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Found 19 results

  1. I'd like advice on ordering presents in the UK for relatives in Oz. Few companies accept UK credit cards and the only one I've found needs the purchaser to collect the goods and show the card so I'm having to get a refund! Another has told me I can use Paypal but this costs a lot in poor exchange rates and fees on top. Why no Amazon I'd be lost without them but the don't ship to Oz
  2. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Presents for PIO Members

    If you could buy a Christmas present for a PIO member what would you buy them? For Pablo I would love to buy him a season pass to Man United:notworthy: All the members waiting for a visa I wish I could buy them for you, but I may be arrested before I got everyones.
  3. Pure Boredom here (waiting for dinner to cook and Kung Fu Panda to come on :cute:) and thought it would be interesting to hear of your christmas horrors and christmas goodies. What's your best and worst present you've received? Mine was probably some perfume that I got off my nan which was about 5 years old and for the OAP's lol. My best...probably some GOOD perfume and jewellery (i'll edit if i can think of something better!) Paul's best was when he was a teen he received a nintendo from his parents which hadn't been released in the UK yet (they got it off the back of a dodgy van, only joking lol they got it from Japan). His worst...gift vouchers! What about you :biggrin:
  4. Hiya:biggrin: Wandered if anyone could help me please? We are moving to Australia in 5 weeks time (eeek!!) and need to send over 6 boxes of our belongings including the children's Christmas presents, old clothes, kitchenware and 2 boxes of the children's old toys. My problem is I've never sent anything before and am paranoid about it not getting there or being returned. We are sending the boxes just before we leave so if they are returned for any reason we won't be in the UK to receive them. How specific do I have to be when writing out what's in the box? Can I get away with 'children's toys' or do I have to be really specific and write 'cuddly toy rabbit with an ear missing'?!! Also with the Christmas pressies, can I wrap them or not? I think we will send them with a courier like parcel2go but are there any other declaration forms we have to enclose + is there a limit on how much the stuff is worth? Will we be charged loads the other end for sending out new things like wii games, Nerff guns for Christmas presents and if so how much?? Apologies for the amount of questions but I really want the stuff to get there and am imagining a massive bill of $100's!! Please help? Thanks xx :err:
  5. The Hippo

    Christmas Presents

    Wonder if anyone could pass on some advice. We had a family get-together last Saturday prior to us flying out on 6th June and it was the last opportunity for the OH to see her brother. Removals are coming next Wednesday and the OH's brother brought along the daughters birthday & christmas presents all wrapped up (well organised eh). The OH is concerned that if we put these in the container with them all being wrapped up and obviously bought in the past 12-months, what will the customs think of this? Thanks The Hippo
  6. I know Christmas is a time for giving, etc, and at the end of the day I couldn't really care less what I get, the day itself is enough and lets face it, the true meaning has been somewhat lost recently, BUT. If money was NO object what would you give and hopefully receive. GIVE I would give/buy my mum and dad their old house back just down the road from me. They lived there for 48 years, but decided that they wanted a change. Since that time they have never really been truly happy, and they would kill to get back. Unfortunately even if my brothers and me all chipped in we wouldn't be able to afford it, but one day, before they get too old we may be able to make their dreams come true again.:wubclub: RECEIVE I would like to open the deeds/keys to the property below in Eleuthera, (or something like it) Bahamas. Saw them many years ago when I went Bonefishing. And when I was last they still hadn't sold. Couldn't care less about the size, it is very basic, but I love the place. A bit of renovation, a lick of paint, some local market produce, no TV, very few people, ahhhh. As an avid Bonefishermen this would be a dream come true for me. And the island and the people are idyllic, friendly and very welcoming. We can all dream cant we.:embarrassed: Cheers Tony.
  7. Guest

    My Christmas Presents To You.

    Nearly that time of year again, so in the spirit of this time I am giving some of you a very special gift. I have left loads out, please feel free to update the list. This is meant to be a fun thread, the meaning behind every 'gift' is meant to be funny, heartfelt or just plain nice. I am NOT having a dig at anyone, at all. I hope it is taken in this vain, if someone feels offended I WILL close the thread. Pablo. http://plot28.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Cricket_ticket.jpg Jim. http://www.guapa-sana.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/jacuzzi.jpg Geoff. http://www.soccerprint.co.uk/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/133a32923c4ade111d9790f3c1601c2c.gif Rob. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/41/122476158_36c4644a63.jpg Dom. http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb29/steppinontoes/comments/BrickWall.jpg All The Lovely Witches. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_hJtfGeCIsrY/TIPFcixWb-I/AAAAAAAAAUM/mrALNBN_sPQ/s1600/Cauldron.jpg Shark. http://hiddenjobreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/fingers-crossed.jpg Daniel. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_W1Qf-dIpJkk/S_UImFCwuKI/AAAAAAAAAO0/sNOvcaeY-RU/s1600/vicar%27s+vice.JPG Pommy Paul. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/08/SMirC-cool.svg/320px-SMirC-cool.svg.png Paulv. http://www.amateurartist.net/images/ippy-slings-and-arrows11.gif Mattw. http://rlv.zcache.com/t_shirt_for_dads_of_daughters-p235708639194480413qr2x_400.jpg Tonyman. http://www.amoswong.com/images/red-hot-chilli.jpg The Ozcans. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_xbPbuY6keAk/R5mECEoVTVI/AAAAAAAAAV4/zI-IPSh0Uh8/s320/PNB.JPG All The Mods. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_aPU8oYrNAzA/SxYC_yVAjoI/AAAAAAAAAe8/FlylkHfKYF0/s400/not_this_****_again.jpg And one for myself before anyone else. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7wd12zq5Tos/SZJbKMr8mqI/AAAAAAAAAwo/EVu7E2LkXEg/s400/duct_tape.jpg Brit. http://m.imobiletube.com/thumbs/aebn-straight/4c0235a450774/4c0235a450774.flv-3.jpg Andy. http://www.audioagain.com/shared/imagestore/confused1678054165.jpg Adonna. http://estb.msn.com/i/75/CBDDBC7A4A349A92236EF56FB9F6A3.jpg Brighton Boys. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_J10YWR68hFQ/TGrV8mJt7LI/AAAAAAAAANQ/gfOSws01uc8/s1600/t_24696_Brighton%2BRock%2BPink.jpg Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. that will fit in a suitcase with limited space... We have my sons Birthday in August - a week after the removal company comes - not great planning on my part. We will have a small gathering for him, and he no doubt will get lots of presents. What can I tell people who want to get him something to get - (or take back the big stuff and replace He is too young for a DS....although would probably love it.... Any ideas? What do your toddlers like to do (and on the plane?)
  9. Guest

    Fabulous Christmas Presents

    I was surprised by my OH this year, he has booked tickets for a holiday back to UK early 2010...anyone else been surprised by a wonderful present this year?
  10. In a few weeks time we are going to Sydney to visit our daughter and son in law. They have been booking trips and special stuff for us all(Our other daughter and her husband and baby daughter are also coming out at the same time!) My question is what can we take that she would appreciate as something that she can't easily get there? She knows how bad the exchange rate is and won't take any money for the tickets she has bought. Says we can pay her back when the rate is better, but I know she won't ever take anything. So, any ideas of a little bit of Britain we can take out??? Many thanks, Pam
  11. Hi All My family wants to send some presents over for the kids for Christmas. What's the total value of goods they can send without having to pay import duty? And is there a restriction on certain types of goods (they were planning on perhaps sending something electrical). Cheers Sue x
  12. Hi This is something I thought will sort itself when (if) we get to Aus but thought I'd start a post to see if anyone can tell me what they do with presents for sending back to UK and vice versa. Whether anyone still bothers to send things to Aus for children and if there's cheaper methods. I read once that say if someone sent a cheque in english pounds it will cost about £7 with bank charges. Similary with presents how do you send to England? Is it costly to do that? We have quite a spread out, large family in UK and if we go next year I'm not sure whether to still send presents or whether this will be our last year of giving presents. I have to say I've gone a bit over the top this year thinking this might be our last year here. Any advice appreciated. I also heard it may be cheaper to send money via paypal. Does anyone know if this is true? Merry Christmas everyone :cutexmas: Sam
  13. janine the party queen

    Favourite leaving presents

    Off all the gifts we were given I have 2 favourites. A solid silver clock,presented to me by the Colonel of 1 Scots .Who made me promise to keep it on UK time. A framed print of Edinburgh Castle to remind me of the view we had from our front room window. Just wondering what other peoples favourite gifts were.:yes:
  14. Hiya, I'd like to send various people of various ages some pressies back from Oz - they're all English and no-one has really been here. Any ideas? Mum? Sister? (In 20's) Brothers? (15, and 21) Dad? Mates? I really can't think of much that would go down well! Ugg boots are great, but only in winter, and I've bought everyone a hat! Any ideas much appreciated! (Hello btw!) Huddo (Tim - You'll know me from another forum )
  15. Guest

    Presents to Oz?

    Hey everyone, I'm sure i read a post on here before about an on-line service where you can order from the uk to send a gift to someone in oz, does anyone what the website is please? I think the post was about somebody sending a bottle of chapmagne and two glasses to her friend in australia, and i'd like to do the same. So if anybody knows that would be great?? Thanks.
  16. Hi Guys, What is the cheapest way of sending Xmas presents home by Air to the UK from Oz (as by sea it will take too long to get there in time for xmas). We have chosen small / light presents for people to make it as cheap as we can but not sure what company is best to use - Any ideas?? Thanks Tom and Lucy:spinny:
  17. Guest


    I'm flying out next week and just trying to sort everything out before i go. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas for a leaving pressie to get my mum & dad?? I was going to get them a web cam but they have have gone and bought a laptop with one built in!! Any ideas would be great! xx
  18. Guest

    Xmas Presents

    Just to let you know we got one of our missing Christmas Parcels yesterday. It was posted overland on 10th October 2007 from Germany!!! Only 3 more to arrive! Anyone else still waiting?? Em x
  19. Hi, A question for those Down Under.... what do you generally do for sending gifts back to Blighty? Do you shop on line & arrange delivery or choose pressies & post them yourselves? Can you easily send money without being wholloped with bank charges? Thanks, Paula