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Found 4 results

  1. The UK has sold the most poppys ever in remembrance of our fallen soldiers :notworthy: I have never seen so many people wearing the poppy this year and it was a fantastic effort for former soldiers in their 80s and 90s today at the Cenotaph standing tall and proud:notworthy:
  2. Guest

    Tall Poppy Syndrome

    Had to larf, just been down the local shopping center, there was a new security guard there, a right jobs worth, couple of kids were pushing scooters the guard shouted at them to get out, the kids gave him the bird, at this the guard starting going off like a two bob watch, thought he was the commisioner of police or something, one of the shop owners took him to one side and had to calm him dow, amazing how you give some people a little power and all of a sudden they think there Atilla the Hun, What expieriences have you had with jobs worths ?
  3. Guest

    Poppy Appeal, Brilliant Idea.

    Hi All. I know some get fed up with people banging on about remembrance Sunday, but to me there is no more a noble cause. Lets not forget the ONLY reason we are living the lives we are today is because of the sacrifice of millions before us.:notworthy::notworthy: Anyway, the Royal British Legion have come up with a fantastic idea in the hope of raising untold thousands/millions, they have released a single, it is two minutes of absolute silence, see the link below: Silent Single To some this may seem daft, but (and I hate this expression) whoever came up with it has thought well and truly 'Outside The Box' :mad:). Lets face it, there is no better way of giving ourselves some time and reflectiveness to remember those that fell and gave the ultimate sacrifice for us ALL over generations, and will continue to do so.:notworthy::notworthy: How you can tell if you have downloaded it, I don't know, :goofy::biglaugh:, but it does state that download is complete and there are a few 'stars' that will appear in the download to confirm that this is the case. I think their main aim is to get the number one slot this coming remembrance day, fingers crossed they will succeed. So come on, lets keep the latest bunch of pop 'idols', 'icons' off the top slot and make this a year to remember. The download costs a quid, not a lot in the grand scheme of things when you consider what the money can be used for. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. tracy123

    ANZAC day and Poppy day…..

    I think are great not just because they give to a worthwhile cause but it gives us a chance to explain to our kids what they mean, but the problem is do we go far enough to explain what sacrifices the brave men and woman have given up for us? It seems that video games can show in graphic detail what a bullet can do, to someone, so much so, that children are desensitised to war and violence. The same goes for movies, it’s hard to tell what’s truth and what’s fiction, and I don’t think there is any war movie that has made me stop and think. But in schools things like war and death are turned into facts and figures again not shocking the kids and it still doesn’t show just exactly what people have given up, and IMHO if you don’t understand what people have lived though how can you respect them? However read a book and a good story teller can transport you there can make you feel the passion, heartache make you laugh or cry. I remember reading a book on the ANZACS, and it was when they landed on the beaches, climbing up the cliffs digging themselves in (all under bullet fire), and then getting the call to advance, watching their friends get mowed down by machine gun fire, knowing that they were going to die when they climbed over their dead mates body and doing it without question but because they were ordered too do so. Just that one passage in the book was enough to realise what people had given up for me, just that one passage was enough for me to respect all that fought and our still fighting for us. I understand that may not work for everyone but surely if we/schools made our kids read about what others have gone through it may just make them respect what others have been through. It annoys me when you read news stories about people peeing on a war memorial or seeing some idiot that has written on one or feels it’s ok to pinch a flower, because to them it’s just a bit of stone with a bit of engraving, it just shows they don’t get it. I don’t for one minute pretend to understand what others have gone through, I think you need to walk in that persons shoes to do that, but I can respect what they have done, and that’s the one thing these people are missing. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, do we do enough so future generations don't forget what others have been through and are going through, and is that put in a way that they understand and can learn to respect others?