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Found 19 results

  1. lbw_rtr

    From 417 to 489

    G'day everyone ! First of all I would like to apologise if similar questions have already been answered here but I haven't been able to find the answers I was looking for. Here is the situation, I am currently on a 417 working holiday visa which will expire in June 2019. I came to Australia to do my final project assignement to validate my master in Renewable Energies Engineering. The company I was working with was really happy with the work I did and they offered me a position. The problem is, I cannot work for them right now due to the 6 months working limitation with the same company (under 417). I want to apply for a 489 visa to stay here and work for them. The company can sponsor me and wait a few months until I get the visa. My questions are: Can I lodge an application for 489 knowing that my skills haven't been assessed yet ? If I lodge an application and get a bridging visa, will I have to wait until my current working holiday visa ends to work with the company again ? With my age, my qualifications and my English level I think I meet the points requirements. Thank you very much.
  2. HI, It would be great if anyone can tell me which visa type is suitable for me and what is the procedure in order to migrate to Australia. My details are as under: Age: 31 Education: 16 years (Finance) Experience: 05 Years (Pakistan) + 05 years (Saudi Arabia) Type of Experience: Hotel Industry (IHG) If you need any further detail please feel free to revert. Thanking you in advance.
  3. piyuyawa

    Medical tests for immigration

    Hello, I am based in Mumbai, India, have submitted my EOI last night. Expect to get invitation on 24th Feb. I was wondering whether I can keep my medical tests ready before I get invited. Reason being that my husband (included in my application) is going to be travelling starting this weekend for a couple of months. What exactly are the formalities/paper-work required to get medical tests done? Do we need to specify application number for the tests? If so, I will have no choice bt to wait till I get invitation to apply and that would delay my time frame by about 2 months at least I have already applied for my PCC. Also, I have a 2.5 yr old baby boy. Would a medical test be required for him too? If anyone knows about the approximate cost involved, I would like to know that as well. Thanks in advance and keeping my fingers crossed. Piyu.
  4. Guest

    457 Transfer Question

    Hi Friends, I was working in Sydney last year with 457 Business Long Stay Visa Sponsored by my employer, I returned back to India in December and currently working in India. I am still working for the same employer who sponsored my 457. Can I use the same 457 and find a Job in Australia with a new sponsor who can transfer my visa? Awaiting your eagerly for your reply. Thanks
  5. derham

    Help with procedure on shipping dog

    Can anyone tell me what procedure I need to follow for shipping our dog to Oz. We are planning to move next July. If anyone can tell what i need to do and when I would be greatful.
  6. we are moving to north brisbane (as soon as we can) my wife is a midwife in livingston scotland.we applied for our visa on the 4th of jan 2011 .we found out that we would be priority group 3 as we have to do family sponcership.we were shocked to see that we received the 18th of march email telling us to go for our meds everything has been sent in no paperwork left to sent .we just dont know what happens now,ours is online app ,i assume we get a case officer but it stated that this might not be neessary if nothing esle was required,we have applied ourselves no agent used so feel abit helpless:confused:
  7. Guest

    procedure for Meds

    Hi Friends, What is the process for medicals.Once done the doc will give the results to us directly in a sealed cover and then we have to post them or the doctor would send directly to the processing center? Please help
  8. Hi folks, Can anyone please guide me to start with police clearence. I have got an idea that i need to do PCC for both the countries. my queries are what Forms i need to Fill and what is the process of submition and all. I have gone through many forums but still confused. I am an Indian citizen and worked in Australian for more than a year.Applied for PR in Australia long back and want to start my police check parallely. Looking forward for your wonderful guidance. Thanks in Advance.
  9. Hi folks, Can anyone please guide me to start with police clearence. I have got an idea that i need to do PCC for both the countries. my queries are what Forms i need to Fill and what is the process of submition and all. I have gone through many forums but still confused. I am an Indian citizen and worked in Australian for more than a year.Applied for PR in Australia long back and want to start my police check parallely. Looking forward for your wonderful guidance. Thanks in Advance.
  10. Hello to all my fellow PIO and those (like me) who want to be PIO! Not wanting to sound stupid but can someone please explain the process/steps of when a case officer is appointed? I've now had all my 457 (employer sponsored_ application (meds/police checks/refs/all documents etc) sent to DIAC by my wonderful migration agent who I can't recommend enough who submitted them at the end of April. As its now been approx 3 weeks with DIAC I'm I wrong to assume that the next email I get will be to confirm 'visa approval' or 'case officer only appointed'? I know I should put this to my agent but just wanted some other third party views etc? Oh, and I'm hoping to be heading to Perth? The suspense is killing me!!! Thanks, The Irish Sheikh!
  11. Hi Friends, & Gill I have question behalf of my friend My friend got the unauthorized agent to submit Migration application for visa subclass 475 and agent said we will have to get admission in Learning English (LE) course, cause main applicant is not fulfilling English requirement as was 5 bands in all for section of IELTS. He is falling short by ½ band in reading only and he was getting overall 6 bands. In Nov-2008 he has paid all amount what agent had asked for and applied for SS. He got the sponsor ship from Northern Territory (Darwin) in Apr-2009 (I have shown that reply from his CO till that it is ok). After that the agent was saying now we will have to pay the visa application charge and paid it too to the agent. Since that his agent is not giving proper answer even not giving any document proof viz. visa fee payment receipt, DIAC acknowledgment receipt etc. even he has not a proof about that DIAC has received his file or not. Further more he has not a password what e-mail ID he has authorized to do communication, which is also have with that agent. I know there is cooking fishy, but question is, how he can conform that DIAC have received his valid application? Even he can’t complain because agent is not registered. I can’t see his plight and I can’t do any for him because I am a 175-176er applicant and this case is for visa subclass 475. I have not knowledge about territory sponsored 475 application. Even I can’t blame to that agent because I chat with him several time for different issue and as per my knowledge he can’t chit any one. Can some one throw light on it? Can some one say how he can bypass his authorized communication e-mail ID? How he can get File number or TRN from DIAC. I know there is happened foolish work, but it happened. :no: I am sure Gill will give me right direction to get him out from this puzzle. Regards, Raj Patel
  12. George Lombard

    New ACS RPL Procedure

    ACS has foreshadowed changes to the Recognition of Prior Learning procedure on its website. Anyone currently preparing an RPL application has until 31 January to submit it; after that date there will be an entirely new form and competencies. Most IT professionals will be delighted by the content of the change as for the first time there will be scope for expressing ITIL or human-computer interaction, and no more doubt about where to include business analysts. See http://www.acs.org.au/index.cfm?action=show&conID=skillapplication . I understand that the new procedure will be underpinned by a detailed list of key competencies, however at the moment there is only a list of headings on the ACS website: KEY AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE TR.Technology RESOURCES TR1. Hardware and software fundamentals TR2. Data and information management TR3. Networking TB.Technology Building TB1. Programming TB2. Human-computer interaction TB3 & TB4.System development and acquisition SM. Services Management SM1. Service management SM2. Security management OM. Outcomes Management OM1. Organisational and Management Concepts OM2. Change management We handle a significant volume of RPL applications and I will be preparing templates to assist our clients over the next couple of weeks. Strangely, this does not seem to have been developed with the current MODL in mind, except that there is a much more detailed prescription for determining who is an IT security practitioner and who is not. Cheers, George Lombard
  13. Guest

    Citizenship new process

    I have just had a conversation with a client who wants to become an Australian citizen and who has discovered that as from 9 November the citizenship application process has changed. Applicants for citizenship no longer make an appointment for citizenship testing first, instead all applicants must make an application to ensure that they meet the residence requirements,then DIAC will contact the applicant and arrange a test ,after that if the test is passed ok then the application is processed. My client was told by a DIAC officer that they were simply having too many cases of people being booked for tests,and actually taking the tests only to discover that the person didn't meet the requirements so that is the reason why the change has been made. A pity that the IMMI website doesn't make it clear.
  14. Hi all, Have just found and joined this forum so totally new to everything! I am currently a teacher of science in the UK and have 14 years experience, unfortunately being 37 years of age means I lose 5 points on the Skilled Migration visa. I have been researching all the other visas and am now completely confused! It seems that the state regional sponsored visa is my only option,due to my age, but from what I can see from the internet, I might end up anywhere in Queensland (basically I would like to move to Brisbane). Is this true? There is a possiblity of a job offer from one of the private schools in Brisbane, but am not sure about the sponsoring process,(not sure if the schoolwould be willing tosponsor me as well if it was going to cost a huge amount). If I were to recieve a job offer, does thisopen upany other visa possiblities besides the State Sponsored regional visa? Any answers/helpor advice would be welcome! Thanks
  15. Hey folks, How's it going? Like a few of us on here, I am going to change from a 175 to a 176 after hopefully securing state sponsorship... I phoned DIAC to ask them about the procedure to do this, and the lady I spoke to didn't know and had to ask a colleague... she then informed me that on receiving a successful letter from the state, that we had to forward that letter to ASPC accompanied by a letter of our own. Now obviously I have a good read around on this forum, and I see people talking of a form 1100... so I asked her if I don't need to send any official forms as well... "Oh no, not at all, just the letters..." etc. Judging from posts on here, I'd say she's wrong. So... 1) - Do we need to forward the letter / email to ASPC together with one of our own? 2) - Who submits the form 1100 - Us or the sponsoring state? 3) - If it is up to US to inform DIAC of the successful sponsorship and change from 175 - 176, do we have a time limit? 4) - Is there anything else required to be done? Well, hope someone can shed light on these questions... thanks in advance. BB :cool:
  16. Guest

    SA police - the procedure help

    Hi there, has anyone recently applied and got into south australia police? if so what was the procedure like. also apart from filling in the application and if successful, having to do all the tests and interviews. What expenses are involved in moving to OZ. example shipping costs. do you have to pay for visas if accepted. does the process cost me money, so far its only been the medical that has cost me.
  17. On behalf of jo and jerry (jogrant) as they are on there way now and will read this in the airport tomorrow what is the procedure when you go through customs for the first time. is there anything you need to do or do you just go straight through
  18. Guest

    Renting procedure in SA

    Hi everybody, I am so happy to find a great site like this. I am intending to travel to Adelaide on next Sept. and I was wondering if anyone knows what is the renting procedure in Adelaide. I logged in to Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au and I noticed that leasing companies ask for some document which is normally don't available with new immigrant ! such us: Previous leasing contract, driving licence...etc. my second question, is it possible to do renting remotely. I mean can I lease a flat before I reach SA? Thanks in advance for your help. :smile:
  19. keily

    Normal Procedure