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Found 26 results

  1. Guest

    FIFO Posts

    I'm new here, we are just starting our adventure to Oz. My partner has an interview for a Fly in Fly out post and works in the construction industry. We are struggling to find much information out on FIFO apart from adverts for posts or random newspaper articles. If anyone has experience of them would they mind answering some of the questions below, I am aware that each job will be different but just trying to get some ideas. When it says 10 days fly in and 10 days fly out, we are assuming that is 10 days consecutively and not 2 weeks of 5 working days and 2 weekend days off. Has anyone done it with a young family at home, I would be at home with the kids with OH working away for 10 days at a time. We have had him working away here quite often but it just feels a bit scarier doing that over there - is there a comunity of partners who are left at home? Is there anything particular we should be checking/asking about it? Thanks in advance
  2. Guest

    750,000 posts

    Just noticed that sometime in the next few hours we are going to hit the 750,000th post on the site which is quite a milestone! - I remember it was only last year that we were celebrating the 500,000th post so things seem to be speeding up fast. So i just wanted to say well done to the Admin, Mods and users who make this a wonderful site! Daniel p.s. Cal is still the top poster on here with a little over 14,000 but I recently noticed a mod on a competing site who is just reaching their 50,000th post - I think either we may have some slacking going on :wink:, our site is much more refined so less Moding is required :huh: or the Mod on the other site needs to get a life:twitcy:
  3. Guest

    One Thousand Posts.

    You know me, always to the point and man of few words. A milestone reached today in my PIO career, so in view of this I will leave you with this thought. The following track could be the new PIO anthem. NOT. YouTube - World in union 95 :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  4. Guest


    Dont you just wish some people would read their own post back to themselves before posting .....cant make head nor tails of some of them:wacko::wacko:
  5. nicandjay

    Applying for nurse posts?

    Hi to all fellow nurses, I have been with an agency here in the uk for 2 months now and not heard anything back from any queensland hospitals.I am waiting for my qnc reg should be here any day Would i be seen as a better prospect for employment when i am a permanent res? Are there still as many jobs for nurses? Original idea was apply for 457 now people saying dont just go for 175! so confusing you can listen to too many peoples opinions sometimes:wacko: I have literally said apply from brisbane up to Rockhampton!!!! Coming out in sept do you think its seen as acceptable to call in the hospitals and ask??
  6. Guest

    Negative posts only please.

    Just to balance it out which I think will be a great help to those wanting to move. Bloody flies get everywhere.... to start.
  7. I am a Social Worker in UK at the moment, but my family and I are planning on emigrating to Australia in the near future. Is there any advice about the best place to look for social work vacancies, and does anyone have an idea what salaries might look like? :jiggy:
  8. Yorkshireclan

    1000 Posts!

    :jiggy:Does this make me a PIO addict?? Just like to say wot a top site this is..Made many friends and without it would have gone seriously mad!!! :hug:
  9. Guest

    I've made 1000 posts !

    Not wanting to bang my own drum but I just found out that I passed the 1000th post mark ! Not bad,1000 posts since December 26!
  10. Dave A

    Moving goal posts!

    Hello all, I applied to Victoria for state sponsorship for the 176 visa. I'm a secondary school teacher and my wife's an occupational therapist. I applied in October 08 and within a couple of weeks I received an email asking me to register with the Victorian Institute of Teaching in order for my application to proceed. I’ve already had my qualifications assessed by Teaching Australia so I had to jump through the hoops again with forms, certified docs, statements etc. I sent my application for registration and I’m currently waiting to hear from the Victorian Institute of Teaching. I noticed, on this great site, that Victoria has changed their list of occupations which they’d give state sponsorship. I visited their site and secondary school teacher is one of the occupations which have vanished from the list! Fortunately, it appears that applications received before 13/01/09 will be processed on the previous list so I should be ok. Does anyone know what the chances are of Victoria sponsoring my visa application, assuming the VIT accept my application? Noting in this game seems guaranteed!?
  11. TaniaColin

    2000 posts

    Just wanted to say a big Thank-you to everyone on PIO who has helped and supported me, since i started the long visa process. I feel i have made alot of friends on the forum, which is always very valuable. So Thanks again and heres to the next 12 months, which hopefully by then i would like to have my visa and be living my dream. Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tania, Colin, Arran, Cameron, Arwen-Grace and Chad XX :wisemanxmas:
  12. Guest

    Calling Cal - 8000 posts

    Is it a bird?? Is it a plane? No, its SuperCal! Is there no stopping you Cal??? Congrats on 8000 posts!:winkxmas:
  13. Elliott-Family

    How do I add a timeline to my posts

    Hi I have noticed lots of you have a time line at the bottom of your posts, i would really like one but cant work out how to put one on, please help Many thanks Claire
  14. TaniaColin

    1000 posts hooray but still no c/o

    Hi i've reached 1000 posts, thanks to everyone who has helped me along. Is anyone else still waiting for a c/o on a 176 visa we submitted the end of March and i feel like nothing is happening. Please give me some hope and feedback and put me out of my misery.:sad: Tania X
  15. Que Sera Sera

    1000 posts!

    Yeah passed the TRA, Sold the house and 1000th post on PIO all in one week!:swoon: phew I feel a break from the diet coming on. If I come on here later tonight please ignore anything I say as I may not be compus mentus! (no change there then!):biglaugh:
  16. Bod

    Posative Posts Only Please

    Hello all Home comers Not been on line for a while not set up as I'm back with my Mum and Dad for the mean time. I ve seen alot of negative posts so I thought I'd add a posative post. House prices in the UK are falling big time. The exchange rate is great at the moment. $-£ The Eastern europeans seem to be going back to help there own booming economies. Boris has kicked red Ken out as Mayor of London The Tories seem to be getting ready to kick out this alwful Labour govenment. The UK is not as crap as some have made out. well not around my area anyway. Not every one hear is down on life. Today has been lovely. I,ve seen the sun and it's touching on 17 Degrees.:cool: If you are coming back, this I think is a good time to come back. This is still one of the best countrys in the world. And as it has been said before life is what you make it. So as Lesley used to say Come on down. John COME ON YOU BLUES
  17. Guest

    Missing Posts, PMs & Users

    Hi All, It appears during the server moved last night a number of posts, Pms and users may well have gone AWOL - How this has happened I don't know! If you did register last night and can't login - Please reregister and all should be Ok. Anyway my apologies if yours was one of them! Tim
  18. Guest

    Positive Posts Only Please!

    I think it is a shame when a positive thread is spoilt by a negative post and goes in a totally different direction, positive threads never seem to stay that way! So keep it light, bright and positive :smile::smile::smile: What are you looking forward to in Australia? What positive changes are you making? etc.............. Nikki x
  19. Like it says on the tin Only Positive Posts about the THE CHAMPIONS:biglaugh:

    Due to negative posts

    Dream blown out of water as OH has read NP.I wish I had not found this forum it has done so much harm. In the early days the threads gave positive & negative but in very contructive way but now those people who intentionaly spread or a single small minded bully who i expect got his visa refused is out to ruine it for most of us. It might of turned out wrong but we would of been happy trying. now i will never know.
  21. Guest

    Stop All The Negative Posts!

    Hi All, All i have to simply say is: If you dont wanna go. Dont go! If you wanna come back. Come back! God i no y we got our nickname WHINGING POMS! Where never happy! I am sorry but i come on this site to feel good, congratulate others on there visa's been granted and get excited about mine getting nearer and nearer daily! People experiance things differently, my thought is all these people on this site wouldnt have gone through all this stress, hassle and expense if they werent serious about their move. And you no what you can always come back if you want, nothings indefinate! As far as i am concerned my partner and his whole family are from Oz and in my eyes and they are the best thing about Oz. Yes the grass isnt always greener but let people live their experiances themselves, its differant for every one. I personally cant wait to start a new life with my partner and his friends and family and for every-one that is still excited about their visas been granted, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  22. Guest

    1000 posts!

    Well, we are now PIO chatter boxes. Mark will say that has nothing to do with him and it is all me!! Well, Im a proud PIO chatterbox!:yes:
  23. Guest

    Losing Posts?

  24. Guest

    this is it 100 posts!

    am i now officially a senior citizen, sorry member:biggrin: only posted to make it 100, no actually do have bit of relevant news, have made appointment for my meds today for end of next month even though only just sent off visa application, as they seem to be getting quicker, & most meds centres booked in advance, rang a couple and saved myself £215 (ooooh shopping in norwich when we go:wink: ) so it does pay you to shop around donna