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Found 55 results

  1. So, about 10 years ago, my wife spent some time in Oz on a working holiday visa. Having dug out her old (and slightly mildewy passport), I have the paper visa, but not sure which 11 digit number is the 'visa number'. I have a 7 digit number followed X1, then by her surname - is that it?
  2. ​My partner is currently in the process of putting together documents to support a 457 visa application however one of his employers over the past 5 years has since gone into liquidation and therefore he is unable to obtain nor provide a reference for this position. He was in that role for just under a year. He has been in 3 roles over the past 5 years however he has worked for his current employer, who is sponsoring his 457 visa, for almost 3 and a half years. Has anybody experienced this when applying for a 457 visa (I would imagine so!) - any advice on what to do in this situation? Any info would be appreciated!?
  3. Guest

    457 visa and previous ETA?

    Hi all, Am just going through the online submission of our 457 visa. Can anyone tell me if an ETA for a visit last year should be included in the section about previous visas? If it should is there anyway I can track down the date of application? On a related note does anyone have an idea of the processing time from this point on? Many thanks, Giles
  4. Hi All, Just starting the process..mega excited! Going it alone (no agent) so ill be relying on you guys for help. My question is: Does VETASSESS contact my previous employers? The reason why i ask is i worked for a company for 2 years (2008-2010) and i decided to leave but they didnt make this very easy and i ended up leaving on a bad note n(i wasnt sacked - i left) I am not going to approach them for a reference but i have my contract, payslips, P45 and P60 will this be enough eveidence or will VETASSESS contact them? If this is the case i will not include them on the application. Many thanks in advance :cute:
  5. Hi can anyone help me. I am a nurse and have just been offerred a job on a 457 visa. My husband will travel on this visa. He has a breach of the peace and a vandalism charge. He did not serve a sentance he was fined for this. Will this impact on us going to Aus in July. I can get letters of reccomendation for him. This happened approx 6 years ago when he was alot younger. Can anyone give me any advice?? Would be really grateful for any help Thanks LS
  6. Hi, I am applying under the'Business Analyst' category. I have worked for 4 organizations in the past 10 years. I have reference letters from all of them. However, there are a couple of problems: (a) For 2 of the past employers the people who have signed the letter no longer work for that company. Should I approach the previous company once again and get a fresh letter from someone who is contactable over there? (b) For none of the companies, the contact email ID and phone number are not mentioned. Can I write this information on a separate covering letter? It would be so difficult to approach people who have signed on letters 7-8 years ago! © I have genuine experience letters clearly mentioning my role as a Business Analyst. However, they are not really very elaborate- just 4-5 liners explaining my BA role. Would that be enough. Would consultant services help me in this regard? Would be glad to receive a response. Thanks!
  7. We bought our new home December last year but to date, still get mail for previous owners. By mail. I mean everything they would expect in the post, bank statements, credit card statements, car rego and speeding fines, tax forms, school bills and many more. For the last 6 months, we have been returning mail to senders, hand delivering to banks and schools, and ringing persistent companies, whilst informing all concerned that the addressee has moved and we have no forwarding address. We have more mail for them than we do for ourselves. What can we do?
  8. Hi My darling o/h is struggling with his Vetassess Competency profile, he is ending up with pages & pages & pages of info that he is writing up, is this correct? he is finding they ask you a question, to which he has to include this that & the other & he is finding it very daunting. I keep telling him to make it brief, but then if he does he isnt getting to answer some of the questions? Anyone got a copy of their passed profile they want chuck our way, or at least give us some pointers with PLEASE :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh: One other question is he has been with his current employers for 6 months now, his previous employer didnt pay out standing wages etc & it almost got to court but thankfully didnt proceed that far, so obviously we have to give this previous employers details & how long o/h worked for him etc, are Vetassess likely to contact him, as we wont be able to get a ref from him? so are they going to either contact him & be told a load of bull (like he did to my o/h new employers) or will it be deemed that o/h has no work history & is full of bull poop? Huge thanks in advance, didnt realise this part was soooo stressful, let alone the practical test, if we get that far!!! :twitcy::sad::cry:
  9. Hey all, I am currently filling out the various forms for our 309/100 spouse visa and am a bit stuck on question 79 on form 47SP: "Have you ever had or currently have tuberculosis or any other serious disease (including mental illness), condition or disability?" Back in 2009 I saw a GP a couple of times and was diagnosed with very mild depression for which I was prescribed a low dose of Prozac - I think the course of treatment lasted about 6 months. I had no time off of work for this, saw no mental health workers, nor was I hospitalised at any point. I feel absolutely fine now and think this was just down to a slight low point in my life that in hindsight I think I could have got through without the drugs. Obviously I will declare this as required on any forms relating to my medical (to be undertaken soon) but does this need to be declared in answer to the above question on form 47SP? As this was very mild depression I would have thought that this doesn't count as a "serious disease" - however, based on the wording of the question, is any type of mental illness classed as serious? If unsure I think I'll just go down the 'declare everything' route but just wanted to get some opinions in the meantime. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi all, Hope everyone's visa is being granted quickly! Just a quick question: when I applied for the 3 month tourist visa last year, it was granted but I was given no 'visa grant number' or 'reference number' on the letter as it was done by my travel agent. Any suggestions how I could go about getting this information? I assume I need to supply it when applying for my onshore de facto visa? Slightly worried as the 'very silly' Flight Centre travel agent who did it for me last year apparently mucked up the application the first time, so a little worried I have a 'rejected visa' stamp on a record somewhere... Any help/advice much appreciated. Leah
  11. Hi I lodged my application under a 176 visa in December 2008 under ASCO 2299-79 which is now Information and Organization Professional NEC ANZSCO 224999. Since this whole delay for Priority 4 applications, I also got a new ACS Skill Assessment for 262113 Systems Administrator. Now I want to lodge a new application under this SOL 4 occupation with a state sponsorship from ACT/SA, but I want to know how I can transfer my visa processing fee from my previous application to this one. It is not fair that I have to pay again the Visa Processing Fee, when it is DIAC who has delayed the process and changed their regulations. At least I have spent money on a new skill assessment, on a state sponsorship, the least they could do is give me a break and transfer my visa processing fee or refund it to me. Any ideas who to approach and how to go about this for a favorable reply.
  12. Guest

    Previous Visa... HELP please!!

    Hey lovely people. I need some help... :biggrin: I am in the early stages of sorting out a visa for me and my OH and helping my brother sort his. Mine and the OH is easy.. By brothers however is not. Stuart (my brother) is a chef and lived in Oz for a little while before. He moved out on a working holiday visa with my Mum and Step-dad (who gained PR) in Jan '09. He gained employment at the end of Feb '09 working for a restaurant. He got on really well there and looked at getting them to sponsor him. It all gets a bit hazy from here. My little sister who was 3 at the time suffered a terrible accident in the Nov and suffered brain injury as a result. We are having a hard time working out what actually happened with his visa (he is really bad at form filling etc and keeping on top of things) but the short version of the story end with him having to come home last May. He believes he had a bridging visa but I think he may have broken the terms of this and worked too many hours. He was told by his agent that DIAC were going to reject his application and that they would be best off withdrawing it and getting him to apply again offshore. How can we get a disclosure to find out exactly what happened? If there was a chance you would have a visa rejected so withdrew it would this stand against you in the future? Im sure you're thinking that the best thing to do would be to contact the agent doing all this for him in Oz but Stuart was pretty pi**ed (as he wasn't made fully aware of the rule etc surrounding the bridging visa) and didnt end things very well with him. I have emailed him today but i dont hold out much hope on information. Thank you soooo much if you can help. Its very messy. With everything that happened with our sister keeping an eye on the visa was the last thing on our mind. Stuart was working to help support my parents who had to stop work as Maddie was in hospital for over 4 months! x:spinny:
  13. there are so many confusion to all sparkies on another forum too.have anyone sound information of it ?is it possible to submit new application on behalf of TRA assessment done in 2k7 as general electrician 4311-11. no satisfied answer from DIAC too.
  14. :confused: Hi Sorry for this post but i really need some advice on a few things firstly we were going on a 175 visa but my husband turnv 35 next week and we lose 5 points so are now looing at 176 ss visa looking at SA or Victoria (plumber) we have a TRA assessment and spoke to darren at visa go who told us that would be ok etc my questions are how long do they take and are the medicals going to be a problem as my hubby has a lung condition.. he takes no medication, it causes no problems , it doesnt affect him and wont get any worse, i cant see this being a problem but thought I would ask... also i have a 13 year old son from a previous relationship he hasnt seen his real dad since he was 2 i have no idea where he is and he doesnt even use his surname it has been changed to my husbands name, I thin i will be able to get a signed letter from him via the CSA but other than that i dont know is this going to cause a problem? arghhhhhhh sorry but this is such a whirlwind im a little confused ..any help greatly appreciated... Thanks Karen.:goofy:
  15. Hi all, Aiming to move to perth in october 2012, considering applying for APHRA reg in approx 6 months time to ensure enough time for everything to be processed as I can see the waiting times for some people have been very long! Concerns I have are: I qualified in 2008,however due illness I was suspended due to ill health for 7 months in 2010! never done anything wrong however due to illness was suspended to prevent me from doing anything wrong! Returned late 2010 and i committed a nurses worst nightmare! ....made a serious controlled drug error (patient fine!) this was investigated and will remain on my record in the hospital for 1year (will stay with me for life!!) Im concerned that APHRA will refuse me registration due to this? When i apply for reg, the suspension will have been over a year ago and the drug error almost a year. really worried this is going to prevent us from moving! Since suspenion/drug error I have done everything i can to improve my skills (courses etc) and will be continuing to undertake as many courses as i can, therefore if i prove this to APHRA will it go in my favor? thanks.
  16. Hi all.. Hope someone may be able to help me.. Just recieved a case officer after 2 years (175 applied Dec 08) I have just recieved my police check from Ireland and there is an old charge of assault from 13 years ago. I was fined but no conviction was recorded but it still shows on my check. My former agent (the useless Liveinaustralia.com) told me I don't have to declare it as I was not convicted just charged. Now I am naturally worried that it may look like I was trying to hide it. Anybody had the sme problems... grateful for any advice...:policeman::policeman:
  17. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has experienced obtaining a 176 visa and still being married. What I mean is that I don't have my divorce yet but myself and my current partner are together now 8 nearly 9years but my divorce has not come through yet. Just wondering if the DIAC will ask for my divorce papers or will this cause an issue for our visa??? Many thanks S x (another worry!!!!):goofy:
  18. mandymcqueen

    Time limit on previous experience

    For ENS/RSMS what is the time limit on the previous experience I mean you must have worked in that occupation for 2 of the previous 5 years etc, I am making sense?? My point is what if you took 2 years away from that occupation can you still go back to it for sponsorship.
  19. I have just thought about something else. When me and my family came over in Nov09, we didnt keep any info showing our Visa numbers (visiting). My husband threw bits and peices out (clever!). I think there are questions on some forms-cant remember which ones, that ask for visa numbers when you have visited Australia for a holiday. Does anyone know if they must be put on the form or where we can obtain the visa numbers and who holds the records? Thanks ever so.:err:
  20. As per title, apart from contacting the employer is there an offical way to get the summary?
  21. I don't know if this will be useful to anyone but, our Agent has asked that we get signed declarations for my step son from his mother also from my daughters father to enable them to be put on Visa. Step son is 14 his mother has signed. My daughter is 16 and my ex has been for the last 4 months doing everything not to sign has caused no oend of arguments. He spoke to a lawyer who said as she is 16 then parental permission is not required she can decide for herself where she live. I phone our agent who looked into this and has confirmed this is the case. So our visa application could of been lodeged months ago had we been given the correct info. below is the extract I found on internet. And here is the advice he received from our Leagle Experts over at the Childrens Legal Centre If your daughter will be 16 when your ex-wife intends to emigrate from England to Australia then it will be your daughter's decision whether or not she follows. A 16 year old is considered old enough to make their own decisions in relation to where they want to live including whether or not they want to move abroad. It is a criminal offence under the Child Abduction Act 1984 for a person connected with a child under the age of 16 to take or send that child out of the UK without the appropriate consent. Therefore your ex-wife would only be committing an offence if your daughter is under 16 at the time of departure. Relate offer a family counselling service that may assist in the facilitation of communication between you, your ex-wife and your daughter (http://www.relate.org.uk/familylife <http://www.relate.org.uk/familylife> ). If you have any further queries relating to an issue of child law please do not hesitate to contact the Child Law Advice Line on 08088 020 008 I hope this helps some people. Good luck everyone. our ss lodged 20/5/09 waiting..... waiting.... waiting....:hug:
  22. Hi I got my previous passport cancelled due to change of my profession status from government to private before its expiry date that is in 2011. Both of my passports are from same country. I lodged application online. Now i am in process filling the online character checks (Form 80). There is no provision of future date in form while filling the details of previous passports. Your advice will be alot to me. wahid
  23. Hi all, Both my hubby & I spent a year in Oz on working holiday visas in 1996. We absolutely loved it & have been talking about coming back since. Finally, we have decided to start the visa application process - however, a big concern of mine is the fact that we both over worked on our working hol visas. At the time you were only supposed to work with an employer for 3 months - while we worked several months more than this. Does anyone one know if this is a consideration ? I'm hoping that with the lapse of time it is no longer relevant, but would really appreciate some advice. Thanks (brill forum by the way)
  24. Hi, could anyone please tell me if my 16 year old son who is from a previous relationship, and who does not live with me, or doesn't intend on moving to Australia, need to take a medical?
  25. Hi, We have started the online application yesterday but have encountered a problem. When asked for us to add details about current/previous visas, it asks for a visa number. None of my visas have a number attached (it says its at the top line of the paper sticker). How can I overcome this? Can I just send a certified copy of these pages as attachments? Surely our application would not be complete then. The real problem is, my OH has a visa cancelled back in 98 and they require all the details about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sam p.s. just found another link which explains what I should do - sorry to waste peoples time and thanks for looking.