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Found 191 results

  1. Hi all Yesterday I was shocked to be diagnosed with colitis. I dont think I have it badly, as feel well in myself etc and am still at work/at the gym etc. My OH has just passed his Vetassess practical in carpentry, and we were planning to apply for a 175/176 visa on 1 July. My question to anyone out there is whether my condition will stop our migration plan in its tracks. Dont want to waste 5k on applying, if it is known that they wont accept me, but equally dont want to fall at the first hurdle. Having only had this disease for a coupla months, I guess its difficult to say how the condition will effect me long-term, so am worried about how to prove anything to the medics. That said, the rate visas are getting processed, it could concievably be 2 years before my meds are requested, right. By which time, more would be known about my condition, I guess. Any advice gratefully received! Many thanks...:embarrassed: Tig
  2. hi all am wanting to download forms 160EH for chest xray and also form 26E for the medical. want to get organised but on the diac website it always says the site is temporary unavailable. not sure what to do about it. can anyone tell me what i need to do for the medicals. do i need to request medical information from my doctors, passports etc. i have crohns disease (since 2002) but have been well since 2004.
  3. Hi First time poster to the site guys. My head is up my *rse lately so please help!! We recently decided to apply for a visa to Oz... simple I thought?... not on your nelly!! Same old story... partner is a plasterer over 15 years... has run his own successful plastering co the last 10+ years BUT! never got formal qualifications (like alot of plasterers in Ireland during the boom years!). So our problem is this:- We're running out of time to apply under the old 175 Visa app process as my partner would need to get an AQF Level III qualification for Skills pathway E (since A, B or C would require a subsequent 2 years in the trade after an NVQ equivalent cert). But I'm having problems finding an AQF assessment in the UK. Also, since time is running out should we be waiting to see what happens after July 1st... if anything does actually happen as I've been reading this may not be passed until the end of the year? I think we should get this AQF cert eitherway, as you (apparently) get the 10 points in the new points system. Part of me is thinking that we'll go to alot of trouble to get this AQF, only to be told you need 5 years on the job exp with this or something as this seems to be the story every way we have turned in our quest!! (sorry ranting there). Sorry, to the point... can you tell me:- A: Is there a way of getting your AQF Level III in the UK? B: Would he be better off flying to Oz to attain this qualification? C: Is there any point in applying for a 175 visa before July 1st (even though it may be delayed) & since the TRA take about 3 months to process? D: Under the new points system it says you get 10 points for family sponsorship... my partner doesn't have family, but I have alot in Perth... can we use my family sponsorship for the 10 points even though he would be the main applicant? I wouldn't even ask him to attempt the IELTS for the extra 10/20 points, his spelling is atrocious!! I realise this is alot of questions... so if you reply... many thanks in advance!!
  4. Tarby777

    Old wives tale?

    G'day folks, I'm hoping this is an urban myth but I've a vague memory of a story about someone who had been living in Australia on a PR visa for long enough to become a citizen, and they hadn't got round to applying for citizenship. They flew to their home country for a short break and had trouble getting back into Oz on their return. IIRC, there weren't any issues around their foreign passport approaching its expiry date... it was something else, something specifically to do with them having been in Oz long enough for citizenship and not having gone for it. Does that ring any bells? TIA Tarby
  5. Hello all A friend was told they had 2 weeks notice at a place on a 457 visa, having been there over a year. They handed in their notice, agreeing verbally on the 2 weeks notice in their resignation meeting. They have now been told they actually don't have 2 weeks but 4 weeks notice (from their initial contract). Added fun: they have also signed a further contract with an update to all roles, which (we believe) states 2 weeks notice. This is because everyone else in the workplace (Australian) have 2 weeks notice. 1) Can they have a different notice period for 457 as other workers? My readings of this: "You are entitled to fair pay and to basic rights and protections in the workplace. Your sponsor must provide you with the same terms and conditions as Australian workers performing the same work in the same workplace." (http://www.immi.gov.au/faqs/Pages/what-are-my-rights-as-a-worker.aspx) Is that the terms and conditions (eg notice period) must be the same as everyone else working there. So here I'd assume it's 2 weeks notice. Other options: 2) When resigning they asked their notice period, the manager said it was 2 weeks and accepted (verbally) - does this stand up? I know a resignation has to be in writing, but does an acceptance? Here I am unsure if it would be the 2 weeks verbally agreed or the 4 weeks when agreed in writing. 3) Assuming the new contract does state 2 weeks and it doesn't say it supercedes the previous contract - they are saying as the initial contract was done with a 457, it was for the longer notice and so that remains in place. Can they do that? They appears to be picking and choosing what they want from each (I know we need to find the contract and check) 4) If the new contract says it does supercede previous documents (which the first one states) and it has 2 weeks notice. I would assume it should be the new contract and so 2 week notice (unless there is a rule where the longer notice period takes priority? Maybe?). To me number 1 seems their best bet? (otherwise we really need to find the contract!) Number 2 is possibility. 3 & 4 depend on the contract. Any help advice, or best - links! appreciated. Too much information to read through it all! (at least I am unemployed with time!)
  6. sjn87

    PMV complications

    I applied for my PMV visa through VFS approximately 12 weeks ago, I applied in Thailand as I was currently teaching in Bangkok even though I am from England, I assumed you just apply in the country your in, not the one your from. So anyways I got a case officer and was told to do my medicals. Then today I receive this email? does this mean I have to start the waiting time all over again, will they make me do medicals all over again? - This letter refers to your application for a TO Prospective Marriage (Temporary) subclass 300 which was lodged at Bangkok on 11/06/2013. As you are not a permanent resident of Thailand, this office is unable to process your application. Your application should be processed in your country of usual residence, at the responsible post, and therefore it will be sent to the Australian High Commission, United Kingdom for further processing. If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact me. Please also acknowledge the receipt of this email. Best wishes
  7. rsmsissues

    Rsms help please !!!

    Hello Everyone , I am new to this forum. I want help regarding RSMS Visa. My situation. I did Bachelors in Business (Accounting) and currently on 485 Graduate visa. My degree is not fully assessed because I couldn't get 7 bands in Academics to assess my degree. I have a potential employer in regional QLD area who is ready to sponsor me for RSMS visa as a Store Manager ( Petrol station and Food store). My questions: 1. Am I eligible to apply for RSMS as a Store Manager because I did Accounting degree? 2. Do I need full degree assessment for RSMS visa? 3. If my RSMS visa get approved do I get visa as a Permanent Resident? Please help me out with this questions becuase my visa expiring in OCT this year and I am really worried. Thanks in Advance. 3.
  8. Hi My Wife wanted to move back to Qld and I have come along as well but am having a terrible time trying to live here. We moved over on the 21st April, got married 4 weeks later and then, thankfully I had to return to UK and Spain for 7 weeks, which, apart from wedding day, has been the only time I've been happy since April. We have moved to the sunshine coast, to a 'village' called buderim. Its like going back in time, everything is so backward here, people hardly ever talk ot each other let alone us. I introduced myself to 2 neighbors, 1 just sneered through the window and the other looked at me like a rapist. The only people who have actually spoken to me are an elderly couple who turned out to be English! Before moving here I spent alot of time cycling, running going to gym and surfing. Since being here I hardly do anything, the surf is always flat or packed with people who are blind or arrogant, am fed up of people dropping in or trying to stare me out of the water, the gyms are under equipped and tiny and I'm finding cycling hard as I am constantly dripping in sweat if I so much as walk in the sunlight. I hate the weather, boiling hot and burning sun or boiling hot and biblical rain! Since moving here I also seem to be getting a lot of headaches which is new for me. Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so please let me know how you beat it as I'm getting to breaking point. Please don't reply with "its so wonderful here, I wish I'd moved earlier' Am sure lots of people like it even more than I hate it, but not finding those comments to helpful at the mo. Cheers J
  9. Guest

    Medical problem with daughter

    Hi all We started our visa journey back on 25/1/08 with a meeting with our agent to see if we qualified to emigrate to Australia on a 175 skilled independent visa yes was the answer yipeee. I am a 43 year old carpenter living in Edinburgh with my wife 36 and daughter 3, I also have 2 older kids to a previous marriage son 19 and daughter 16 who will not be emigrating with us they are staying here with their mother but my 16 year old daughter had to go on the application. Our journey so far: Had to sit Ielts exam to get extra points but was never any good at english so i sat it 3 times but could not get 7 and above in each section so we changed to a 176 state sponsored visa. We wanted to move to Adelaide as we had been there on holiday and loved it but at that time south Australia did not have carpenters on their demand list, so we applied to wa so we would stay there for 2 years then move to Adelaide. Done Vetassess carpentry passed 17/10/08 Lodged wa 17/11/08 accepted 23/12/08 Lodged main visa same day 23/12/08 Then south Australia put carpenters back on list so Lodged sa 8/1/09 accepted 2/3/09 We got co 24/4/09 who requested meds etc Meds done 11/5/09 PC done 19/5/09 Meds finalised 4/6/09 only myself,wife and 3 year old are shown on diac site Letter from hoc 17/6/09 Problem with 16 year old she has Dyspraxia wich we were told would would not be a problem,so the hoc asked us to send her to see a Neurologist. Seen Neurologist 26/6/09 more money and time More problems hoc now wanted a report from a Developmental Psychologist so this hit at holiday time so took weeks to sort out and hard to find. Seen Developmental Psychologist 26/8/09 more money and time Then 23rd Sept well we all know that one 28/9/09 Major problem daughter has failed medical so we all fail and she is not even coming with us We then have a meeting with our agent lots of tears we have been asked to send an Invitation to comment - Natural Justice to the moc this was done 16/10/09 we are keeping in touch with our agent but all we get is still not heard anything. So we thought if we post this on pio maybe someone may have had dealings with moc on how long things might take. Thanks Stuart 43,Janice36,Stefan19,Kerri16,Olivia3
  10. hi there, my partner and i are going to apply for a defacto visa soon and we dont have a joint bank account, we're planning on opening one up asap but it will be opened like a month before we apply-will this be a problem? also we both live together but we live with his parents so we dont pay bills etc, we're gonna get the parents to put that in their declaration would that be enough? we have evidence mostly in photos and old texts, we also took a trip to nz together but im worried that evidence wise we dont have enough. Could anyone else suggest what other evidence would be good to include? ive been digging through mountains of bank statements trying to find something where ive bought or paid for something for him. He's also written a thesis and have put me in the aknowlegement- would this be helpful to include? i have photos of when i met his grandmother and cousin (both from abroad) but there is no date on the photos. im really worried about our lack of evidence! any help would be fantastic Thanks
  11. Hi, I have just joined the site and we will be a family of 4 hoping to go to Perth at some stage. Our original plan was that we would rent our house out. The house prices are so crap here , even though we are in out house nearly 10 years we still have 23 years left on mortgage and our house is only worth the balance that is left on the mortgage if even. Only problem is that I have been reading that unless you own your house outright the bank may not let you rent the house out. Our mortgage is with AIB here. Just wondering does anyone have any info on this ? Thanks Kaz
  12. Guest

    potential problem :(

    I have been feeling generally a bit rundown for a few months now, but have put it down to stress, tiredness, work etc. Had bloods taken a few months back and all were perfectly normal. Had my mirena coil removed cos thought it was possibly that that wasn't agreeing with me, but no change. Last few weeks have been really sore and tender all over, still feeling very tired and drained, thought it was a virus but not settling so went to GP's yesterday. Have to have bloods taken again and GP says it will possibly just go away but she is considering referring me to a rheumotologist as she thinks it may be a myalgia type condition. Now I am worried about my visa application and the medicals. I haven't applied yet but am in the process of doing it but thinking no point paying out the money if I'm never going to get through a medical. I'm applying for a RSMS so we are talking medicals being requested in a matter of months when potentially i won't have even seen a specialist yet, but i can't hold off too long with applying for the visa either because i have to be over in Oz by July for my contract and for my AHPRA registration. I'm just wondering what to do, I'm not ill as such, have never had a day off work because of it, i could see what the bloods come back like and if all normal i could just not go back to GP's therefore not be referred to specialist and hope that it is something that will just go away of it's own course, but then i'm worried that the medical will show something undiagnosed and i wouldn't oass it anyway. I'm also worried that if i don't do anything about it and things flare up further along the line once I am in Oz then it would cause lots of problems for us. sorry for waffling on, i'm just really anxious and worried about what to do for the best, it may all come to nothing
  13. Dear Experts, I am in a critical situation. My Sponsorship letter has been approved today in SA. Now while applying into DIAC I found that my job experience is 4 years 10 months. ACS shows 4 years 5 months and after getting ACS letter 6 months have been passed. Now if have 5 years of JOB exp I am eligible to apply (65 points accomplished). My sponsorship validity will be over 29th OCT, 2011. That is at the time of appliation to DIAC my total exp will not be 5 years. Will you please give me a suggestion how can I become eligible to apply. Here one thing I need to mention that in ACS i haven't shown my parttime experience which was in 6 months duration. Waiting eagerly for your reply.
  14. In short, I have my final consultation regarding a small operation I need on the 6th October. It is highly unlikely the NHS will organise this operation within 1 week of that consultation, which leaves me in a difficult position, as my flight to Australia is booked for the 16th October. I cannot fly any later as the visa (WHV) runs out on the 21st October, I will be 32 on the 22nd! Does anyone know, if there's any sort of possibility of me getting this operation in Australia, via the NHS? I can divulge details of the operation, if it matters.
  15. Guest

    Help!!! Big problem with acpo

    To cut a long story short ,applying for a 457 in my husbands name,he has secured a job all visa app medicals etc done ,now trouble is with me ,I was very silly a few years back and received a six month prison sentence .I had four charges and the sentence was 6 months combined.I only served 6 weeks of sentence.Anyway have been honest and have sent of for acpo which received other day,on it it says date of crime ,what crime was and sentence,all very well however it then goes to break down each individual charge and slap another 6 months next to each of them. No where does it say that it was 6 month for all charges so looks like I now have a two year sentence which I don't ,I just got 6 months.I'm confused and in a state about it. is this how its set out and will diac know this I'd will they read it as 6 months for each,any help apprieciated as I'm tearing my hair out thanks
  16. Earlier i have submitted Visa 176-family sponsored in Mar 2011. Then i got my Victoria SS in Aug 2011. I understand i have to re-submit and pay the Visa Fee again. However, if i resubmit now, is my application be treated using the March 2011 (100 point system) ruling OR July 2011 NEW RULING (the 65 point system) Appreciate anyone that can shed some light?
  17. Guest

    age problem

    Hi all, i have been offered a job in perth have signed a contract of employment and even been appointed a migration agent by the company to get a subclass 457 visa, the thing is i am 52 years of age and from what i see on the forums it seems i wont be able to get said visa because i am to old, could some one please advise me, many thanks
  18. Afternoon All, I'm a Pom and have been here almost four years. I arrived on a WHV, was sponsored on 457 within two weeks and that has only just expired. Last December, my girlfriend and I submitted a de facto application, which is still being processed. Okay, here's the thing. The relationship is not going well and hasn't been for a while. Lovely girl, but we seem to just be going through the motions. I'm not sure how long this will last and I want to know what my options are. I have a company that will sponsor me, but do I have to go offshore to apply for business sponsorship i.e. 457? Any help gratefully received. Thanks all, Chip
  19. Mizzmp

    Meds finalised problem OMG!

    Just wonder if anybody else has had this prob. Had meds done 25th July, all clear and all our meds were finalised a week ago. However, they STILL haven't uploaded my OH who is main applicant! Keep phoning clinic to be told, "oh yes we will remind the doctor" its killing me here! We had til 8th Aug to comply and now need our 3rd time extension! Dont understand why something so simple cannot be done having paid out all that money. Just want our visa! xx
  20. Hey,guys.I will graduate next year,yes,it is a wouderful thing.I'm so happy but there is something wrong about my thesis bothering me,so I must come here to ask U for help!! Here is the puzzle,I need to convert some PDF files to Word,or Text ,or image and so on, which will be used in my thesis, I need a fast, reliable way to convert pdf info to Text/image/Word/HTML. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  21. benandkelly

    Police caution. Will it be a problem?

    Hi all, I'm just waiting to hear back from an oz security company regarding a job. I have a caution for theft from an employer from about 4 years ago and wanted to know if this will cause us a problem. The only reason I got a caution was because the police officer had only just passed out and this was his first case. He decided to give me a caution even though they was no evidence that I'd done what my employer alleged. I was advised by solicitor at the time to accept the caution so i did. I really need to know if this will cause us any problems with our visa application. Thanks in advance Ben & Kelly
  22. I am an Electrician and have been staying in Australia for around 1 year now. I have completed my TRADE RECOGNITION and was passed in NOVEMBER 2010. I then applied and got my ELECTRICAL LICENCE in January 2011 so i am now a recognised ELECTRICIAN in Australia. After this i then applied for my GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA which i paid for in January 2011 also. I now have 3 ELECTRICAL LICENCES for 3 STATES SOUTH AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA and QUEENSLAND I have since been contacted by a Case Officer who requires 1 IMPORTANT piece of information........a SKILLS ASSESMENT because my TRADE RECOGNITION is not recognised for the VISA i am applying for. I have since looked into how to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT and the recognised company is called VETASSES. This will cost me a further $3800 to complete and will also take between 3 - 4 months to complete but my case officer has only given me 28 days to do this which i am not very happy about I have also since found out that TRADE RECOGNITION have now changed there application process which was effective from 30th June 2011 which when you apply for your TRADE RECOGNITION you are also included your SKILLS ASSESMENT.......soo for the same $300 that i paid just under a year a go you get TRADE RECOGNITION with SKILLS ASSESMENT My case officer has since contacted me as i asked for a EXTENSION to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT but he replied he was UNABLE to extend my VISA APPLICATION and that my BEST OPTION would be to WITHDRAW my application where i would LOSE the money i have paid and i would then need to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT and then RE-APPLY for my GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA which would also mean that i would need to pay even MORE money and then need to wait another 12-18 months before my APPLICATION would even get looked at As you can proberbly tell i am VERY VERY ANGRY about this and so UPSET because after all this time and all the money spent it is just goin to be a WASTE of time If anyone could HELP or has any ideas of what to do i would really really LOVE the advise Thanks a lot Andy :cute:
  23. MANIL

    student visa problem

    hey guys i :GEEK: am Manil I applied for VISA a month ago but it still shows processing commenced status. can i contact someone in AUS and ask what is going on with my application. i wish to join my college by next week 25th july or else will have to defer it to FEB Please help some1
  24. Guest

    health problem for study visa

    Hi, I am planning to go Australia as my GF is going onsite for her company. We haven't get married yet. Are there any chances of going with her? She got temporary long stay visa. I don't know how to go with her. I started processing for study visa but I have heart problem for which i have to take medicines for entire life. Is it a problem for my visa application? Please can anybody help me.