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Found 20 results

  1. We are waiting for the decision on our subclass 190 visa application. In meantime I wanted to check something about preschool(kindergarten) admission for my wee one. She turns four this August and in case we get the visa granted anytime soon we might make the move to Melbourne say by September. My first questions is, would my daughter get admission in a preschool in a full time basis( 15 hours) that time of the year and second questions is there a fees ? I have read that the child should be 4 years old by April of the year to get admission to free one year preschool before proper schooling.
  2. Hi, We will be arriving in Sydney September 3rd looking to live in Forestville. We have a three and a two year old looking for recommendations of any preschools/daycare please...Also my little boy will be four in December 2017 does nayone know if he will get a free preschool place from Jan 2018? Thanks v much louise
  3. I'm trying to find out how often preschool settings are checked by ACECQA? I can see that all settings have to be assessed against the National Quality Standards now (a bit like our lovely OFSTED), but the certificates do not give an expiry date. Every other online search has come up with a dead end.
  4. To all parents in Northern parts of Perth WA, I would like feedback from anyone who is interested in a curriculum based Preschool in Northern Perth? I am a qualified primary school teacher and would like to open a new preschool near Joondalup. This would open for 2 year olds to 4 years olds. The proposed hours will be 9:00 – 11:30 or 12:00 – 2:30 or a full session from 9:00 – 4:30. The Preschool will be open for 48 weeks a year. I'm just looking at the general idea if there is a need in this area. So fees will be low as possible. I believe that play is essential in the lives of young children. My kindy program is play-based and references the “The Early Years Learning Framework”. I will create a safe environment to allow the children to develop their ability to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding independently. I believe that play is fun and exciting, enabling children to explore, solve problems and be hands on. At the kindergarten the program will be based around each individual child achieving at their own level at their own pace in a friendly, warm and vibrant setting. Please feel free to contact me and express your interest in attending the preschool. Linsey Williams
  5. We are heading to Sherwood at the end of August. Anyone there or anyone who knows and can comment / recommend on the pre-schools there. - Thanks
  6. Guest

    Kindy, pre-school???? Confused?

    Hi, Please help. My wee girl will be 5yrs old in December and is currently in nursery and is due to start school here in the UK in August. We are hoping to be in Perth around January 2012. Will she start off in kindy or pre-school and if so will this be part-time or full-time? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Can someone explain the school and preschool ages for queensland. In Uk My daughter is in Nursery school until she is old enough for Primary school then she will go to secondry school. I have no idea what the ages and schools and nurserys etc are doing in Australia! Any help would be great!! Thanks!
  8. reddebz

    Preschool - which one??

    Hi, Im in the middle of the whole visa process and will be going to Darwin to live with family. We are going over in June to do some ground work and I want to visit some preshcools - or day care centres as they are called over there! I will be working part time as a hairdresser and will need to leave my son in day care for some of that time and I dont know which ones are any good or how things work over there. I have never left my son as im mobile now and take him with me as he is only 2 but when we get over there I will need to go into a Salon and bite the bullet and leave him. Does anyone know of a couple of good reputable preschools in the Tiwi/Cuasurina area and in that general direction?
  9. Guest

    UK Playgroup

    Hi All I have recently moved form Melbourne to Hobart where I was a member of a UK playgroup - some families were all from the UK or just one parent like me or just spent time there. We met once a week as a playgroup in a casula manner as more of support for the mums and also had mums nights out and various other events. The babysitting circle we had was fab as it meant you babysat for each other and therefore could go out without the cost of a babysitter! Let me know if you would be keen to be part of the UK playgroup in Hobart thanks :biggrin:
  10. I have a little boy who started at a private school (preschool year) in Sept aged 3yr. He attends 5 mornings per week and really enjoys it. After researching Aus schooling I see he wouldn't be eligible to attend prep (preschool) until 2013 (August birthday). It has been suggested that a private school might take him earlier than this depending on his ability. We will have lots to see and do and learn about when we arrive in Oz but 2013 will make him almost 6 before he goes back to school again. He's a bright little thing and I'm not sure with a 1.5yr old also at home I can give him the attention he is used to. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences? Louise
  11. Hi! I'm writeing you from Europe, Slovenia EU ,and we are thinking about to migrate to Victoria, Melbourne in the nearly future on 175 visa. So I would like to know, if someone know how is with the preschool teacher's jobs exsactly their education?I have done 3 years degree at the university of Slovenia the preschool education and 5 year5s experiences.Is this education equivalent to Bachelor degree?What will I have to do in Melbourne to confirm my proffession? I wrote by net, that I should do the anafilaxis course and first aid. Do someone know more about all of this? And how much IELTS score I gonna have to get? PS: I would know in general, if we should have to do the medical exsame before starting to work? Thanx
  12. Guest

    Pre-school for 4 year old

    Hi, first time posting, but wondered if anybody could help... we have been looking to relocate to Brisbane and we have two young children. Our daughter is currently at pre-school in the UK, and due to start full time school in September at four years old. Looking through various websites, it seems that she will not be able to start pre-school until she's five as her birthday is in August and therefore just misses out on the cut off date, therefore she will not be starting pre-school for another two years!! where as in the UK she would be in her second year of full time school!! is this correct?? We are keen to move, but if it puts our Daughter education back by 2 years I think it may stop us moving. I also read that sometimes overseas or people moving from other states can sometimes start earlier, is this is case has anybody done this? Thanks, any help would be appreciated... Rob
  13. Hi, my daughter is almost 3 and I was wondering what the stages of education are before she actually starts proper school. I know in SA (where we were originally) they start at kindy at 4 but what is it like here in Qld? Is there anywhere they can go before they are 4? My boys started nursery when they were 3 in the UK and I find that they really needed it and so will my daughter. She is so eager to learn and I find that waiting until she is 4 feels like she is missing out. I have heard of prep and pre-school, is this the equivalent to reception. Sorry for all the questions. I just want to know what the process is and if there is anything out there for kids that are 3plus. We live on the GC, by Pacific Pines, so if anyone knows of anything around that area, I would be grateful of any recommendations. I am also looking for a playgroup as well as she really needs to interact with kids her own age as I don't know anyone with toddlers. Thanks.
  14. Pls can someone advise I have read on the NSW education webisite that kids do not start preschool unless they are 4 years old on the 31st of July my little boy will be 4 in October and has been at playgroup since he was 2.5 years old and has been at preschool for the last year. What catergory will he come into will be just have to go back to Kindergarden out there and is that something we have to pay for? any advice much appreciated.
  15. Generalis

    Preschool nr mango hill QLD

    Hi does anyone know the name of any kindy's nr Mango Hill so I can start researching? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Pre-School teaching

    Hello, Is there anybody out there currently looking to move over to OZ as a pre-school teacher or has already made the move. My wife has just embarked on a training course with a view to using her skills to make to move. I am currently awaiting news on an application for Western Australian police but with the global downturn there is an uncertainty over their future plans. We were both wonderig, amongst other things, how much experience is required and the exact qualifications needed for pre-school teachers Thanks in advance G
  17. Guest

    medicals for preschool children

    Hi, it's looking more and more like we are going to be applying for our 457 visa soon :jiggy:so will need to sort out medicals. Does any one know what the medical includes for young children - we have a 2yr old and a 4yr old. i know they don't have to have an x-ray but what do they actually do? do they just ask you questions about their medical history? the only thing i'm worrying about at the mo is that our 4yr old had major surgery for an ear infection 2 yrs ago but has been completely fine since - just has check ups at local hospital every 6 months as he has a gromet in his ear... anyone else had major surgery in the past and still got through the medical with no probs? trying not to worry about it too much but don't want anything to screw it up!
  18. Hi all I'm feeling very relieved to find this site as it seems that many of the answers to our questions are here somewhere...One that's not obvious to me straight away is where the good early years care/schools are in Canberra. We're moving out at the start of April with two little girls - a 20 month old, and one who is nearly 4 (as she often reminds us). My wife is the one with the job and they will put us up in an apartment until our freight arrives. So we have probably a couple of months to look at areas to live. We are keen on the idea of being close to her work (walking distance if possible, if not then a short cycle) in Civic, if we can find an affordable rental property. Any tips on where to start looking, either specific kindergartens, playschemes, nurseries, childminders or good listing sites? I've heard good childcare is at a premium in central Canberra. We are open to all sorts of options - we currently do a nanny share with another family in Bristol....Despite my forum name I expect I will start working if/when we find good childcare but there's no immediate rush. I'm looking forward to having some time with them first. Any tips on schools/areas would be very welcome - I think school/childcare will be right at the top of the list when we choose where to live... (Apologies now for cross-posting as I will put something very similar on ACT thread..)
  19. We will be moving to Brisbane next year and Im trying to work out when my children with be able to go to school and pre-school. Firstly, do they have pre-school? What ages can they start? How does it work and is it funded? My twin boys were born March 06 so will be 2yrs 3 months when we arrive. My eldest son was born Oct 03 and would be going to school in Sept 08 if we stayed in the UK. I understand that the school term starts in Jan though, so will he go to school in Jan 09? My neice was born July 04, so when will she be able to go to school? Any help gratefully received Many thanks Angelcake
  20. Guest


    Hi Folks We will be moving to Brisbane in September and need a little help regarding pre-school. Our kids are 3 & 1. The 3 year old has been going to pre-school 3 mornings a week, funded by us and the government. When researching, Australia offers Kindy when kids reach 5 years old and then at 6 years old they go to primary school. We would like our children to go to some form of pre-school from 3 years onwards as it is good for their development and we also get a rest / can go to work. Does anyone know what is available in Australia for this age group up until they can go to Kindy? Thanks in advance Boomer