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Found 16 results

  1. Guest

    Prison Service in Australia

    Hi my name is Richard and i am new to this site, i am a serving Prison officer in the U.K wishing to relocate to Australia and work in there Prison service. I have been a Prison Officer for 10 years, but desperately want to move out to Oz, and would love to carry on in the job over there, can anyone help with any advice at all please??
  2. A prisoner has been allowed to become a father using IVF by using the Human Rights act even though he is still locked up, it says that his demand to let his partner be artificially insemnated was approved by the justice secretary ......... Kenneth Clarke.
  3. Hi all. This is my first time on this forum, well first time on any to be honest, so unsure what to do, but here goes. Myself and my family are thinking about moving to NZ. I am currently a prison officer, so I would be looking at jobs in the correctional facilities. My wife has been a local government worker all her life council tax/housing. I may have sorted a job for myself, but I am worried that when we get out there she wont be able to find work. We are thinking of moving to either Wellington or the Hawks Bay area. Any info on these areas would be great, Hawks bay would be ideal for us. Would just like to ask, whats the weather like over there, OH seems to think its just like the U.K, dull, damp and miserable, is she right. I have read a few threads on here and things look good/bad in NZ compared to the U.K. No jobs in NZ, lots of drink driving, locals very unfriendly, price of food/ housing higher than the U.K wages lower, less leave, god I am going on a bit... If I had a job at say $50k a year and a deposit of $163k would i get a decent house. What are the mortgage rates like monthly payments on a house say for $150k. I have gone on long enough and I apologize if all I have done is ask question, I just need to be sure for myself and my families sake that its the right move for us all. Many thanks and hope you all can help/advise. All the best petemel &( ickle charlie)
  4. One of Britain’s most notorious murderers walks free from jail this week after serving her sentence for a crime which robbed a family of a much-loved son. But Tracie Andrews refuses to apologise for the brutal stabbing of her fiancé Lee Harvey. Andrews, 41, insists it is now her ‘human right’ to get on with her life. She will go by the name Tia Carter and has had £5,000 surgery to alter her distinctive jaw and dyed her blonde hair brown. The former barmaid was jailed for life for killing Mr Harvey, 25, in 1996 during a row as they drove in a country road. She cut his throat and stabbed him 37 times with a penknife in the back, face, neck and chest. After leaving him to bleed to death, she concocted a story about a road-rage incident and blamed the other driver for the attack. Two days after the murder, Andrews went on television holding the hand of Mr Harvey’s mother Maureen to appeal for information to catch the killer The cutting above says it all really, i don't know what to think about this, she has served 14 years in prison for her crime, this to me belies my problem with it, to me someone committing a cold callous brutal murder should be in jail for a lot longer than this, his family are still really suffering, but she has served what she got and ................ should she be given another chance?
  5. Guest

    Prison officer jobs

    Hi, are there any Brits who have moved to Oz to join the prison service? Do Australia take on Brits? A friend of mine was in the police over here and moved to Oz a few years ago as the police were taking on in Adelade,does anything like that happen with the prison service? Thanks.
  6. Guest

    Acacia Prison?

    Does anybody work there preferably in nursing? Got a few queries.
  7. tonyman

    Smoking in Prison ......

    i suppose the dopey hoff can answer this .............with all the anti smoking laws in order at the moment in public ,how do prisoners stand , can they smoke in the cells as normal , are there designated areas ect .......i expect over 75% of prisoners smoke but for those that dont , do they get a say or do they get slatted if they oppose as if they are the ones in the wrong ...????
  8. Guest

    Prison officer

    I am currently working in the UK as a prison officer, if there are any positions available in Australia could somebody please let me know Thanks Debbie:jiggy:
  9. jojimaca

    Prison officers!

    Hi are there any prison officers who have found it difficult to get work in Australia as its not currently an in demand profession on the skills list. My OH is a prison officer and really wants to keep in the same trade when we move to Australia later in the year.
  10. Good Evening from the UK!!!!!!! I am a qualified Prison Governor in the English Prison Service (British Citizen) married to a New Zealand Citizen who is also employed in the English Prison Service we are very interested in relocating to OZ and joining the Austrialian Correction Service - can anyone help, advise us!!!!!!!! I have 19 years experience while my wife has 10 years experience in the service. Can anyone let us know how we start this journey? Has anyone transferred from the English Prison Service to the Australian Correction Service? How did you do it? Any assistance would be really really fantastic!!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon Gary43:policeman:
  11. Hi All Tradies, Has anybody been out to gatton prison to find work, there is 3 years work there building a new prison west of brisbane. Been told you can walk and get a start straight away just wondered if any one had been out and seen this !!!
  12. Dawny

    prison break on april 20th

    this is probably the most important question:chatterbox: on pio at the moment, is prison break in australia and is the new series about to air (please note, the o/h asked this one!)
  13. HI, can anyone please shed any light on who i contact for employment in australian prison service?? have contacted relevetn correctional depts but i get fobbed off as noone seems to know the correct answer?? they say they need me but i dont get anyfurther. please help? cheers jason:Randy-git::arghh:
  14. Guest

    Prison Break?

    Hi, can anybody in Oz tell me if Prison Break is shown there? If so, do you know what season its at? Please tell me they have it, cos if they dont i will be devasted!!!! xxx
  15. Guest

    Brother in prison

    Hi All, I have tried to dismiss the possibility, as logic would dictate, but can anyone give me a definitive answer? Will the fact that my brother is serving a life sentence in prison (for murder) affect my chances of having my visa application approved? I personally have no police record whatsoever. I tell myself that it shouldn't matter, but there is always that element of doubt. Many thanks. Paul
  16. ali

    Fremantle Prison

    The Convicts or POM's build the prison in 1850 - it was only decommissioned as a maximum-security prison in 1991. The gallows are still there and quite a sobering sight, they do a number of tours, they also do one at night (which I believe is very good but a bit scarey) and you can also do a tunnel tour. The guides are really imformative and the tour we took lasted about an hour and a half. The kids enjoyed learning about the history of the place - well worth a visit Ali