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Found 126 results

  1. Hi everyone. My husband and I are relocating on a short skill temp visa (482) with his work, hoping to move to Sydney at the end of January. When we move I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant (first time). We’ve read that private health insurance will not cover the costs of antenatal care if you haven’t had a policy in place for 12 months. We’re happy to use public hospitals and services and I’m trying to understand if we’ll be part covered by Medicare, or if we need to cover the costs ourselves? Can anyone help? Has anyone arrived pregnant in Australia on a 482? I’d be so grateful to hear any advice, recommendations and guidance of who to speak to for more information. With me not having a job to go to and unlikely to get maternity pay it’s a bit of a concern to us. (As well as the scary thought of having our first child so far away from our family and friends!) Other info; we need health insurance as part of the visa approval and they have requested I have a medical in the U.K. Thank you for reading.
  2. Cazwilkins

    Pregnant on a temporary visa

    Hey guys, So the story goes, I am on a 489 visa (skilled regional occupation). My husband and I are both from the UK and we have satisfied the visa requirements and our 887 visa is being processed. However, there is a 12-15 month wait. We have another 12 months to go. I just found out I am pregnant (my husband is a pom too). So realistically I am going to give birth whilst still on a temporary visa so the baby will also be a temporary resident. My main concern is whether medicare will cover the birth as I have read it can cost $10,000 just for a normal natural birth (no complications). Just after feedback from those who have given birth that aren't residents and what their experience was and what costs they had to fork out during the pregnancy, during birth and after birth Eg children's vaccinations etc. Also is it straight forward to inform the government that we are expecting? Is this done through immiaccount where the 887 visa application was done? Help!!!! Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, I'm brand new here - any advice would be really appreciated! My partner and I are on Bridging Visas, awaiting a decision on a 457 application (partner is main applicant, and I am de facto). We lodged the application back in January, and at the time were told to expect an answer in 6 months. Coming up to 10 months later, we still haven't heard any news.... I'm pregnant and due to give birth at the end of November, and can only travel up to 36 weeks (around the end of October). We know that if the visa is refused, we'll have 28 days to pack up and leave. We also spent a whole lotta $$$$ on the visa application, and don't want to throw that away because of being impatient. I guess my main questions are: Is it normal for 457 applications to take this long? Has anyone been in a similar situation? And, would you continue to wait for an answer re the approval, or would you head back to the UK before the baby is born?
  4. lividbones

    Pregnant on a Student Visa

    Thanks for reading everyone! I came to AUS last year on a WHV where I met my current partner. I enrolled in school so I could further my education as a nurse. I found out last week that I’m 3 months pregnant and I’m freaking out! Has anyone else ever been in this situation? My course doesn’t start until October and I’m due in February which means I won’t be able to finish it. What does that mean for my visa? Please give me any and all advice and if you’ve been in this situation I’d love to hear from you! Sincerely, Worried like HELL
  5. Hi! I am looking for more information, I am married to an Australian citizen with dual citizenship to the U.K and we are planning on moving to Australia. We are due to have our baby in November and would like to get the visa application ball rolling sooner rather than later. Has anyone else done this? We have been married for 2 years had a house together for 4 years and we also have a dog to bring with us. Any Advice or tips we would be very grateful for. Thanks, Corrinna
  6. thepassionate

    Wife pregnant during VISA Process

    Hi,I have a problem here.I am currently in the EOI queue with 65 points.Recently, I got 79+ in PTE and waiting to update it in EOI , so my score will turn to 75.But, my wife is pregnant now.I have questions like,1. Is this the right time to update EOI, because I might get invite soon2. If I proceed, file VISA, my wife can't produce her health certificate, so how long can I hold the VISA process ?3. Or should I wait for 2-3 months, update my EOI and proceed for VISA as I might hold the VISA process for a shorter period.Experts plz guide?
  7. So Ive been with my Aussie girlfriend for 4 years, 2 years in Australia and then we've been long distance visiting in month long stints. Recently after a trip to Cambodia together, she became pregnant. Unfortunately she's decided (after 4 years together) to push me away. It's been a slow burner, but I've decided we can't be together, it's been a whirlwind romance that's ended in flames. But she's keeping our baby, I hate the idea of a child growing up without a father, do I have any rights at all? I mean the right wing rhetoric about Single mums in Australia is pretty negative, but so is the approach to immigration. So will a fairly anti immigrant country help me support my child, given Australia's views on men abandoning their responsibilities? I'm ready to help my child, and support my ex. Will Australia help me?
  8. Hi guys I have submitted skilled via 190 for NSW last month for myself,spouse and my kid, we found out recently that we are expecting a second baby. 1. How do we go about health exam for my wife since she can't get Xrays now. Is there any waiver process or do we get on hold? 2. If we don't get visa before my second child is born (which is doubtful), can i get my second child added to same visa application. 3. If visa is granted in 3-4 months and we wait for baby to be born in India, what's the process and timelines for child visa application Would appreciate if you can guide me through Thanks Mani
  9. Hello, Here is my complicated story... I'm still in shock as I have just found out in the last few days that I am pregnant (5 weeks). It wasn't planned, and I'm not with the dad (we were off and on). He is Australian and I am English. I am worrying/thinking about a lot of things, but worries about my visa situation are adding to an already complicated situation that I never thought I would find myself in. I have been in Australia for almost 2 years, at first on working holiday visa and now on a 457 visa, which I have been on only a matter of weeks. I know, bad timing... I would like to know what my options are if I decide to have the baby here in Australia. I don't think I will be entitled to maternity benefit from my place of work as I have only worked there a few weeks so I am presuming that if I leave to have a baby, I'll be in breach of my visa conditions after 28 days? Or would I be entitled to another kind of visa if I have my baby here in Australia (as the mother of an Australian citizen perhaps?), as I don't want to go back to England to have it as it's dad (who is Australian) will be here and this is where my life is now, too. I am also worried that if I have the baby here and I am not entitled to stay that the dad would have to give his OK for me to travel abroad with the baby anyway, but if I were in breach of my visa how could I legally stay? If we did get back together and I were with the dad, would we have to marry for me to be able to stay? Or is there some kind of de facto visa that I could get because I am expecting his child? We haven't lived together and haven't been together more than a year, but is it different rules if you are pregnant? I'm so confused and upset by this whole situation, I really don't know what to do for the best. Please let me know if you can answer questions re my visa options and whether I can stay in Australia with my baby. Thank you
  10. Greetings, Case officer has emailed to undergo health checks and submit Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) within 28 days. My wife is 6 months Pregnant and we are not interested to have X Ray conducted so decided to defer the medicals till birth of baby. We have following queries 1) I have unfortunately not updated Case Officer with pregnancy status yet. Should we respond back the email with Doctor Report or we have to attached Form 1022 (change of Circumstances) as well? 2) I believe its not possible to submit my medical right now and submit wife medical later on? 2)Is deferring Medical at this stage due to medical reason have any negative affect on the case? 3) What about PCC, should we submit them with in 28 days or should submit it after baby birth along with medicals? We would like to have PCC submit with medicals so that in case of any unforeseen delay we don't need to resubmit PCC. 4) Furthermore as per my understanding I need to submit single PCC for Single Country, doesn't matter if I lived in different cities. Thanks for your support in Advance. Regards Malik
  11. Hello forum, I am a US citizen and will likely be applying for a student visa (class 573, for medical school) and will be eligible for streamlined visa processing (although I will be applying from Colombia). My husband (who will be included in the application) is a Colombian citizen and while in the United States, he plead guilty to a drug crime and was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day in federal prison. This was more than 20 years ago. He paid his time and completed probation. He has had a clean record since. Because of this crime, he was ordered removed from the United States, but he left on voluntary departure and has complied with all of the terms set forth by immigration authorities. I understand that to pass the "character test", the applicant cannot have been sentenced to 12 months or more (this is considered a substantial criminal record). My husband was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day....more than 20 years ago! Also, I AM PREGNANT with our first child...going to Australia on a student visa without him would be devastating. I am trying to finish medical school in my husband's company and Australia seems like the right place for us, for many reasons, which I won't go into here. My question is... I know that ministerial discretion may be applied if an applicant fails the character test... but how do I go about this??? I've read about sending a statement, etc... but I am unsure how to go about this. Is this sent with the original application online? Does anybody have advice on how to prepare our application in such a way that will help us obtain discretion? How would I prove (on my initial application) that my husband has rehabilitated and that he deserves a chance to be in Australia with his pregnant wife who is going to be doctor? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm in a bit of a pickle really. I was granted my 187 RSMS visa in May 2014. My partner (Aus citizen) and I are now expecting, our baby is due in October. We have decided to move to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to his family, the location of our employment is very remote and it would be difficult to have a newborn here. Also, my employment with my sponsor has been very difficult, I am genuinely concerned for my mental health and how the stress will effect my pregnancy. We have discussed leaving in September, but if my partner finds a good enough job sooner than that, we would like to move sooner. We have no intention of returning once my 1 years unpaid maternity leave is up (but this will see me through the 2 year obligation). I would much rather be away from here sooner! If I continued working until I have completed 12 months with my sponsored employer (a genuine effort to complete the required time?) then terminated my employment with reasonable notice, I'm wondering if it's likely that immigration would cancel my visa? If immigration sees my reasons for leaving as reasonable, I could then get a job on the Sunshine Coast for the last couple of months. I'm so confused and stressed out!! thanks in advance for any advice
  13. Hi there My husband and I have been living in Sydney for 4 years, since moving from the UK in 2010. We have just found out that we are pregnant which we're over the moon about but equally daunted and terrified at the same time. In August we were granted permanent residency and our plan is to go for Citizenship next year and move back to the UK towards the end of that ywar (2015). With regards to the pregnancy, just wondering for those who've been in the same boat if anyone out there can offer any advice on what steps to take first - I think a visit to the doctor, of course, then what's involved in chosing whether or not to go public or private? Any recommendations on which health care to take out? - we have to take out a new policy since we got PR husband's co. no longer fund that. Any advice on things that have worked well for you would be gratefully received. Thanks YOLO7 :smile:
  14. Hello, I am from the Uk and my partner Australian. We have been together for 2 years whilst I was in the country on working holiday visa. We submitted our partner visa a few weeks ago onshore and I have been granted a bridging visa A! While a decision is made! I have just just found out that I am pregnant and am trying to get as much information about my rights to medical care and benefits...any help would be much appreciated. I have already had my medical examination and x-ray for the visa so there is no concern there! I have read that being pregnant makes no difference to the application and will not speed it up which is fine! I currently work full time and have done for the past 5 months and will continue to work until the baby is born! As as I am from the Uk i have a green Medicare card! In the UK there are no costs to have a baby, what is the case with that here? What would I need to pay for and what is covered by my Medicare? Also, what sort of benefits am I entitled to? It is more than likely that I will still be on a bridging visa or the temporary resident (820) visa when the baby is born. Just looking for any advice and information regarding my situation. And any pointers I should look out for Thank you in advance.
  15. I'm applying for a medical treatment visa (temporary) to have my baby delivered in Australia (note that my partner is australian so my baby will be australian by descent as well) The problem is I have chronic hepB. It's not affecting my liver as it's in a very healthy condition (still) and since hepB is required for pregnant applicants, how will this affect my visa application? Will this be considered as a threat to public health as I'm giving birth at a hospital in Australia? Many thanks to any advices.
  16. Hi, thanks for reading! I am a british student on a Working Holiday Visa In Australia. I have been with my partner who is Australian and full Australian citizen for 10 months now but we have only lived together for two months and I have just found out I am pregnant two months into my Working Holiday Visa & im stuck on what to do. I am fully aware that I wont recieve any marernity pay or anything like that, and I have found online that I am able to recieve Medicare pregnancy and birth healthcare due to the Reciprocal health scheme between the Uk and Australia. I know that with my child I would be allowed to stay until its born and then I would be asked to leave as soon as a baby passport was available. I was just wondering if there is any change to what I have mentioned because the childs father is an Australian Citizen? Also if an option was to apply for a partner visa, would I be able to apply for a Partner Visa when we have only lived together for two months? As the visa states that you must live together for 12 months? Any advice/options would be appreciated
  17. hi again. well despite planning to have the xray before i got pregant ( and having been trying for over a year and a half) i had to cancel the appt i made for my front loaded xray because i am finally pregnant :jiggy: i am thrilled but i am sure dh's prospective employer in OZ wont be. they have offered a 457 visa for him, and i am only just pregnant so it will literally be 7 months before i can have a chest xray. does anyone know of any other options we can use? i refuse point blank to have an xray when pregnant, even with a lead sheild, does this mean we have to postpone our move till i have the sprog or can dh and the kids get a 457 and i go out on another type like a holiday visa etc? im not planning on working when we get there but wondered, as i will either have the baby here or have one there ( entering a hospital in OZ requires you to have had an xray im pretty sure) :chatterbox:help!
  18. Hi, I have a query regarding x-ray test for my pregnant wife. We had applied for visa class 189. We got a CO assigned. Before going for the x-ray test my wife tested positive on pregnancy. We are in Singapore but hold an Indian passport. Due to the test results we refrained from the x-ray test (also suggested by doctors). All other tests were done successfully. My wife already holds a class 457 Australian work permit valid for 4 years. She got all her medicals done for 457 few months back. Question is can the visa 457 x-ray test result be used for her 189 visa? She travels to Australia frequently on 457 visa based on her earlier medicals. Please help me in someone has already faced such a condition. Thank you!
  19. Hi all Woke up to a fab email this morning on our 175 application requesting police clearances and medicals (hip hip hooray!):biggrin: However there are a few questions based on the fact that I am 7 months pregnant... I have read on previous posts that you can ask your case officer to put your application on hold until baby is born, and then add him to the application (so as to avoid paying the extra $2000 for a baby visa) - has anyone done this? Secondly with regard to police clearances, can we apply for those now or do we need different ones as "parents" in 8 weeks time? My only concern is we have lived part of the last 10 years in South Africa, and the police clearances can take quite a while and we want to get down under asap, so I would love to start those now! Any help or advice would be a huge help! Sorry if these questions seem a bit silly. Thanks Heather
  20. Does anyone know of any insurance companies that will cover emigration including pregnancy? Go walkabout will cover up to 28 weeks or complications after that. Would a baby born pre 37 weeks be a 'complication' as that would be premature (I feel like Worzel Gummidge and todays head is irrational). I'll be travelling at 35 weeks
  21. Hi, I am new to the forum, so hoping this is the right forum to ask this question. I just submitted my EOI yesterday with 70 points for 189 visa so hope for a positive response soon given the recent cut-off was 65 points. I do have a question though related to the processing after I get invited. Roughly how much time can we stretch the application process to? In any case my PCC might be a bit long as I spent a few years in the US as well. My wife and I are expecting a baby in 3 months and would like to do the medical test post the new arrival(given the controversy of X Ray for pregnant women) and want to include our new born on the application as well(assume we can do this by filing Form 1022. Thanks.
  22. I have just been told my daughter in the uk is pregnant. I am over the moon. But ...... I feel torn. I alway said that when grand children come along I will go back. I want to be the nan that my mum and my grandmother always were to me. Daughters need the support of their mums and I know she misses us badly. Problem is, we have a life here and my husband loves it. I also have a teenage son in Australia too. So very confused. I really want to be there for my daughter but if I go back I know I will be going alone.
  23. Guest

    Need Visa Advice - Baby on Way!

    Need advice, I'm Australian born and raise but been living over in London for the past 4 years. I've been with a Swedish girl (28yrs old) for the past 3 and bit years and lived together for most that but been living apart for much of the past year due to money issues etc. We been taking about returning to Australia for a while now, she has never been there but always dreamed of it. Just recently we discovered she was pregnant (currently 16 weeks) which we're happy about though it was unplanned. Now we want head to Australia ASAP and share the joy with my family. One Visa agency advised to apply for a 'Working Holiday Visa' so we can get to Australia fast then apply for the 'Defacto' once there. But I'm worried that we'll be denied because of the pregnacy and then I know if we applied now, the Defacto takes time and not sure if we'll meet the past 12 mths together cause we been living apart for much of 2011 although we lived together for the 2 years before that and currently the past 4 mths. Advice on these or other Visa's or best way to go about things would be greatly appreciated as we'd love to be in Australia in the next month or two! :cute:
  24. I'm just wondering what the maternity benefits are over in Australia. We have one child at the moment and plan to have more which may be after we make the move to Oz. :yes: What do you receive in terms of maternity leave and maternity benefits? E.g. how much time can you have off after having a baby, do you get any money from the state for supporting the baby and help with childcare? When we had our son in the UK I was entitled to a full years leave from work with maternity pay for 9 months at £128.23 per week and recieved £20 per week child benefit and when I returned to work I got £7 per week towards childcare costs. At the time my I had only been in my job 2.5 years so wasnt entitled to the maternity pay from my employer but would have been had I fallen pregnant after being with them for two years. Can any one help??? :err:
  25. I have just applied for my partner visa from th uk in November and have just discovered that I am 4 weeks pregnant . I have emailed my case officer but have not heard back as of yet. It's th worst possible timing ever and I am so worried and confused about what happens next. Of anybody can give any sort of advice on this then please let me know. Will they keep visa on hold or try get me out there quicker? Can I even fly when I'm preg?! What a mess... Somebody please help with some info if they can. Thanks