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Found 29 results

  1. cartertucker

    Hand over files ~ Prior to emigration

    Who did you get 'hand-over files' from? :wideeyed: So far, I have asked for my Sons school records :yes: What about Doctors, dentists etc....& do they charge? :unsure: Thankyou in advance :wubclub:
  2. Did you get any references from anyone? :wideeyed: I have asked my landlord for a reference, but should there be anyone else I ask for one? :unsure:
  3. Hi Everyone, We met with a visa agent yesterday and are now starting out on the process of getting our 176 visa. We have to put a portfolio together to qualify for RPL. My husband is a telecommunications linesman. I'm not sure what format to put it in , shoud i go with intro, then separate paragraphs, or bullet points ? Our agent said it has to be very very detailed. We have less than 6 months to get all our paperwork together, so the pressure is on:chatterbox: Does anyone have any advice about this portfolio, layout or anything, It would be very much appreciated. Milly x x
  4. Hi, I just need some information, We are renting an apartment in Brisbane, QLD, we are ending the lease and made the estate agent aware 2 weeks ago, we still have 2 months and 3 weeks left on the lease, we received a text tonight telling us that they will be showing prospective tenants around our place on Saturday, obviously I understand this needs to be done but it seems ridiculously early. I guess my question is where do we stand on how often they are allowed to do this as we have other things to do than spend all our time waiting in our home and constantly having strangers walking around it for the next 3 months? Again, we are aware that it is the right of the agent to show people through but how often? Any info would be appreciated,:confused:
  5. Ok, first the background, I am here on a 457 and am looking for the quickest way to obtain PR for my family. I currently looking for some specific advice on whether my wife would qualify for 886 sponsorship as we feel it may be a possibility with her current employer. My wife is a teacher who has been employed full time here since February at a private school. Her prior teaching experience is comprised of 1 year full time work followed by a break of 9 months maternity leave returning for 3 days per week for 18 months after which she left to become a private A-level tutor for 10 hours per week for the 2 years immediately prior to coming to Australia. She will need 3 years experience to qualify for sponsorship and we are assuming that part time work contributes to the 'full time' work experience in a pro rata sense - please correct me if i am wrong! We have also assumed that the private tutoring would be difficult to 'document' given the number of students and general lack of employment documentation relating to it, so we cannot count this. My first question (and i'm sorry if it seems dumb, it feels dumb but i need to ask it anyway as employment law is sometimes a bit crackers): Does the period of maternity leave still count as continuous employment and therefore as 'experience'? My second question is how can we make it easy on her employer to act as sponsor. If for example, we employ agents for our/my wife's side of the application, would it be practical/permissible to engage the agents to process the employers side of the nomination also? Many thanks for any advice.
  6. AnxiousMum

    Recognition Prior Learning Critera

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can put forward past work experience when submitting a RPL in ICT? Or will they only take into account say the last 4 years of experience you have? Also does anyone know if they will take into account different ICT skills used over a period of time, not just the skills you are applying under ie 262111. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, We've had notice from OH's sponsors that we have to arrange family health cover for our 457 and send the proof before our agent can lodge the visa app. so today I've been trying to sort this out online. I've decided on Medibank, we only need the basic cover and have no helath problems. We are expecting to fly out at the end of June. On the online forms I can only get as far as the address and postcode due to them being in the Uk and the form is designed for people who already have an address in Oz!! Has anyone else encountered this or maybe I'm looking on the wrong pages?? Thanks, Lou
  8. Hi there, I am in the process of finalising my Vetassess skills assessment application for the occupation of Marketing Specialist. I was going to submit it this week. If I received a positive assessment, I was going to lodge a 475 Regional Relative sponsored visa application ASAP. Is it worthwhile applying for the skills assesment as I am not sure whether my selected occupation will appear on the new SOL list? If so, and if I get a positive assessment, is it worthwhile submitting a visa application, or have GSM visa applications basically been put on hold?!??!!?! Any advice/ info/ opinions would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Robyn
  9. Hi all, Please help! Ive been working as a nurse for the past 11 months and was told by my employer that it was a condition of employment and the dica that i was to hold health insurance and that the medicare agreement was not enough. So i took out health insurance for my family costing nearly $200 a month. Last week i got another job in melbourne and was told by them that as the sponser, they were liable for the health insurance for myself and my family - i am to send them my details and they will take over payments!! When i asked them about this and explained that i had always paid it they emailed me a link from the immigration site ....... I currently employ a Subclass 457 visa holder whose visa was granted before 14 September 2009. Do I still need to provide for their health cover? Yes, for Subclass 457 visa holders whose visas were granted prior to 14 September 2009, sponsors retain ultimate responsibility for the cost of treatment administered in a public hospital for the validity of the visa. Additionally, if you take on new workers that already have a subclass 457 visa that was granted prior to 14 September 2009, the responsibility for the cost of treatment administered in a public hospital for those workers and their dependants transfers to you. Sponsors who fail to meet the relevant costs may be subject to administrative sanctions. I just want to check with you guys before i march into HR !! I did call the DICA but my children started fighting and screaming whilst i was on the phone and the bloke put the phone down on me!!!!! Cant wait to move will be so much more better off, $200 for a start anyway!!!! Thanks for your help kris :notworthy: x
  10. Guest

    State Sponsorship prior to visa

    Hi I am new to this site and have started the vetassess process for my husband who is a joiner, have sent off paper based nfo. We have been told we need to go in on a 176 state sponsor visa. Do we need to decide the State before processing the visa as we are intending to go on holiday to oz later this year to make our decision but because of the long visa timescales we were hoping to send the visa app off in june after my hubby hopefully passess vetasses practical. Also how do I find out which states wants joiners Thanks Dave(joiner 35) Terri 36, Lauren 7 and Maisie 6:wacko:
  11. YES IT'S TRUE!!!:biglaugh: Up at stupid o'clock checking emails and there's only an email from our agent!!!!!! Hi David, Thanks for your email, which was very timely: I have today received notification from DIAC that your visas have been granted. Congratulations! We emailed her yesterday as all our docs changed to MET on Friday 26th 2010 so that looked promising..............NOWAY! did we think we'd get a visa grant so soon!!! It's dated 1st March 2010!!! Thanks to everyone for all their support and advice and to our agents Go Matilda! We have to enter Oz before Sept 24th 2010!! Wishing everyone around us much luck, it will happen soon, sit tight and keep the faith!! debs dave n the boyz xxxxx:jiggy:
  12. Hello, this is my first post having just joined the forum today... hopefully I'm posting this in the right place... I have been drafting the Australian Computer Society (ACS) 'Recognition of Prior Learning' form for a while now :arghh: and I'm keen to know if I am going about getting my skills assessed in the right way. Do I need to do the RPL or is my degree sufficiently IT related to count as a IT degree? I'm a web developer with 9 years of experience and I'm planning to apply for skills assessment under the 2231-79 'Computing Professionals (nec)' category. My core areas of expertise are in web development/programming, specifically Java/JSP in an Oracle environment. While I have learned the majority of these skills in employment, my degree - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Linguistics joint honours - had a large amount of programming and IT concepts but may not been seen as an IT degree. I actually successfully completed the first year of a Computing and Electronics degree before changing course to AI & Linguistics. The Computing course was based on C+ programming. To give a flavour of my education, I've listed the I.T. related courses that I completed during my 5 years at Edinburgh University. _________________________________________________________________________ Final Year AI and Computer Science :AI and Education AI and Computer Science :Advanced Techniques in natural language processing AI and Computer Science :Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming AI and Computer Science :Philosophical Issues in AI 3rd Year Computational Linguistics 2nd year Artificial Intelligence 2 1st Year Artificial Intelligence 1 1st Year (of my Computer Science and Electric Engineering degree) Computer Programming Skills and Concepts 1h Computer Science 1h Mathematics 1D1h Mathematics 1D2h _________________________________________________________________________ I appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.... :hug:
  13. Guest

    Selling car prior to return

    Just finishing my 3 year stint on a 457 and about to return to the UK. I have to sell my car (2 1/2 year old Mazda CX7) but I really need it till very close to the end then I can hire one for the last few days. Location Sydney lower north shore. If I advertise privately I have no idea how long it will take and I could end up having to hire for a couple of months or not being able to sell it before I leave. Does anyone know of a reputable company that will give me a halfway sensible price on a forward date. I know I am not going to get top book price but I don't expect scrap value either! When I left the UK there were several companies that I contacted but I haven't found one here yet.
  14. Hi everyone, Been on the site a while, need some advice please (1st question please be gentle with me). My husband has done minimum of 8 yrs accountancy/IT and is (final stage not completed) part qual CIMA, but now working in IT role for last 4 yrs. He is Prince 2 and COGNOS qualified, we need 8 yrs IT experience to get us passed. He joined company as a Commercial Systems Analyst and has been promoted to Group Applications Manager. Has anyone done this who can advise, he should fit into one of the IT categories on the CSL list but don't want to pick the wrong one.:unsure: Thanks for any help offered. Ozwanted
  15. Hi, My husband and I, and our daughter who will be 2 1/2 by the time we arrive are moving to the gold coast in May 2010. All booked and ready to go. My mom who is like my best buddy and her husband are also moving too. We are all really friendly, outgoing and keen to make good friends. I'd also be over the moon if I can find some little friends for my daughter to play with. Hope to hear soon xx
  16. Hiya, I havent completed my online application yet as I am still awaiting registration/pin details from NMBWA before sponsor can provide me with nomination approval number. As im hoping to be in Perth in time to start my job on 1st Feb 2010, any forewarning or advice prior to completing online application would be greatly appreciated. I have been on the Dept of immigraton & citizenship website many times and each time I keep finding new information to contradict the information I had picked up on previously. Sooo confusing!! Today, I decided to download the paper copy of the applicaton - so that I can handwrite it in advance and if theres any unexpected information I need to provide then I'll be more prepared when processing the actual online application. Is the information required for paper copy exactly the same as the online application?? If so the application should be quite straightforward. Or, is there additional forms I have to complete?? I tapped into some of the hyperlinks online and more detailed information was required ie. exaustive lists to include addresses in last 10 years, every job since leaving school etc etc ... does this form part of the application?? Any advice on offer would be greatly appreciated, if my agent had been more helpful in past months I would likely have my registration now & visa already processed, time is running out now & I need the visa process to be seamless!! Thanks Nats
  17. I very much would like to bugger off from the UK for a few years, just fancy a total change. I've spent alot of time researching and making enquiries..I had a possible sponsorship 2 years ago but didn't progress due to getting a new role in the UK. I don't regret that, I love my current job - but it's time to move on. Anyway - I work in IT, i'm 25 and got lots of experience and qualifications under my belt. I am aware of the rules surrounding the working holiday visa; but I was curious about getting work in IT while I am there (hardware/sysadmin/networking side, as opposed to software development) - I would like to benefit my career as well as great life experience. Any experiences to share about doing this? What about companies offering sponsorships to people employed at first on a working holiday visa? Appreciate any info you can share!! Cheers
  18. Hi, We have an employer who says that it is DIAC policy they should only submit our 457 visa 3 months before start date. Problem is we want to get started with organising the move, we dont think it will be possible to do flights, container and temp accommodation in end nov for moving jan 2010. Is it normal practice the employer waits until 3 months before? should we be worried? do others go ahead and book things before getting the visa? We heard on story where someone had sent all their things in the container and 10 days before the flight leaves...got their visa.
  19. Anthony71

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    I have just had an initial assessment and been advised that my best hope of a visa is via RPL (I am in IT current qualification MCP). Does anyone have any experience of this route and the process involved? Thanks
  20. tucs

    Advice prior to 475 please

    Hi all can someone tell me what sort of supporting documentation I need to send when applying to Qld Govt for state sponsorship prior to a 475? The application formreally doesn't make it clear at all ?recent flight ticket receipts to prove we've been there ?a statement showing we've researched the region ?copies of e-mails to local headmaster to show we've checked out a schoolfor the kids ?copy of job offer That sort of thing. Also-if one fills all the criteria to be eligible for state sponsorship-I'm sure we do-is it automatic that it will be forthcoming? Many thanks. Simon.
  21. Hi Everyone, Please could someone tell me what sort of supporting documentation I need to send when applying for Qld state nomination (skilled regional sponsored visa) prior to applying for a 475? Do I need to send official accountant's statements of how much we're worth? And what sort of evidence do I have to supply of 'research' in to the region i.e. do I really have to send my flight tickets and hotel payment receipts to prove we've been there and copies of e-mails to headmasters to prove we've enquired about suitable schools to which to send our children and a 3-page supporting statement written by me? And if so-is there a website which lists exactly what you need to send, to make the process easy. Or will simply filling in the form suffice, which does ask if you have considered the costs involved? Many thanks. Simon.
  22. As the title says really, we are currently thinking about sending our furniture to Oz about four weeks prior to our flight. The reason being we think it would be nice to get our things to Oz asap and if we can limit the amount of time we spend camping out in an unfurnished rental it may make our transition easier. Also we are leaving (giving away) our spare bedroom furniture here in the uk along with some kitchen equipment and garden furniture so we think it would be easier to camp out here then in unfamiliar surroundings. Does anyone think this is a good idea, tried it maybe? Any experiences and views gladly received. Thank Emma x
  23. Wanted to start this post so could try and get some kind of idea how many people there are still out there who put visa applications in prior to september 2007, to try to get some kinda idea of how long before DIAC are gona get anywhere near starting to process 2008 applications?! Would be great to hear from anyone this applies to.
  24. I am about to apply to migrate to Oz on Skilled Sponsored Visa (I am a nurse and have a family sponsor in Australia). I am a little concerned as I previously overstayed a working holiday visa by almost 4 months and at this time departed the country voluntarily in 2002 but at the time they told me i would receive a 3 year ban. Nothing to this effect was put on my passport but i assume they maybe put something into the system at customs but i am worried this could work against my application now. Has anyone been in this situation or can advise me? Thanks.
  25. Chaps I see many people out there quoting costs for them to handle your tax affairs prior to the move, but I also know that they seem to want a percentage of the money they get back. Thus, the more you earn the more you are likely to get back, yet they will have to do the same amount of work. Therefore, I'd prefer to work with a UK tax accountant who understand the Australian side of things yet has a fixed fee. Has anyone used an individual or company they can recommend and if so, how much did it cost you? Thanks for your opinions and if anyone has anything else to add, it would be appreciated. Slip