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Found 68 results

  1. Hi Does anyone know, if it is possible to travel over to Oz on a tourist visa whilst awaiting a spouses visa (subclass 309) to be processed. My husband has Oz citizenship and I am applying for a 309, however after reading some threads on the forum quite nervous this will take some time to come through. We plan to be move over in September, so was hoping it is possible to apply for tourist visa whilst 309 visa is being processes, is this allowed? Also what is the status with schooling without a visa, we have found a place at a private school for our daughter in Melbourne and would like to enrol her for October start. Will her visa application need to be processed before she can start school? Any advise appreciated. I am a British citizen and have applied for visa through Australia House in London, clean bill of health, no criminal record and have been married for years so anticipating it will be processed with no hitches. Thank you AC
  2. Hi all, I m now in australia on a 457 visa. i studied here for 2 years and then i found a job and have been on 457 visa for abt 2 years.i applied for my 176 family sponsored visa in May 2009, and it was changed to state sponsored in Nov 2009. if i leave the country now and never come back( i dont wanna come back here anymore till i got my 176 visa granted), is it gonna be a problem for my application later with recent work expericene thing and the other stuffs. Regards, Chan
  3. Hi, I am currently on 457 visa which would expire in next few months. I have applied for onshore 856 visa and my understanding is that I would be granted bridging visa after 457 visa lapses if my application for 856 is still not processed by then. I understand that you get 28 days to leave the country should your application gets rejected. I was wondering if anyone knows whether I could apply for second 457 whilst awaiting the outcome of 856 since that would give me enough time to apply for some other skilled pathway should my 856 gets rejected. I know that I cant apply for 457 whilst I am on bridging visa and that is why I would like to apply for second 457 whislt I still have valid 457 visa. I read somewhere in forum that the second application cancels the first application....would my 856 application get cancelled with this rule then?
  4. Hi dear All. I checked my online application status Yesterday. It says that Application being processed further and most documents have met except few documents. As well as it has mentioned that "23/09/2011 E-mail sent to you". so i called my agent and asked about that. they told that they didn't receive any mail as yet and even though it has mentioned like "23/09/2011 E-mail sent to you" it will take few days to receive the email................... is this true? does it takes few day to receive the email even though they have mentioned that "23/09/20011 E-mail sent to you". Please give me your opinions.............. Thanks samk6
  5. Yahoo. I never thought I would get so excited to see a few new words on a page! Seems there has been a bit of movement on the DIAC side with our 457 application. I wonder how long from Application being processed further to hopefully the application approved!!! Sian :twitcy:
  6. After reading the processing Times guidlines posted on DIAC website http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm#a Assessment of cases will commence once all cases in priority groups 1–3 are finalised. How on earth will they ever get round to category 4's? Surly there will be a constant flow of new cat 1 - 3's that will have to be processed ahead of us in cat. 4? Can anyone shed any light on this? It certainly looks very grim!
  7. Anything is possible

    457 Processed Further ???

    Bit of a stupid question but does anyone actually know what the different between Application received - processing commenced and Application being processed further is. From peoples experience what does this actually mean. We didn't do meds or PC's and our agent told us that after Application received - processing commenced it would ither say granted or denied.... We are just wondering are there other stages to look out for? Any info would help thanks.:confused:
  8. Hi, I'm booked to go to Oz on holiday in December. I think I've read somewhere that applying for a holiday visa while 176 is being processed will cancel my 176 application - is this true? Where can I get the official view on this? Should I apply for my holiday visa before I submit my 176 application? If my 176 has been granted by Dec which I guess is possible based on current processing timings, I do not want to validate in December, because I plan to emigrate in April 2012 and want to get the 40kg baggage allowance with singapore airlines. If I've already validated in Dec they won't let me have max baggage allowance. Any guidance appreciated, Amy
  9. Hello all, I have been following the forums quite a bit now and we are just about ready to submit our 47SP Spouse/Partner Visa. I understand that any travel during the processing time is to be discussed with the C/O however once the police clearances, medicals and possible interviews are complete is there any reason why we wouldn't be able to travel elsewhere? Our current plan is to submit the application first week of July, spend 2 months in South Africa from October and be in Australia by the New Year. I believe the visa is electronic so we will not need to send the passport in, although we will have a friends residential address for mail until we get to Oz. While I will be able to travel back to the UK if needed my O/H (the non-Aussie) will not be able to get back in unless she applies for a tourist visa for the UK. Has anyone applied for the Spouse visa in the UK, had it granted while in another country and not need to travel back to the UK? Also does preloading the application actually shorten the timescales? It appears everyone gets their visa granted within the 4.5-5 month mark anyway. We should have the police clearances sorted by the time we apply but wont have the medical. I assume that this wont take too long if we do it outside of London. Thanks in advance!
  10. Does anyone know if you can get Australian National Police Checks priority processed? My boyfriend and I have nearly had our visa granted but just found out he needs australian police clearance now. We want to go to Australia at the end of the month as I start work next month.. is there any way of getting it processed as quickly as possible? Also, how do you pay for it if you are overseas?
  11. Hi All, I'm on a 457 at the moment and would like to apply for independent PR. As a 32 yo structural engineer, I have enough points under both schemes. Do we think that once the new points scheme is launched, these applications will get priority or faster processing? I'm thinking of uploading everything on the 1st July to get first in the queue. Surely the minister will want to get people onto the new scheme?
  12. Hi All, I've sent my skills assessment to AITSL (primary teacher). I sent it recorded and it was delivered and signed for on 15th March early morning (Oz time). I realise i'm being really, really impatient but they haven't taken the money from my card yet- do you think this is because something is wrong? Should I email them? Or just chill and get ready for the first of many long waits!!:daydreaming: Thanks for advice :err:
  13. I am just wondering about Cat 4, I lodged in Aug 2008, if Onshore Cat 4 is next after Onshore Cat 3, or Offshore Cat 3 will be processed first. What are your thouhgts? I think things are finally moving in good direction!
  14. Hi we are about to start our visa application, but I have a opportunity to go work in Dubai while waiting for the process to be completed. Does any one know if this will have a effect on the chances of my visa been excepted? Thanks in advance Mat :daydreaming:
  15. Gillard just said it as well as introducing a flood tax - assume this means folk needed for the rebuilding effort. Good news for some??? Added info from Tanner "Can I clarify further that your application has to be a 'DECISION READY' application to qualify for the 5-day processing time. Gillard has also let slipped a few occupations during her questioning time: Bricklayers, tilers and plumbers. So congratulations to all above! (OP - feel free to amend your original post as you did, 'cos people are far less likely to read my post than yours, and will miss out important information)"
  16. kellyjamie

    Our SS is being processed by TAS

    Hi all, Received an email this morning from a nice chap called David at Tas to tell us he is the officer processing our state sponsorship, and that he will be in contact in due course. Thought id let all Tassies know for an idea of time, so if you dont include the holidays thats very quick for them to start looking at it, 5 days since receiving it (exc hols), he says current processing time in Tas is 4 weeks but each case maybe quicker or longer dependent on the individual case, So every part of my body that crosses is crossed! Goodluck to all K:wubclub:
  17. Been looking at the DIAC processing time guildlines to see what the latest is in terms of how long it might take to get our visa, and read this for cat. 4; Assessment of cases will commence once all cases in priority groups 1–3 are finalised. And they are currently processing applications from Dec 08 in category 3. There must be thousands to be done and more to yet apply in this category, so is there really any reason to hope that we might one day get looked at? Or are they just going to keep our money indefinitely while it makes them a nice bit of interest? At the time we applied, the guidelines were 12 - 18 months wait which we felt was reasonable and paid good money to apply with this in view! Since then its been one change after another which has left our whole family in limbo. Proper despondent :skeptical:
  18. So this is my timeline Submitted: 10/03/2010 Visa: ENS 856 Nomination and application sent together: Yes Medicals sent simultaneously: Yes Police checks sent simultaneously: Yes Location: Parramatta I had to use a preferred migration agent chosen by my company (condition to get their sponsorship). Extremely dissatisfied. She is not on this forum, I'll disclose more when everything will be over. Anyway, I just rang the immi and the officer told me they have not even processed the employer nomination that's 150 days. Smells fishy to me. Any similar situation? Is there a way to find the reason why? cheers r
  19. Hi Folks is it ok to go to Oz via the normal tourist visa while my 121/856 offshore employer sponsored visa is still being processed ? (Actually, 47ES not submitted yet - still waiting for ACS Skills Test result - but could be after 47es submitted) Dont want to get turned back after the long flight !! cheers Richie
  20. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am currently waiting for my partner migration visa to be processed (It was sent completely front-loaded on the 23rd of July). If I notified my CO and gave them updated contact details, would I be allowed to go to Australia on a visitor visa for a holiday (with my Australian husband) while my application was being processed?
  21. Hi All, lodged my application 176 Visa non csl SS Vic on 23/12/09 checked on line that they had acknowledged my application and documents and it then said 23/12/09 processing commenced. Have not even bothered checking for a few months due to the changes, but when I logged in this morning it now says Application being Processed Further 30/6/2010 My job is on the new sol but i was lead to believe I am still in for the 3 year wait and wont be bumped up to cat 2. Might be nothing but just though it was interesting the status changes just before the 1st July and is this a sign they may well be looking at cat 5 as cat 2 now? Fingers crossed for all.
  22. k9pjuice

    processed further

    During my morning online check of our visa application status (must be others who have this daily ritual) i noticed that our application is shown as processed further , anyone have any clue what this means thanks for any replies:biggrin:
  23. I know theres a thread on here somewhere re this but cant find it can anyone advise? OH has a state sponsored visa application lodged but we like everyone else in cat 5 could be sitting here waiting for another two years. Our dilema is he has been offered the opportunity at work to move roles and do something completely different. It is such a good opportunity for him plus the added perk of more money but we dont want to risk our visa application. Is the work experience 3 of the last 4 years at time of lodgement or is it the time the visa is approved? Can anyone give any help on this.
  24. Hey guys I am a pre 17 Dec 2008 applicant and have obtained an updated skills assessment that falls into CSL categories after one year work. Confirmed with DIAC on 8th this month that my application has qualified for CSL processing and been forwarded to the relevant processing area(which DIAC clarifies the date-of-lodgement-order does not apply to my case), no further contacts were made since then. To add chances I had also applied for SA sponsorship which was granted and filed to DIAC. I phone Adelaide weekly to check progress and in the latest call this morning they said -well your application has been forwarded but still unallocated. you know we are busy a.t.m. - it takes four to six weeks, but since allocation it would be processed really quickly. They have also acknowledged receipt of form 1100. It is known that CSL is going to be pulled down mid this year. I have not seen many 886CSL applicants and hence not so sure of progress of such kind of application. It would be grateful that someone could nicely advise that whether it's necessary to lodge a Post Lodgement Enquiry with DIAC requesting transforming my existing 885 application to 886, and could I expect my application being allocated and processed any faster by doing this transformation? Many Thanks. jtucker
  25. Hi, My Partner has put me as a seconadary applicant on his Subclass 176 Skilled (Migrant) Sponsored visa. However we have lived in a long distance relationship for the past 3 year becasue I go to Uni in the U.K. I graduate in July and will head to Perth then but I need to know that I will have the right to work and if I am eligable for a bridging visa? and if I am how do I go about it? Thanks, Lindsay