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Found 25 results

  1. As you may or may not know the old TRA (trade test thingy) has been abolished and in its place a company called vetassess now tests you on theory as well as practical skills,cost around £1000 and which you have to pass in order to obtain your Trades skilled migrant visa. Unless your straight out of college or know just about everything from unblocking a toilet to solving a fault within a boiler which is hidden within a thermo electric solonoid valve it all seems to me a bit daunting.. Now don't get me wrong I know my job but ,best will in the world I don't know the theoretical side of everything in a trade which covers such a vast area from draining (inside and out) to domestic heating to sheet metal roofing commercial and industrial practices,gas domestic hot and cold water...etc etc If we could all help each other in at least gathering info on what kind of questions we'd expect or the best place to find Australian bylaws for revision purpose etc ..its a lot of money to loose and a big disapointment should you faulter on this so i'd to have half a chance by knowing what their likely to be asking any thoughts??
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of looking for jobs, searching for companies etc... It's all still very early days but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice re: contacting the companies? What is the best way to word the emails? I don't think I can just say, "Hi I'm Lucy, I want to live and work in your beautiful country, give us a job!" I'm on Linkedin so I can contact some people through that too. Looking to fly out to Perth next year around August/September time so would be able to meet with employers too. I thought I would ask some of you people in the know first... any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lucy :smile:
  3. http://www.garp.org/risk-news-and-resources/risk-headlines/story.aspx?newsid=38827 Big banks are facing scrutiny for manipulating the Libor rates...
  4. AaronS

    Potential job

    So, I've sent out my CV to a couple of openings that looked interesting to me. One called back this morning and I did a phone interview! I liked what they said and they liked what I said. They are going to get back in touch for a follow up and gave me more information on the company1 Yea! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  5. Guest

    potential problem :(

    I have been feeling generally a bit rundown for a few months now, but have put it down to stress, tiredness, work etc. Had bloods taken a few months back and all were perfectly normal. Had my mirena coil removed cos thought it was possibly that that wasn't agreeing with me, but no change. Last few weeks have been really sore and tender all over, still feeling very tired and drained, thought it was a virus but not settling so went to GP's yesterday. Have to have bloods taken again and GP says it will possibly just go away but she is considering referring me to a rheumotologist as she thinks it may be a myalgia type condition. Now I am worried about my visa application and the medicals. I haven't applied yet but am in the process of doing it but thinking no point paying out the money if I'm never going to get through a medical. I'm applying for a RSMS so we are talking medicals being requested in a matter of months when potentially i won't have even seen a specialist yet, but i can't hold off too long with applying for the visa either because i have to be over in Oz by July for my contract and for my AHPRA registration. I'm just wondering what to do, I'm not ill as such, have never had a day off work because of it, i could see what the bloods come back like and if all normal i could just not go back to GP's therefore not be referred to specialist and hope that it is something that will just go away of it's own course, but then i'm worried that the medical will show something undiagnosed and i wouldn't oass it anyway. I'm also worried that if i don't do anything about it and things flare up further along the line once I am in Oz then it would cause lots of problems for us. sorry for waffling on, i'm just really anxious and worried about what to do for the best, it may all come to nothing
  6. Hello Everyone, I am married and the main applicant on a 176 sponsored visa, we have completed medicals and police checks. In the final stages, but we have seperated and will not be getting back together. My question is can anyone advise me; if I contact my case officer prior getting the visa granted on a change of circumstances form 2011, of our seperation and future devorce prior emigrating, would this make the application void or have no effect as it is not a joint application and being the main applicant??? I know this might be hard to answer or has someone else had this issue, please help:cute: James.
  7. Hi, I have been trying to find information out about a potential employer and also the job that i could be doing by googling it. I cannot find a thing, so thought this would porbably be the best place to ask. I will possibly be getting a job offer from a company in New South Wales for a Community Mental Health Nurse position and its with the Hammond Care Group. Does anyone know of this company? it is a christian charity. The reason i ask is because i am on the verge of giving up on nursing altogether now (i am practising in th UK at present) and as much as i enjoy the role and being with the patients its the company ethics, lack of staff and bad pay that is really draining me now. The last thing that i want is to come to Oz (on a long term business visa) be tied into a contract for 2 years and find myself in the same position. If anyone can tell me anything about this role (is it very stressful etc) in NSW and the company that would be really helpful to me in making a decision. Thanks xxxx
  8. Hello All. I am holding an IT related position within a pharmaceutical industry in Denmark, having Danish nationality, looking for options to migrate to Australia, having just turned 44 in January I have my worries about the age limit. I am pretty new to it and will appreciate if you can advice/ show a way around and how to figure/navigate through the conundrum of Australian migration laws and regulations. Thanks very much and good to be here and all help will be appreciated ) Cheers, geves
  9. This one is for the migration agents and anyone who has gone through 457 sponsorship. What could be the potential issues with 457 sponsorship for an employer who has never sponsored anyone before? What are the things to give special attention to during the sponsorship and nomination phases? Can you please share your experience.:smile:
  10. The following* new (and some existing) trade and vocational related two year programmess are mostly available in Melbourne and SE QLD which may lead to permanent residency opportunities as advised by institutions: Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade)/Diploma of Engineering (Manufacturing) Certificate III in Furniture Finishing (Cabinet Making)/Certificate IV in Furnishing Technology (Melbourne & SE QLD) Certificate III in General Construction (Bricklaying/Blocklaying)/Certificate IV in Building (Melbourne & SE QLD) Certificates III and IV in Graphic Arts (Prepress)/ Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital Production) (Everywhere) Diploma of Dental Technology (Most States) Certificate III in Electrotechnology Refrigeration and Air Conditioning/Certificate IV in Project Management and Diploma of Business (Most States) Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management Commercial Cookery or Patisserie (Everywhere) Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology/Certificate IV in Automotive Technology & Diploma of Business Management (Melbourne & SE/N QLD) Certificate III in Horticulture (Wholesale Nursery)/Certificate III in Production Horticulture/Certificate IV in Production Horticulture & Diploma of Production Horticulture (Everywhere) * NB This list is not comprehensive for specific requests ask. There are slight differences between similar programmes, especially start dates. Private institutions tend to have multiple entry dates, city based campuses, specialised and good industry linkages versus state TAFE. On other hand state TAFE have dedicated and very well resourced campuses in suburbs including recreation facilities etc.. Any mature (21>) candidate is eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) under the Australian Qualifications Framework for (related) experience and/or previous training. AIEC is accredited representative of all these institutions, for more info get in touch. You do not pay any fees for our services
  11. This from the Minister today, annual figures. In an economic downturn, I fail to understand why they retrict the only visa that guarantees positive economic outcomes - I guess the pollies love to say how many more Australian employers they have helped with sponsored visas. That said, note the number in the pipeline, almost 2 years of quota. :wideeyed: This has the potential to encourage the Minister to lift the requirements (as we saw recently) or state it is 2 years processing time - which for positive economic gain of the 163/165 is just nonsensical. However, there is a review of the business skills underway and under the old Minister this was scheduled for year end, now with Bowen's attention on the boat people and having to recover from Evans' mad rush for change, I would expect next year before any review is completed or acted upon. Anyone thinking about applying but holding off for a better exchange rate, don't bother waiting. It will be at least a year before you get a visa, and you can take forward cover to set a known rate of currency exchange so you know how much to bring. If necessary rent your house and sell it later when the overseas market improves. Foolish though it is, I foresee a tightening in this category now that we see a move towards employer sponsored visas with public papathy for a bigger Australia. :arghh: You read it here first.
  12. Hi guys, Just about to post the pmv application, have front loaded it, just waiting for the police check to arrive, sent off last week so should be any day now. Heard a few rumblings on the forum about delay it processing time, was told 3-4 months but now hearing 5-6, not sure if this applies to pmv, any advice? The main problem we have is that we are looking to travel on Jan 8, now if the processing is 5 months plus then it's very tight. I have heard that you can travel on an evisitor whilst the pmv is being processed, is this true? So this is where it gets interesting, I already have an evisitor thatn expires on Jan 20, 12 days after we are due to leave. Is there a way of extending the current evisitor or applying for another before the current one expires to cover all bases? Fingers crossed it doesn't come to this but want a fall back policy... Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andy.
  13. OMG trying not to get ahead of myself or too excited but received an email this morning from jamies potential employer in WA and they have asked him to obtain a police clearance check ASAP!!!! surely this is a positive, i wish theyd just tell us if we have it or not!!!:arghh::wacko::jiggy: im am seriously excited but trying to hold it back just incase, cmon WA GOV give us the nod!!!!!
  14. Is it just me, or are all but a few Australian companies simply rude when it comes to job applications? I have applied for dozens and dozens of jobs over the last few years in Australia, i have simply lost count of the actual amount of companies that i have applied to for specific advertised positions, and ones that i have uploaded my CV to, on their recruitment sites. In 4 years of (started in January 2006) doing so, i have only ever received feedback from one company, i find it quite appalling! A couple of years ago i scrapped the idea of coming to Australia with company sponsorship because of this and went it alone. Now i have Permanent Residency, i still am not receiving any feedback :arghh: Most of the jobs i am applying to are exactly what i do now!! I could have copied the job advertisement requirements onto my CV! it was so similar. And for a real kick in the teeth, they are only asking for people with 'similar' backgrounds and far less qualifications than myself....starting to grind a little!! This happenning to anyone else? Rant over.
  15. Please can anyone help??????? How can DIAC work out these costs. Do they have guidance sheets for every health condition or is it a subjective thing where they assume costs for an illness and then just decide Yay or Nay for a visa. My OH has Chronic fatigue syndrome but I can't find anywhere what potential costs to these services might be. He has had CFS for 10 years but is currently well and maintaining his job as a police officer and caring for our 2 kids while I am at work full time. Apart from getting tired, he is in very good health. The only meds he is on is an antidepressant, but not for depression but for a way to help with his sleep and feeling of tiredness. Has anyone had experience of this condition or how I could find out what potential costs might be. At the moment he will only see our GP. Every couple of years he might see his Occupational therapist for a follow up. But has not required any other health input sine diagnosis. I know this makes no difference to DIAC as they look at any person who might need treatment etc., rather than each individual case. Please can anyone advise. Our agent is not too sure if this will affect us. Will be very easy to get letters from health professionals saying about how things are. Helen (39) Nurse, Neil (50), Connor 5, Natasha 4 IELTS sat 06-03-2010, waiting for results :skeptical:, Skills assessment ready to lodge once results through, then apply QLD SS as I lost 15 points due to MODL revoke, then 176 application. :arghh::arghh: Brisbane here we come........
  16. So we may have a chance of a job offer, they seem interested and know we are in the uk. We were going to broach the possibility of job sponsor with them. Does anyone have anything easy to understand which lays out exactly what happens ? I dont want to say the words job sponsor and scare them away
  17. At what part of your Visa application would you start to approach potential employers??? I'm looking at a good 2 years (being reallistic) till I'll be setting foot in Oz for good. Do you think I'd be wasting my time doing it now?
  18. Guest

    Potential Career

    Hey guys, I am just writing for some information regarding migrating. I am a 3rd year maths student at the University of Manchester, looking to a career in Finance and Accounting. I am ultimately looking to emigrate to Australia, and was wondering what was the best way for me to do this. Ideally I would like to get out there as soon as possible, and was wondering at what stage that would be possible? I am looking to live and work in Brisbane at some point in the future. Cheers, any advice is very welcome as im just exploring my options at the moment.
  19. Just read this in The Age online about the potential impact of a review that is being conducted at the moment of certain (not all) colleges that cater to international students. Looks like some may close. Training college turmoil looms Sandra
  20. There are lots of good and bad points about both Oz and UK. There have been lots of threads which have discussed the same, all be it rather heatedly! Dont let these "discussion threads" sway you. Do your own research! What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. By all means ask all the questions in the world but remember...........just because someone else doesnt like it.........it doesnt mean you wont! If you are waiting for a visa........it will seem like forever but u will get here! If you are thinking of applying....look at all the pro`s and con`s of why you are moving! If you are here............I hope its going well. Good Luck x
  21. hi, can anyone tell me if i was to apply for state sponsorship would i have to find a potential employer first or do i apply then a employer will get in touch perspectively?
  22. What are your top 5 questions that you want to know? We`ll try and start a thread on each and help you through it!
  23. Glenn Wellburn

    Priorities and potential changes

    Hi Everyone, I attended a seminar in Brisbane yesterday delivered by various Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) staff. As most of you may now be aware the ministers direction has lead the relevant processing centers to process skilled applications in the following priority. 1. Employer Sponsored (ENS) 2. State Territory Sponsored 3. Occupation on the Critical Shortage List (CSL) 4. Occupations on the (MODL) 5. All other applications They explained that these changes have been introduced as a result of the current global climate and its effect on Australia. The concern of the minister and the Australian government is that unemployment may rise and they want to ensure that those currently in Australia working on temporary visas (i.e. 457's) and those in direct demand are the focus for the migrant stream. Although they did not say anything specific they indicated the following potential changes. Applications with occupations listed on the (CSL) expect to be processed within 4-8 months from time of application. Overall skilled quota cap may be reduced. Possible increase in the pass marks on the 'points test'. Review of Migration Occupations on Demand List (MODL), Critical Shortage List (CSL) and Skill Occupation List (SOL). They stated that they will allocate those applications listed under 1-4 above as the priority and they will look at other applications when they can. As a result they have no expectation on how long it will take to process the other applications. What does it mean? For those listed under 1-4 things are looking up however those who are not may be left in limbo. If you are not listed in 1-4 above and as a result have no idea when you application will be allocated a case officer, you may wish to consider the following to help your application become a priority. Obtain State Sponsorship - If you have applied for Skilled Independent Subclass 175 or Skilled Sponsored 176 (Sponsored by a family member) you can look to obtain state sponsorship without lodging another application. Obtain Employer Sponsorship - DIAC advised yesterday that it is possible to move from a General Skilled Migration (GSM) application to an Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and transfer the Visa Charge. I believe that some on PIO have considered these options already. Please note you should be careful if you decide to change to an ENS application. You would want to be certain the sponsor’s nomination has been accepted before changing the application. I hope that whatever changes that occur on Friday have a limited effect for those in PIO forum. Fingers crossed.
  24. Our house has been on the market for 4 months and we've had about 12 viewings and no offers. Originally it was on for £285, we dropped it to £275. We've had a couple view last week who are interested but they have 2 houses to sell to be able to afford ours. They've now accepted an offer on one of the houses and are trying to sort out a mortgage but having trouble as he is self employed. EA rang today to ask if we would consider an offer of £250K, although it wasnt a formal offer at this stage. Hubby and I have different opinions. What do you reckon? Angelcake
  25. Can't believe it!! Been looking for admin work for about 6 weeks with no joy. Found out last week that my b-tec nursery nursing is valid over here, so decided to utilize it and look for a job in daycare. Redid my resume last night and just visted 5 local settings, one on the spot full time job offer (told them only want 2 days at moment so they offered me that instead) been put on the 'relief' register for 2 more, offered 3 days at another one and number 5 said they will definatly have something but will call me when the director comes in to confirm days etc!! Can't believe that now I get to choose! So pleased I can relieve the financial burdon from hubby a bit (we are struggling over here!!) Sad that my son has not settled in his daycare yet though, that will make it all harder Just wondering why everyone I saw was so desperate!! lol