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Found 30 results

  1. Does anyone know what the last Christmas posting day is for Airmail to the UK?
  2. Just thought I'd post this as it is the one thing that always slips my mind till the last minute. This year I'm super organised and cards are being written this weekend and posted next week! Royal Mail have it all listed. Cards (and parcels) sent via airmail have to be posted by Monday 5 December http://www2.royalmail.com/greetings International Airmail Mon 5th December South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand Fri 9th December Eastern Europe, USA and Canada Mon 12th December Western Europe I haven't been able to find the cut off for Aus - UK airmail but it will be around the same time. Will post it when its announced. Sea mail cut off point was back in September sometime. Anyone wanting to be organised that far in advance can make a fair saving on costs for shipping though. Worth keeping in mind for next year if you want to send larger parcels of non perishables. Our family sends parcels this way a few times a year and it works well.
  3. I thought I would just make the odd pithy comment and everyone would be struck dumb by my Wilde like wit. Instead I am challenged on every point, NO, every WORD! And I have to spend increasing amounts of football & beach time researching! And worst of all, I can't find a single Archers fan either here or in the UK?
  4. Evening all, Can you tell when people are posting after having a few:goofy::unsure::laugh: I think i can:yes::biggrin:
  5. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiance with posting a suitcase internally? We are based in Nelson Bay now and I have been offered a 457 visa in Dalby:jiggy:, (About 3 hours inland from Brisbane) We have decided that we are going to do the 11 hour drive there, but the problem is we have accumilated a lot of stuff from our 2 months here, and its not all going to fit in the car. (We never planned on moving far from Newcastle you see) So our thoughts was to fill one of our cases with stuff we dont need and post it out and it should arrive shortly after. Any thoughts guys?
  6. Guest

    Posting Items from UK to Aus

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone could help me out with this.... my hubby and I LOVE Sports Direct clothes and they are an awesome bargain....but.....their postage to Australia is approximately 55 pounds, and the postage through Royal Mail (if I were to get it shipped to a UK relative and they would send to me) would be about the same... Anyone know how we can ship it for any cheaper or is it just not possible?! The postage makes it not really worth it in the end, but if we can get it shipped for cheaper I'm all ears!
  7. Guest

    Final queries before posting

    Hi all, Im just about ready to submit my application for a partner visa (309), and was hoping if someone could answer a few questions - 1 . The 40sp form states - You should provide certified photocopies of one of the following documents to show your employment during the last 2 years: • Australian income and/or overseas tax assessment notices*; OR • a letter from your employer confirming length of employment and annual salary; OR • payslips; OR • business documents or a letter from your accountant if you are self-employed or self-funded from other sources. We've got a letter from my partners workplace, as well as some old payslips from her lasy job, but the actual partner booklet says nothing about getting these things certified, and after a lot of reading of the posts, it seems most people only get the major things certified (such as passport, birth certificate etc.) ... so am I going to need another trip to the solicitor? ... 2. Ive stapled the main application forms, will they be bothered about this or should I take the staples out? ... they arent sharp or sticking out or anything. 3. Some of the supporting evidence ive sent are original copies but it isnt anything that we need to have sent back (I will be sending a SAE with my application anyway) ... does this matter? ... Thanks for your help in advance.
  8. Hi all, I would appreciate anyone stating which is the best, safest and cheapest way to send application in the post, is there a particular envelope that is used from the post office for recorded delivery? By the time it is sent there will be a large number of A4 paperwork. I look forward to any comments Many thanks!:err:
  9. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    Last posting date

    What is the last posting date in Oz for christmas cards and gifts to the UK please. Joanne
  10. Guest

    Posting items to Australia

    Hi Guys May be a silly question .... but here goes .... a friend of mine has asked me to send them some powdered sauce mixes .... will there be a problem getting these through? Are certain foodstuffs (apart from the obvious) not allowed in? Many thanks in advance
  11. It's been a long time since I was back in the UK and I would like to ask advice on UK newspapers. I am going to place job adverts for Australia and would love advice on which papers you guys and girls feel would be best. The Jobs are all for Caterpillar Fitters or Caterpillar Diesel Mechanics, I am prepared to interview in Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Dublin, Reading and London. I want to reach people that have exp on Caterpillar machines and who want to live in Australia, the jobs offer permanent Australian residency sponsored by employer, we will pay all visa fees, all migration agents fees, the air fare, we offer a relocation payment, house rental allowance to get settled in Australia and full intergration assitance with getting settled, all paperwork such as banking and if required schools and sports clubs etc. There are no fees or charges at all to applicants at any stage, we pay for everything. Starting pay rate is around 18 Pounds an hour and rapidly increases as the worker completes company training modules (no charge for any training), most of our fitters earned 100,000 pounds last year with allowances and overtime etc. So any suggestions for the right UK and Irish newspapers, forums or social websites to get the message out there? My team and I will be in the UK and Ireland in May to conduct the first round of interview and information sessions regarding the job and Australia. Final interviews will be in June, ETA in Australia will be Sept / Oct 2010 arriving with permanent residents visa sponsored by employer. I prefer not to use employment or recruitment agencies if possible. Thanks in advance
  12. :eek: Hello my husband is a FCCA qualified accountant with experience in both practice (about 15 years) and industry (about 5 years - financial and treasury accountancy). He is 40 this year and we have been talking about taking the plunge and moving to Oz. I am a CIPD qualified HR Manager (although I am not expecting to work although this would be nice and we have two sons, aged 8 and 5. If we came over, it would be on the strenght of Nicks' points (which he is delighted about - finally got one over on me!). I was just wondering where the best place to be is bearing in mind that he would certainly need to get a job within 3 - 4 months of us arriving. Is there any way we could research the types of accountancy jobs available before and which State offers the most opportunites! Some big questions here, but this will all help with the deliberation process. Am currently booking a reccy trip to take in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but we are really open about location. For me it is about making our lives balanced and taking advantage of the great outdoors as the boys love it. Any comments or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Guest

    Posting rather than shipping...

    Hello all... Was hoping someone might be able to advise us, as we are starting to plan for the move. We've decided to leave all our furniture etc behind, as we will rent out our house in the UK , and besides, a lot of it is just IKEA trash or getting on a bit. However, we do have a couple of nice leather sofas only a year old, cost new around 2000 quid... so first off, anyone have any experience of flogging furniture - good websites to recommend or other ideas? But back to my main question - in effect we're thinking of just shipping personal effects. Quotes for 1/2 a 20' container are coming in at about 3000 - 3500 quid. Has anyone done things another way - boxing up stuff and sending it surface mail? How cost effective was that? We could store a whole bunch of stuff in mum's loft for a few months / year while we go over and find somewhere to live, and then ship it over at a later date when we go back to visit. Would appreciate any ideas... Cheers BB
  14. I was being very organised until the sister in laws presents and have missed the post! Its now 1 week until christmas (near enough) and posties are striking this week. Anyone recommend a courier or some sites for a small parcel about 500g? Melbourne to Manchester :wink:
  15. Can anyone advise me on which is the best way to post a whole load of papers off to EA for assessment? We need something that can be tracked preferably, is fast and doesn't cost too much - am I asking too much? Any help gratefully received, many thanks, Sam
  16. Guest

    Posting skills assessment

    After months of gathering all the documents and statments I think I need, I'm ready to post my application for skills assessment. Can anyone tell me what's the best way to go about it (mail or courier delivery) and how much it cost? Thanks........:jiggy:
  17. It's like coming home to log on again to Pomsinoz after a long gap and read about bacon, curry, worries about medicals and flights, and all those things that kept us awake for what seemed like months on end. I've hardly been on here, not because I hate Australia, far from it. The situation is that I came over to Melbourne in November 2007 on a contributory parent visa, with two of my three children already citizens. The plan was for my youngest to apply for residency once I was here and could sponsor him. So far so good. I found a house to rent, bought a car, got my cat out of quarantine and started to breathe a sigh of relief, after all the stress of packing up, saying goodbye to everyone and probably worrying about all the wrong things. As it turned out. Because what happened was that a month after I got here I lost my youngest child, aged 27, to suicide. So this first year hasn't been the sort of experience that anyone else could relate to, and there's so little I can say that might help other new arrivals. All I can say is that those few people here who know have mainly been warm and sympathetic, I've had wonderful (free) weekly counselling, I love Australia and its inclusiveness, the fruit and veg are FAB, I love the neighbourhood house system (like a small community centre but much cosier), I hate driving just as much as I did in London, and the weather can be just as rubbish as the UK. Oh and I can't believe how much bread costs!! At one point I wondered whether I should go back to England, since my life had fallen apart so tragically, but knowing that you always take your problems with you, I never seriously considered that. In a strange way I find the different landscape a comfort. It reminds me that this isn't the old home, it's the new and totally different one, and can't be blamed for what happened. In some ways it's easier for me to cope with my son's death, because he never came here, so there is nothing in the place itself that reminds me. So that's why I haven't posted. It was a hard thing to share, and I also didn't want anyone leaving adult kids behind to worry that the same thing might happen to them. My message is still that this is a beautiful and welcoming country, and I fully intend to see more of it when I can. I'd love to know how all the other oldies are getting on...are you all loving it?? Newnico
  18. Hi, any recommendations for the quickest and safest way of posting two important documents out to Australia - to ensure they get there? Thanks.
  19. Guest

    Posting for Christmas?

    Hi all Well we have been here 7 months now & are looking forward to our first Christmas here. However I am wondering when is the best time to post out cards and presents back to the UK. Will be sending pressies by airmail so does anyone have an idea how far in advance of Xmas day I need to get stuff posted. Currently parcels are taking a week but as Christmas looms its bound to get busier Thanks Mandy x
  20. I know it's a scary thought but time is flying by and it will soon be Christmas again. As it is my first Christmas in OZ I want to get organised and arrange pressies etc for rellies back in England. I just wondered if anyone has any ideas about shops who deliver to Australia or shops here which deliver to the UK. I was gonna tell rellies what kids want and then they can order online and get shipped straight to me. I obviously want to do the same for them, but not sure if this is possible. Hope this makes sense? What does everyone else do? Cheers Joan
  21. lizg

    Posting Documents

    I'm sure this has been answered before but I couldn't find anything (quickly enough!) I am finally ready to send off my application for CPV (Hurray). Was going to use a courier to hit 30th June deadline but as the increase in fees is only 30 dollars if I miss it, I've decided to save myself some money by sending normal post and spend the rest on some well deserved wine after getting this far! 2 questions: 1. Should I send recorded/registered or is there a better way (When my son sent his application for permanent residency he sent it using some method that required a signature at the other end - unfortunately there was no one there to sign so docs got returned to the Post Office and a card was left. No one bothered to collect from Post Office so a few weeks later their application was back on their doorstep 'undelivered'. Obviously don't want this to happen! 2. Because there is a change in the fee should I complete 2 forms confirming credit card details and fee. One with current fee and one with the applicable fee should it arrive after 30th June? Going to Post Office lunchtime tomorrow. All responses gratefully received. Liz
  22. God I feel like I have been so slack recently but I am finally finally posting our app tomorrow!! All photocopied (illegally at work!) all checked and re checked, police checks frontloaded and medical on friday :smile:so wish us luck, hopefully we will be on our way soon!
  23. I was watching Thursday's 'Wanted Down Under' about bubbly northern couple who have emigrated to NSW Central Coast. They absolutely LOVE it there (I think the lady said she still pinches herself to believe she is actually there?) I sometimes reply to posts extolling a 'pro-living in England' point of view although I love Sydney and intend to live there again. I couldn't cope with my workload in my last Sydney job and I started doing more and more overtime - every night plus all day Saturdays - but I still could not cope. (cue violins) Lack of confidence made me think that I had a normal workload but I just did not work fast enough. (cue even more violins, much sobbing) To compound it, I was doing a degree part time at UNSW. Eventually I was made redundant and returned to the UK for a holiday. I did not intend to stay this long but I've got a job with Royal Mail that is SO GOOD compared to my Sydney job. I work exactly 8 hours a day (not a single MINUTE's overtime) with zero stress and no commuting hassles as I work late shift. The thing that scares me about returning to Sydney is that I might have to do another awful job. No one will ever convince me that commuting in Sydney's rush hour is better than any other comparable big city. Anyway, that's why I may sometimes appear to be saying 'Australian Heaven Can Wait - I prefer living in UK Hell. Dave
  24. i posted a reply thread to should i go or stay by someone, name escapes me and i cant find it there are 25 posts to this thread and i can only pick up about 10, what have i done wroge or is there a problem with this post. Please help quite knew to all this so it is proberly me, but not sure, really want to read the rest of tthreads after mine but cant find them HELP ME PLEASE:realmad: