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Found 9 results

  1. To say - Hi All, Me and my partner have recently moved to Brisbane into temporary "holiday" accommodation but we are looking to move into our own rented property asap. There are so many different suburbs we really need some good strong guidance from other residents and locals on what suburbs are good, why they are good, which ones are bad and why we should avoid them etc. could anyone please help?! Update - So we are looking for either a house or apartment, need 2 bedrooms or more, being a little further out from the city wouldnt be too much for a problem as we hope to have a car but we want are looking to meet friends in the area so i guess cant be too remote... We have noticed the further out you are the more space you get but is that worth it if the area isnt great or you maybe are too far from the CBD? Thank you so much in advance!! :-) Ash. Reason for update - Forgot to mention some crucial details as @lastonealive mentioned (thank you btw!) Thanks, Ash.
  2. I have noticed a lot of people here 'migrating' on 457 temporary visas. I have enjoyed being on one previously, before becoming a pr, but have also experienced the negative aspect of leaving australia under the 28 day rule. If people have any 457 ideas - positives and negatives id be interested. I am struggling to come up with many positives apart from its quick - but its quick in and quick out if company fold or boss not happy. Plenty of negatives but don't want to dwell on them as other posters have previously given me stick for being negative - i'd call it practical and realistic. 457 and families migrating -it worries me after my experience of the system with only one person to worry about. Thanks be interested in seeing some good posts :rolleyes:
  3. rockola57

    Positives about living in OZ.

    OK,Je Est un Moaning Barsteward i know,BUT really i love a lot about here in OZ.Like the Aussies,who are nearly all down to earth,and call a spade a spade,and the way they usually respect their environment,and their honesty and straight forward views.What else ?:biggrin:
  4. Hi all, My oz wife, daughter and I are planning on moving to Sydney as her family live there. I have been trying to put together pros and cons of both OZ and the UK to see if there is anything that stands out but it seems to me that both have good points and bad. I am trying hard not to look at it though rose tinted glasses and know that the grass isn't greener over there. I would love to hear what made the done it's and the doing it's decide to make the move. Dan
  5. Guest

    Positives from Negitives

    I am under no illusion that the chances are I may well not settle in Oz but after reading this forum I am comforted that nearly all returnees are not bitter or resentful towards their time there. So a question to the returnees; How has your "failed" immigration to Oz effected your lives in a positive way on your return?
  6. Guest

    First 2 months in OZ......

    Hi, used to love reading these kind of posts when I was in UK, so thought I'd put one on for all those hoping to get out here soon!!.....its a long one! We have been living in Brisbane since September and have found so many positives to our move, thought I'd share them.... On arrival we stayed at Brisbane Holiday Village which is about 20 mins drive south of the city...great place as a base.....rented a car before we arrived.....got collected at airport by the rental company and away we went..... Within our first week we were so lucky to find a rental in the area we wanted and got both kids into great state schools with a good reputation, this made life much easier as we could have a couple of 'tourist' weeks before I started my new nursing job!!......the city of Brisbane is amazing, so clean, lots to do, the man made beach on the south bank is fantastic, markets on the weekend to visit, great bars and restaurants....the transport is excellent compared to where I lived in UK.....the bus runs from my suburb to city every 15 minutes up til midnight....every day!!......shops are everywhere!!!....can't believe the amount of shopping centers there are here...some fabulous shops, even my teenage daughters have found a replacement for River Island!!!......prices are comparitive to the UK, I would say city living here is probably cheaper than city living in UK......there is more choice here as supermarkets don't dominate sales....plenty of local shops with fresh produce which is superb....odd not being able to buy wine in supermarket though!!!.....stops impulse buying I suppose!.....one thing we have found here is how much more friendly and happy people are in general....people are polite, its great to see kids get of the bus and shout 'thanks' to the driver!!!!.....people smile and say hello.....I've been stopped in the street to ask where I'm from!!.....I somehow feel safer here, my kids catch a bus home (something I would never let them do in UK)....the roads are quieter, they are wider, so most have 2 lanes.....not many double yellow lines and speed cameras!!!.....although hubby has been caught with mobile unit!!.....parking tends to be free in most places (obviously not city)....fuel is half the price, around $1.20 at the moment.....people here do complain about traffic jams but they are nothing compared to England....try driving up M6 north on a friday!!!!.....the weather doesn't go without mention although there isn't much to say really because everyday is beautiful....there seems to be lots of free things to do here, most parks have free gas bbq's to use....and people clean them after use!!!.....no graffiti and litter.....the parks are a real credit to them.....I know my local park in England was not a place you'd want to take your kids to play very often....smashed bottles and rubbish over most of it....used as a teenage hang out, which is something you don't see here very often...in fact not at all were I live....as we arrived with just our suitcases, we bought all new furniture when we got here from a fantastic place, mostly new with some second hand stuff, all on display...you just go in and make an offer, if its accepted you walk away with it that day, most comes from big superstores just end of line stuff or slight damage but we managed to furnish our whole house an outside for less than $5000!!!....suite, beds, matresses, outdoor furniture, book cases, breakfast bar stools, dining furniture......bargain!!!....can't name it on here of course but anyone moving to Brisbane I would recommend a look there first...PM me!!!.....our shipping has arrived into the port with no problems, we are just awaiting a date for delivery....be careful though, they charge $80 to destroy anything not allowed in and $145 to treat things......I was so careful, but missed a nativity scene which had moss on it....got to pay $80 to destroy the thing.....it only cost me a tener.... Don't get me wrong I haven't got rose tinted spectacles on all day!!....there are things that aren't so perfect....mobile phones here are very expensive, as are second hand and new cars.....beer is never on special offer as we know it, 2 boxes for £20 in Asda!!!..... one box here will set you back $30-40.....the driving over here is something to get used to....no driving on the left unless overtaking!!!...just pick a lane and go for it.......jobs are not as easy to come by as we are led to believe....I work with a nurse whose husband is still looking (for ANY job!!).....he has been trying since beginning of Sept and still no luck....bring a credit card, it makes life much easier as some banks won't issue you with one until you have at least 3 pay slips....and you need it for so much when you arrive, car rental, accomodation.....permanent rentals can be difficult to find and secure, especially in the 'nicer'suburbs.....be prepared to trail around and see some bad ones!....some want 3 months rent in advance , plus bond and proof of income before they'll let you sign the lease.....the weather is great but dangerously hot, factor 50 for the kids!!!.....I love it here, the kids are settling in well, got family visits planned, hubby got job, great house and car......just can't get over missing family and friends, I really underestimated just how hard it would be.... I would love to think I could live here forever, I really think its the better place to bring up my kids, and for work and lifestyle......but my heart tells me different at the moment.....its early days.....give it a bit longer and I'm sure it will change..... I'm happy to tell you I don't miss England one bit.....:laugh:
  7. Honestly this did start of with 5 headings but I had to include one more, sorry. I realise that this is meant to be an 'ordinary' post, but as some of my posts have a tendency to do, it has become a bit too political, I apologise, I just cant help myself. Hopefully some of you will agree with me, some may not. But it would be interesting to see your point of view. POSITIVES 1. Our Ability To Laugh At Ourselves 2. Our Ability To Self-Deprecate 3. Our Ability To Not Want To Offend 4. Our Ability To Allow Free Speech 5. Our Ability To Follow The Rules 6. Our Ability To Look Toward The Future NEGATIVES 1. Our Ability To Laugh At Ourselves. Sometimes this can be too much. Whilst I agree that it is a worthy attribute, it can also give the impression to other countries that we are a push over. 2. Our Ability To Self-Deprecate. There are many other nations that will do this all too easily to us. At times we should scream from the rooftops that we still have one of the greatest countries in the world. 3. Our Ability To Not Want To Offend. At times this country needs to realise that not to offend can be misconstrued as weakness and makes us an easy target. 4. Our Ability To Allow Free Speech. At times certain sectors of this society should be told to shut up, and stop spouting their vitriol and contempt to all and sundry, (Abu Hamza was one of many that got away with this for far too long) 5. Our Ability To Follow The Rules. At certain times the rules need to be broken. We are often spoken to by those in power with abject disregard and told that we HAVE to do such a thing. At times, a little social 'anarchy' is needed, (not violence, just the barest mutterings of disproval). 6. Our Ability To Look Toward The Future. At times we as a nation forget what we have achieved in the past. What did indeed, at one time make us 'Great' Britain. Thank you. PS. I apologise to shanewyatt for kidnapping their post in the barest of detail. Hopefully they will overlook this.
  8. its hard for some people in aus sometimes and not everyone likes it, but it gets on my nerves a bit when as soon as someone puts something negative on like going home, that people jump on there backs and say how happy they would be to swap with them, usually people who have never lived in australia, its not right to judge someone, its easy to think the grass is greener on the other side, but until you climb over the fence and grab a handful you cant be sure its not covered in s**t. so use this thread to put your negative thoughts on and hopefully no one will attack you for your views, no positives please.
  9. I never used to find the UK an issue, but since having the kids and surviving on one wage and reccession and rising house prices I am ceasing to find anything positive here anymore. We plan to emigrate in the next few years, however, we need to ride this reccession first to make sure we get a good house sale etc. I was just wondering if anyone can remind me of a few positives to keep me going before we start the proccess of applying for a visa, if we didn't have to do that I'd be gone tomorrow!!:sad: