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Found 16 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Prescriptions in Australia

    Prescriptions in Australia Unlike the UK when a doctor writes a prescription each medication has to be wrote on its own script. You will be responsible for making a copayment for each of the medications up to the limit of $38.80. If you have a concession card the maximum you will pay is $6.30. If a medication is higher than the $38.80 the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) will pay the gap providing it is on their list. A list of all the medications on the PBS can be found here http://www.pbs.gov.au/browse/medicine-listing One thing to be aware of is that even if your medicine is listed on the PBS they may only be subsidised for certain conditions. For example a drug may treat multiple conditions but it may only be available on the PBS if you have a specific one. Although the cost of a prescription available on the PBS says up-to $38.80 they are often a lot cheaper than this especially if you request a generic brand. Chemist Warehouse is probably the cheapest place to get a script filled. If you have a look at this link you will hopefully be able to find the drug you will need and the cost involved https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/prescriptions For example, let's look up Pariet 20mg x 30 tablets. The price you would pay is $12.99 If you purchased the generic brand it would cost $6.50 Safety Net If you and your family spend over $1,494.90 combined you will be eligible for a PBS Safety Net. If you are on a concession card this figure is $378. So before when a script could cost you up to $38.80 your new safety net card will reduce this amount up to $6.30 for the remainder of the year. To make sure you keep a record of how much you spend I would recommend using the same chemist or ask for a card which each pharmacy will complete when you get your medication. The safety net Year runs from the 1st January and resets each year. Private Prescriptions Some medications are not on the PBS list. Your doctor still may want you to take them but remember you will be paying the full cost. My specialist recently completed a special access scheme under category A for me to be able to access a specific drug that isn't available in Australia. In this situation I can only get this drug from the hospital pharmacy and I have to pay the private cost of $112 each month. Remember you can bring certain medications with you when you move over to Australia as long as it is for personal use and no more than 3 months supply. I recommend ladies stock up on birth control pills because they are not free here.
  2. Some info about prescriptions that I've never seen anywhere else on the forum. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has a Safety Net but unless you always go to the same pharmacy, you MUST keep track of your expenditure towards it yourself. At the beginning of each year, ask any pharmacy for a Safety Net card for the current calendar year and EVERY time you or anyone else on your Medicare card has a prescription filled, stick the sticker you should get with the prescription (you may sometimes need to ask for it) into the card. When your family expenditure for PBS prescriptions gets to the Safety Net threshold, the cost per prescription drops dramatically for the remainder of the calendar year. If you always go to the same pharmacy, they will almost certainly keep track for you (ask to make sure) but get a card anyway in case you get stickers from any other pharmacy - you can then show the stickers to your usual one and they can add that to their records. My family usually hits the SN by about July each year and the savings are huge after that. Once you hit the SN, you get a Safety Net Concession card that can be used anywhere in Australia for prescriptions at the lower cost. The SN non-concession threshold for 2015 is $1453.90 (covers the whole family regardless of the number of members) and the cost per prescription drops from $37.70 down to only $6.10. I'm not sure if those amounts will change after the new legislation goes through both houses of parliament but the following link seems to indicate that it has already been taken into account. Health Care card holders have a lower threshold and when they reach the SN, the cost for a prescription drops to zero. http://www.pbs.gov.au/info/news/2014...et-information Medicare also has a Safety Net and they keep track of your out of pocket expenses automatically for individuals (they write to you when you approach it) but you have to register for it for a family; only once though - no registration needed for subsequent years.
  3. Hi everyone Great to read all the advice on here; it is so useful!! My wife, 2 children and I are considering coming to Victoria on her 457 visa as she is a Registered Nurse. Both my wife and I are both kidney transplant recipients and we would welcome any advice regarding costs of meds, checkups with specialists and costs of healthcare beyond medicare. We have done some research on the cost of our meds and a sample healthcare plan, which is a requirement of her visa. We are otherwise fit and healthy. Does anyone have any knowledge of transplant patients and stumbling blocks? Would my wife get an employee benefits package to cover healthcare, so that we would not need to fork out for it ourselves? Any tips would be most welcome or are we just wasting our time and a move to Oz is just not possible? Thanks :biggrin:
  4. dear all, greetings! i'm a 475 or temporary visa applicant and i want to seek advice from every one. my query concerns the three year prescription period being given to a 475 visa holder to secure permanent visa. my question is when will the clock start ticking is it from the time the visa was approved or it is the time of your actual first entry to OZ? I asked this because an applicant is given a year to enter oz following the visa grant. thank you and God Bless Us All. 3jps.
  5. Guest


    Hi, if I were to go to Australia I would be a permanent resident from the start as I was born there. I am currently on on-going thyroid medication. In the UK I am excempt from paying for these, as would anyone with a thyroid problem. I also have to have quarterly blood tests to check my levels. How would I get on in Oz, would I have to pay for these tablets or would they be free, also would I have to pay for blood tests. Any answers would be great, and thanks for taking the time to reply. Alison
  6. Guest

    Prescriptions from England

    Hi, wondering if anyone could help me. I'm on a repeat prescription for statins and currently in Perth. I managed to bring over the 3 months worth i was allowed but I'm going to be here for well over a year. I went to medicare to arrange a card/ membership and they said I couldn't access the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) and would have to pay out right for my medicines which would be extremely expensive.(despite the reciprocal agreement) Is it possible to have medicines sent over. I still have my repeat prescription going in the UK which is valid until March. Does anyone know how I could get it sent through customs (both sides)? I assume I'll have issues on both the British side which would want to prevent parallel trading and the Oz side because they simply don't like anything coming into the country. Surely their must be other people who are travelling who require more than 3months worth of prescription medicines and don't pay full rates for them (plus blood tests and doctors fees) every three months or so..
  7. Guest

    Prescriptions in Oz

    Hi, Not sure if anyone will know, but im am going to Australia on a working holiday visa in October then hopefully looking for sponsorship whilst over there. Currently i am on tablets i have to take everyday and i am going to ask my doctor if he can prescribe me with as much tablets possible to take with me. But when i have to get presciprtions whilst im in Oz, how would i go about getting these prescriptions....Is there any insurance i could take out which will be be better for me? Laura
  8. Guest

    childs prescriptions!!!!

    :err: OMG..just taken my daughter the doctors and he gave her a prescription for a nasal spray. So off i went to the chemist and handed in the prescription. 10 minutes later,i went to collect it, and there on the bag was the price for her prescription......ready $43.99 My face was a picture. i asked if they sold the item normally, they did, and that was $16.99..big difference. still in shock now. No wonder i can always get a doctors appointment when i want. Nobody wants to go and get given a prescription,lol
  9. gaz n family


    Just getting readyto depart theuk and want to ensure we have everything we need. I am on pain killers, premenantly as prescribed by a pain management clinic, my son is asthmatic (mild). Will a letter from my GP be sufficent to continue with thise course. Has anyone had experience of this, if so what did you take with you, or if you had issues on arrival, how did you overcome them?
  10. Evening all, can any body help regarding monthly medication for Arthoritis, OH has monthly medicine such as Methotraxate & folic acid here in the UK for which we pay a standard charge of £11 per month with NHS card. Does any body have experience with the Medicare recipricol arrangement, would these drugs be covered or would we need to take out any sort of policy or do we just pay extra, if so does anyone know roughly how much? Also, do you think this condition will cause us any problems when it comes to our medicals? Any info would be great & would be another job ticked off the list!! Thanks Lynda
  11. Guest


    Hi All, Can anyone tell me whether as a permanent migrant you pay for prescriptions in Oz. I'm on some meds and I'm wondering whether we could actually afford to pay for all the medication. Regards Busylizzy
  12. Generalis

    costs of prescriptions

    Hi trying to find some info. on medicare and prices for prescription costs. Is it like here £7 per item on prescription or is it the actual cost of the medicine you pay for which is likely to be expensive. Thanks Sam
  13. Just a quick one for you all, if I take out private medical insurance for my family how does it work? Sorry for being daft but just thought would ask before we get there. IF you have private insurance does that mean you can get to see a doctor without any hassle? And what about repeat prescriptions? Reading it it seems that you get a set amount for medication but just unsure. would really appreciate other peoples views on the matter:confused::confused:
  14. Guest

    GP's & Prescriptions

    Hey peeps. Just a quicky, I will need to get a GP so I am able to get a repeat prescription for when I am in Sydney. Does anyone know how to go about this & also what the cost's involved will be? Cheers :smile:
  15. Hi! I am moving to Brisbane in December. I am a little worried about Contraception over there, to some this may seem like stupid question but I need to be sure? I currently have a Depo Provera injection every 3mths as a contraception to prevent pregnancy. Does anyone know if they use our methods? I am thinking that if they do not have the injection available then maybe I should get the 5year implant in my arm, but then I worry about whether they have that aswell to know about removing it??? Any info that anyone has relating to this, please please let me know!!
  16. Hiya, My Mum and Dad, (aka Tassietaff) are hoping to head to Tas in 2009 on a 676 visa (hopefully for 2 x 6months) prior to applying for their CPV. The question I have is how would they get prescriptions for their various meds? I'm sure their GP wouldn't be too happy prescribing for a year in advance. Just wondered if anyone else has been in this situation and how they managed. Thanx CC x