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Found 32 results

  1. Hi, I am a qualified accounting technician seeking a career in Accountancy in Australia with an employer who will provide me with sponsorship. I am planning on becoming a chartered accountant and so would love to proceed with this in Australia. If anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful!!! Any location in Oz is could for me!! Thanks :biggrin: Vicky
  2. Hi all I have a telephone interview for a clinical nurse post within Adult Community Mental Health..Gold Coast on Tuesday evening. I have to admit I am a bit nervous because I do tend to talk even more rubbish than normal when I am on the phone:wacko: I have been looking on the forum for ideas but haven't seen anything specific for mental health. Does anyone have any ideas on what sort of questions to expect? Thanks Pam xx
  3. I'm a sports therapist qualified to both BSc and MSc standard in UK sports therapy, currently running regional sports injury clinic in the North East of UK. I have approx 15 years experience in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation sports and musculoskeletal injuries, specialising in rugby union where I have worked for 19 years as masseuse and therapist. I also have University lecturing experience and would also be interested in teaching sports therapy or related courses. Will consider any part of Australia provided that the hours and salary are acceptable. Please drop me a line if you have any vacancies!
  4. Hi all, I have a position going for a head chef in a busy restaurant in Dee Why, 200+ seater a la carte menu. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to apply/need more details. :biggrin:
  5. Suitable for retired or semi retired couple. You would be looking after a local history museum and gardens on the QLD/ NSW border at Goondiwindi 4 hours drive from Brisbane.. There is no wage for this position but you live rent free on site with an allowance towards your electricity charges. The accommodation consists of a two bedroom cottage with modern kitchen, Your duties involve..... · Opening the museum 6 days a week. · Maintaining the gardens. · Security of the site. · Liaising with the local history society at monthly meetings · Collecting entrance fees and donations for the Museum. Ideal for someone with a pension or other income who is interested in Australian History and would like to live in a period cottage rent free in return for taking on the above duties. You must be living in Australia now or very soon, with full working rights, not suitable for WHV. PM me if you would like more details. I will close this post when the job is filled
  6. Hello my name is Aisling I'm 21 ive just moved to bunbury with my family from london.. and well I didn't realise how scarey it would be.. I would like to meet new people that are in the same poision as me and also looking to met new people as its quite hard.. so don't be shy love to hear from people of all ages.. thanks
  7. Staffing Organisation Services is Victoria's longest established and most competitive CRT Agencies. We are currently recruiting enthusiastic and professional teachers for both government & non-government schools, in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat & surrounding areas. If you are keen to expand your Casual and Contract teaching options, whilst receiving the most competitive wages, then contact us directly: +61 3 5256 1963 sostchrs@stafforgserv.com.au Or apply directly via our website: www.stafforgserv.com.au
  8. The Pom Queen

    Backpacker Position Available - WA

    A position has become available for an experienced header Operator on a family owned farm at Mingenew. Mingenew is located 370kms NE of Perth. The successful candidate must be familiar with harvest procedures, have mechanical knowledge and be prepared to use GPS. You would be operating a JD STS 9660 header. The position is to start late Oct and last approx 5-6 weeks depending on season. Essential skills - Harvest experience - Mechanical skills - Licence © - Team member - Non smoker The rate of pay is $18-$23 per hour with accommodation provided on the property. All laundry and meals supplied but you would pay a small charge for this convenience. IF you are interested in this position please contact Carol on (08) 94776600 or email to carol@ruralenterprises.com.au.
  9. Another LAFHA question... Sorry to sound stupid but am I correct in assuming that someone on a 457 with an ongoing position who received some relocation money does not need to apply for LAFHA? I am not sure if I got that right but from what I read and understood so far LAFHA is only for people who do not have an ongoing position/do not intend to stay in Australia "forever"? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.:wubclub:
  10. We are looking for Packaging Operators in a Parma company, Perth NOR. Packaging of pharmaceutical products and working on a poduction line. Please contact me if you are interested.
  11. I may have struck lucky. The company I work for has offices in Sydney and having met up with the 2nd in command on our last trip over, he has recommended me for a position. Following a resource meeting 2 weeks ago, a position was identified for which they feel I am the right person to undertake. Question is what visa to apply for? High Commission in London seem to favour the 457 Temp Business Visa as it gives me 4 years and seems to be granted in a short time frame. Full ENS, by looking at the threads here, takes well in excess of 6 months on average which is a shame as the position is covered on the ENSOL. With 4years on a temporary visa, do I stand a good chance of successful application to become a permanent resident or should I hold out for the full 121? My OH (or better half ) also works for a company with Sydney offices so has a great chance of landing a position quickly. Just a shame Senior Estimator (Best Guesser) doesn't appear on any list. Advice from those with experience and knowledge of these routes would be brilliant if I could ask please?
  12. Hi, im a 32yr male, i work for the NHS Ambulance service back here in the UK as an Emergency Medical Technician, currently awaiting a paramedic conversion course but have been woooed by the opportunity to come to Perth and work for the WA St Johns Ambulance, i would be able to be converted to a Grade 2 Ambulance officer initially. I do hold 2 degrees and have spent time in HM Forces and as a police officer for West Mercia Constabulary, i meet the grading criteria/points score to allow me to apply to emigrate.Are there any other ex-UK Paramedics or IHCD EMT's here in Perth, i would love to know more about the differences in Pre Hospital care compared to the UK. Also i am loking for general advice from anybody regarding moving over here, the WA St.John would be paying for my VISA and associated costs, i would have to find somewhere to live and sort out a bank account, car etc...I am only applying for the position so far so have not yet been offered a position, any info at all about living over there would be of great benefit to myself. My cousing spent 3 years living in Oz but on the East coast and i do not know of anybody else who lives there... Thanks in advance Mark
  13. Hey everyone.. I'm a midwife hoping to emigrate to SA. ANMC skills assessment was sent on feb 15th..supposed to only take 8-10 weeks but still so word!It's been 16 weeks now..I've rang them and they have all the necessary documents and it's being processed, but I'm really worried about it taking so long!anybody else in the same situation?
  14. Andrew from Vista Financial

    Protect your position!! – UK F/S Pensions

    I recently posted a link regarding the Lord Hutton report which laid out proposed changes to the UK private pension system. I attach the outlined Lord Hutton proposals again for information http://www.gad.gov.uk/Documents/Press%20Releases/2011/IPSPC-Lord_Hutton's_Final_Report.pdf Within the proposals is the age at which private pension benefits can be taken to increase in line with State Pension age (age 66 from 2018 / age 67 from 2034 / age 68 from 2044) Probably the biggest news on this report was the proposed changes to Final Salary scheme pensions whereby benefits should be based on a ‘Career Average salary as opposed to ‘Final Salary’. It looks as though these changes have been accepted by the Chancellor. This could mean that the actual pension someone receives from the proposed ‘Career Average Salary’ basis as opposed to the ‘Final Salary’ basis will be much less. For deferred members that have already accrued pension benefits it seems as though these benefits will be protected at this stage and the final salary basis will still apply. Let’s hope for them that this remains the case as these people have already seen reductions in their benefits due to the recent changes in accrual from Retail Price Index (RPI) to Consumer Price Index (CPI). However the potential downside to all of this will be that due to these changes ‘Transfer Values’ are likely to decrease for people looking to transfer their pensions across to Australia. When the change from RPI to CPI was implemented transfers values reduced by around 20%, the new changes could also have similar effects. It is crucial that a transfer from a Final Salary scheme is not done based on these proposed changes as there are many other factors that will also play a part in the decision but you should also take these proposed changes seriously if you feel that you want to consider a transfer as it may be worth acting sooner rather than later. Protect your position – There are a number of ways that people may be able to protect their current transfer value before they potentially reduce again. Within these options it may also be possible to keep your money in Pounds so that you are not transferring into Dollars (if you believe that the exchange rate will pick up again in favour of the Pound). Regards Andy
  15. Hi we lodged our visa 21 months ago and not heard anything back. We are applying for skilled migration 175. Would love to hear from anyone in the same situation. Feel like our life as been on hold and get a bit fed up not knowing whats going to happen either way. Thanks x
  16. Looking for a fully qualified panel beater with own tools,excellent bodyshop in Artarmon, North Sydney good working conditions and pay. Email for further details.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum :hug: We (my soon to be wife and myself) are currently in South Africa and we would like to go over to Australia (maybe NZ.) I have a cousin in Perth and they have been there for about 5 years now. They just love it there. I have completed my Diploma in IT - Business Applications and I have about 5 years working experience in IT but mainly I would say my skill is Database Developer/Administrator and Computer Programming. I can apply for my General Skilled Migration Visa (subclass 175) but the problem is that it will take anything from 2 - 3 years :frown: I'm looking for a sponsorship position that can help me. I not 100% sure how everything on it works like if I may apply for other positions when I'm there and how long the visa is valid. I don't want to relocate and come back to SA. I want to be an Australian citizen and learn your culture because I'm not feeling SA's :sad: I like (actually love) IT and I know I can learn so much more in Australia because it's just more advance there. I also believe it's more safe to bring up my child one day. I don't mind paying the visa but I do mind waiting. So even if I get a sponsorship and I have to pay (Don't know if that is allowed?) then it's fine because it wouldn't take as long. I hope someone here can help me out or point me into the right direction Thanks
  18. I have 13 years experience in working for a safety/training company in some of europe's largest building projects and training local & national government departments as well as multi national companies. I would be classified as an expert on working at heights. I am looking for a employer to sponsor me and willing to pay all there expense's for this. I have extensive knowledge of access equipement, forklifts, scaffolding,rope access,ladders and good knowledge of Australian regulations. I have nebosh cert,nvq assessor,chartered institute of enviromental health professional trainer,lifting equipment engineers association registered tester and examiner as well as numerious other qualifications. I am not afraid to work or get my hands dirty and have a practical approach to health and safety. Just looking for chance to prove my ability hopefully in either Perth,Adelaide,Melbourne as wife is looking to attend university and can only go to these area's. Willing to start at any level I have applied for hundreds of jobs in oz but very little reply. If anyone can help or knows of a job it would be very much appreciated. Mark
  19. Well! It's crunch time. Here goes nothing... Some of you might recognise my presence around these quarters over the past couple of years, I'm not new here by any means. Some of us have had a rough time getting a visa and some of us haven't. I'm 17 years old. I'll turn 18 this July. I'm doing my A Level exams this June. I've applied to 5 Universities, all of which gave me offers. My first was received within 3 days of sending my application off! I've accepted an offer to study IT in Southampton Solent starting September 2010. We were granted a visa in May 2009 on my mum's job as a nurse with 20 something years experience. Now we're trying to sell a house, and it's not going that well. My dad is being incredibly defeatist about the whole situation (as always, exaggeration or defeatist attitude in pocket!!) I however, don't want to give up that easily! Like I've said, I'm nearly 18. What sets me apart from everyone else I know is that I don't want to go to University in September. I don't want to keep my part-time job and transfer to the branch nearest my intended University. I want to go on an adventure. I want to live my dream of moving to Australia. I have a red booklet and a piece of paper that says "yes, you can" I want to get out in the world and prove my worth as a person. I want to go to University. I've visited Griffith (it's in Queensland for those of you not familiar with it) to study IT and hopefully, eventually become a teacher. I've talked to my tutor in College about it. I've got family already in Australia. I wouldn't mind if I had to do something like work full time for a while to be able to live and study...then carry on living! I might have a place to stay with them if I'm lucky. I see no reason why I can't do it. I'm so close to being 18, and this is what I want to do with my life. That's not the full story though... I have tried to talk to my parents about it. But I haven't been able to get through to them about it. So I've come here asking for some advice. I can understand that they both want to go and that if they can't, they're losing their son there. And they worry (a lot) about me. I understand. I'm not doing it in spite of anyone, to be horrible and they know because they had to make that decision themselves to apply for and obtain a visa... and to put a house up for sale with emigrating as their primary objective. So I know what they're on about. But I think, now, I'm so close to being 18, I've got to make that decision for myself. And that's what I'd like to do. I get held back by family and other people a lot. And now I really want to do something and I know it's for good reasons, with the political state in uncertainty and the economy in tatters... University places vanishing into thin air, my dreams of doing what I want to do in England are fast evaporating. What do we think I should do? And more importantly how should I go about it?! HELP? :unsure: :notworthy:
  20. Hi there guys, Just looking at the site for the first time have many, many thoughts, questions, etc. Is there anyone out there in Lancs / Merseyside who have just received their visa like we have? What are your plans now? Its all so very daunting I'm after other experiences, thoughts, etc. Any advice, experiences from people in the same position would be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from anyone Dawn
  21. Position vacant: JCB trained field service mechanic wanted for busy JCB dealership in Queensland. Experience with JCB construction equipment essential.For interview Please send resume to service@conag.com.au
  22. POSITION DESCRIPTION Position Title: State Sales Manager VIC/TAS Brand/Department: AAT Kings Reports to Position: National Sales Manager Positions Reporting to: Sales Managers POSITION PURPOSE Reporting to the National Sales Manager, the focus is to develop good relationships with customers whilst promoting the Brand's range of products. KEY RESULT AREAS & ACTIVITIES PERFORMED Maintain regular contact with portfolio of customers, endeavours to establish new customers both in the retail and hotel environments. Promote the marketing of Company products including the introduction of new products, at trade shows. Manage allocated expenditure budget to achieve sales targets; Prepare regular reports on customer contact and related activities, including customer feedback and market trends. Conduct regular analysis of agents to identify trends and opportunities and undertake categorisation Ascertain competitor activity and other relevant information and reports this to management. Participate in the planning and delivery of Product information sessions. Regular telephone sales to key agents in all states. KNOWLEDGE Knowledge of AAT Kings products Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint preferred COMPETENCIES Demonstrated initiative and creative aptitude with proven ability in brand management of a range of products. The ability to manage staff Welcoming personality and a great team player. Strong presentation skills. The ability to work efficiently, whilst under pressure in competitive situations. The ability to communicate at all levels within the organisation, whilst having the professional presence to represent the Company at external functions. WORK ENVIRONMENT Majority of time spent on the road visiting agencies. Evenings & weekend work during busy periods. One day a week in the office. The Travel Corporation Recruitment: Attention
  23. Brand Manager - Australia Location - Braybrook, Melbourne Tourism Holdings is a leader within the New Zealand and Australian tourism industries. It owns and operates the iconic brands of Britz, Maui, Backpacker & Explore More campervans and rental cars, Kiwi Experience, Feejee Experience, Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Blackwater Rafting and Ruakuri Caves. Tourism Holdings has been in operation since 1986, and has overseas offices in London and Munich. The required Brand Manager position will take full responsibility for the Britz Australia and New Zealand Campervan and Rental Car brand portfolio. This full time role is based at our Australian Head Office in Braybrook, Melbourne. Occasional travel to New Zealand and our branch network may be required. Further Information: http://careers.thlonline.com/job=5475SKA
  24. Position Title: Public Relations Coordinator Brand/Department: AAT Kings & Creative Holidays Reports to Position: Communications Manager Positions Reporting to: Nil POSITION PURPOSE Reporting to the Group Communications Manager, this role forms a key element of marketing strategy for Creative Holidays and AAT Kings and will involve direct participation and (dotted line) reporting to the senior management of each brand. This role will specifically be responsible for public relations execution for Creative Holidays & AAT Kings, and will be achieved by effectively promoting each company's plans, actions and products through a range of public relations initiatives. KEY RESULT AREAS & ACTIVITIES PERFORMED Provide input to developing Public Relations strategies, policies and procedures; Research, write and distribute media releases in accordance with established policies and procedures and maintain good relations with media; Manage and update media distribution lists; Monitor and evaluate media results; Organise events, journalist familiarisations and special sponsorship projects in accordance with public relations strategies; Coordinate and assist with employee communications; Writes letters or drafts of articles to be made public by appropriate personnel; Actively liaise with individual company marketing divisions with regard to promotions and giveaways. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES Nil EDUCATION Diploma qualifications in public relations; EXPERIENCE Relevant practical experience in a commercial environment; Background in journalism acceptable KNOWLEDGE Working knowledge of public relations concepts and objectives and evaluation; Eligible to be a member of a relevant professional body. COMPETENCIES Strong administrative/analytical, having the ability to meet tight deadlines and control intense workloads with ever changing priorities; The ability to communicate at all levels within the organisation and the travel industry, whilst having the professional presence to represent the company at external functions. WORK ENVIRONMENT Office based with need to attend some external presentations; Accompany groups on brand famils. The Travel Corporation Recruitment: Attention
  25. If there are any PIO members out there with travel industry experience a major Australian travel company have a vacancy for a consultant. LEISURE CONSULTANT POSITION VACANT HWT Crows Nest We are an award winning HWT agency currently seeking dedicated leisure consultants to join our team in the heart of Crows Nest village. In this position you will be required to manage and co-ordinate innovative and high value travel solutions for both a high level of existing customers as well as new clientele attached to our premier location. To be considered for this position you will possess; ● A great attitude ● Min 3yrs travel consulting experience ● Proven sales ability ● CRS experience (preferably Galileo) ● Excellent communication and presentation skills ● Sound domestic and International knowledge If you want the stability in the current market and the ability to be rewarded for your great sales with incentives involved then don’t sit on this great opportunity! Please contact Julianne Gazal-Rizk on 94398922 or email your CV to: julianne@hwtcrowsnest.com