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Found 10 results

  1. Hi My son will be 4 in July and will be starting school in the UK this Sept. We are moving to Townsville in Oct :biggrin: and I know that according to QLD rules he won't be eligible to start Prep until Jan 2014,as he misses the cut off date by 6 days (d.o.b 06/07/08) I know there are exceptions whereby they will allow him to start a year earlier, do you think this would be possible in his case due to the fact that he will already be attending school and is only a few days over the cut off? Does anyone have any experience in QLD on this issue? Many thanks in advance Zoe x
  2. Guest

    Townsville Schools - Prep

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had some first hand experience of Prep in Townsville - any recommendations on schools? Also do the schools have before/after school and holiday care? I know I haven't specified an area of TSV but the area we move to will be dependent largely on schools. Many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  3. :wubclub:I do hope people don't mind this thread but i thought it may help people who are thinking of taking their Dog to OZ, Also to see how my 12 yearold terrier prepares for his trip to OZ in March ( Eddie has been vet checked and is fine to fly( health wise , of course the blood test's nearer the time he flies will be checked ) , heart of an ox :notworthy:) His given name is Teddy edward :wubclub:But Eddie to his friends Born :March 1999 Favorite Toy : a huge Santa squeaky toy ( less the squeak lol ) Hobbies : Running , forgetting he is a small dog , and chasing rabbits 25th Oct First Rabies shot Nov 2nd Annual shots with out LEPTO Nov 8th 2nd rabies shot 22nd Nov bloods taken to check blood after rabies shots 30th Nov Eddies Blood resuls are back , he has the right level of antibodies in the blood after the rabies vaccine Eddie had his Rabies vaccine on the 25th Oct ( due to new rules for Uk dogs entering Australia ) There is a sticky on the pet section please read ! Eddie's lovely south African Vet actually gives his clients ( dogs )2 rabbies vaccines , i know some only give one . ( which isn't a problem by the way , !) Eddie was due his yearly Vaccines next April but because he will be hopefully flying in March ...we have had them repeated ( actually the 2nd of Nov 2011) Without the Lepto , very important ! He had his Second Rabies Vaccine on the 8th Nov , he will be having his blood test to check bloods on the 22nd :notworthy:Hope this may Help anyone who reads this , will Update as we go through the process Next thing on our list scanning his paperwork to the wonderful pet shippers Brides x
  4. Guest

    Moving Prep Checklist

    Hi Guys I know this has been asked 1000's of times but we're moving to Brisbane in around 5 weeks and have little time to sort anything whats the standard pre/post move 'to do' list ? I.E End all UK Direct Debits, Get Tax File Number if anyone can point me to a thread or has a list please post thanks Jess and Matt
  5. Guest

    It advise migratoiin prep

    Heys guys, my visa is in the system, and I thought I contact some agents out in Australia. They gave some interesting advise. They recommend I learn to improve my business knowledge of Minning, and minerals before moving out there. Has anybody else had this kind of advise before?
  6. Guest

    useful prep

    Heys, This is a question for the people which are moving back to the uk or haved moved to oz. I have lived on and off in Europe from 2007, I lived in netherlands,malta,Belguim,and Italy. In the belief that this would help me adapted more and give me more experience to making the final move to OZ. Althought Australia and an European countries are different, but the concept of living in an alien place is the same. So would the experience of the last four years help me to set the correct expections of what is required to adapted and settle?
  7. I am moving to Perth (coastal strip area) in October and am more than a little worried by mixed stories about how difficult it is to find a primary or prep school job. Is it still the case that the local education dept just send you wherever they feel you are needed? I am a BEd (hons) qualified teacher (32) who has worked in Primary and prep schools for the last 10 years. I specialise in ICT ( as a Head of Department and having been a county advisor) and English. I've also been served as head of pastoral care for boys. Any general advice? Best places to look?:wacko:
  8. Hi everyone, Please please can anyone share their experience related to our position: We have our visas etc and had planned to move to Oz December time ready for school starting in January. I misread the guidelines (although I think they changed so maybe I am not as dumb as i thought!!!) anyway, our eldest child is currently in year 1 in the UK. Checking Queensland Education website she wont start Primary school until Jan 2011 and will have to go to prep in Jan 2010. I am worried sick she is going to become naughty because she is bored, or angry or everything else bad I can muster up in my overactive imagination. I have looked at the curriculum etc for prep and its got things like toilet independence etc which worries me as by the time we move over there she will have been toilet dependent for over 3 years!!!! On a more serious note she is showing promise with her reading, writing and maths etc and I am worried she wont be given the same challeges she gets now. Did anyone else on here have a child at primary school in the uk then have to put them in prep when moving to Oz??? Or are there any teachers on here who could put my mind at rest? I really really would love any comments or anything on this :huh: and thank you for reading my rambling xxxx
  9. Hello everybody, My husband and I are here on a student visa. My OH studies 2 days a week and works the other three. I work 3 days a week. This is a very expensive route into Oz but as neither my husband nor I had an occupation on the skilled list it was our only way in. My question is regarding our 5 year old as we are undecided as to whether to put him into Prep or not. We were well aware before we came of the school fees, approximately AU$8,000 per year. However, as my son did not turn 5 until October 2008, it means that he does not start primary school until Jan/Feb 2010. As I understand it, Prep is NOT compulsory, so we are therefore not obliged to put him in and pay the $8,000. Is my understanding correct? At the moment, paying Preschool fees 3 days a week would amount to just over AU$9,000 for a year, however, this would be for the full 52 weeks. With Prep, I would have to pay for after hours and care over holidays, and I'm assuming, there'll be at least 12 weeks holiday. Has anybody else had the same experience or can anybody tell me what sort of expenses they have incurred with after shool care (until 6pm) and school holiday care? I'm not too worried about the 'education' side of things. He is a very bright 5 year old and I have already taught him to read and he is writing a bit already. Plus he has loads of regular contact with other kids. Any advice would be highly appreciated. May x
  10. Guest

    Prep School???

    Hi guys We are hoping to arrive in Brisbane in September/October this year and wonder if someone could advise on whether my daughter who will be 5 in March 2009 will be eligible to start prep school there? Any advice appreciated. Thnx Maria