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Found 68 results

  1. I found this while I was on the net, simple advice really most I think we already know, but always worth a read. Positive and negative thinking can be very powerful. If you’re someone who always looks on the negative side of things then chances are you’re always feeling disappointed and let down by the people around you. Say you’re going to a theme park and all that’s on your mind is “its a bank holiday, its going to be packed” then you’re not going to enjoy yourself because you’ll be complaining about how packed the theme park is. However, if you go to that very same theme park with this thought on your mind “Yeah it might be packed, but i’ll be able to get on a few rides and i’ll enjoy myself” you instantly transform your mind from negative into positive. Positive thinkers are usually happy people, people who can look on the positive side of every situation are fun to be around because they’re usually always upbeat and happy, and thats the type of person many of us like to be around because we can enjoy ourselves. Negative thinkers are often the complainers, complaining its too hot or too cold, and just complaining about anything bad that happens. If I ask you to look at a news website, the chances are a majority of that news will be bad news. When there is an Earthquake, the news is always focused on the deaths and destruction that, that Earthquake has caused, what the news rarely focusses on are the people that have survived, the people that are pulled from wreckage and reunited with their families. Whatever the mind expects it finds. For example, if you go out during the night and you expect something bad to happen then you’ll be constantly “look” for that bad thing, which is where the saying “If you go looking for trouble, it’ll find you” comes from. It’s quite common for someone to say “Think positive” to someone who’s feeling down, although usually people don’t quite understand what this means so the words aren’t taken seriously. Positive and Negative thinking is contagious. When you’re with someone who is constantly moaning and thinking negative about everything then after a while, you’ll begin to do exactly the same and you’ll start to feel miserable. However, if you’re with a positive thinker then things instantly brighten up and you enjoy yourself a whole lot more. So next time you catch yourself thinking negative about something, stop yourself and think, what’s good about this situation? How can I make the best out of the situation in front of me? Do this for a few days and you’ll begin to instantly notice a difference in how you’re feeling, you’ll no doubt begin to feel happier.
  2. Hi everyone, I couldn't wait to share my good news with you all, so after 14 very long weeks I got an email to advise me that I have a positive skills assessment and I have been granted eligibility for membership to the AASW. What a great Christmas present. Now for the IELTS (don't know why) but hey ho. Good luck to everyone for Monday. Gillian :biggrin:
  3. derham

    Positive Skills Assessment

    Hi All just had to spread my good news, I got a phone and email from my agent today Vettassess has approved my skills. I was panicking as only last week my agent told me it could take 6 months, turns out it hs take 8 weeks. We are all set for our SS to WA next week as soon as our letter arrives from Vettasses. With any luck our 176 application my be in before the end of the year (and before the visa application increase that has just been announced kicks in).:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:


    why do some knock or try to knock people for being positive or in some cases extreamly horrible.
  5. We submitted our application for an ENS 121 (Offshore) visa on 29/06/2011. We have front loaded everything but are sitting waiting now. The nomination was submitted at the same time as our application. No case officer yet assigned. Does anyone have any good news to share as to the grant of their visas from application submitted this year and how long it took? Need something positive to keep me going. When sending nomination and application together, is there a timeline for the nomination to be looked at?
  6. path2aus

    Positive Assessment

    Hello all, I received my positive skills assessment from ACS yesterday (It was fairly quick just took 2 weeks from the date of receipt) and it was a great relief. This forum has been very helpful for me throughout the process, so thought of sharing the news with you guys. Now on to the SS application. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding ACS process, I will be more than happy to answer them. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I just got a positive skill assessment letter from ACS under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator :jiggy: Moving on to next step, now I am looking for State Sponsorship from South Australia. Which GSM Sponsorship VISA online application form do I need to go for in this link ? I feel it would be Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176) Please suggest. Best Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  8. Hi, I am aiming at going down the WA State Sponsored route 176 as an Electrician but I'm very confused about which steps to do in what order. I have filled out the WA form online and they are asking me to attached my Positive Skills Assessment-what is that? is it the TRA or the SR1 (Vetassess, which I read on another forum is not necessary) or anything else? I have searched everywhere 15hours to be exact and I now know why people use agents as its already become a nightmare and i've not got through the first hurdle yet!! Cheers in advance Michael
  9. Hi All, I am in a confused situation. I have done Masters in IT (overseas). In Australia I did graduate diploma in IT (one year 2009-2010) and applied for Skills assessment. ACS assessed my skills as suitable based on graduate diploma. But for PR I needed 2 years Australian study. So I went for Masters and have recently finished Masters in Information Systems Management (one year 2010-2011). Now I am going to apply for PR before 31st July. CAN I APPLY ON THE BASIS OF MY PREVIOUS SKILLS ASSESSMENT or I need to get new skills assessment based on my Masters? Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated as i am very close to launch my application. Regards, Mohsin
  10. Hi OH done his skype interview last tuesday and i emailed vic uni on the wednesday to see how long it would take to get results. they wrote back straight away and said he had passed and would send confirmation email with letter by the end of the week. its now tuesday and still nothing. I emailed again on Friday and she said she would check it out on monday. Just wondering how long others took to get the letter needed to apply for state sponsorship? Just hope they have not forgotten about us.
  11. Hi guys, we are in the process of obtaining a positive skills assessment (oh is electrician) from Vic University but have not heard anything from them since we sent our documents, :arghh:it states on website takes a maximum 7 weeks so we are 4 weeks now so heres hoping. question is can you apply for state sponsorship now before you actually have skills completely assessed. Or is there anything we can do in meantime to try and speed things up trying to make july deadline. thanks in advance
  12. Hi all, Finally received the golden email from our migration agent this Friday...All done, GOT our PR!!!!!!. Now just need to leave the country & get the PR stamped. Though I have not been posting here frequently but I have been following this Forum & more so CAT 3 thread on a weekly basis & I must admit it helps a lot. I applied on 4th DEC 2008, got CO on 29th OCT 2010, finally PR on 10th March 2011. Also our migration Agent , George Lombard, have been great throughout the visa application process & I would highly recommend him to anyone on the lookout for an immigration agent. Never at all have any communication been delayed from their end & I have always got answers to all my queries almost within hours & sometimes almost instantly, along with their really professional & helpful advice. They have a very thorough process wherein all the required documents both for ACS & PR were added to these applications upfront & never at all CO requested anything other than our VISA medicals. I must say that I 'am very impressed & satisfied. Also I know a lot of my friends who applied their PR through George & all of them were very satisfied by their services. They have a very transparent visa application process & very friendly immigration expert team & guide through from filing the PR to getting Meds, PCC ,IETLS, ACS etc. All the very best to everyone on POMSINOZ...........
  13. Hi All our health requirements showing finalised, do you think this is a positive sign. Has anyone any idea when we are likely to find out the verdict ??:v_SPIN: Thanks in advance Annette x
  14. It could just be because I am monitoring the situation more closely now (read: marginally obsessed) but it does seem like that are quite a few good news stories popping up on the visa front though they seem to be around the 176 area. Either way - it's good to hear. Keep 'em coming to give the rest of us hope. Bring on the 457's QLD! David.
  15. GavCar

    Positive TRA result!

    Sooooo excited DH passed the skills assessment woo hoo :jiggy: Just doing the final touches to the state sponsorship & should be applying for it in the new year! We can really enjoy Christmas now & then have the nail biting wait in the New Year! Cara :biggrin::jiggy:
  16. I do often see negative threads regarding the work front here in Australia and yes being forewarned and forearmed is good for new immigrants but surely there are some positive aspects!. My husband has always worked with a good few poms/Scots/ Irish etc in Perth/ Karratha etc and I was always so happy to see how well they got on together.. yes the banter was there, but the walls came down if a dire situation cropped up. They are there for each other 24/7 .. backing each other up! Total team spirit whether you are Australian or " a foreigner"! It is made abundantly clear "Bullying or Racial Practices" will not be tolerated! and this is adhered to!. Multi national company admittedly but only on one occasion in 25 yrs in the Pilbara has my husband ever seen bullying taking place and this was against a female friend of ours (Australian sparkie) and this was stamped upon pretty damned quickly with the culprit being dismissed. I work in Asia 2&2 primarily with Australians, 50% males/females. Basically we are a family and are exceptionally close. For me it is a pleasure going to work. We muck in /learn together. I know that I can rely 100% on my work collegues! As a footnote, my kids and I were in Phuket when the Tsunami kicked in.... a devastating experience for us and I have to say it was the Australian embassy that came up trumps for us despite the fact that we are not Australian citizens or I wasnt in pocession of a visa back then! Something I will never forget and they have my eternal gratitude and respect, coupled with the fact last year a bush fire came past our home here in Tasmania.... yes the Australians came out in force in our tight knit community, food, beds being offered etc etc. I found it a very emotional/humbling experience! Its not the perfect country but its good to give credit where it is due.... its a good nation and in times of strife there is always a willing hand.. You get out of it what you put in. It would be good to have a few positive stories on here as well! Susie :wubclub:
  17. John Gilfillan

    Positive Power

    Hi Guys, I haven't been on here for a while, but after scrolling through some threads, I have noticed a lot of demotivated people on here. Some are angry, some are frustrated and some are extremely confused and rightly so. As a pick me up, I have decided to strat up this thread to try and lift some spirits. If anyone wants to add any positive quotes or funny stories, please feel free. Here is my little contribution. " Whenever you permit yourself to think what persons, things, conditions, or circumstances may suggest, you are not following what you want to think. You are not following your own desires but borrowed desires. Use your imagination in determining what you want to think or do. " Christian D. Larson ( 1874 - 1962 ) Keep The Faith, John
  18. Hi Everyone I've just received the email to say I've completed my skills assessment for the Australian Nursing Board so I'm feeling ecstatic. I know it's only the begining and probably the very easiest bit done but even so I'm still very excited. :jiggy: So while we're waiting for my hubby's to come through I'm just sorting out the rest of the paperwork we need to apply for a 175 and I've got a couple of questions. I read that I have to upload all the info that I sent to have my skills assessed. Does this include the actual application form? Proof of my current registration was sent directly from the NMC so I don't have a copy of this. Do I need to request it and get it certified or can I just use the document I get each year from the NMC? Does the letter I have from my manager detailing my hours etc and the documents proving ongoing relationship eg joint bank account need to be certified? It looks like the passport photo doesn't have to be certified though? Finally and one thing that I'm suddenly panicking about is proving recent experience. It says you need to have been employed for 3 of the last 4 years and underneath it says for more than 20 hours. I thought the 20 hours was just for the last 12 months not the full 3 years??? I'm sure I asked an immigration agent about that and they said it was fine but now I'm not sure? I have been working since 2001 but changed to part time in 2005 after having children. When we looked at applying for the visa I realised I had to increase my hours so did this in January 2009. Please can anyone clarify this and reassure me! Also to get the extra points for my husband's skills do we have to have a letter from his employer to prove experience or can we use payslips, copies of promotion letters etc as his boss doesn't know we're applying yet!!! Thanks so much for your help. Gill
  19. Hi all, Well, my husband finally received a positive skills assessment from ACS with a 2231-79 ASCO code, Group A. Due to our age, we were planning on going for a 457 visa but I am not sure if this is possible at the present time. My husband will be 45 in October so time is of the essence for us. Can this skills assessment be used for employer sponsorship in Australia now? Do we have any hope of getting to Australia? Thanks,
  20. Guest

    not so positive

    hi, i am new to this site. I am about to submit a defacto relationship visa in two weeks. Iv been in the relationship with my partner for coming up to three years, and we have certainly done our fare share of travelling between the UK and Perth! My partner is a resident of Australia, hes English and has a very good job where he is very settled. I have been coming over here on a tourist visa, so that we could meet the 12 months living together requirements, obviously with breaks where iv had to return to the UK as per visa reg's. Oblivioulsy, i didnt actually think there was anything wrong in what we were doing, as my tourist visa, stated 'multiple' visits in a 12 month period, until on my fifth visit recently, i got interviewed at Perth airport by immigration on the multiple visits. I said that i was intending to apply for a permanant visa, and they advised that i do that as soon as possible. However, we have got all evidence gathered, my medical and police certificate have been completed and we are all ready to submit, but i am really doubtful, that because iv been trying to meet criteria on a tourist visa, that they may refuse on that basis. Once iv submitted the defacto visa, i then intend to submit a bridging visa. My partner is fairly confident, but im not so, it has been an up hill battle and im starting to feel like 'small fry' here, even though with all the evidence, our case seems strong. Im screaming 'genuine'! here, but feel abit low about it all. Anyone in same circumstances, or, have been? im forty years of age. thanks, caroline
  21. Has anyone had a positive renting experience, or are they all bad and no one EVER gets their rent back ? ?:wideeyed::GEEK:
  22. John Gilfillan

    Positive Quotations

    Hi All, To keep positive in these uncertain moments, may I suggest that we put our most positive quotations or sayings on here as a reply to help others and lift the mood again? I will throw mine in first. "Your attitude can take you forward or your attitude can take you down. The choice is always yours!" Catherine Pulsifer John Gilfillan:wink:
  23. I was sitting in the car yesterday, thinking about my future, and how much I want to move... and it had only really just occurred to me what it is that makes me love Australia so much. Its the fact that Australians love their country and are so proud of it! ...and rightly so! Australia is beautiful and has so much to offer. It cares so much about its native wildlife, and history. They support local businesses, and PROUD to say its Ozzy made. If you meet an Australian in England, they will always tell you about how great their country is and how much they love it. Being English/British, I can't say I have ever thought to myself...'wow i love England, what a great place'. I can't say I'm PROUD to be English.... I think England is a beautiful, it has a beautiful countryside, wildlife, seasons (which I will miss!) I don't think there are many people that are... its probably why everything gets ruined, graffitied, destroyed, stolen... we have much of a sense of community. I cant wait to 'be Australian'! I want to be able to say 'Im from Australia, where are you from?' I can't wait to support their Rugby & Football team, to cheer them on in the Olympics! :jiggy: You hear alot in the negative posts about 'Australians loving their country so much and they don't know why'... its a great country because they believe it is! Nothing can be perfect, and I know that Australia has its problems, but I think this is maybe something that the UK, especially England needs to learn to do, and maybe it will be a nicer place... I just thought I would share this with you guys :wubclub:
  24. Applied to WA for state sponsorship for one of the 500 places that they had on offer and got a positive reply this week !!:biggrin: Just filling out the forms to move it forward but what are the processing times from here?
  25. :smile:Hi Everyone I wanted to share - OH has had a positive result from his skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society. Such a big relief - now we can move on to the next phase:smile: