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Found 16 results

  1. Georgie

    Above ground pools

    Does anyone know approx cost of getting one and has anyone actually bought one. They must be cheaper than inground pools. I have seen a lot of people have the above ground ones in Brisbane and after having an inground one i would assume they were more easily maintained. I am talking about loose tiles and cracks appearing in the concrete inground ones. Dearly love to have a pool again but hubby says too much care so looking into AG or one of those tubs things that you can have hot or cold!! Any advice please Georgie
  2. Guest

    swimming pools

    hi just a quicky pros and cons of having a swimming pool and what are the costs alan
  3. Jackboots

    pools .. thoughts please ?

    Just wondered if any one has any thoughts regarding above ground pools , we have a very unuasual shape garden and we are on a big slope so our garden is terraced in areas , so these look like a good option flat from the front and sides bbut not at the back .. also we only want a small pool just for cooling off and having a bit of fun for the kids ... any thoughts ?? :yes:
  4. Guest

    No pools in Perth??

    Hi guys, It looks like we might be going to Perth rather than Brisbane so have just started looking at Perth properties etc. The rental market seems a bit weird. It looks like there are loads of properties in the $400 range, a fair few at $1500+ (!!) but very little in between. Our max budget would be around $850 per week. We don't have to be near the sea, but want to be no more than a 30 min commute from the CBD (preferably by train). Our little girl is too small for school so we don't have to worry about that for a few years. The problem I am having is that I can't find any houses with pools!! It's driving me nuts! Can't believe that so few people put them in when the weather is so incredible. And I can only find one search engine that allows me to put it in as a pre-requisite so the rest of the time I have to trawl through pages of houses to try to find one that might work. It sounds like we are being really picky, but we're moving for the very very rainy west of Ireland, and are very excited (and maybe a bit apprehensive!) about the weather in Perth. A big part of our dream is having a pool in the back garden. Beginning to have my doubts now! Am I just looking in all the wrong places or is there a pool shortage in Perth!
  5. Guest


    Well after experiencing our 2nd Aussie summer we are seriously suffering from pool envy so we've decided to have one put into our home. I've got a few questions that hopefully some of you wont mind helping with..... *Which Companies have you had good experiences with and which ones should I avoid?? *Do Pool Companies have sales (in winter maybe when things are quieter??) ?? We would be happy to wait if it saved us a few pennies *We are looking to get a 3.5 X 7-8m fibreglass rectangle pool, anyone had a similar size and how much did you pay?? *Any other do's and don't would be great. Obviously we've been doing our own research and have visited a few show pools but its great to have people first hand experiences.....Oh and I'm Perth NOR if that makes a difference? Have a great weekend :jiggy: Lynsey
  6. The Pom Queen

    Swimming Pools - Where's the plug?

    As you know coming from Melbourne we are not use to pools at all, can anyone tell me what happens when it rains really hard, is it like a bath and it has an overflow or does it literally come over the top? Please don't laugh we all have to learn somewhere:wacko:
  7. Ratchet

    swimming pools

    Would anyone know of a good swimming pool within walking distance of a train station in melbourne and suburbs thats family orientated. ? I keep abandoning hubby and child at home and nick the car for work. the novelty of a park has worn off, so has bike riding by the looks of it........... thanks
  8. Guest

    Swimming Pools

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! :arghh: For those of you moving here who would love to have a pool..............think long and hard and do your research! kev.......................another 1500 bucks down the shute!
  9. Been here for three months now and the time is here to search for a home, the rental is nice, but i need to nest! We are in Lynbrook at the mo and are looking at properties in Narre Warren south and Berwick and have found a fair few fitting the criteria but we have one dilemma, pool or no pool (I know its a tough life!!!) We'd like some of your helpful opinions on the subject please. Along the lines of; Would we get the use out of it in this lovely wet weather? Are they costly to run? Are they easy to maintain? Pros and cons of having a pool. Any views most welcome, thanking you in advance. Trudes :winkxmas:
  10. Can anyone recommend a swimming pool, which is open to the public close to central Perth? Ive heard that there are pools at Freemantle and Claremont but I don’t know how to get to them once you get off the train – could someone give me some directions please or advise me of any other pools? Many thanks Emma X
  11. Guest


    Hi If we buy a house in Oz without a pool is it expensive to have one put in at a later date? We are looking at buying a house Gold Coast area Cheers Jan X:jiggy:
  12. Guest

    Swimming pools ?

    Hi My OH and i hope to be in Perh sometime next year (If we sell the house!!) and just wanted to know if any of you in oz have had a swimming pool put in and do you need planning permision etc.. also how much does it cost and is the up keep of it expensive?? Thanks
  13. Que Sera Sera

    Are swimming pools expensive?

    If we were to rent a house with as swimming pool would the rent be a lot higher and also would the electric be expensive, chemicals etc. Not sure yet where we will go but at the moment Melbourne may be winning.:spinny:
  14. Guest

    swimming pools

    Someone mentioned on another thread (cant find it now) about swimming pools being out of fashion now and most homes in Oz are built without them, Is that right? The reason i am asking is that we were hoping to rent at first (if we get accepted in Oz, of course!!) and are looking to find a house with a pool. Not for novelty but for physio. I have to do physio to keep my daughters muscles strong to keep her mobility. We do a home exercise regime but swimming is something we hope to do more as it is the best form of physio! So we are looking for houses with pools. We are thinking of renting for a while till we get settled but then we will look to buy. So are we going to have difficulty getting a house with a pool? We are hoping to move to NSW region. How is the weather there? Is that another factor in why homes may not have pools due to weather? We are hoping it will be warmer and better than the UK. tracy
  15. Guest

    Swimming pools!?

    To all of you in Perth and Sydney lucky enough to own a (unheated)pool, Do you still use it in May or is the weather not warm enough? Looking at holiday rentals but if a heated pool is a wise choice it limits the options substantially. Thanks dazarooni
  16. Guest

    Pools in Aus

    Hi Does anyone know about childrens pools in Aus, we have been looking at houses to rent and the ones with a pool are few and far between so have been thinking of buying one of those large paddling pool which are deep about 8ft wide. Do you have to have permission for these in Aus .....has anyone got any idea cause they are currently cheap in uk at moment so debating on getting one.