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Found 24 results

  1. Hi I am looking for some gift ideas for a female work colleague who is returning to the UK from Australia.
  2. Hi, I am planning to apply for the Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175). I am a Project Manager in the Software Industry currently having around 11 years experience. When I checked the SOL, I could not find a skill that corresponds to IT Project Management. The only skills that relate to a software profession that i could find in the SOL are: - ICT business analyst - Systems analyst - Analyst programmer - Developer programmer - Software engineer - Software Tester - Software and Applications Programmers nec - Database Administrator - ICT Security Specialist - Systems Administrator - Computer Network and Systems Engineer - Network Administrator - Network Analyst - ICT Systems Test Engineer Can someone advice me on the skill I can select while applying for an Independent migrant visa? Thanks in advance, gts
  3. Guest

    your worst xmas present ever

    mine wuz a imperial socket set of her indoors--all the stuff in the UK is metric--put it in the van,and never used them for years--didnt have the heart to tell her:wubclub:
  4. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—in addition to interviews with more than one hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues—Isaacson was given "exclusive and unprecedented" access to Jobs's life. This would make an Ideal Christmas present for anyone! I have a few available so get in quick! Brand New, unread, Hardback book.
  5. Hi all, Need your help, in a few months we will be making the big move down under to melbourne, luckily i have alot of family out there all aussy born and bred and never seen Britain. When we get there we will be staying with my sister and brother in law and i want to take them a few presents to say thank you for all their help, but i want them to be things that are truly british things, things you maybe can't get out there or that show something about britain, so i am looking for your ideas please thanks Laura :wink:
  6. Hi all, We have just received confirmation that our visa has been granted, what an fantastic Christmas present...had resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn't here anything till at least new year now, so absolutely ecstatic and celebrations are in full swing!:biggrin: Merry Christmas everybody!
  7. Guest

    how to present application?

    hi all, im soon applying for my defacto visa, i was wondering how people have presented the evidence? since right now its just a big pile of papers! can i paperclip certain forms etc together or would they rather not have it done that way? maybe put different sections in different plastic wallets? any help would be great thanks alot
  8. Hello Everybody I had applied for assesment to ACS in Dec 2009, requested ASCO -2231-79(c/c++) but as a result of assesement(Feb 2010), they put me under 2231-15(Software designer) I had left hopes to be in priority processing list (CSL) , but when I came across New SOL (floated in June), I found that New SOL has 2231-15 (and 2231-79 removed) *Please let me know if this information is right???? Now, Are they going to declare new CSL list ? OR How is it going to process in future? My Question -> At this point, what should I do???, Are there any hopes to get my application (2231-15) through in priority processing ? I really need your expert advice...Please help -Thanks in advance Manasi
  9. Hi again, Sorry to be annoying with all these posts but our application is almost finished. Just wondering how we need to present our bank statements? I will be including my personal account as well as our joint one but as they cover 2 years, they are 100s of pages long! Do we need to print out the whole thing or can we do sections - i.e. random months over the 2 year period? Thanks
  10. Hello all! I'm putting together my defacto visa and would love to hear how other people presented their evidence such as photo's, movie tickets etc. I was thinking about attaching my photo's to A4 paper with a little caption and same for tickets so they can see how they are relevant to our application. Is this a waste of time? Any advice? Don't want to make more work for myself if immigration would prefer to have the photo's loose. Please help! I've been doing visa stuff for the last week & my brain is fried! :notworthy: Rach x
  11. janine the party queen

    My present from hubby !!

    Hubby has been out "Bush" for a couple of days.The wildlife must have hitchhiked all the way back. Such a thoughtful man !!!! [ATTACH]1653[/ATTACH]
  12. Guest

    The Present.

    Hi All. Just got back from dropping the misses off at airport, going to visit folks overseas, (Isle Of Man:biglaugh:) Kids out tonight, so just me, Kate Beckingsale, and my dreams. But on the way to airport this morning was flicking through radio stations etc, and happened across an interview. Couldn't make out who the interviewee was, but made me think. Only caught the last couple of minutes, but what he said made sense, at least to me. Basically he was saying that at times we all seem to live in either the past or the future, and we miss the present, what is going on around us right now. And it made common sense especially when in relation to Australia and some of the bigger issues in our lives. Australia is a huge subject, for those fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough to be going through the migration process it can seem to encompass each and every waking thought, and at times our thoughts whilst we are asleep. I know when I was going through the process many years ago all I seemed to think about was Australia and what my future held. Nothing seemed 'real' to me, it was as if Australia was the be all and end all of my life. It dictated what I said, did, and how I reacted, right or wrong that is the way it was. I have also a major issue coming up in the new year, and at times once again I find myself thinking totally of what it is going to mean to me and what my future might hold. I also sit there and harp back to things that have happened to me in the past, good, bad, and indifferent. I seem to at times revel in past glories, happy memories, sad memories, and things that make me feel totally depressed. I guess we all do this at times. Wether it is looking forward to our next holiday, our next car, our next blah, blah ,blah. Or we look back and think about things that bought us happiness, sadness and indifference. At times these thoughts can be comforting, at times no emotion at all, at times we will feel ourselves going down a path that leads to self pity and destruction. But my point is this, we seem to forget we ARE living in the present, and NOW is/should be the most important time to us. I thought about this on the drive home and realised that at times because of my previous history, and what I have coming up in the future I often miss everything that is about me. My youngest came in from being out last night and because I was so caught up with my future plans I completely dismissed seeing her happy smiling face as she walked in the door and wanted to tell me about her plans to go to the local fair tonight. I didn't mean to do it, far from it, I love my kids to the ends of the earth, I would willingly die for them, but I realised that I had missed a moment in her life that I should have been there for. I also missed my wife's kiss on the cheek, when she just wanted to say 'I love you' and because I was so caught up in my own plans, I automatically said 'I love you to'. But I 'JUST' said it. I know I meant it, but I didn't think at the time about what I was saying. I missed a moment in both our lives that should have been recognised, thought about and relished. So I guess what I am trying to say is this. It is very easy to get caught up with the ifs', but's, maybes', and MISS what is at times staring us in the face. I am not perfect, but I know that I will from now on try a little harder to realise that NOW is just as important as what has gone, and what will be. I know I will fall back into old habits but I will give it a go. Many thanks. Tony.
  13. Looked out of the window this morning, huge thick blanket of snow everywhere! Children's school closed, my husband's unable to drive his 160 mile round trip to work due to road closures - hoorah! Could this day get any better?! YES! Looked on the DIAC Electronic Application Status Inquiry website and.... APPLICANT APPROVED!!! And it's my birthday tomorrow - what a present!
  14. Just debating our options when we get our visa. One option is for hubbie to go over first, and secure a job!!! then organise a rental etc before the whole family travel over. Is this possible? Have been told the whole family have to travel together to validate? Yet someone else said they were advised by SS to have main applicant go over and have the rest of the family join them when job is secure? ??????? Im not near this stage yet, but would like to know?? Cheers Caz
  15. Hi all and thanks in anticipation. We keep changing our minds of where we would like to live on the Gold Coast.:wacko: For all those who have been to the GC and all those living there, would you please tell us where you would go to, and reasons why, if you had to leave your home tomorrow and move somewhere else on the GC? Our kids will be 14 & 17 when we get there. once again, thanks Andy:goofy:
  16. Guest

    Best Christmas Present

    Hi, 'Gibbboe' put up a thread the other day asking people for the worst xmas present... So how about a lovely happy one... what was your best..? Mine was simply spending a lovely day with my wife and son splashing in the waves on a nice hot and sunny beach..! All the best & Happy New Year... James... :wink:
  17. Guest

    Worst christmas present

    Good afternoon all, Whats the worst present you got this crimbo? This year my brother says he forgot to buy me a present (the fiend!!!) and the gifts the rest of his family had got for me he forgot to put in the car when he drove up on christmas eve. :frownxmas: . Sadly this is not the worst present. One year I was given a huge black jumper with an embroidered penguine sitting outside an igloo, holding a fishing rod. They said as soon as they saw it they knew I would love it! (They must have been on crack)
  18. Guest

    What a Christmas Present

    We got our Visa, what a christmas present. 4 months from application to Grant !!!! Thanks to everyone for your help and support Happy Christmas to you all :emoticon-signxmas::emoticon-signxmas:
  19. Just wanted to share our good news with everyone on PIO - Our visa was granted today!:jiggy: Still can't quite believe it really - not quite sunk in yet I don't think. It's been a long journey but it was all worth it in the end. Considering it was looking doubtful at one point whether we would qualify for a visa. I would like to express our thanks to all at Go Matilda who helped us with the skills assessment and visa application. We made enquiries with several agents at the start but it was they who believed in us and gave us the encouragement to go for it. So, tonight we will be celebrating and tomorrow we start planning for our future in Australia. We still have many hurdles to cross (not least the headache of trying to sell the house - talk about mission impossible!). Finally, to all those out there who are just starting out on this road - never give up. You will get there in the end. Good luck.
  20. My OH is flying out to sydney for a job interview next week. It is a family run company and the MD's wife is going to spend a day showing my OH around the area, she is an ex-pat herself having left the UK when she was a young girl and is actually from a village about ten miles from where we live. I would like to get a gift to take her, I had thought about getting Shropshire Life which is our local glossy magazine but want to take something else. Any ideas? Thought about something from marks and spencers like some nice moisturisers or maybe some thorntons chocolates..... Pls help!
  21. 1. Please can you advise how I should keep things together? Will I send it all loose in one envelope? 2. Some of the documents that I need certifying are 4 or 5 pages long. If I'm not allowed to staple anything then will I have to get every page certified - it's going to work out very expensive if I do that! 3. I've seen people write a list of their table of contents; will I put this list at the front of your application so the case workers know what is what? I am waiting for your kind information. Thanks with regards, MOHAMMAD SADAT RAHMAN:unsure:
  22. Guest

    Help with birthday present

    Hi everyone, it is my hubby's 45th birthday on saturday, he only wants a visa but i can do nothing about that:arghh:We have to wait like everyone else. So, i was thinking about a GPS and i wondering does a GPS work in OZ . (Dont laugh i know i can be a bit blond at times). If they don't work, has anyone any ideas of something he may need in OZ or would be useful to take with him. Don't say a new wife as he needs me to get to OZ, ah bless :cute:XX Karen K
  23. :yes:Oh yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 We got a phone call this morning and we have our visa !!!!!!! What a fantastic Christmas present !!!!!!!!!!!! Someone pinch me, am I dreaming ? :notworthy::spinny::jiggy:
  24. Hi all I'm hoping that a few lucky souls who have been granted their visas recently will be able to help with this query. I've read that once the Grant letter is issued, you have to wait 3 working days before sending the passport & Letter off to DIMA in London for evidencing. How long have they been taking in the last 3 months, say, to evidence the visas and return the passports, please? I've read that they sometimes turn things round in as little as three days, but is that the norm? Thanks very much for any help. Gill