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Found 57 results

  1. I am looking to submit my EOI for a 189 visa, with the following points: Age: 30 Education: 15 Experience: 5 English (PTE): 20 My migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia says the below. Within my EOI, will I have the option to choose my occupation based on the below ANZSCO Code? I know there are both 'professional engineer' and 'civil engineer' streams, which is confusing me a little. I am also currently awaiting my police certificates (Aus & UK). Should I wait until I have received these, or go ahead and submit my EOI now? I have read that all documents need to be submitted 60days after invite, is this the case?
  2. According to the new priority, IT graduates who have already applied under the occupation 2231-79 Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate) will fall into category 4? This is very illogical because for new applicants, they can now apply as one of the ICT occupations on the new SOL (eg. Developer Programmer or Software Engineer) instead of being grouped together as Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate), which is no longer on the SOL. Would this mean that new ICT Graduates who apply under the new rule will fall into category 3 but ICT Graduates that already applied under the old rule will fall into category 4? So, given two people with the same qualification from the same university who finished at different time, the one who finished later and applied using the new rule will get the application processed before the one who finished earlier and applied using old rule? Does anyone know if there is a work around to this problem or if they are attempting to fix this problem? This is because there seems to be no way out. You can't change the occupation and get new assessment. Also, for graduates who have been graduated for over 6 months can't even make a new application even though you can be assessed as one of the ICT occupations in the new SOL. Edited 12/04/11: Link to 2231-79 timeline spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?hl=en&key=tHQP8Hpmu2NRl1EfjvQw3YQ&hl=en#gid=0
  3. Hi all I need to submit evidence of CPD for AHPRA for registration. I am a bit confused as to what to send to them for this. I have been a mentor to a 3rd year student nurse from Jan - March this year and was wondering if this would account for the 20 hours evidence? as I have worked with her on lots of my shifts 12.5 hrs? She said she will write a statement for me and I was going to write a reflective piece to cover the time I have worked with her and the learning outcomes I wanted to achieve with her. Do you think that this would be sufficient? I have looked at the FAQ on AHPRA website, but would liketo hear from anyone who has sent in their CPD to give me some reassurance I am on the right track or will I need to send in a lot more written evidence to cover this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I am new in sydney and i have 6+ years of software development experience with: 1 year and 8 months in mobile application development ( Nokia QT, Android, BREW Motorola, training on Iphone) 5 years in C, C++ and java on linux and windows. Is there anybody who can assist me finding job. I tried using seek.com.au and I am receiving the calls from consultants and recruiting agencies. I am not getting what they exactly look for, and refuses on the call. I am not even getting a chance to have an interview with company. So, I need a help, is there a central body/organization where all australian software or technical companies are registered so that i can directly approach companies. Any other websites. How to find good s/w houses and companies in Sydney. Thanks
  5. I need a 5-6 years experienced software professinal CV format which is preferred by the australian recruiters. I used to write projects in my CV but later I found CV formats on the online recruiter's websites which only expresses responsibilities and acheivements. I can not express my projects in full details in these formats which I think is very important for a software developer. Therefore, I need a sample CV or any CV format of a 5-6 years experienced software engineer/developer.
  6. Hi all, we are very much at the early stages of considering relocating to Australia. I am a public sector health and safety adviser, my OH is a Legal Practice Manager. We both have private sector experience. What I am wanting to know, would our experience be suitable for jobs in Australia? The legislation for both our areas are obviously different to UK legislation, so could we realistically stand a chance of getting similar jobs out there? I have contacted some recruitment consultants and basically they just say come back to them when we have our visas. We would be looking to obtain via skilled visa route. Any advice would be great fully appreciated. Relocation areas will depend on job Market, however we are open minded as to where in Oz at moment. We have two young children, aged 6 and 3 years.
  7. Hi I am a Permanent resident and trying to apply for a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course and hopefully, work is paying for it. According to 3 TAFEs and 1 uni, I qualify for the lower fees as my UK qualifications and degree count for anything so technically, I have no qualifications! I didn't need my O/A Levels or degree assessed by VETASSESS for my visa but to do the short course, Vic Uni insist that my degree is assessed by Skills Victoria (which is free). This whole situation is laughable given that I have never had to prove my qualifications to get a jobs in 3 years! Has anyone else applied to a Uni or TAFE/training provider to do a course having previously done non-Australian qualifications? Cheers Mark
  8. Dear All, As there has been change in priority processing which definitely has thrashed a lot of minds & souls Now what is the fate of Computing Professionals which were on MODL/CSL like Computing Professional (Network Security) before these priorities. Are we coming under this statement: "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." Please professionals specially agents, guide for the sake of all which are depressed due to new changes. Umar Farooq.
  9. Hi there, I have just joined and I am trying to figure out what is the attitude towards migrants applying for jobs on a Working Holiday Visa. I am 30 years old and work as a Project Coordinator and have experience of working in IT and the Utilities industry. I hold a British passport. I have just come back from travelling around the world and I might have qualified for a State Sponsored visa had I been working in the last year. I am seriously considering applying for a WHV and going to either Sydney or Melbourne to look for work in the same type of role. However, I do not want to spend a fortune getting out to Australia to find out that most companies will not hire people on a WHV. I'm aware of the 6 month restriction so I have been looking at contract and temporary work, however, it is not clear on a lot of job sites if they would accept applications from someone on a WHV for 6 month contract or temporary roles. Has anyone else here gone out to Australia and looked for professional roles on a WHV? Do companies in Aus have a prejudiced view towards WHV seeing it as a backpacker visa for travellers who just want fruit-picking or bar work or is it taken seriously and would I stand a chance of getting job? If anyone can advise me on this I would be very grateful as I feel like it is a big financial risk. I am very keen to live and work in Australia having done some travelling there last year. My goal is to gain employer nominated sponsorship so I would be able to continue working in Aus, however, if it is very difficult to secure a professional job then it is not worth the risk of spending all that money to fly out to Aus for nothing. Any thoughts / advice / personal experience would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, J
  10. Hi All, I’m moving to Melbourne in a few weeks with work yet as i have never been to the city i don’t know where i should live. i am a 25 year old male looking to live in the city but i don’t know where the best locations are. Luckily my company will be providing me with accommodation - i just need to let them where! Can anyone give me some advice?? ...as a little background I’m looking to be in a lively part of town, close to restaurants and easy access to the city centre. Preferably towards the east as I will be commuting out of town to Mount Waverley everyday. i don’t mind up to an hours commute though for a better location. If I can be near the water that would also be a bonus but I’m really just looking for a part of town with a good atmosphere and good reputation, so hopefully a nicer part of the city. Any ideas??? Cheers, Jack
  11. Hi, We have now been in Sydney for about a month, and although slightly surprised by the winter weather so far we are really enjoying our experience. We've now managed to sort our rental property, moved in and now want to get out and about meeting some like minded couples for drinks, dinners, BBQ's etc to really start enjoying Sydney with a network of friends. We work for different companies but both in the CBD, and live in Rozelle/Balmain and are looking to meet people living in Sydney. Maria is 26 and I am 34, although Maria would probably say I am going on 14 sometimes :biggrin: If anyone out there fancies hooking up for a drink and chat then get in touch. Nice one. Tom.
  12. Hi all I am hoping you can help. Do you know if companies in Australia recognise membership of the UK and Europewide professional body for Marketing and PR called the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Or are there specific professional bodies in Australia that are best to join? As I can't find anything about it, all I have found is one for journalists. Thank you in advance for your help. :biggrin:
  13. Hello everyone, I have been following discussions on PIO for some time now, and thought it was about time for me to join in. First things first, my name's Nicolas and am originally from Paris, France. I have moved to Montreal, Canada in 2005 and am now 30. I am a Compliance Officer for a stockbroking firm and would like to move to Sydney. I have looked into the state sponsorship route but it seems my profession is not on the NSW SMP list. I am now considering a 457 visa but finding a job when you are not in Australia is a tricky exercise. Anyway, I just would like to tell you that it seems to me the issues being discussed here on PIO seem to be the same that Euro expats experience in Canada. I am well aware Australian roads are not made of gold, but nevertheless would like to enjoy melting Tim Tam's under the Australian sun! I have previously been to Australia on vacation and enjoyed my time down under very much, although I know living somewhere is completely different to visiting. If anyone can give me tips on how to find a job from overseas in my field, that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nick
  14. Hi All, I would just like to ask my concerns. I am a Bachelor's Degree graduate but not major in I.T. although I have 4 I.T. subjects. ACS has given me Group B assessment with 6 years relevant experience. Am I assessed as a Bachelor's Degree so I can claim 15pts? For the professional year, does it mean I can have 5 pts? because right now I have 7 years working experience. If this is all correct, I can now lodge my 176 visa. I just received my state sponsorship from South Australia today. My score is as follows: Age 27 = 30pts 5 Years Work Exp = 10pts State Sponsorship = 5pts Bachelor's degree = 15pts (if correct, or else I will fall under 10pts) Professional Year = 5pts (if correct too) Total = 65pts My IELTS score is 7,7,6.5,6.5. I got 6.5 in speaking and writing :embarrassed: but I am scheduled to take the IELTS exam again this August 13, hoping this time I can get 7. But if the above info is correct. I can apply already without IELTS. Thank you in Advance people. :hug:
  15. Hi Everyone Having tried my best to google out the answer to the my dilemma regarding the best possible suburb to stay in Melbourne in our particular circumstances, I thought it would be best to have the opinion of the people who have stayed there or are themselves researching about this subject currently. I am presently staying in New Delhi, India. I would be moving to Melbourne with my family, including my wife and two girls, aged 6 and 4, some time in September. This was a difficult decision to make. The kids have got used to a big social circle of family and friends and rarely a weekend goes by without a get together, party or night stays. They are busy on weekdays with their swimming and tekwondo classes. I explain this because the most important of my wife's and mine concern is the possibility of outright rejection of the new environment by our kids, who might feel a sudden vacuum, coming from the ever happening schedule back home. I and my wife would both be working 8 to 5. Her workplace is Footscray and I would be working at Gelnroy and St. Albans, probably splitting my days of the week between the two. I have been warned about the northern and western suburbs by acquaintances in Melbourne, but I think I have no choice to move anywhere east or south of the city, as it would substantially increase the commuting time. Can someone please suggest the best suburb for us considering: We want to spend minimum time traveling (preferably less that 30 minutes for my wife and 45 minutes for me), so that we are able to spend the maximum possible time with the kids, and maybe take them to any extracurricular activity in the evening. We want the kids to accept the new place, which I think would require a family friendly place, good schools, extra-curricular activities such as sports, nearby parks etc. We would both be traveling by car, so proximity to public transport would not be a consideration. Rent would not be a prohibitive factor. Multicultural (or to put it another way, racially tolerant). Dominant professional class (not the most important criteria). Based on these criteria, I figured that Williamstown, Moonee Ponds and Essendon might be a good options for us. Other options, less favorable in terms of proximity to workplace are inner-northern suburbs Kensington, Parkville, Carlton, North Melbourne, but nothing east of Fitzroy. Can anyone suggest the best suburb for us in the given circumstances and also suggest if any other suburbs within 30 minute commute from Footscray in peak traffic hours. Thank you in advance for your help. Piyush
  16. Hi all, i've been a little lazy with my australia visa application recently and have not really kept up to date with all the changes. I called IMMI just before Christmas for a general update. My family and I applied for a 175 Visa back in May 2009. I was advised that as I was assessed by ACS using an old SOL code (2231-79 Computing professional (NEC)), it would be in my interest to get a reassessment done. I was advised I should look for a new code from the ANZSCO Schedule 3 list (which I can't find anywhere). If I don't do this, we could be waiting a very long time to have a case officer assigned. Also, I am not sure what to get my reasssment completed in. I don't know what code I should be using. Therefore, I don't know how my old SOL code maps across to one on the new list. Has anyone got any experience in this because i'm either being really thick or things just seem to have got more complicated than before. :arghh: I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks in advance.
  17. I got positive skills assessment from Vetassess but have one question and would appreciate if someone can help me: Vetassess only mentioned my 2.5 years experience on my assessment. This experience is with current employer. But they did not mention anything about my 1 year expereince with past employer in same occupation, and another 5 years experience with a different employer. My question is whether this is normal for vetasses to do this and consider the minimum experience required for assessment? How DIAC will determine my expereince if I calim 5 points for 3 years professional experience out of last 4 years? Cheers
  18. Hi, My dog leaves on Sunday 17th April for Spotswood quarantine in Melbourne. I am trying to organise a professional dog walking service. I have found one http://www.dogwalkersmelbourne.com.au. Has anyone used this service? Or does have any other recommendations of these type of services? All info gratefully received. Many thanks
  19. Greetings everyone, Its my first post here, so pls excuse my writing. I have applied for 885 on 28th june 2010 and I am under priority 4 now. I have applied for new ICT Business Analyst - ANZSCO 261111 on 15th of feb in order to bring my file to p-3. Still waiting for outcome from the ACS. According to 18 march 2011 processing status the processing 2/09/2010 files for p-3 and visa 885(e-lodged). 1. May be after a month I will get my ACS skill assessment, Will I be able to my file to priority 3 as the time for that has already passed? 2. I am currently working as database support officer since last one year in Melbourne, Can that be helpful to move my file to p-3? 3. What should I do? Thanks in advance for you support Cheers Jatin
  20. 2 years ago, I applied 485 Graduate visa under the recent graduate 2231-79 because I didn't have four 7 in IELTS :mad: . After 1 year of working experience in IT company (Programmer) I applied 885 GSM August last year without changing my skill assessment. So my skill assessment is still under the recent graduate. Since Priority Process, I realised that I need to wait forever and ever, also my application priority fall into Category 4. But I saw 2231-79 in Category 1, Is it different as the recent graduate 2231-79 ? Could anyone give me advice what I need to do next? Some said do re-assessment with ACS to make my skill is under Category 3. In that case, should I withdraw my GSM 885 application and apply new one to change my skill assessment? or It is possible to change it without withdrawing my 885 application. If possible to change it without withdrawing the application, what should I do? Is it true that an immigration agency can change my skill assessment by contacting Immigration office without withdrawing the 885 application? :no: I really don't want to apply new application to change my skill assessment because I have to do from the scratch if I need to do so. :arghh: Please please help me, I am getting freaked out because of Australia immigration law. :Randy-git:
  21. Hi, I'm a Site Engineer (in Civils) (irish passport holder based in the UK) actively seeking employment in Australia - absolutely ANYWHERE in Australia. from what i gather I'd definitely require company sponsorship to gain a visa, so it's imperative I get a job offer before I even start to plan a move. Can anyone recommend any recruitment agencies/website that specialise in flogging the likes of us to Australian contractors? Or am i urinating against a strong breeze trying to do it from the UK?
  22. I am currently approx 12 months away from completing my degree BSC Professional Practice in Paramedicine, I am currently employed in Scotland as a paramedic and have over 15 years experience, I am looking for any common jobs I can look into, ideally something where I could work autonomous and flexible hours, preferably dayshifts as my husband is a mechanical Engineer first class machinist and has his TRA so we're hoping he would get a permanent job with shifts and what kind of salaries we could expect would also be very helpful, thanks , we can then take it from there to try and work out finances compared to Scotland, we also have two children and would love to hear more information around the Perth area regarding schooling too, and average house prices, :notworthy:
  23. Guest

    Moving to oz as a professional

    I am a member of several other forums and appreciate how frustrating it can be seeing a new poster asking questions regarding a topic that's been discussed a hundred times. If you are indeed starting to get a bit twitchy I apologise in advance. Well here I go... I'm a 33 year old airline pilot born and bred on the Uk. Parents are approaching retirement, we have close family in NSW. Always discussed moving to Oz. From my limited research I understand that my parents may have difficulty however I wondered whether my experience and profession as a commercial piot would in some way allow me to warrant a visa with the hope of my parents joining me for their Golden years? I'm in the process of speaking to an airline based there to discuss their future pilot procurment and have my fingers crossed that they may have use for a individual with my experience. Any advice, guidance or information from anyone that reads this may cone in extremely handy. Thanks in advance Ruff
  24. I need some advice on the big move... I emigrated to Canberra almost 4 years ago, all settled, have a house and citizenship, but have started to feel that it’s time to see more of Australia, so I have decided to move to Sydney. Somehow this feels way more scary that emigrating!! I am 31yo female professional and will probably find myself working in the CBD and latin dancing my nights away. So I thought I’d check in here for some advice. 1 – How do I go about finding an apartment to share? Are they difficult to get? I need a car space. I want to spend about $300-350 pw 2 – Is it hard to find a GP? 3 – Anywhere I should avoid? 4 – Alot of the apartments seems to have gyms / pools, but for those that don’t are there many locally? Are the too busy to really use? 5 - What else do I need to know? Thanks!
  25. Inspired by the similarly named thread for ICT recent graduates, i have decided to set up a thread for Group A applications. Given the new release from DIAC: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/acs-skills-assessment-review.pdf Are people looking to get their skills reassessed/reviewed? Has anyone done this already? If so please do share your experiences with the rest of this group. VISA SUBCLASS 175 CLASS VE, 2231-79 (nec) applied may 2009, priority gp 4