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Found 8 results

  1. The past 24 hours have seen the Australian Dollar strengthen against the Pound to reach the high of 2022 so far, so if you are considering transferring any funds back to the UK now could be a good time for you. A combination of the Royal Bank of Australia hinting at potential interest rate hikes and the escalating tensions in the Ukraine are two of the major causes for the AUD gaining momentum. Poms in Oz have partnered with multi-award winning Australian based (but founded by two Poms), Send Payments to provide our members with a cost-effective method to transfer funds securely from Australia to the UK. Receive a free exchange rate quote
  2. Well this is a bit of a strange thread, but here goes. When in the UK, I lost 6 stone (two stone Weight Watchers) pre the birth of two children, manged to keep that 2 stone of, after my second child, I then went on to loose a further 4 stone through Slimming World, since arriving in Oz in November I have manged to put 14 pounds on, nightmare, we recently moved to Redland Bay, and since life has started to settle down, I have not put any more on, and I don't intend to. Slimming World only runs in the UK, but I had an ace consultant who became a very good friend, so with my one stone to lose and more, my question is if there is any one out there in South East Brisbane struggling with weight or has done SW before and would like to meet etc, just drop me a line or PM if you would rather, I know I have struggled without the group support etc, if there was a few of us we could hold a 'mini class', how funny would that be! I have books and all the mags (yes sad I know I brought them over) and even the tools to work values out for food, as KJ is more the thing than Cals here in Oz. SW is worked on Carb and Protien, free food as SW call it, anyway let me now if any one interested, its also another way to meet people. Melx:chatterbox:
  3. Gilllian

    transferring $ to pounds

    Hello I'm going to be moving back to UK in November, after 27 years in Oz. I'll be needing to convert proceeds of house sale etc from dollars to pounds and put into an english bank account. I was thinking of just going to HSBC and seeing if I can open up account in Uk from here and convert everything in the one go. In terms of best rates though, does anyone have any suggestions for a better way? Thank you Gillian
  4. Guest

    A Million Pounds.

    OK Folks. Most, not all of us on PIO are in Australia, or are planning on going to Australia. My question is this. If you were offered a million pounds tomorrow to either stay in the UK, or return from Australia would you do it. The only rule being that you were not allowed, ever, to live in Australia until you're dyeing day. NOTHING else would change. The ONLY difference would be is that you would have a substantial amount of money behind you. In other words, the UK may have a change of government, may increase health spending, may decrease health spending. Schooling would get worse or better, blah, blah, blah. The ONLY thing that will be different is that you have more money than before. The UK and Australia will remain the same. Same positives, same negatives. Yes, its true you may be able to afford the things you have always wanted. You may be able to move to a different area of the country, but in essence all will be equal. The only thing that will have changed is your ability to afford so called 'luxuries' if of course you wanted to. And 'if' the money is invested very wisely, you 'may' not HAVE to work again. Would you for a million quid consider staying in this country or returning to it? Cheers Tony.
  5. Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hi there, Finally some better news for those looking to convert those very stale UK pounds tucked away in the corner of one of those big (but not as big as they used to be) UK banks. Some relatively good economic news out of the UK, including headlines that Lloyds were planning to exit the asset protection scheme. This is seen as a positive step. UK unemployment data came out better than expected and UK house prices are looking like stabilising. All in a week’s work. All positive signs and the UK pound had a good week against the $US, clawing its way back to some sort of respectability, from 1.58 to 1.64. The Australian dollar did not fare so well. Although the Aussie did appreciate against the US dollar, it did lose most of its gains late in the week as the markets decided to get nervous again. As for this week, I’m not really sure. I haven’t got that regular trend comfort blanket to hold onto. The ‘trend’ took a U turn last week, but, you get the feeling this recent blip is just that. While the ‘lucky country’ has in-demand commodities under its dusty soils and while there is telegraphed likelihood of further increases by the RBA to its official lending rate, the Australian dollar looks to remain well in demand. News out of the UK would have to remain consistently on the positive side for this most recent strength to continue, and I wouldn’t like to bet my last pound on that. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.7750 Low: 1.7430 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week; High: 1.7950 Low: 1.7420 Click here to view GBP/AUD charts Talk to your currency provider today to best manage your currency needs. Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  6. :shocked:hubby got an email today saying that if he wanted to re-train in oz as a plumber or brikkie it would cost us 15,000 english pounds for a 2 yr course omg so we will hav to re-think our plans now we need a bit of good luck and hopefully sum1 mite sponser me as im a cook !!!!!!:shocked:
  7. Has anyone got links to info on the interent of what the pound is likely to do agaist the dollar for the rest of 2008? I can currently get 2.05, will we see 2.1 this year or is it just going to get worse? From the way things are going right now in the uk with another 40% increase in gas and electric bills before the end of the year and also petrol and diesel prices breaking the £1.50 a litre mark, i can really only see things getting worse for the GBP vs AUD.
  8. Probably not the sort of thing you would find on this web site but i know we are all trying to save a few pounds here and there and got this in the post this morning....so might save you a few pennies ;;;;;;;;;;;;; Double Club card points on a single delivery between 23 April and 20th May quote ref XX-D9YY (for orders over £50.00) 14 May - 3rd June XX-QKJF 28th May - 17th June XX-HJ03 (or it may be letter O) YOu have to enter it at the online check out....... Currently in College and we have began to swap savings on deliveries such as next M & S etc so saving a few pounds here and there it all helps.... Good luck hope it works or will feel stupid