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Found 82 results

  1. seanm87

    Spouse visa price hike

    I've heard rumours the spouse visa is going up in cost to 6800 as of Jan 1st does anyone know if there is any truth in this?
  2. Ozie

    Flights Townsville-Rockhampton

    Hello there! I am trying to plan my next trip from Sweden: Brisbane - Townsville - Magnetic Island - Townsville - Rockhampton - Brisbane. Most of it I have found out, but I am very surprised to find that the flight Townsville - Rockhampton is so very expensive! $211!! :arghh: Flying between e.g. Brisbane-Townsville just costs $99 and Rockhampton-Brisbane just $95. Have I missed something here???? I have checked with different sites, but just ended up with the same high price. Need some good advices here :confused:
  3. Hi! I´m going to travel by domestic flights in January/February next year. (Brisbane-Townsville, and from Rockhampton to Brisbane.) Do I have to book in advance already now in order to get the prices shown and to get a seat? Grateful for a little answer .
  4. Guest

    Best Energy Company

    Hi All, I will be moving into my first rental apartment soon in Sydney. How can I choose the best energy company in terms of charges? Browsing on the internet, there seem to be comparison websites around. Do these really work? Has anyone tried them before? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Guest

    Price of a decent leather sofa

    Having spent months finding a decent, comfortable leather sofa in the UK (they either looked awful or were really uncomfortable) I was wondering how much does a decent sofa cost in Oz? I'm talking about the sort you get from John Lewis for £1K+ rather than the rubbish you get from DFS & co. So a Myers price or similar would probably be about right. JL quoted £480 to ship a sofa direct or I could buy one before and then ship/ store it until I needed it. With the VAT refund & then add import duties / GST it would come out at around $3,670 all in if shipped direct or $3,100 if I shipped it as part of my furniture. If anyone has any links to a sofa website in Oz that would be great.
  6. terriokane

    Which Suitcase is best?

    Hey, Bit of a silly dilemma, but can anyone recommend a good suitcase brand/place to buy a suitcase? We have a 30kg allowance and I want one thats strong and will last but not too pricey. Thanks in advance Terri
  7. With so many people already booking flights (to either validate their visa or fully relocate) I've started to scout prices on Kayak.com myself (a site I've used so many times before to successfully book flights). I've decided to look for tickets from Seattle to Sydney around February/March 2013 as to give myself extra time to save money and find possible job while still in the USA. To my surprise finding the cheapest flight turns out to be quite .. difficult. For example, a flight from Seattle (SEA) to Sydney (SYD) (one way): February 13th (Wednesday): (looking +/- 3 days around that day) Cheapest: $1103 (on 02/10) - takes whooping 39 hours with one 22h layover in Honolulu Shortest (and somewhat still cheap): $1251 (on 02/14) - 21h with two layovers in Vancouver, Canada and Auckland, NZ I've checked later dates, but the price oscilates around $1100 (+/- $50) for the months of March and April (and later). Anyway, I've decided to find an alternative, cheaper route by checking prices of individual flights between the following cities: 1. Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney 2. Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney So I've checked Kayak again .. Option 1: Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney 1a. Seattle -> Los Angeles : $109 on 02/15 - 2.5h long 1b. Los Angeles -> Sydney : $587 on 02/16 - 19h long (one 3h stop in Nadi, Fiji) Aside from paying for one night stay in Los Angeles a family of 4 could save a lot of money just by splitting the flight into two. Seattle -> Sydney * 4 = $1103 * 4 = $4412 Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney = ($109 + $587) * 4 = $696 * 4 = $2784 Savings: $1628 (minus a $150 or so for a room) Option 2: Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney 2a: Seattle -> Honolulu : $197 on 02/12 - 6h long 2b: Honolulu -> Sydney: $528 on 02/13 - 10.5h long In this case savings over a "direct" flight are a little bit smaller. Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney : ($197 + $528 ) * 4 = $725 * 4 = $2900 Savings: $1512 (minus $150 or so for room) A little bit more expensive than the Option 1, but Hawaii is a bit more enjoyable than Los Angeles :-D I'm tempted to contact an agent to see what kind of prices would he/she find for me. Does anyone have similar experiences with trying to find cheap plane tickets?
  8. Yep I know - Be prepared and all of that - what am I thinking as I am so not!!! But to be honest everywhere and everything I want to do is going to be so difficult - I wanna see the fireworks but I can't stand the thought of the humongous crowds, let alone getting back home. So I thought, we'd (partner and I) would go for a drive in NSW head towards Dubbo or some such place. However question is will motels be open and are they likely to be an extravagant price? I would love some ideas, as this is my FIRST NYE proper in Australia and obviously I would like something a little special to remember it by. p.s. - I spent Christmas morning at Dee Why beach and it was fabulous - where else could you be in a bikini drinking champagne!
  9. Im getting really stressed with this shipping business What to take, what not to take??? :confused: Does this price sound good? .......£1051.00 for 160 cubic feet
  10. vegastomelbourne

    Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws

    Most definitely not conducive to economic growth in the short term...:arghh::no: Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws http://www.cnbc.com/id/45200207
  11. gemstone

    Is this a good price for one way?

    Hi im having a bit of a dliemna. I was going to book a flexi return ticket but I have since found out that they are only valid for 12 months which is not too great. So I have now looked into one ways and the cheapest i can find is £600.96. Is this a good price or has anyone flown for less when flying one way. It is October next year and I have asked the opinion of travel agents and they have said because its the australian summer that is probably the best i can get. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi Am about to book my shipping for a 20ft and wondering what prices you got for your shipping as packing service is way to much and self pack is the way to go. thanks
  13. Hi Im shipping Feb 2012 and have got the following prices so far for a 20ft to perth self packed and loaded (self ded where door to door) £2600 Door to door - Simpsons £2770 Door to Port - Johnmason £3580 Door to Door - Migrateglobal WHAT PRICE YOU GOT? THANKS
  14. Hi all, my partner and i will be moving to the north sydney region (not central sydney or beaches) around the middle of next year...we both were looking at around the $450 a week for a retal price of a two bedroom flat /appartment and $150 a week for food....is this reasonalbe price for two adults to afford ??..or is this very expensive...??? thanks for any help.....we will hopefully have average paid jobs (me as a manager and him as a laminator).:eek::wacko:
  15. Has has anybody sent extra suitcases to aus?if so what company did you use and how much was it,extra baggage on quantas is a rip off something like 400 pound a bag. thanks for help:eek:
  16. Hi All We are about to start calling around for prices of shipping a 20ft container from london to perth in feb 2012 and was wondering what sort of prices everyone else has paid. I have put a list below for you answer as im sure many other would like to know these answers too. 1. Cost Paid / Any discounts - 2. Company - 3. Packing or Self Packing - 4. From (Area) - 5. To (Area) - 6. Size of container 20ft or 40 ft - 7. Insurance included yes, no or extra - 8. Other costs, if so what? - Thanks for you time Sanjay
  17. Guest

    Price of Visa - Help

    Hi there we are planning to apply for our visas and have just been looking at the cost. The first installment is $2960. There will be five of us travelling to Australia to live, myself, my husband and our 3 children. Do we have to pay the fee one or five times?
  18. rockola57

    The price of Paint here!

    WOW!:shocked:We just viewed a good solid house with a view to buying it as a Do'er upper,coz it's in a good area and a great price on big land.Any'ow,it needs painting from top to bottom ,inside and out,after doing other jobs.Now the big problem here is that paint is about 50 to 60 dollars a tin for 4 litres(or more) And i wont be happy unless 2 or 3 coats are applied,especially on the gaudy old dark colours.Looks like our loan(if we go for it)will have to increase significantly!:wink:Also,have the Aussies never heard of Varnish and interior wood stain?How i yearn for me old 10 litre of Crown Emulsion from B and Q,for a tenner,or a Glynn Webb discount warehouse!'Avin a laugh they am.:yes:
  19. According to Rismark – and contrary to popular belief – Australia's house prices have actually grown more slowly than household incomes since the end of the last boom in 2003. National Accounts data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that disposable incomes, on a per household basis, realised a compound annual growth rate of 6.3 per cent since March 2003. Meanwhile, RP Data-Rismark's hedonic index suggests capital city dwelling values have risen by a more modest 5.7 per cent per annum. "On this basis, disposable incomes in Australia have risen 7.5 per cent further than capital city dwelling prices over the last eight years," says Rismark. Full article here: http://www.apimagazine.com.au/api-online/news/2011/06/income-growth-to-continue-outpacing-property-price-growth
  20. Hi all, Have had some great tips and advice from my other post. Just had one last thing to ask and didn't want to drag my other thread on.. I keep reading on here that to apply offshore for a De Facto visa works out cheaper and faster than applying onshore. The DIAC site is pretty confusing for me so maybe someone can clear it up for me. Firstly, is a De Facto visa the same as/a different name for Spouse visa? Please can somebody outline all the costs involved, both for offshore and onshore applications. Is there just the one main fee? Processing times would be helpful too. Thanks! Sophie.:confused:
  21. Hi, Looking at areas in PERTH. Medium budget. Schools. How far from shops? Parks? Beach? I have 3 small kids... Hubby will work away. Need friendly/social area. Any idea/ comments....
  22. cartertucker

    Average rental price?

    Hello I am looking in to renting a property for the period after arrival, we may only have it for a few months or up to 6 months whilst we look for a house to buy Can anyone give me a rough idea of the rental that I may be looking at paying? :unsure: I realise it depends on where you live, how many bedrooms etc etc ~ But any idea is better than no idea :wink: Many thanks in advance :notworthy: Mayby just post the following Location of rental: Bedrooms: Garden: Pool: General state of the house:
  23. Hi We have just had an email through from www.moneysavingexpert.com stating that Qatar Airways are doing a deal on flights (2 for 1 not including taxes) if you book up until tomorrow (Thursday 14th April) flying out to Oz 1st May -10th June. Might be useful info for some of you out there!
  24. I am looking at rental properties in Perth, the lowest price per week is about 350 dollars. There is just the 2 of us, obviously dont want to be in a crap area but from experience can anybody tell me if this is the average or are properties cheaper than this?
  25. Afternoon, Their is a report out today that the UK risks possible future riots if the cost of food continues to rise, does anyone think that is a possibility? I think that unless this government are careful then the silent majority at some point could rise up and say enough is enough. I done the shopping last week as the wife was ill and was shocked at how expensive groceries are, even for the basics such as bread and milk the prices seem outrageous, especially as most people have seen no such rises in their pay packets. What with the price of fuel which in one garage near me is £1.43 for a litre of diesel and the price of energy spiralling i really do not see how most people will survive from day to day. By the way, this is not an excuse for people to start a uk v aus argument again :SLEEP:it is just an observation on England.