also 36 and is a project manager, lead designer and frontend developer for a successful web development company. He has over 9 years experience and his key skills include: xhtml/CSS Kentico CMS design, configuration, and frontend build. Flash (interfacing, animation, video) Jquery Iphone web app design/development Wordpress Touchscreen kiosk interface design and development. He is also outsourcing manager for the company with 2 years experience in working with Indian development companies. I'm pretty sure we still miss the pass mark by 5 marks even if he fitted with an occupation on the skills list. Does anyone know if the above would fit any of the occupations on the skills list, or if there are options which we are not aware of? We aren't able to speak to an agent at the moment unless anyone knows of any that work Saturdays? Any info or options would be greatfully received! Paul and Sarah
  21. I am a month away from submitting my visa application subclass 175 , but am not sure where I stand now with the new rules. My occupation is on the CSL list as follows... CSL list: Computing Professionals -- where the applicant's specialisation is listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). and then on the MODL list as... MODL list: Computing Professional - specialising in CISSP * As far as I understand the CSL list still applies, at least until the new SOL comes into force. However the MODL list is now revoked, so would my application still be valid or not? :confused:
  22. Me and my spouse are IT professionals with a very good work exp with top IT companies, and all docs/requirements in order. We had applied for SS to Vic, and pretty positive about it, but it got rejected after 6 months of long wait. Now we are in a big dilemma on our next step. The other option we have is apply for SS for SA (Adelaide), where we have a good chance of getting through. But we are not really convinced if there is a bright market for IT professionals in Adelaide. As far as we searched on job sites like seek.com etc, we found Sydney and melbourne to be the IT destinations - but we dont have those options anymore. And applying 175 does not seem to hold a chance with all of the 8-Feb changes. Could anyone pls advise more on this - is there a good IT market for Java/J2EE and Testing in Adelaide, and would we stand a chance to get a job soon enough, once we land there and start searching?
  23. I have applied under the following category 2299-79 Business and Information Professionals. My simple question is that what will be the minimum IELTS bands require to qualify for australian immigration. For more informaion Points SOL ENSOL MODL 50 Yes Yes No So far my poits are calculating as 105 without IELTS.
  24. I think I have got good news from the ACS. I am suitable under the following Computing Professionals – (nec) 2231-79 but not specializing in any of the areas, so I would not be entitled to the each MODL points. But I think I only need to complete the English test (third time lucky) I found the reading quite tough, so any tips let me know. I have some questions for anyone that might know. What is the next step (other than IELST)? Am I at the stage where I could lodge an application? I know everyone is changing to the 176 visa I was looking at the 175 before all the changes. I am not sure that the 176 is right for me as I would like to be as near to Perth as possible and to be on a PR visa. Does where is the nearest region or place to Perth for the 176? :wideeyed:
  25. I went to Sydney Young Professionals on my own as I have just moved over from the UK with work and thought that it would be a good chance to meet people. It was brilliant, there was a great mix of people from across all industries and the venue was brilliant. I will definitely go to the next event as it was one of the best nights out I have had in Sydney. Their website is Home - Sydney Young Professionals, check it out!