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Found 240 results

  1. Hi all, Have you recently applied for a child's 1st UK passport from abroad? If so, can you share your experience in particularly, how long it took from submitting the documents to having the passport in your hand? My wife is expecting a baby in February next year. We want to travel back to the UK ASAP after the birth but obviously we need to wait until the new child's passport arrives. I'm trying to get a feel for how long this will take from people who have actually gone through the process. I've already spoken with the UK passport office and every time I get a different answer ranging from 4 to 14 weeks!
  2. Hi folks, I'm about to buy a motorbike. I've learned a few things possibly worth sharing, and have a few questions. Firstly - I found the bike on bikesales.com.au. Decent site, seems de-facto standard for buying/selling, and I went to view a Honda Blackbird on Saturday. The guy and bike both seemed to check out OK, the bike felt really good, and I placed a deposit. First tip is: use that site Second tip is: check the location. They only go as granular as the state, and AU states are a lot larger than UK counties, of course. They had 27 Blackbirds in NSW, but 12 of those were more than 2 hours' drive. I was flabbergasted twice by my insurance checks. The first was when I checked 3rd-party insurance rates: Around $120-160 for a 200mph superbike, third party! It would have cost a grand at home, so seemed really cheap. The second time was when I actually figured out how insurance works, and suddenly it was a lot more expensive. That quote doesn't include 3rd-party liability to people (injuries, deaths) - which is the compulsory green slip (CTP). For that, I had to look at the official site, pretend it was up for renewal, and discover the next renewal would cost me $800 a year, for starters! Add to that my optional insurance of $160 (third party property/car/etc damage) or $800 (Fully Comp), and yes, it is around a grand a year (£). That's an unmodified bike, no claims, points, etc. I didn't try to use my UK No Claims Bonus - but I tried quotes with and without claiming previous insurance/NCB, and there seemed to be no real difference. There also seems to be no Third Party Fire & Theft - or at least, it's a less common option than it is in the UK. They also a few different questions. Previous accidents, licence and years riding, etc. are there, but employment type is not asked for or considered. You can check the current reg and insurance on the bike on a NSW Gov Site, and pay for a full history check on another official NSW Gov database, price $18. Then you can check for outstanding finance for another $14 on the Revs site. As for paying: you can use a bank transfer like "Pay anyone", which may be instant if you're both with the same bank, but overnight if not; Westpac have a $10k limit on that. Or you can get a Bankers' Cheque (Draft) in-branch, instantly, for a reasonable fee. You apparently also need a customer number; this is in advance of an NSW Driving licence, and is a unique reference number for you, for life, that allows you to register a vehicle in your name. I picked one up in an RTA office in half an hour, with proof of ID, address, etc. etc. Finally - I took the bike for a test ride. I was.. amazed.. that the guy let me take it for a spin without giving him any ID, proof of bike licence, or arranging any insurance (although I guess the Green Slip covers that). The only reference was "You break it, you pay for it. OK?". Good on him! So - where I could do with some advice is: - Am I going to have any issues getting insurance on a UK licence? Some of the larger sites state in their initial assumptions that I have an Aussie licence, and I've said "Yes" to get to the quote. Should I be wary of any issues? - What docs should I ask the seller for (Green slip, Bike reg, I guess)? - What other steps do I need to take? Many thanks! Damo
  3. Hi I'm sure these must have been answered in various threads so apologies if so - looking for advice - we are looking to move to Mornington/ Mount Martha in January of next year. Currently our children (an August born boy - age 5 when we move - and February born girl - soon to be 7 when we move) are in primary school in the UK (a state OFSTED outstanding school). I have a couple of questions: 1. year groups of the children when they move (our son is very young in his year group - which is currently reception year - being only 2 weeks in the threshold of the year group). 2. schools that are recommended in the areas mentioned above 3. how to we go about registering them - do we need to have an address in the area first/ how have others gone about doing this logistically in terms of move/ registering/ timings etc 4. how long does the registration process take - and is there a chance they may not get in to a school at all (or end up in a school we don't feel is suitable)? We'd be super grateful if anyone who has been through this process recently with similar aged children could offer tips/ process information/ contacts that we should be in touch with? Many thanks - and apologies if this is long winded (my first post on the forum).
  4. Afternoon, I am an Australian Citizen with 2 children under 2 and a husband who is currently a fireman. I work as a makeup artist. We obviously have no visa worries but I have LOTS of questions! We are planning on moving to Sydney & initially renting. Is there a website/source anyone knows about that gives you a checklist/moving info? So far Things on my list are- How to organise medicare card How to get Tax file number I have a bank account in Aus but how do I get my husband one? What do we need to have to rent (bank accounts/proof of employment/one million dollars?!) Is there a benefits system I can apply to? (I am due to give birth to my 2nd in November and we are planning on moving in February 2016 so I will probably be unable to work for a few months initially while the baby is so young) As we understand it the NSW Fire Department do not recognise my husband LFB qualifications. Does anyone know of any industries that a fireman could be employed in?? We have savings to buffer us for a few months but if anyone has recently moved I would love to know your approx costs all up!! Any advice or links to appropriate advice would be massively appreciated! Thanks
  5. richardcoull

    Contributory parent visa 143

    which month's applications are getting processed right now guys ?
  6. Hello All, I have got my PR recently under 190 subclass and it is spnsored by WA. I am planning to travel to Australia in October-13 and have few clarification. I have been trying to get it from vaious forums and unable to get clear answer hence writing it here as there are so many expereince people responding here. 1. Does my port of entry need to my Visa sponsoring state only which is WA iin my case? 2. Do I need to visit immigration office after entering into Australia for completing any formalities? 3. If answer to question#2 is yes, than what all paper do I need to carry while visiting immigration office 4. I have dependents (my wife and kids) do we need to travel to immigration office in person or Is there a way I send all documents electronically to immigration office or personal appearance is needed for all Visa holders. Kindly advise as these will be helpful for planning my trip better. I am more worried because I do have young family with me and would like to plan in advance. Kindly guide and suggest. Regards Dheeraj
  7. Guest

    Skilled Visa process

    Hi there, im from Belfast and I plan to start the skilled migration process. I'm an electrician by trade and wondering how do I go about getting my trade recognised. Also. Can I only do the application online? Apparrently I cant save it so I need to complete all the fields in one sitting, Can anyone help me out to make this a bit easier?
  8. Hi everyone, We are hoping to move over next year so I wanted to get the rabies vaccinations out the way incase other half gets a job offer. But how do I go about starting? I have been on the daff website and found the information package 4 and understand the process that needs to be done...but are there forms somewhere I need to fill out before I take kitty to get jabbed and the blood tested? I don't want to take her to the vets and get it started if i'm doing it wrong? Are there no documents to take with me to the vets to get it recorded that its been completed? The only form I have been sent is the export permit.
  9. Hi, I'm just about to start the migration process myself and will be (mainly due to money) completing the application myself. Please excuse the many questions but can you point me in the direction of when to obtain the initial informtaion? Also, I would also like to state my circumstances and ask a few questions if i may. Im a 32 year old male who has worked in the catering industry since leaving school. I've many qualifications in this area and worked as a chef up until the last few years. More recently, ive started working as a training officer and (NVQ) assessor. I'm assuming that it will bet VETASSESS who would still complete my skills assessment? 1) As i am not currently working as a Chef, am i right to think that i cannot apply to migrate as one (due to the lack of payslips,tax returns stating etc.) and that it would have to apply as a training officer/NVQ assessor? 2) I am divorced and have a 5 year old daughter in the UK. My ex-wife is happy for me to migrate as long as i continue to provide financially, for my daughter. Is this likely to cause any issues at all? 3) What is a rough estimate of cost involved (although i do appreciate that the information I have provided is a little vague at this stage) Thanks in advance
  10. Hi after ages i have now an CO for 176 visa. Unfortunate im not really happy with my agent. The most of the documents are now subbmited (again) with an newer date on it. Now my question, will it affect the process when i decide now to finalize everything by my self?? Or is it enough when i send an mail to the Adelaide Team and tell them that i will now be in charge for the final documents? Or will they even ask questions why and this may affect my chances to get the visa????
  11. Hi All, This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/ Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for? I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome? Thank you for your time, Mark p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.
  12. Hi I am just wondering whether any people in this forum help me with bridging visa B process. ^^ I am currently holding bridging visa A as a result of submission of graduate visa, and am planning to go back to my home country for holiday end of November, 2011, which is a week and half later....and actually haven't got air ticket..(I am sure I can get one if I look for it ^^) I thought there will be no issue regarding granting bridging visa B as I believe payment of bridging visa B with an evidence of my flight surely ok and department officer will just grant my bridging visa B straight away. But this is what I thought, I would like to know whether this is true. So my question is; 1. How long does bridging visa B process? Could anyone kindly explain about the procedure? 2. For the substantial reason, I don't actually have this, I just wanna go back as I miss my country and family, but for the safety, I might need to write down that I will attend my cousin's wedding rather than vague words like "domestic issues", right? Also, in that case, should I submit an evidence for the substantial reason? (e.g wedding invitation?) 3. Could anyone know what documentations should I bring to the office for bridging visa B?? Any help would be really appreciated!! Thank you!!
  13. Hi all, Please can the nurses moved to Oz in 2011 and in the process of moving sahre information about the type of visa (457 or PR) and also the time line as it will help us to decide the type of visa. The hospital is happy to sponsor my wife on 457 but not ready to wait for PR (advised by the ageny not directly by the hospital as applied using agency) and apply for PR once in Oz. So this is not sure when once u are in OZ. As we have school going son and we are moving to Sydney (NSW) the school education is not free if ur on 457 and also for as a spouse it will difficult to get the job as agencies do not conside ur if ur on 457. So would like to have more info from nurses who moved recently and also in the process of moving to decide whether we can proceed on 457. Appreciate any advice or info. ....Manish
  14. Guest

    Process Operators

    Perth, Western Australia $95,550 + bonuses + overtime + relocation package Due to the continued growth and the ongoing development of the liquefied natural gas facility, our client are now looking to expand their team with the recruitment of experienced Industrial Process Operators. You will work on a 4 on, 4 off shift rotation, with a reasonable amount of paid overtime to fulfil training and other business requirements. To be considered for this role, you must have experience in working in an industrial operating plant. Experience with hydrocarbons is desirable as is knowledge of the Delta V or similar DCS systems. With a generous initial remuneration, an outstanding training and career development program, incremental pay increases, bonuses and a relocation package, this role offers the perfect opportunity to develop a career and start a new life in Western Australia. Initial interviews for these roles will take place before Christmas, with start dates in early 2012, subject to immigration process. A fully sponsored 457 visa, for yourself and family, including full working rights for your partner, is included as part of the package, where applicable. For more information contact Lauren Meneghello on (08) 9254 4579 or lauren.meneghello@hays.com.au.
  15. Hi all, Iam Pradeep and i have just decided to start immigration process to australia and i am preparaing for it. Iam totally new to this process. I would like to get useful advise on how can i submit my skills assessment to ACT (Australia Computer society). I would like to know the doucments i would need to submit and if possible the format in which i need to produce them. My friend recently migrated to Australia and told me that i could submit skills assessment to ACT even before i apply for IELTS exam. Please guide me with the process and iam would be really thankful...
  16. Hopefully we will be gaining residency through my other half who may be getting sponsorship through her international company. I am a UK electrician and will be coming on the back of her application, As I wont be VETASSESing in the UK, whats the process of gaining an A licence in WA? Do I send my certs to TRA and they issue an Austrlian Recognised Trades Certificate, show this to the ministry of energy and attend a TAFE course then apply to the licencing dept, then get my licence? have looked into it before a while ago but just need refreshing on the system, many thanks guys L :biggrin:
  17. hi there, my partner and i qualify for permanent residency in nz (140 points) i am contemplating on doing the EOI and PR application myself!? has anyone done theirs without an agent and can give me some advice. Is it quiet straight forward or do u think the $3500 agent charges are worth it? Thanks
  18. Hello there!!! This is only my second time of posting however I'd like to ask for some advice. My question is Melbourne specific but I guess the approach is common for any relocation. Its looking extremely likely that we will be relocating to Melbourne in December. We will not know 100% where we will ultimately want to settle until we arrive however based upon the research we have done we are most keen at the moment to relocate to Mordialloc, Aspendale and Chelsea (or possibly Seaford). The advise I am seeking really relates to the process of relocation. We don't know the area for sure where we want to end up however importantly we want to try and avoid our youngest daughter (10 years old) changing schools as we try and settle on an area/ accommodation. Can anyone provide any advice as to the process they went through in a similar situation and what works/ what doesnt work when trying to find a school and somewhere to live. In case it helps, we will likely be in hotels initially, then temporary accommodation (for 2-3 months) then a longer term let. Furthermore does anyone know what the schools are like in the areas I listed above and whether the areas listed are ok. Also, if anyone has general guidance as to the process to go through getting our daughter registered with a school (as we arrive mid December), that would be tremendously helpful. All this confusion is hurting my head! Thanks in anticipation.
  19. Hi all, I come on here most days and just have a bit of a nosy round at other people's posts but each day I am getting more depressed with it all. Myself, my husband and my two kids are desperate to start the whole visa process but money is tight at the minute. I've jsut returned to work part time following maternity leave so I'm short a good few hundred quid each month, hubby has just changed jobs from an electrician to an electrical project engineer and money is tight. We want to start the process and get my husband approved as a sparky before he doesn't have enough hands on work experience but I just don't know where we are going to find the money to start it all. We don't have equity in our house so we need to sit on that until the market goes up and we have debts to pay off, which within the next 3 years should be gone but it all seems so far away!!! :sad: We want to have another baby but our choice is between that and oz, we really can't find a way around it to do both. Any tips on how everyone afforded the visa process would be a great help. I also meant to say, I am 31, hubby is 32 and time really seems to be running out for us.
  20. samsky86

    How to Start The Whole Process

    Please excuse my spelling :confused: Ok so myself and my Girlfriend and our daughter have decided we want to start a new life down under in melbourne my question is where do i begin. I have found nemerous agencys on the internet who say that they deal with all this and help you but the one i have spoken to so far was asking for like £2000 upfront and £500 a month after that and said it could we take up to 36months. I cant afford to pay that sort of money and ;ive in south london for 3 years. Please anybody with suggestions websites, companies, goverments even legals i am fully aware that there will be finantial costs involved but at them prices i would be tens of thousands out of pocket.
  21. Hi All, I've submitted my s175 application online (general accountant) and having paid, didn't upload all the documents until yesterday. Is there a way to conform that I have finished uploading or do I have to wait for them to look at it themselves? Not sure if it's just me but I keep thinking i've missed a trick somewhere?!! Does anyone know the sort of timeline/process that will follow ie does it go to a case officer next? when does this normally happen etc?! I look forward to your responses and thanks in advance!
  22. Guest

    hi process help please

    hey im a 23yr old electrician and have been working in the company for 4 years they put me through my aprentaship! but i want to move and work in australia an a perminant basis, what would my best route be? also what companys did people use as some seem overly expensive! thanks mike
  23. Hi All, We are just about to start our application for our visas to move to Perth. My husband is a General Motor Mechanic and I worked in Hotel Management but am now a stay at home Mum. We are thinking about going through the process on our own but not sure, have heard pros and cons for doing it alone.... what do you all think???
  24. Well in two weeks crown will be descending on the ghost residence and taking all my stuff to oz. I have to say it feels a bit weird not really having packed anything up yet, and thinking that strangers will be routing through and packing up my stuff. Can you tell me the process, how you felt about it. I kind of think it's going to be like the first few minutes of a car boot sale.
  25. "Hi Bowen Thanks for your assistance in this. So far, the response has been compelling, so we expect to meet with legal counsel early next week to discuss strategy. A number of applicants have raised some valid questions, and we will be discussing these questions with counsel. We hope to respond to these soon after. Please encourage the G4/G5ers to keep sending their scenarios in. Many thanks again David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent P:03 9940 1538 F:03 9940 1456" source:http://g4online.org/legal-action-process-feedback-david-harvey