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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’m hoping to get some advice regarding getting a Returning Resident Visa and moving back to Australia whilst COVID is still going on. I want to move back with my family in July/August time. I previously had PR but left Australia six years ago, so it has expired now. My Husband is an Australian Citizen and we have been back to Oz three time for holidays over the six years. Does anyone know whether this would be a fairly straightforward RRV application or whether it will take a long time to process? I’ve seen some posts on here that sound like the processing times vary greatly and I’m not sure when to submit my application. Once the RRV is granted, what is the validity on the visa? Whilst we plan to move in July/August, COVID could delay that and I don’t want it to expire before I’ve had a chance to get over there. Also, we were planning to apply for Australian Passports for our children, (2 and 5 years), before we left the UK but it looks like the London passport office is closed and that will not be possible. Does anyone know which visa we should apply for our children? Thank you in advance, any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, My husband is an Australian Citizen and I , a Sri Lankan. We got married in December 2019 and applied for partner visa towards end of 2020 Jan through a registered agent in SriLanka. Submission was finalised in March 2020 and we've been on the wait since. My agents tells me still the case hasn't been picked up by a case officer. Nor there was any request for information. I've done all my biometrics and medicals back in February 2020. Anyone here in a similar timeline? Do I need to worry? Please any leads would be much appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hi all, I applied for my partner visa on February 1st, 2019 and now would like to apply for my permanent visa subclass 100. I know usually 2 years should have passed since i applied for 309 to be eligible for 100 but I am currently enrolled in a university and until I have the subclass 100, I have to pay the International fee. If there is a way for me to apply for my subclass 100 permanent visa just a few months earlier, I could make it just in time to enrol as a domestic student next year. So, does anyone know if I have a compelling enough reason and how to apply for Subclass 100 just a few months earlier than 2 years? If I try to lodge the online application, it asks if it has been 2 years since I applied for subclass 309 visa, so I have to select No, which then prevents the application from being sent through. Would it be a good idea to send in the paper application instead to see if that would be accepted?
  4. Hello, I am hoping to receive in-principle registration from AHPRA shortly, and am wondering: 1. How long after presenting in-office did it take for you to receive final registration? 2. Were you awarded a registration certificate? How long did it take for this certificate to arrive? Was it mailed to you? Kind regards, Daniel Cachaco
  5. Hello there, I'm not very clued up on writing on this forum, so apologies if I've put it in the wrong place. We applied for the above Visa on 18th November 2016. Immigration are currently processing applications 8th September 2016. They have been on this date for almost 8 months to my knowledge. Would anyone know how long it normally takes please? Kind regards
  6. Char

    417 processing times

    Hi, Can anyone help? I've been waiting nearly 12 days for a working holiday visa, I'm a British citizen, and i've read people recently on here that have had their applications approved within minutes... is anyone experienced waiting ages for this?
  7. Hello, I have applied for a Subsequent Entrant Visa (489) online for my wife, and the status shows In-Progess. Does this mean the application has been lodged and waiting for a case-officer ? Or it is awaiting for another documents to be uploaded ? Usually how long does this visa process take, anyone with the experience could you please share your views. I have already been granted a Provisional Residence Visa. And I want her to join me in Australia asap. Could anyone please help me out with their views on this, thank you!
  8. Hi All, After looking at this website on a daily basis for many, many months, my first post... Submitted our application on 21st January and had a CO allocated on 25th January. We front loaded our medicals and police checks and the CO hasn't requested any further documents. My question is - how long is it likely to be before we get the visa granted? Or is anyone else in the same boat as us and checking emails every 10 minutes?!
  9. Hi, I'm new here. My names Tony and I just wanted to log my progress and follow up on any other applicants' processing times. I lodged my 309 Partner Visa on 21st February 2014 online, our CO contacted us in March, all documentation was completed in May, Medical and Police checks were completed at the end of June. I always like a bit of wishful thinking and have flights booked (but can be changed) in November (81/2 months after lodging my visa). I'd love to hear about other applicants around this date. On another note, I recently emailed my case officer for confirmation of my medical checks and I obviously asked for an approximate time frame for my visa to be granted but I didn't get a reply from my case officer, instead I got a reply from a guy named Luis who informed me that if all documentaton is submitted then I should just wait. I thought I had my case officer until my visa is granted and i have purposefully only emailed her twice as to not be annoying. I'm a little annoyed that because I've been a bit more of an "easy customer" that she can't even be bothered to reply to me.
  10. Hi All My partner is eligible to apply for an 887 Visa (regional permanent residency) now. We are just wondering as it is exempt from the time scales on the immi website what does this mean? Has anyone applied recently and what were the time scales like? Thanks
  11. Hi all! After years of lurking in the forums and getting tips and years of complex delays (family reasons), I finally lodged my De facto Partner (100/309) application on 19/02/2013 (having completed 5 versions of the 40SP/47SP over the years on various false starts!). Following the excellent advice on this forum, I submitted a comprehensive application proving 9 years de facto relationship with my Aussie partner, showing adequate funding, including owning an apartment in Melbourne. I more than qualify for progressing straight to the 100 visa and PR. I also already have family that have emigrated to Australia (2 sisters and husbands, their grown up families etc) so we both have extensive family support networks. But the processing time for partner migration is 8-9 months at least! We sold up and moved into rented nearly a year ago, so everything is in storage ready to go. Obviously, we can wait if we have to but I wonder what other options I have? Travel on a 3m visitors visa and try to get a bridging visa? Sponsored by one of my sisters, perhaps? Any advice on options to explore would be gratefully received! After years of waiting, I just want to get cracking!
  12. Ok , so last night i applied for a a 417 working holiday visa on the DIAC website, i paid for this and received my transaction reference number (TRN) and reciept, however i cant access the progress of my application which asks for my transaction reference number, however i hold an e676 visa and it wasnt until initial processing of my application had commenced that i had even attempted to access this service, and when DIAC contacts me to let me know that application processing has commenced i wil be likely able to use this service. initial processing hasnt commenced as of yet as they have not notified me via email. However this is not my major issue, i declared all convictions on my record as i have previously and always been completely honest with diac, on my curren e676 visa application i was asked for police certificates etc for which i provided to diac, therefore when i had the option to attach documents for my 417 visa i decided to front load the application with the certificates and summary of events etc, as the certificates are still valid for another four months ( uk police certificates valid for 12months for Diac from date of creation) or so, thats what the guy at australia house had told me, anyway with the about offences (Common assault) - occurred in 2009 when i was just 14, (18 now though) and i received an 18month conditional discharge for (this is not a prison sentence,), however i wasn't actually actually convicted until 2011, as i had lived in france with my dad for 9 months. i entered australia in june 2012 on an e676 visa and declared everything at application stage and landing card i was found to be of good character and thus passed the character test. so much relies heavily on this visa, my boyfriend lives out on a WHV, and i didnt see him for 7months whilst he was there, i dont want to be excluded from australia due to the fact that i have a record and im extremlely embarassed about it, we both have been through so much together and he is only there because we had planned to go together but didnt and broke up, i then surprised him out there in june, as ive frontloaded my application provided everything they may possibly ask more to save them the trouble, including police checks and summary of events, the guy at australia house, london told me that if my whv is denied then i will still hold my e676 visa and can travel to australia. im just worried sick about it all, he means so much to me, and i want to travel back, anybody been in similar circumstance? im just a little at ease due to the fact i had previously passed the character test and diac already know of my convictions and granted me my e676, but worried if attach police certs without being asked for them was a bad idea for my whv 417, all already paid for etc, i just wanted it all to already be prepared for them so it can be asessed quicker i was convicted of assualt in 2011, 18month conditional discharge, a very embarassing mark on my record and i have since gone on to do very well in school, currently studying in college and speak fluent french, at the time the offences occurred i was 14, young and very silly. i have already been found to pass the character test on my e676 and visited australia and declared all convictions on application , howevere my question is with regards to whether passing the character test once will it be ok this time? what do you think, after all i've never been to jail etc, and i was young, silly and have matured significently since then, also when applying for my whv 417 i just attached all police certs anyway, despite they never requested them as i wanted them to process it quicker and save them the hassle of later requesting them, will this be a problem ? also what other documents are required for 417 whv? will my passport data page, birth certs etc already be on the system from my current visa?
  13. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP, has set new priority processing arrangements for certain skilled migration visas. These arrangements include the new skilled visa subclasses introduced in the skilled migration reforms and continue to give regional employer sponsored visas the highest processing priority. The priority processing arrangements enable the department to consider and finalise visa applications in an order of priority that the minister considers appropriate. The new priority processing arrangements apply to applications for the following visas: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) certain points based skilled migration. See: Fact Sheet 24 – Overview of Skilled Migration to Australia From 1 July 2012, processing priorities (with highest priority listed first) are: applications from people who are sponsored under the RSMS program applications from people who are sponsored under the ENS program applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 1 in effect from 1 July 2012 See: Skilled Occupation List all other applications. Applications for visa subclasses 186, 187, 189, 190, or 489 which are lodged through SkillSelect will be given the highest priority within each priority processing group. The changes to priority processing arrangements address the needs of industry by targeting skills in demand across a number of sectors, while ensuring that the Skilled Migration Program is responsive to the current economic climate and the needs of the Australian economy. Priority processing arrangements are subject to changes in response to Australia’s economic situation and do not change visa eligibility criteria. Priority processing arrangements apply to current applications, including those in the final stages of processing. Departmental case officers must follow the direction made by the minister about priority processing and can not process applications outside of the set order. Refunds of costs incurred during processing are not available for delays in processing. Applicants are not entitled to a refund of their Visa Application Charge (VAC) or compensation for other costs incurred in making an application. [h=2]Priority processing groups[/h] [h=3]RSMS, ENS and state or territory nominated applications—priority groups 1, 2 and 3[/h] Applications from people who are applying under the RSMS are processed as priority group 1. ENS are processed as priority group 2. Applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency under a state migration plan receive the third highest level of priority processing. [h=3]Occupations on the SOL – Schedule 1 in effect at 1 July 2012—priority group 4[/h] All skilled migration applicants with a nominated occupation on the SOL – Schedule 1 are included in priority group 4. This includes both independent and family sponsored applications. Existing applicants with a nominated occupation added to the SOL will be allocated to case officers before more recently lodged applications in this priority group. [h=3]All other applications—priority group 5[/h] Skilled migration applicants with a nominated occupation that is not on the SOL and who are not nominated by a state or territory government under a state migration plan will be processed under priority group 5. Applicants should not contact the department to request that their application be exempt from the priority processing direction. Case officers do not have discretion to exempt applications. Applicants with a nominated occupation removed from the SOL who have already been allocated a case officer will be contacted directly by their case officer. Applicants with a nominated occupation removed from the SOL who were not allocated to a case officer before 1 July 2012 will only be allocated to a case officer when applications from higher priority groups have been allocated. Many priority group 5 applicants still face a considerable wait until their application is allocated to a case officer for processing and may wish to consider other options. [h=3]Options available to applicants in priority group 5 [/h] Visa applicants currently in priority group 5 may want to: submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect – if invited to apply, this would require a new visa application including payment of the relevant VAC See: SkillSelect continue to await a decision on their visa application consider their eligibility for an employer sponsored visa, which would require a new visa application including payment of the relevant VAC consider their eligibility for nomination by a state or territory government under a state migration plan, which may require a new visa application apply for another substantive visa withdraw their application. Applicants who decide to withdraw their application are not entitled to a refund of the VAC or compensation for other costs incurred in making an application. [h=2]Summary of skilled migration visas subject to priority processing directions [/h] The following skilled migration visas are subject to priority processing: Skilled – Independent (subclass 175) Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 176) Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) Skilled – Regional Sponsored (subclass 475) Skilled – Regional Sponsored (subclass 487) Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489) Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) (subclass 495) Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 496) Graduate – Skilled (subclass 497) Skilled – Onshore Independent New Zealand Citizen (subclass 861) Skilled – Onshore Australian–sponsored New Zealand Citizen (subclass 862) Skilled – Onshore Designated Area–sponsored New Zealand Citizen (subclass 863) Skilled – Independent Overseas Student (subclass 880) Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student (subclass 881) Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student (subclass 882) Skilled – Independent (subclass 885) Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 886) [h=2]Summary of skilled migration visas exempt from priority processing directions[/h] The following visa subclasses are exempt from priority processing and are processed in the order in which they are received: Skilled – Recognised Graduate (subclass 476) Skilled – Graduate (subclass 485) Skilled – Regional (subclass 887) The following applications are also exempt from priority processing and will be processed in the order in which they are received: applications that are remitted to the department by the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) applications where it is readily apparent that the criteria for grant of a visa would not be satisfied applications from the holders of eligible subclass 495, 496, 475 or 487 visas for a Skilled – Sponsored Provisional (subclass 489) visa in the Second Provisional Visa stream applications from subsequent entrant applicants. [h=2]Processing times[/h] Estimates of processing times that may apply to different types of applicants are provided as a guide only. As processing times are dependent on a range of factors, individual processing times may vary considerably from the published estimates. Estimates are subject to change in response to changes in application rates and skilled migration policy. Information on estimated processing times is available in the Client Services Charter. See: Skilled Migration Visa Processing Times Further information is available on the department's website. See: www.immi.gov.au The department also operates a national general enquiries line. Telephone: 131 881 Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Recorded information is available outside these hours. Produced by the National Communications Branch, Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  14. Hi everyone! Maybe someone on this site has some info or is in a similar situation. I've been trawling through sites all day trying to find relevant info to no avail. My OH has been lucky enough to find a sponsor quickly in Perth, on the 13th of July his application application to sponsor was sent in, two weeks later the Nomination was sent in and a week after that he was asked to send in all his documents for the finale stage ( 3rd of August). I know it hasn't been long since this happened but I am just wondering what the ACTUAL processing times for the 457 Visa are? I looked at the Oz goverment immigration site and it stated that the waiting time is 2 months after you have sent in all your personal documents, however I was also looking at posts online and there was posts saying they got their visa's within 5 days????!!! So basically is anyone in a similar situation that sent in their apps after the july 1st deadline that have heard anything positive back or maybe have got your visa's???? We haven't got a case worker or anything? (Our application is being prepared by my Husbands business not us) Thanks peeps *IMPATIENTISNOTTHEWORD :arghh:
  15. Hi there, We're trying to get our visa application in before the 1st July date where they're introducing the new system. We've started our skills assessment with ACS and were planning to apply to NWS for SS. Can people share with us the rough processing times for applying for their 175 or 176 visa to getting a CO, to finally getting a visa please? And if you could put whether it's a 176 or 175 visa in, that would really help us decide whether to just go for the 175 without the SS! It's just that we're worried we'll miss the boat if our SS application with NSW takes too long, and the new guidelines being such an unknown! If anyone has gone through the NSW SS application recently too, any info on difficulty/time etc would be most welcome too! Thank you all!! K&C
  16. Guest

    Processing times for GSM?

    Hi, I am on group 5, applied in September 2009. They are up to processing Feb of 2008, as listed on the immigration website : http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm, it says that the applications have been "allocated". Once mine has been allocated, say 2-3 months from now (i hope, or just saying) HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY VISA? Will it take much longer? or is it finalised withing 3 months? please some sources is useful!
  17. Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend are at the very beginning stages of out application for WA state sponsorship. I qualify through my job title and I have booked my english test and awaiting to sit it at the moment. We are wondering whether or not to use an agent for our application. Is it really neccessary??? Has anyone done it without an agent? I really dont want to spend money if I dont have to!! Also what are the average processing times? Ive had really mixed responses on this?! If any one has any advice/tips on the State visa at all it would be really appreciated! :biggrin: Thanks in advance!
  18. Hello I know there may have been heaps of questions similar to this asked previously - but i couldn't find a response specific to this question.. I'm just wondering if anyone has recent experience of the processing time for Employers to be approved for sponsorship? I am transferring my current 457 visa to a new employer. I've been informed by immigration that it can take up to 4 weeks, but has anyone experienced it to be a quicker/longer process? This waiting game is a killer! Any information on people's experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks, S
  19. Guest

    New Group 4! HELP!

    Hi, I applied for 886 visa, sponsored by family, but not on the SOL-3 new list, (chef). I have applied back in September 09, and now it says that there is a new group 5, which will take forever to process, as group 4 was previously this... IT SAYS ON WEBSITE, 18 MONTHS PROCESSING TIME, AND I WILL BE CONTACTED BY CASE OFFICE, ANY OF THOSE BEFORE MAY 2011.... BUT IVE ALREADY WAITED NEARLY 2 YEARS!!?? 24 MONTHS, SO IS IT 18 MONTHS FROM JULY 2011?? OR WHEN WILL IT BE PROCCESSED?? PLEASE HELP IT CONFUSING.. im on group 4, not on SOL but nominated.... please please please help