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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all! Question: I know a lady who lives in Adelaideand has opened a new hairdressing business and said it would be great if she could sponsor me as im a hairdresser, she says she is busy and needs me! Would this work? I have no idea what is involved, and on the SA website hairdressers are still listed ... would anyone know if this is at all possible? im feeling a lil excited! thanks team ! Tx .AOLWebSuite .AOLPicturesFullSizeLink { height: 1px; width: 1px; overflow: hidden; } .AOLWebSuite a {color:blue; text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer} .AOLWebSuite a.hsSig {cursor: default}
  2. matimage

    Clarification if poss please!

    Hi All, We are just in the process of getting skills assessed with the intention of applying for SA SS. We have only just submitted skills assessment which should take 8 weeks. then I think SS answer should take around 5 weeks, then we can apply for 176 Visa. Its going to be close but hopefully get it in before the change in July. However, reading some peoples posts they appear to be getting COs allocated within weeks of application. Should we not bother with applying for SS and just go for a 175 and save the 5 weeks it will take to apply for SS if we may be processed just as quick?? Be really grateful if anyone could shine a light on this for us.
  3. Hi all, I need you help AGAIN... Situation - hubby a mechanic passed Vetassess, got Vic SS and lodged Visa 4/11/09, no CO assigned. Three children 13,11 and 5 (therefore health and schooling issues). Been contacted by a company in WA and he wants a chat as v. interested after ready hubbies CV (Government Website). QUESTION (S) how long does it take to process a temp visa approx? how does it affect schooling and health costs? personal thoughts on temp. visa? Any comments gratefully received. Thanks Ley x :biggrin:
  4. Just opened up my email to find the following from ANGLO PACIFIC: So.... begs the question... will they REALLY be telling anyone anything they don't already know (nowt bar speculation) OR could this or rather the date of this seminar be a clue as to when we can expect news on the SMPs? Well from 3 of the states at least???
  5. Hi guys As most of you are probably aware ,Gary is a diesel mechanic/fuel inj technician. He has been approached by 2 companys located in Brisbane who are desperate for good, reliable, TIME SERVED, diesel fuel injection technicians for bench/workshop duties. One company is prepared to sponser, the other will consider it but would prefer someone with a PR in place. If you are interested feel free to send me a PM and i will pass contact information to you. Heres hoping this may help someone wanting to relocate to the Brisbane area. Cal x
  6. Hi All I have a problem that i'm sure a wiser person than me will know the answer to here goes. I am applying for an ARTC for my job as a sparks, a very kind person from poms in adelaide site has let me use her address in Australia for the purpose of form filling so i can recieve the certificate instead of the ARTC hanging on to it and me having to chase it up when i arrive, however on the form if i put down the Australian address the next part of the form asks what type of visa i have and how long i have been in Australia, so do i tell a small fib and pretend i am there already or fill out the form with uk address and deal with the issues of trying to get the cert when i get there Any help would be great cheers Neil :arghh:
  7. Guest

    Student Visa Poss Only Option

    Hi everyone - Im a newbie but wondered if anyone could help. OH and myself want to emigrate - had enough of the daily toil in the UK. Neither of our jobs are on the skills list (OH factory work and I have been a Driving Instructor for far too many years) so know that the only possibility is to probably go on a student visa. My question is if I did the two year study course for Mechanic - would my experience possibly help towards getting the 18 month work visa after as a closely nominated occupation? Or am I getting confused with the requirements of the visa option after study? Any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:
  8. Hi I have a skilled migrant resident visa sub class 136. Already visited within 1st 12 months after grant back in 2005. 5 years is up in April 2010. Is it possible to extend this deadline ? Nick
  9. Hi We have just had a garage built and wld love to put in lights, plug sockets etc but have no idea of cost or work involved. Any electricians who cld give us a quote for the work we have in mind? We are West Brisbane (Bellbowrie)? Thanks
  10. We are not taking much with us other than personal belongings, clothing, toys etc. But hubby is a plumber and wants to take his tools with him as will be too expensive to replace when we get to Oz? the thing is he has a lot and have looked into putting them into boxes but he has a couple that are really big power tools and are too wide to fit in even the largest box I can seem to find. We were also thinking of taking my baby daughters furniture with us, so she has her cot, wardobe and drawers. The only containers I seem to find and read about are either 20ft or 40 ft and something about sharing a container, we don't need much space at all, like 2 ft! But it's too big for boxes! Any suggestions??
  11. Guest

    info if poss pleas

    Hi there,has anyone gone to oz as a massage therapist...i noticed its 40 points on the sol,,,????? Regards craigie.....
  12. I was just wondering how long it took you from the 'yes i want to move to Oz' moment to the moment you stepped off the plane to live in Oz? Also, what is the quickest time possible to emigrate to Oz and which is the quickest route? If your current employer offers you work in Oz, could this be a speedier process as it seems from reading peoples signatures that it can take a number of years to finally move. I know this isnt a decision that can be made in a day and that certain things take a lot of time to sort out and finalise but i was just wondering :jiggy: Thanks Emma
  13. We are seriously considering emigrating to Perth. My husband is an orthopedic nurse and I am a foster carer. Basically I am trying to find out as much info about the process as possible... How long (roughly) does it take? How much does it cost? Is it worth getting an agent? As he has family in Wanneroo, would it be worth trying for a family sponsor thing or an employment visa? Any information would be most welcome.... Thanks Mary:spinny:
  14. Hi, We are a family of four ( Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter ) and we are planing to get away from theUK and start a new life in Australia. We are looking to go to the Melbourne and surrounding places. We have already done some research and sent off various job/work refs and registrations/applications etc. But we are searching for as much advice as possible as to living and working in Australia, and where the best places for us to live? The good bits and the bad bits? Everything and anything you can tell us will be very helpful. So please hit us with all the info you have. And Brits who have made the move already, please contact us so we can tap you for your opinions. Many thanks to all, and good luck to each and everyone making or who have made the move. Rob