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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I am a packaging designer, and currently working in the UK for ASG , I am coming to Melbourne in September, I don't even require a visa as I am already coming with my partner as a de facto, I just need a packaging job, I have over 10 years experience and have used Artios CAD, I am great at making 3D mock ups, and also have graphic design skills, if anybody knows of work or a contract that will get me started I would love to hear from you, also as this is a very specialised area I would also love to hear from anybody who has tried looking for similar work. Kind regards Babbel (this is one of my favourite places to eat in Phrahran). I would be more than happy to pass on my details on.
  2. Hi, If anyone has any ideas where I can look for printing jobs for my husband in Canberra, it would be much appreciated. As part of our Sponsored Migration application, we have to either find a job for him Printing in Canberra, or at the very least give evidence of 5-6 recently advertised printing jobs in Canberra, and I can't find 1, let alone 5! Any ideas would be welcome. Would love to hear from any Poms in Canberra, as well. Would love to hear what you think about it. Thanks in advance. Allison x
  3. marta

    Melbourne print cycle map

    Hi there, I was wondering if you guys know where I can buy a Melbourne cycle map somewhere in town. Yes, I did see the Vic cycling website but I prefer something in print and colour to use during a bike ride as I am fairly new in town. Can I get something like this in the tourist information centre or in some particular bookshop?
  4. Hi everyone I have submitted the ACS application and they took the money from my credit card. I got the email reference but I didn't print the online application record. Could anyone help me what can i do? Please please help me. Thanks VK
  5. I was thinking to cross verify that everything on my main visa application is correct but i do not have access to take print of my application online. What should i do , please advice
  6. Hello, I have been thinking majorly about careers over the past 6 months and have explored many options. I've come to some conclusions (after doing something I didn't actually want to do to try and get into Australia and failing miserably!) about doing something I actually like. I am in a position where I have a temporary contract in an office (boring! but lucky to have a job at all right now!) which ends at the beginning of July 2010. I'm going to save as much money as I can from this job so that I can go back to university and get more training and education. My BA degree was in Digital Media and I've had 1 years full time work experience in a print/reprographics environment which I LOVED, and I'm very artistic. Problem is, at the moment I would be going in as a Graphic Designer, which is a 50 point occupation - not enough to put me into the 175 category. I have the opportunity to do an MA in Printmaking, which includes screen printing, book arts (book binding) and lithographic printing, which all come under 60 point occupations (and would be enough, at the moment, for a 175). I'm very keen to do this on a personal level as I feel it would be something I would happily thrive in - how would this put me in terms of emigration? I am aware that the list changes all the time and rules and regulations change all the time, but with a BA and an MA, I should hope that would be enough in terms of qualifications to put me in good stead to a 175? I understand that printmaking is a trade - would I need a specific trade certificate, or would a MA be enough? I also understand that I would need work experience (3 of the last 4 years in my nominated occupation?? - I already have 1 under my belt and if I got 2 more after graduating then I imagine I would qualify for this criteria too?) Could anybody give me an idea of how the job market for print is over in Australia? I'd really like to move to Melbourne, and as I said I know things can and will change (criterias and economies and all that jazz) but I would like some opinions! Ta very much x
  7. I was wondering, I have lots and lots of pages, well over 100 for certifying, does anyone know if it acceptable to the TRA for me to type and print a footer on the bottom of each copied sheet as follows, and then get my certifier to sign date and stamp afterwards??? Th This is a true copy of the original document, sighted by me .... ..........(sign)................................ TYPE NAME, on .........(date)................. Lo [TYPE Position], [TYPE ORGANISATION] Wold the words " This is a true copy of the original document, sighted by me " have to be hand written, or would printing suffice? Cheers Sarah
  8. Hi all, We have just received some competitive quotes to assist with our move to Oz - not much to chose between them all pricewise. However, wary of small print items, which could catch us out - any feedback on aspects we should look out for? Also, I hear rumours that some removal companies may be in some financial difficulties due to the downturn in the UK - again advice welcome. Would BAR membership provide cover if it all went horribly wrong? Thanks in advance Martin
  9. Hi, Just joined up, thinking of applying for a visa and ideally would love to go to Perth. However we have been told our best option is to be state sponsored but that would mean living and working in Mandurah as this is a designated area. This is fine but we have no idea what it's like workwise there and wonder if anyone out there can help us with some info. Mark is a Pre Press mac operator for the print trade and has worked in all aspects of print for over 20 years. We have two children aged 8 and 5. We will probably go ahead and apply anyway, life is too short for regrets, but we are a little concerned at the job prospects out there. Perth is an easy commute but the terms of the visa would be that he has to work at least a year in Mandurah. If anyone has any info for us that would be fantastic, Thanks very much, Elly
  10. Guest

    Print Companies

    Hi there Could anyone advise me of any large print companies in Adelaide. My dad is the Print Production manager for a Multi- million pound print company in London and needs to know any other print companies like that in Adelaide. Any advice would be great. James
  11. HELP. I currently work as a Print Estimator in the UK and am hoping to relocate to Melbourne. My problem is that i dont have a skilled that the Aussies require so need to be sponsored. Does anyone know of any printers in the Melbourne area that would possibly go down this route? Cheers