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Found 21 results

  1. i'm Georgia i'm 14 and i am really excited about the move yet i will miss my best friends who i have known for years! and i don't want to leave them i'm scared i wont make any new friends and im worried about my gcse's. i don't know what to do!:unsure:
  2. My husbands job is probably going to be in Toowoomba. I have 4 kids aged 15, 12, 10(boys) and 6 (girl). Any advice on places to live (rent) near good schools as children will walk to school. Just want a nice, safe family area so kids can play outside thanks Libbysmummy x
  3. hi everyone, Just dipping my toe in the water here Potentially have a job opportunity in Melbourne on a 457 VISA. We are a family with 3 kids aged 12, 5 & 2. I've managed to get lots of great information just from browsing the forums here. I'd be really grateful for ANY information on Melbourne such as suburbs to live in which are good for high schools & primary schools. Also just generally how does everyone find it?!! This job opportunity has come out of the blue & we could potentially be moving by the start of 2012. So we're under a bit of pressure to find out whats its like Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old, have been married to my Australian spouse since February 2010 and we've been together for nearly 5 years. I have been living in Australia for 4 years with a gap back in England for 1 year in the middle. (2 years here, 1 in UK, then 2 more here so far). I originally came here to study, then moved back here to marry my partner. I'm here now on a spouse temporary visa, and I think a decision on my permanent visa will be made around February/ March. Things are not going very well in the relationship. We are arguing a lot, and my husband has developed depression. I'm also showing some symptoms of being depressed. We love each other but we have been talking a lot recently about where things are going and sadly the future is not looking bright for us at the moment. If I'm honest, I am not happy in the relationship and if it weren't for the visa, I probably would have ended it a few months ago. I am SO settled in Australia, I've been in my full time job for 18 months, I have a great network of friends, and I'm so happy here. I also brought my cat with me from England, and if I had to leave Australia there is no way I could afford to take him back with me, which breaks my heart. So basically, if we break up and I had to go home, I would lose literally everything I have worked so hard to build up over the last 5 years. The fear is consuming me and I don't know where to turn. I have been saying for a few months now that we just need to stick it out and stay together and see how things go. I'm scared however that when it comes to the decision on my permanent visa, do we have to attend an interview? If the relationship were to end, does anyone know what my options might be? If I tell the department that we have separated, Is there ANY chance that I would not be sent home, if I can prove I have strong ties and I'm settled here? I have been thinking about seeing a migration help office, but I thought it couldn't help to try and see if there is anyone out there that can tell me where to start with this. Thank you so much for your time.
  5. After reading the processing Times guidlines posted on DIAC website http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm#a Assessment of cases will commence once all cases in priority groups 1–3 are finalised. How on earth will they ever get round to category 4's? Surly there will be a constant flow of new cat 1 - 3's that will have to be processed ahead of us in cat. 4? Can anyone shed any light on this? It certainly looks very grim!
  6. Pipp

    Possibly moving to Perth

    Hi everyone, My partner has just been offered an oil and gas job in Perth. We have 3 children 17, 12, 7, it's an exciting and overwhelming time!! We have schools and university to source along with a home. My partners job will be based at Bibra Lake so I need to find a house close by, has anyone any thoughts please. Also if anybody else is moving out to Perth late 2011 or to anybody that is already there it would be great to hear from you :biggrin: Pipp xx
  7. Guest

    Possibly moving to Perth

    Hi to everyone, my first post. I have been offered a job in Perth, being sponsored on a 457 by my new employer. Big pull will be leaving family and friends (no different to any of you who have made the move I imagine) but I would love to give this a go. We are investigating the cost of moving all our belongings over so I'm looking for recommendations as to companies to steer clear of and those we can use. We will need a container and we have a black Lab who will be coming with us. Can any of you who have moved recently please give us any tips/pointers/advice? What cost are we likely to be looking at? I know that the dog will have to be quarantined (30 days I believe), again I'm looking for costs and companies to use. I do receive a relocation allowance from my prospective employer but only up to 5000 Aus dollars. All feedback gratefully recd.
  8. Hi, I am new to this forum.I am thinking of emigrating to Australia possibly Ipswich later this year.Does anyone live there have any advice about what the area is like, cost of housing etc.I have lived in Australia before but in Sydney.
  9. Just wondering - when we lodged last year (Nov 09) any future correspondence would need to be referenced with the old codes. Since the introdcution of the new codes do we need to correspond with the new code only, both old and new code or old code only? Like I say, just wondering but do really need to know. Ley x :unsure:
  10. Morning/Evening All. Couple of threads recently have concerned the possible detriment to financial security if the big move to Australia is made. Some if not most people on PIO have worked their backsides off to get where they are today, and in that respect some of you have pensions to look forward to, and fair play to you all if you are in this position. After all, if you have slogged away all your life you deserve to be rewarded at retirement with a comfortable pension and the lifestyle that brings. (This is of course if your pensions are safe and haven't been whittles away by the recession and bad management). But then all of a sudden Australia comes into the equation. Just why Australia now features in your thoughts is as individual as you are, but someway along the lone thoughts of Australia have entered your thoughts and you realise there may be a possibility to live out there. Some miss family that are already in Australia, some just go for the adventure, but from what I have read the vast majority of people go because they think/hope it will offer them more than the UK can and ultimately make you more HAPPY. So we now have this situation, do you give up your jobs, house, family, etc in this country BECAUSE you are not truly happy or do you hang on for grim death and stay in this country because at the moment you are fairly secure monetary wise. I have never been one to put a lot of store on money, as long as I have enough to pay the bills, help the kids out, and go out once a fortnight, then I am as happy as Larry. But at the end of the day what I am trying to say is that money can never bring about happiness in the UK if you are not happy here. Yep, money can take away a lot of the stress and worry of everyday living but it will NEVER buy you true happiness. So in essence is it worth staying in this country purely for monetary reasons if you will never be truly happy here. True, you may go to Australia with little except the change in your pocket, maybe not even a job to go to, or on the other hand you may go to Australia very financially secure and a job waiting for you. But at the end of the day, is it truly worth staying in this country if you can not be happy here at the moment. Far be it of me to say go to Australia, but at the end of the day isn't the whole point of us being on this earth to be as happy as we possibly can, and if Australia 'may' bring that opportunity then why not go for it. Some will read this post and think I am saying throw it all up in the air and go to Australia, that is NOT what I am saying at all. Just if you are truly not happy in this country then why not go for it. Yes, it may be the worst thing you have ever done, but you never know, it could be the best decision you have ever made, maybe a little less money, not the house you had in the UK, etc, but if it is a possibility that it may bring you TRUE happiness then I would say go for it. Just my thoughts. Cheers Tony:wink:
  11. Hiya, this is my first post on here but i have been a serious lurker over the past year or so whilst trying to sort out mine and my partners rsms 857 visa. This forum has been a goldmine of information. My partner and i have recently (3 weeks ago) been granted permanent residency on an 857 rsms visa (i am an arborist or tree surgeon in WA), i was previously working for my employer for 6 months on a working holiday visa. However, work has seriously slowed down the past couple of months and the boss is starting looking at downsizing. This is exactly what happened to me in the UK and made me come over here in the first place!! From what i have read and understand so far, if i am made redundant on the RSMS i am to find work within the same industry in a regional part of australia. The problem being that arborist work is very slow throughout regional WA at the minute. There is however still arborist jobs in Perth. What am i supposed to do if i can't find a job in the same industry in regional WA?! can i apply for jobs in different industrys whilst still staying in regional WA? I feel pretty screwed at the minute to be honest. The mrs and i were feeling really settled where we are at the minute having joined clubs and become part of the community. If anybody can offer any advice it's greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, We (hubbie and I) are going to Mackay in August to have a look around....I have been offered a transfer there, so just need to see if we think that we would want to live there.:unsure: Has anyone got any idea what the cost of living comparison is between Melbourne and Mackay? We have been in Melbourne for nearly 1.5 years now - any tips on things to look out for on our reccie trip?? How does it work with taking my car? It is registered with Vic Roads - taxed until March 11 - would I need to change the rego plates etc? How much would it cost? What do I tell Vic Roads? Drivers licences? Again - we hold Vic Roads licences - valid for another few years - will we need to change them? If so, how soon and it is easy? RACV cover? Can that just transfer and become RACQ cover? What about getting my car from Melbourne to Mackay? 2,300km? Is driving it realistic? Put it in a container? Have thought about selling and buying again when (IF) we get there, but I like my little car, so not keen on that option. Does anyone have a list of good areas / areas to avoid when living in Mackay? Would be working near Sarina, so that restricts things..... Am sure we will have more questions, but any assistance, comments (even snide remarks???) welcome!!!!!!!! Thanks :notworthy: Jules
  13. Guest

    Possibly Melbourne area?

    Hi all, my hubby has been offered a job transfer to the Melbourne area and I am a Children's Nurse, we are in our 40's, no kids. Hard decision to make, do we come or do we stay?!!!
  14. Helllooo, Im a fourteen year old girl and its a possibilty that i might be moving to Perth as we are in the process of applying for our visas. We've already been over and stayed in Perth for a month and i love the idea of living out there permenantly its just Im kindaa worried though that if we do move i wont fit in being the 'english girl' and that it will hard to make friends at a new school at the other side of the world. Im excited about the idea of moving just wanna know some more information about it all from anyone else whos in the process of or already has moved,, thanks... x
  15. Hello I'm a brand newbie here, and up until 4 weeks ago, if you said I'd have joined this forum, I would have said "naaah.. pigs flying over there". But, life presents so many surprises, and we've had one! We've been offered a wonderful opportunity to emigrate to Oz with DH on a 457 business visa. My brother lives in Sydney and we had wanted to emigrate to Oz, but thought it was impossible for us to move over there as my new career no longer qualifies to get us in and my husband is well over the age to get a residents' visa. In fact, we went on a Reccie trip to New Zealand last year and have been pursuing opportunities there, as the visa rules are different which meant I could get plenty of points! But... in January my brother said that there was a Project Manager opportunity with the company he's working for. To cut a long story short, my husband has just had a 2nd interview and they like him. The next step is for the company to check that the customer likes him. Then, all being well and the salary offer being what we expect, we could be on our way in as little as 6 weeks. At the moment I feel like I'm in some sort of strange twilight zone.... or purgatory. Not knowing whether our lives are in UK or Oz is very unsettling to say the least! We have 2 kids and our oldest (7) is dying to tell his mates at school that he's off to Oz! It's been like a rollercoaster. On Friday we thought it was all over - my brother emailed to say "not looking positive". Then DH got a call from the HR Manager saying "The big boss likes you; we want to take it further". Gulp city! :wideeyed: Being an ex Project Manager myself, I'm pretty good at planning, but I need some practical and emotional help! I can't tell my closest friends yet as I don't want to set hares running until we know whether this is going to happen or not. I just don't want to upset people unnecessarily, and there's also the danger of people labelling us "all talk and no action" if it doesn't come off. As many of you probably know, unless you go down this emigration route, it's hard to understand what a rollercoaster it is and how many uncertainties there are! The job is in Brisbane.. we've never been there! We spent a month in Oz a few years back with my brother and his family, but didn't touch Brisbane. With my brother being in Sydney, he won't be on our doorstep to give advice about where to live in Brisbane etc etc. I've tried to get a bit ahead of ourselves, as if DH is offered the job, I'll not only have to pack up my family and life but also my business (I'll post about that another day!) pretty darned quickly. I've had White's removals round and tomorrow I've got John Mason. I've got Pickfords coming round the week after. I've had 2 valuations from rental companies so that I know what we could rent the house out for. I've got quotes for the fence that would need fixing if we rented the house out. We've been manically spending weekends finishing decorating. We've done a great big list of "Things to do IF it happens!" BUT... What I don't know is IF I've thought of everything and what order I should do everything in. For example.. say we have 5 weeks from DH getting the 457 visa to sling our hooks... We'll need to sell my car, rent the house out, buy plane tickets, ship our wordly goods. What order do I do those? At what point do I put the car up for sale? We'd need it up until the last minute, but I wouldn't want to leave putting it for sale til the last minute! Do we book plane tickets before we've got a definite tenant for the house? Gulp again! What about sorting a school out for my eldest son? And a nursery for my youngest? Somewhere to live over there? We won't get any relocation allowance. I've had a quick look on hotel websites at serviced appartments before we found a place to rent, but they all seem to be at least $200 per night for something decent. We probably won't be able to afford a car out there - we'll have no credit history for a loan and all our meagre savings will go toward shipping, rental bond, flights and my son's school fees (I understand that I have to pay $5000 upfront for the year's fees as we are not eligible for free schooling on the 457 visa). Will we be able to cope without a car? These and many other questions are occupying my poor, busy, excited, sleep starved brain! To move to Oz would be a dream come true, it would be an excellent adventure and a daring move. But if DH gets the call to say "yes, you're in", there will be many sphincter relaxing moments in this house! Is there a checklist/plan anywhere that I can use to together with my own checklist? Has anyone been in a similar situation, where you don't know if it will happen or not, but if it is going to, it will be QUICK? Can anyone give me some practical pointers and also some virtual hugs please?!! Many thanks! Zizzyzee
  16. With state sponsor 176, do you still have the same time scale to validate as you would 175, many thanks x
  17. Hi Everyone,my family would love to make a permanent move to OZ, most likely Melbourne. We have australian friends there and my cousin and her family, also so it seems the most sensible place to try. I'm a qaulified gardener / Horticulturalist with 19 years experience, running my own business in Lincoln in the UK,is there a demand for this trade in OZ? I'm willing to retrain in any areas of the industry that are different to here.I'd be happy to work for a company or start my own business if this is possible. I'm a hard worker and not frightened to get my hands dirty. My wife works as a teaching assistant and is studying for an N.V.Q. We have three children ,all eager to come too. We enjoy socialising and think we could have a better life style down under. Look forward to talking to people on the forum, any advise would be most appreciated. Thankyou, Rich
  18. We had very bad news yesterday after my OH had his interview with our Case Officer for our De Facto Visa application... we thought everything was going so well too as we only applied last Friday, got a C/O Tuesday and interview held on Wednesday! But then... Out c/o has said she doesn't believe we have been living together for 12 months and now we need to find "compassionate and compelling reasons" why they shoudl waive the 12 month criteris for us! :sad: Our brief history is we moved in together beginning of August 07, my OH had to come back to UK beginning of Oct as his Visa ran out, I had to stay in Oz due to work committments and a wedding but flew out beginning of Jan 08 and we have continued living together ever since. The thing is we queried this with a couple of agents we initially spoke to (tho we submitted it ourselves) and they said it shouldn't be an issue. as we had livied together for 12 months or more and the break was only temporary. Further to that I checked immi.gov.au and it stated on there: "My job in Australia does not allow me to travel to my partner's country to live there for extended periods. We have been in a relationship for 12 months but lived together for only eight months. Will I be eligible to sponsor my partner to Australia? You may be eligible. It is recognised that it is possible for the parties to be physically apart for periods of time, due to work or travel commitments, yet committed to a shared life. In assessing a relationship, a number of factors other than periods of physical cohabitation are taken into account." So we though we would be OK!!!! Our c/o was really unfriendly and quite accusatory to my OH actually and she has said unless we provide this other evidence she cannot issue the Visa now and we would have to wait until Jan 09 and then do it all again! The thought of having to do that is just so completely devastating and we are both so homesick and miserable living here we just want to get back to Oz ASAP... I'm getting a letter from my old work stating that I needed to give at leats 4 weeks notice before I left and have asked my friend whose wedding it was to write an email stating that she had me heavily involved in the wedding and she asked me to stay for it... but other than that we don't know what evidence we can possible provide that would help sway our c/o to approve the visa now. Any ideas please??!! And does anyone know, if the Visa is denied now (sob!), do we need to start from scratch again in Jan or can we submit the same paperwork etc? *A very miserable* bexta...
  19. Ok whilst sitting here looking for something to do, we went to our little faithfull google tool bar, Whats good about that you may well ask:wacko: if you type the area in australia you are thinking of living and then type map, (I.E Bundaberg map) you will have all your usuall links, ok! click on the google map at the top. Then click explore this area, and click street view, you will have a little man on the map with a picture of where you are standing, you can then take him anywhere, you can see shops houses the roads and parks. i will stop waffaling on now and go back to my map!!! Come on it deserves a click on my chick!!!:wubclub:
  20. Hi all, I'm just starting out on the long route to finding a job in Oz. As I'm not classed as a tradesman despite having an IOB in brewing, I'm looking to go the sponsored visa route (possibly). I've worked in breweries in the UK for 15 yrs doing qa and lab work. I would be grateful to hear from anyone in this line of work, or has experience regarding looking for work in this area, or even better anyone with contacts in the industry in Oz. I will look at any typeof QA/QC work not just brewing. My preferred area would be Perth or Adelade but will look at anywhere else. Kind regards, Mick :smile:
  21. Guest

    Possibly Moving To Sydney!!

    Husband has possible job offer to work in Sydney. I have looked on few sites to see where is best to live etc. But what a minefiled. Have been told Manley is the place to be but it very expensive. Does anyone have any advice of nice suburbs suitable for Family with two kids 12 and 10? Sans Souci looks nice but you can't really tell from the internet....Help!!!!!:arghh: