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Found 68 results

  1. Jessh19

    Reciprocal Medicare - IVF

    Hello Me and my husband are on a subclass 500 and our visa runs out in February 2026 so quite a few years left! We have reciprocal Medicare. we have already been trying for a baby for 3 years and have just received the news that we may be unable to conceive naturally. I am obviously concerned about costs etc, and wondering if we would be eligible for bulk billed or whether it would be all or somewhat covered by Medicare? has anyone else gone through something similar? thanks!
  2. Good afternoon everyone, We are applying for the TRT in 2 weeks and are thinking about building our family. We don’t want to wait the possible 18 months wait (actual timeframe) so we are wondering what would be the main difference between the bridging and the PR for my pregnancy. I m working in the tourism industry and am actually without work so I can’t count on the maternity leave anyway. Thanks everyone
  3. Good afternoon everyone ! My partner and I are applying for the 186 TRT (thanks to his 457) in 2 weeks time. He is electrician and we are wondering if any trades can share their timeframe. The TRT timeframe is extra long now and we would like to try to have a child next year. Anyone with a bridging visa able to share their experience ? Is it any big difference to have a child before or after PR knowing that now the waiting period for maternity leave and stuff will be 4 years so no point to count on it ! Many thanks and good luck to you all
  4. LoftyTurtle

    PR application lodged + pregnant

    Hi there, I lodged my PR in Feb this year (visa 186) and current processing time is 14-15 months. I am pregnant and due in May 2019, which would be the ‘15th month’ of visa processing so being realistic, there’s a chance I may not have PR by the time baby arrives. I’m in full time work (457) and plan to be up until I give birth. Will I be entitled to the 18 week Centrelink maternity leave pay if I don’t have PR? I meet the other eligibility requirements online. Will I also need to go for another medical examination after Feb 2019? I completed this in Feb this year and I hear they’re only valid for 12 months. If anyone has had a similar experience, it would be great to hear from you and understand what happens. Thanks!
  5. Hazel Murray

    Medicare (RHCA) pregnancy

    Hi all! Sorry if this has been asked before. We are moving to Australia in 6 months (I am on Visa 461 and my partner is a NZer on visa 444). We are not pregnant yet but are trying. My question is whether I can enter Australia pregnant and register for medicare. (As I understand it I am eligible for medicare under the RHCA). I am also having trouble finding out what kind of maternity cover I get under RHCA. I may take out private cover but I want to know exactly what I am currently covered for. (Plus I know there is often a 12 month waiting period before you are able to claim). If anyone else has given birth using RHCA cover please share your experience. Thank you,
  6. Cazwilkins

    Pregnant on a temporary visa

    Hey guys, So the story goes, I am on a 489 visa (skilled regional occupation). My husband and I are both from the UK and we have satisfied the visa requirements and our 887 visa is being processed. However, there is a 12-15 month wait. We have another 12 months to go. I just found out I am pregnant (my husband is a pom too). So realistically I am going to give birth whilst still on a temporary visa so the baby will also be a temporary resident. My main concern is whether medicare will cover the birth as I have read it can cost $10,000 just for a normal natural birth (no complications). Just after feedback from those who have given birth that aren't residents and what their experience was and what costs they had to fork out during the pregnancy, during birth and after birth Eg children's vaccinations etc. Also is it straight forward to inform the government that we are expecting? Is this done through immiaccount where the 887 visa application was done? Help!!!! Thanks in advance
  7. watson150

    Maternity Leave??

    Hi there! wondered if you could help me? I moved here in 2008 on a 457 working visa. I am still on a 457 visa even though September last year I got married, to an Australian citizen. However, we are looking at starting a family soon and I wondered if I would get any maternity leave from my employer? In my understanding, the government will pay 13wks maternity leave, which is paid to the employer, who passes this on in my monthly salary and my employer contributes the difference between what the government give and what I normally take home. But not being a permanent resident means there is no government paid maternity leave, does my employer still have to pay me? i know I have been paying my taxes etc in this country for 6years now and I understand and have no problems not receiving anything from the government, but as an employee, am I eligible for anything? any advice greatly received
  8. Susie Rebbeck

    Pregnancy on a 189 visa

    I am new to this website, hope I am posting this correctly! We have just been granted a 189 skilled migrant visa and are hoping to move to Sydney within the year. We do want to have a second baby soon though, and I am trying to figure out whether we should do that in the UK first, or whether we can get support in Sydney. I understand that I get access to Medicare as part of the visa, but have also been told by some people that we would need to have had private insurance for over a year before they will cover pregnancy. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you!
  9. Hi All, I fell pregnant at the beginning of our visa application and our baby arrived on the 20/11/2014. We were allocated a case worker a week before the baby was due and we advised them of our due date. Our application was put on hold so we can undertake our medicals once baby has arrived (though first we needed to register her and then apply for a passport). Our case worker advised we needed to complete a 'change in circumstances form' and they recommended form 'change of address/passport form' form number 929. However this form does not seem to fit our criteria as no space to add our babies details? It seems to be a form for notifying of changes to passport details as oppose to notifying of an additional person. Can anyone advise if they have been in a similar situation and if there is an alternative form we need to be completing? Thank-you for your help i'm a little confused (lack of sleep isn't helping either! :SLEEP:)
  10. Hi, My wife and I are expecting our first child (due in September). We currently live in the eastern suburbs and would be interested to meet up with other Poms that have decided to raise a family over here. As much as we love being over here (we've been living in Sydney for a few years now), it's a bit overwhelming with all our family living back in England. Love to hear from other people regarding their experiences. Andy
  11. Hi There, I am a NZ citizen by birth and my partner is from the UK and has lived in NZ on work visas for the last 4 years. We are applying for a Subclass 461 visa so that she is able to accompany me to Australia as my de-facto partner. I understand that this is not an ideal visa in the long term but we will figure out how to move on from that visa given time in Australia. Question is does the Reciprocal agreement that UK and Oz have cover the basic medical for entire duration of her stay in Aussie or is there a time limit that you are covered for? I saw some threads that suggested that you are only covered for the first 6 months but suspect that may not be true. I also appreciate that we will probably need insurance to cover addition things... Does anyone have experience of coverage and a time limit if any for a reciprocal? Is there any coverage if we were to fall pregnant? I realize we won't be covered for maternity pay etc but would love to know if some hospital bills are covered... Any answers from those that have experienced this would be much appreciated... Regards Shaun
  12. Hi, My boyfriend already has his PR visa. We were going to add me as a de-facto partner and include my daughter who is 17 as a dependant. We are now having a baby of our own (due in June) and my questions are Should we wait until after the baby is born to apply for my de-facto visa - this would mean we have been living together over 2 years and together for almost 4 so I could possibly get a permanent visa rather than temporary??? However; If we do wait until the baby is born, my daughter will be 18 and possibly not in full time education although she will be waiting on a college course starting... She doesn't work and is fully dependant on us financially. Is being 18 a cut off for dependants? Im unsure which avenue is best for us all, apply now or wait.... Any advice re our situation would be gratefully appreciated
  13. I've just found out I'm pregnant, my partner and I are coming to Oz in just over 2 months from the UK on a 12 month working holiday visa, with a view to my partner getting a 4 year business visa once we're out there & I don't know what to do I'm freaking out!! :arghh: Will my pregnancy care be covered under Medicare as I'm a UK citizen? Will I have to pay a fortune to have my baby out in Oz? Will I be able to get private healthcare or will my premiums be massively high as I'm already pregnant? Can anyone help/advise me as to what to do as I'm really worried? Thanks :unsure: Emmie
  14. Guest

    Visa application and pregnancy

    Hi, I hope there is someone out there that can help. My wife and I have completed a 176 visa application, we have state sponsorship from WA and recently passed the medicals and police checks. We are therefore just waiting to see if/when we get a visa. We would like to start a family and are loathed to wait because it would appear achieving either goals is unpredictable! Can anybody shed any light on this subject ie how long it might take to get a visa... not how long it might take to get pregnant ;-) or what happens if the visa comes first, pregnancy second and we want to have the baby in the UK. All help appreciated. Cheers, Francis.
  15. Guest

    Need Visa Advice - Baby on Way!

    Need advice, I'm Australian born and raise but been living over in London for the past 4 years. I've been with a Swedish girl (28yrs old) for the past 3 and bit years and lived together for most that but been living apart for much of the past year due to money issues etc. We been taking about returning to Australia for a while now, she has never been there but always dreamed of it. Just recently we discovered she was pregnant (currently 16 weeks) which we're happy about though it was unplanned. Now we want head to Australia ASAP and share the joy with my family. One Visa agency advised to apply for a 'Working Holiday Visa' so we can get to Australia fast then apply for the 'Defacto' once there. But I'm worried that we'll be denied because of the pregnacy and then I know if we applied now, the Defacto takes time and not sure if we'll meet the past 12 mths together cause we been living apart for much of 2011 although we lived together for the 2 years before that and currently the past 4 mths. Advice on these or other Visa's or best way to go about things would be greatly appreciated as we'd love to be in Australia in the next month or two! :cute:
  16. LaurenKnowles

    Initial entry date

    I am being processed for a 309 partner visa. I'm in the uk at the moment, and have fallen pregnant- I'm 5 weeks in. I believe that when you are granted your partner visa they give you an "initial entry" date which goes from when your police clearances etc are valid from- so I'm calculating by my papers I'll be given august as this is when I revieved my clearances etc. Problem with this is that I'm actually at bursting point with baby! And if I leave any sooner I am not going to receive any maternity pay from my work. This is a real tricky one- if anybody can give any advice please do... Does anybody know if the date can be Saunders given the circumstances? Thanks x
  17. Guest

    Pregnant to temp resident

    Hey guys, I'm only new to this and don't know a lot about visas but here is my situation.... I have just found out I'm pregnant to someone who is currently on a spouse visa. (not me being the sponsor) He doesn't become a PR until November 2012. Obviously when he tells his spouse what's happened, their relationship will be over. What will happen to him in the meantime? Will I be able to sponsor him in any way or would he have to go back to the UK until the baby is born? Like I said, I don't know much about visas etc at all, so I would appreciate your feedback.
  18. After visa was granted, but before we move to Oz.???? Cheers D&A :biggrin:
  19. Guest

    medicals & pregnancy

    Hi, We have been requested to undergo medicals by our CO. Since my wife is pregnant with our first born she would like to know whether she can undergo the medicals? Is there a risk involved with the scans they take? What's the best approach? Thanks,
  20. I am moving to qld with fiance in october. I have a working holiday visa and was planning to apply for a spousal one once we'd bought a house/had more things in our names in aus (we are renting and do not have joint bank account in UK at the mo). However, I have just discovered I am pregnant and am very worried due to the fact I am not allowed medicare on my current visa. I just googled some private health insurance companies but for them I think it may be too late as I am already pregnant. Any advice/ideas would be gratefully appreciated! Thank you!
  21. Dear members are we covered under RHCA agreement or not I mean pregnancy support etc??,as we are uk residents,and also did adding new born baby in Australia to the parents visa,is free,or we have to pay.?
  22. Hi, Is there any body to advise regarding pregnancy after getting PR visa? I got visa on last month and planning to go Australia in next month but i seems i am pregnant of 3 weeks the propbable date of flying is 1st week of Nov 2011, could you please tell me the complicacy and procedure regarding this sudden issue. Thanks
  23. Guest

    Visa and Pregnancy Info Please!

    Hi, I am already in Australia as a dependent on my husbands 457 visa. I have just sat my ielts exam, I'm awaiting my AHPRA reg and ready to apply to ANMC for skills assessment (which should could take up to 3-4 months I think) then apply for 175 visa. I have just found out I am pregnant. What is the best course of action for applying for my visa. Can I apply for it now and then just have medicals done once bub is born or am I best just abandoning it until after baby is born? I really would like to get the pr as quickly as possible for a sense of security more than anything else. Any info greatly appreciated thanks.
  24. Cam

    making friends

    We're thinking about coming back to Sydney, we had a great 8 months whilst I was on maternity but had to go back as job opps were poor at the time, otherwise we would have stayed. My worry is making friends so that you feel less lonely, and did find a great playgroup in Coogee before. I'm currently pregnant with baby no. 2 & we're debating whether it would be best to come out a couple of months before the birth and then be able to link up with an ante-natal group or wait as we did before until 4 months, part of us is wondering that linking in with a group before birth and in the early days might be a good idea, or is it just a bit random & silly? :jiggy:Useful to know other peoples' thoughts!!!! Especially if you've had a baby in Australia. Thanks, Camilla