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Found 73 results

  1. Hi all, Our boxes have arrived! i need to clear them through customs first before i can pick them up at the warehouse in the port, but i cant get through to customs (or anyone really!) to ask where customs are in the port of Brisbane?? Just wondered if any one knows?? Thanks Kris xx:smile:
  2. Hi all, I registered on this site a while back but never came back, in all the busy stuff of getting ready for the big move. Now it's only days away and I'm not sure I've registered that we're really going. All our boxes were picked up this morning by the shipping guys, there's a party here this weekend, and then it's just getting rid of the last few things, cleaning up and saying goodbye. I'm Australian, brought up in Darwin but I've lived in the UK for the past 15 years and my husband and kids are English. Wish us luck, we've never been to Port Macquarie, so this is a huge adventure! :biggrin:
  3. Guest

    Port Kennedy

    Hi Guys, We have received our 176 Visas and will be moving to WA in September. We will be living in Port Kennedy for the first 6 months and was wondering if anyone had any feedback of this and surrounding areas? I am also keen to join a indoor footy (5-a-side) team. Does anyone know where i can get a game in the evenings? Also, we are keen on joining a tennis club, so again would welcome any feedback on local tennis clubs. Cheers Steve & Holly (and pooches)!!:smile:
  4. Hi folks!Me and my wife are planning a short trip on our way to OZ (about 3 months) so we think to send our stuff ahead before we leave (or ask someone to send it after we leave).I have few questions here: Since we have nothing in OZ at the moment, we also don't have an address to send the packages to.. So is it possible to send the packages without giving a destination address, but only the City? Melbourne or Perth for example? I guess that it will be impossible to guess the packages arrival exactly, so there are high chances that I will not be able to collect them the moment they arrive. Is it possible that the boxes will stay there for some time? If yes, could anyone give some approximate costs for leaving the boxes there? Where the boxes actually stay before being collected by the owner? Is it directly in a port where they arrive to? Or maybe there's some kind of sorting and storage facilities? NOTES: There are few boxes not heavier than 20kg We are probably will use a naval delivery which is the cheapest since it is the slowest It's not from UK I'll be grateful if someone could spill some light on these issues and share his own experience! Partial answers are also very welcome! Thanks a lot! Eugene
  5. Guest

    Port Equipment

    Hello all, I'm new to this site and i was wondering if anyone knew of any companies that deal with port equipment, ie Reachstackers, RTG's, big forklifts etc. Live in England and Currently working in Nigeria but looking to move to Oz with the family. Thanks, Stuart
  6. Hi All, From one Mum to another I would like to try and set up a network of Irish friends so that we can be e-mailing etc before I and others like me get there mainly for support,advice and also to give hope to Irish Mums already there who may be feeling a little homesick. We hope to be in OZ within the next three months all going well. I'm 38, hubby 40 and three kids 18,16 and 12. Not sure that the 18 year old will come with us yet. Looking forward to hearing from you all.:smile:
  7. aussiechick2006

    Port Hedland?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has ever been to, lived in or worked in Port Hedland? I can see that it is extremely HOT! But just wondered what it's actually like there. Especially with young children. I guess I'm wondering if there's actually enough to keep busy with or am I going to be spending a fortune buying flights to Perth to keep us going? Also, may be a bit of a daft question, but can you swim in the sea there? I'm sure I saw something about crocs. Although I may have got that mixed up with another place.. AC
  8. Scarby

    Playgroups - Port Kennedy?

    Hi, We have just moved to Port Kennedy from the U.K and wondered if anyone knows of any playgroups etc that I can take my little girl who is 4 to? Any info would be appreciated, Thanks, Celia
  9. Been looking for a school in Port Kennedy, Mandurah, Sec Hbr area but cannot find much on here. I have seen some threads to say that Port Kennedy Primary is not that great but can anybody else give their opinion on the other schools? We are hoping to fly out this Nov so want to narrow down the school. Our little one is 7 and elder boy is 14 so need primary and secondary schools! Thanks peeps x
  10. Hi, my family and i are moving to South Australia next year, and we are considering moving to Port Lincoln as opposed to Adelaide. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone who has been to Port Lincoln. Is it too quiet for a family, would we be better to settle in Adelaide where there is more going on? What are the beaches like?
  11. Guest

    Port Kennedy School

    Can anyone give me some info on Port Kennedy primary School ie how would you rate it? http://www.truelocal.com.au/business/port-kennedy-primary-school/port-kennedy
  12. Due to unforeseen events I am returning to the UK. As a result I have a gorgeous modern 2 bedroom single fronted Victorian house for lease in Port Melbourne. Recently renovated, the property benefits from open plan living, 2 double bedrooms, a large bathroom, reverse cycle air conditioning, floorboards, euro laundry and a courtyard. The rent is $560 a week. Please pm for more details and/or to arrange a viewing.
  13. Hi, we are moving from the U.K to Port Kennedy in September and trying to sort out how to get from the airport to Port Kennedy when we arrive, does anyone know of any decent taxi companies that would do an airport pickup? Thanks Celia
  14. Hi, I came to Port Macquarie about 3 months ago from Japan and this is my first thread. I really want to new friends who are about the same age (around uni students)as me but it's still so hard. Does anyone live around here? Or are there any good communities which I could belong to? I like sports and craft.
  15. Guest

    Sell Us Your 'Sport'

    I guess we all like different things in life, and fair play to that, so with this in mind try to tell others what sport you are interested/obsessive/good at. I'll start, are you ready to be bored. I would mention Cricket, :SLEEP::SLEEP:, but I know of a few on here who will fall asleep if I go on too much,:wubclub:. But in all honesty fishing has to be my one sport that truly has me obsessed. I like all types of fishing, but am far more interested in Saltwater Flyfishing over recent years,:yes:. And the great thing about it is that it's NOT just the fishing that gets the old juices going, fishing allows me to connect with nature as it were, to stand alone with just a fly rod in hand on a flat somewhere truly does inspire me, brings peace to my very soul, and for all intents and purposes makes all well with the world. I have been very fortunate enough to have travelled the world in search of my own particular fishing 'Utopia', (yet to find it, but come close) and hopefully when back in OZ Exmouth, WA, may tick a few more boxes, (just need to convince the good lady). Australia and Saltwater Flyfishing are my two greatest passions, and without them my life would indeed 'lose' something. Difficult to put either of my passions into words, but hopefully my fishing thoughts will be better explained by a few pics and videos. [YOUTUBE]W8u9bygLV50[/YOUTUBE] Cheers Tony.:wink:
  16. Quote

    Port Melbourne or CBD?

    Hello all! My company have offered me a choice of accommodation (1 month duration) in either the CBD or Port Melbourne. My office is in Port Melbourne and there is a beach there (although it is winter at the moment), but I am hoping to live in Richmond so being in the CBD would be ideal to check out this and surrounding areas. My only concern about living in the CBD is this; Is it anything like Canary Wharf or the Square Mile in London? i.e. Once all the business people have gone home, the place effectively shuts down and is like a ghost town? Thanks
  17. Guest

    Palm cove or Port Douglas?

    My mum and sister are coming over in Jan and we are going to go to North Queensland and do the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree rainforest etc. Does anyone have any advice on which is better to stay, Palm Cove or Port Douglas? I don't want to stay in Cairns as I have stayed there before and its not that great other than for tour pick ups. Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  18. MazPaul

    Working in Port Melbourne

    I have near as damit got a job sorted which is in Port Melbourne now we need to look at areas to live.Hope people on here can come up with places to look at.Not bothered about travelling to work within reason,we want a reasonable priced neighbourhood with good schools near by then we both aren't travelling every day to get to work and kids sorted.We have a 5 yr old and a 13yr old all the advice possible is most welcomed and appreciated too.Thanks PIOers.:twitcy:
  19. Guest

    Schools in Port Noarlunga

    Hi everyone, my name is Debs and i have just joined this site. My partner already lives in Port Noarlunga and I am due to join him there mid August with my son who is 11 ( Year 6). I have already got a provisional place in Port Noarlunga Primary but I would welcome any input on secondary (high) schools around that way. I looked at Cardijn College but given that they are full with a waiting list and that a religious background is preferred, it's unlikely he will get in there. I would really appreciate anyones opinions or experiences with any of the other local high schools in the area.:biggrin: Thanks.. Debs
  20. We are struggling to find a short term rental property in Port Kennedy or surrounding areas for September, can anyone point me in the direction of any websites we might have missed when looking. Any info greatly appreciated, Thanks Celia
  21. HI guys, just looking for some absolute honesty please. We have been living in Qld for 6 years and have been toying with the idea of moviing to WA. We were in Airlie Beach for 6 years, wonderful little town, but not too child friendly and we are now in a mining town 4 hours inland. :shocked: My hubby has recently applied for a Fly in/out job so we are looking at place SOR. We have been out of city life for a while now but an hour on the train for us is perfect and a lot of you have sold the Warnbro/Secret Harbour/Port Kennedy area too us on here. But we will not be able to visit before hand, so I am relying on you guys to guide us. So bearing in mind we live 1.5hours to the nearest Wooloworths/ Coles and 3hours to a decent shopping centre at Rockahmpton. I need hard facts about these areas. What shops are local ie. IGA, Woolworths? Where can I do big shopping ie Target, Big W? Are the beaches dog friendly?? Which are the best kid friendly suburbs I have little girls, a 3yr old and 1yr old? I keep reading about British pubs in the area, are they any good with kids? Are there any local cafes, takeaways, Indians ?Bars ( hubby's requirements) Swimming pools or does everyone swim in the sea? Are there any good mums groups? I miss my very English mums group in Airlie Beach. Also what bout Kindergartens and daycare,is the ABC any good and will I have to book a place now for next year??? This was essential in Brisbane:eek: Crime? And does anyone have any pictures. Thanks in advanced, for any help, PIO is an excellent site, We love it. And hopefully this move will keep homesickness at bay for a little longer.:cool: Cheers Lis
  22. cat

    Port Kennedy

    We have been looking at housing in the area of Port Kennedy. Does anyone know whether or not this is a good area to live? Thanks
  23. Hi, we are moving to the area later this year and I am still debating whether to send my then 6 year old son private or state? Is it worth the money to send them to the private schools? Also, am I right in thinking that if they go to Catholic schools they do not have to live in that particular suburb unlike the state schools? I am considering sending him to St Bernadettes - does anyone have children who go there? If so what is it like? Any information advice would be much appreciated. How does it compare with Star of the Sea in Rockingham? I looked at that school when we came over last August but to be honest, I was not overly impressed. Any advice on the primary schools in Waikiki, Warnbro, Port Kennedy etc. would be fantastic! Thanks Francine x
  24. Hi there, just wondered if anyone has any experience with St Bernadettes school in Port Kennedy? Thanks, Celia
  25. Hi are there any poms from here living in Port Hedland! We are moving to Port Hedland with my husbands work and I won't no anyone up there. Was just wondering if any fello pommies lived up there and fancied meeting up for a coffee and a chat and telling me all the do's and don't up there. Won't be working straight away when we move up there, so won't be able to make any friends till I get a job. Going to be hard as only been over here from uk since April 2009. Look forward to hearing from you Ceinperth:chatterbox: