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Found 12 results

  1. Paula and Jay

    Premium Economy - worth the extra $$$?

    Hi, we're looking to fly back the UK for Xmas and there are a few deals for premium economy with BA and Virgin. It's roughly about $600 more each. I just wanted to know if anyone's been premium economy and if it's any good? Is it worth the extra $$$? Thanks Jay
  2. Hello My husband and I will be booking our one way tickets to make our big move to Oz by the end of this year. When travelling there previously my husband (and me for that matter!) has found it pretty uncomfortable (he is 6 foot 5) and we alwasy said when we we book the one way tickets we'll go in style :biggrin: Having looked at prices Im not sure we can justify the cost of business class, so just wondered if anyone had any hints or tips, or any experience of premium economy? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I wondered if anyone had any experience of the subscription based websites that state they advertise premium sponsorship roles? Not sure if it's worth it or not? Thanks in advance. Tracy
  4. Hiya I have read on the Acro website that it costrs £35 for standard and £70 for premium. Is it really worth twice the price for premium service? I'm sure ive read on here somewhere b4 that the premuim took just as long as the standard? What are u doing? Thankjs
  5. Hi all, Our Reccie is 35 more sleeps away and I am looking round all the car hire firms. We are 2 + 2 so are looking at an INTERMEDIATE (Toyota Corolla or similar) and can't decide if to shell out an extra $220 for the extra insurance that cuts the collision damage excess down from $3000 to $200 if you get the third parties details. both me and hubby are confident drivers but is it worth risking $3000 for the sake of what would be $420 Or is their a way round this some how. ( note to self.... look on Martin Lewis's website after finishing this post) what has everyone else done. look forward to hearing from you :goofy:
  6. Rudi

    Air Asia X Premium

    Hi Everyone My mum and dad are coming over at Xmas but had decided that next time they came they would fly business class...... However, over Xmas the cost of business class flights up up at around 4000 pounds each. So I was looking at Air Asia X Premium for them. The price seems very much more reasonable. Does anyone have any info / advice, positives / negatives about Air Asia? Would be grateful for all suggestions. Love Rudi x
  7. terry & Melanie

    Premium bonds win !!!!!!

    Hi all, Got a cheque in the post this morning....my son's premiun bonds have had a win.... £25:biglaugh: It did remind me though.... does anyone know if they have a similar thing in Oz? My mum and dad put some money into them for the kids a while ago and would like to find something similar for them in Oz. Melanie x
  8. mr luvpants

    Premium bonds

    We are moving soon and re having a sort out. we came across my wife's premium bonds and wondered what to do wilth them. Are they still valid when we move to Australia? JOHN
  9. Guest

    Premium Bonds

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a while, and making use of the huge knowledge bank out there. I've got what may seem a very unimportant Q, but i can't find the answer anywhere, so hoping someone can help! I know that you can own and buy UK premium bonds whilst living abroad, but can't find a list of countries where it's acceptable to do so, anyone know if Oz qualifies? thanks all!
  10. Hi - we are currently waiting for our 457 visa approval and are looking at flights. We plan to go to Perth (from Manchester ideally) at the beginning on May, but were hoping to get premium economy flights. After hours on the net still can't seem to find any going to Perth (and have a banging headache!!) Has anyone else found any, or travelled premium economy to Perth before?. I would really appreciate any advice on who this was with, price, baggage allowance and finally is it worth the extra money?? Many thanks
  11. Guest

    Featherbrook: Worth the premium?

    Hi all, We've made no secret on here that we really loved the Point Cook area of Melbourne and in particular like the idea of building on the New Featherbrook estate. Here's my dilemma. Featherbrook is marketed by Central Equity as a premium 'lifestyle' estate but without a body corporate. Of course, everyone markets their estates as premium for obvious reasons. We were impressed by the displays, the plans and the amount of parkland within the estate (26%). Getting a nice size plot in a recent phase ($230k) along with a relatively big highly spec'd house ($270) hits our price point of $500k perfectly. However, looking around the point cook / werribee area it's easy to find existing modern homes of similar spec and plot size for considerably less than this, and in some cases you even get slightly more for say $450-470k. So why the premium? Which of my theories is closest to the truth? 1) Is it because all new build combinations are slightly more pricey because of the ability to spec everything to your tastes? and then do they instantly de-value once 'used'? 2) Is the Featherbrook estate actually a 'premium' development and therefore considerably more desirable than other Point Cook areas, hence the higher land costs? 3) Are the land costs merely a sliding scale, meaning the closer you get to the wet lands and coast, the higher the price? 4) Something else that I've not even considered........ :wacko: The trouble is that if we move, rent then build our own place, we don't want to be stuck with a house that's instantly worth less than we paid. Central Equity themselves have told us that a return on investment is unlikely whilst the estate is still being developed and that once all plots are built on and the community is established will prices start to rise. We'd be very grateful on everyone's thoughts, especially anyone that's gone through a new build process themselves. Many thanks, Doug P.S On a side note, I'm assuming that Point Cook in general is considered a 'nice' suburb?
  12. Guest

    Premium Bonds

    Hi was just wondering what do i do with my premium bonds ... can i take them over or should i cash them in ... thanks karen