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Found 67 results

  1. Hi All Any help, advice or networking would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a room share in Perth and nearby surrounding areas from mid June to October for a relative. He's housebroken, clean and tidy and can take care of himself. He does want to meet people, make friends and get ideas on where to settle once he's finished his holiday there as he's over looking for work. Ideally looking for somewhere with internet/wifi, access to a pool and gym, car parking and a community feel. Also good access to train transport or buses in case he doesn't get a car. Would prefer somewhere where the its just one bill with everything included. Any hints/tips/ideas/short term/family share i.e. anything !! would be greatly appreciated. BEGal
  2. Guest

    building swimming pool brisbane

    Can anyone recommend a good swimming pool installer in the Brisbane area. Also do most people go for concrete or are the fibre glass ones any good.
  3. Large, modern 5-bedroom home overlooking a lake. Located in Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. * 35km from Brisbane City * 30 minutes to Bribie Island * 40 minutes to the Sunshine Coast * 1 1/2 hours from Gold Coast -2 Bathrooms -Double Garage -Swimming Pool -Air-Con -Covered Entertainment Area -Kids Retreat -Gym Room -Study -Close to top-performing schools, train station, shopping facilities etc. Lovely family house - great location, lovely neighborhood! OIRO $525,000 (AUD) Contact:for more details & photos.
  4. Hi... Looking at rentals in Aus, some have garden & pool included in rent Garden maintenance looks like its lawn mowing ect Pool maintenance, I presume this means maintaining pool but most adds say "Chemicals at expense of tenant"..... Has anyone else ever come accross this or home owners of pools.. How much would it cost for regular chemical for a pool in general... Any help on the pool of additional info or comments on garden/lawn maintenacnce appreciated :chatterbox:
  5. Ok this may seem like a strange post BUT i am finding myself looking on Domain.com all day every day! We are moving to Sydney area in January and was looking at the Hills Districts due to the large houses and pools. We have now ruled this area out and have been looking at the Shire & St.george areas. Anyway i manage to find lots of houses we like with 3/4 beds which are in our price bracket ($750) Max but when i put in a pool there are hardly any. Is it that either not many rentals have a pool or is it common not to have a pool in these areas? And for those of you that live there can you cope ok in the summer heat without the pool? I have looked at these potrable pools so maybe with owners permission to put one in the garden that could be a possibility? I know a pool may seem trivial to some but its kinda swaying the kids to happily move there!!:biggrin: Is there any other places rentals are posted apart from domain, real estate & gumtree?? Thanks in advance for any advice Mandy
  6. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to install an average size pool and the upkeed costs, is it worth it?
  7. Hi guys, My dream to have a swimming pool almost came true but unfortunately it just didnt happen.:sad: We dont have lots of money so have organised everything ourselves, we have bought a second hand fibreglass pool shell, had it certified by an engineer, have the go ahead from the council, have got a contact for a crane but dont have anyone to install it. Everyone that installs pools want to provide them too so wont look at ours and of course its the wrong time of the year cause everyones getting them, thats why our orininal guy cant do it. It was supposed to go in 4 weeks ago and we got so excited I was probably more excited than the kids!!! If anyone knows someone that could help please let me know. Thanks
  8. The Pom Queen

    Have you a pool in Queensland

    Please remember the cut off date to register your pool is the 4th November if your pool is not registered before then you could be fined up to $2000, to check if your pool is registered with council please check on the following site, it only take a few minutes. http://www.dlgp.qld.gov.au/pool-safety/pool-safety-register.html Remember this is different to the safety certificate which is not required yet unless you are selling, renting your house.:wubclub:
  9. Headstart Homestay

    Swimming Pool Comparissons

    Thinking of installing a pool, anyone who could offer advice on personel experiance when choosing. 1 - A good reputable installation company. 2 - Concrete or fibreglass 3 - Pump sizes 4 - Filter systems And at a fair price, any advice would be appriciated. And has anyone used Narellan Pools Many Thanks Dale
  10. rockola57

    Pool Care Tips.

    Hi, We are moving into our first home in OZ in 2 weeks,and it's got a small in ground pool.Anyway,i have not got a clue about them,upkeep etc.Did notice on last visit to the house there is a little Algae around the walls under water.Does anyone know any simple,easy way to keep on top of it all,and have a nice pool 12 months a year.Thanks.:confused:
  11. Hi all, We are in the process of buying our first WA home and will need to break lease on our current rental. If anyone is interested, it is a 4 bed, 2 bath with a pool and is SOR. We're 15 mins from the city and in an excellent school catchment area. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I can forward the details and photos for you to look at. Janette :smile:
  12. oldgit

    Pool Liners

    Hi Guys, I have an above ground pool that is ready for the liner to be replaced. Does anyone know of any companies in the Brisbane/Browns plains area worth getting a quote from. Cheers The oldgit
  13. Hi there, does anyone know of any houses for rent with a pool in the Halls Head area of Mandurah? Have searched the all the real estates, but cant find many with pools. I though word of mouth may be the way. We are looking to rent for at least 2 years, possibly longer. We are already here staying with friends, and our daughter has recently started school in halls head, so we want to stay in this area. thanks
  14. Guest

    Glass Pool Fencing

    Hi All We are just in the process of installing some glass pool fencing (DIY) and I've been told you can have the glass sprayed or treated to cut down on the cleaning of the glass?? Apparently splashes run off rather than mark the glass?? I've googled it but can only find DIY kits and I'd prefer to get someone in to do it.....!! Can anyone recommend a company.....I'm in Perth (NOR) Thanking you:biggrin:
  15. Me and my family are due to move accross to Perth in 2 months time, We have been told by some friends that Ashby or Tapping would be the best places for us to live. Does anyone have any advice on this? But mainly we are looking to find a house to rent with a pool in these areas or very close surrounding subs ! We are finding it very hard to find any on the internet, can anyone help please !!??
  16. hello all, just a quickie! In an ideal world, we would have both! Looking at house prices, we have realised that we could afford either a house that is 5 minutes drive from the beach with no swimming pool, or, a house that is 30 minutes drive from the beach but with a pool. What do people think the most important thing is? What would you use the most? we have a dog, so walking on doggy beach would be a great thing to do. Many thanks, alan
  17. Guest

    Installing a pool

    Hi All Just looking for a bit of help, we want to install a pool before summer and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good company SOR Perth, we have visited some and are tempted to go with Freedom Pools but just wondered if any one has had any dealings with them or heard any horror stories? Thanks Ozgaz
  18. Hi all we arrived in Perth on wednesday & so far loving every minute, its winter although it has rained a bit (apparently theres been hardly any rain so its very much needed!) today has been lovely skys & sunny! Were in a holiday rental for 1 month in Mindarie but we desperately need a long term house to rent as the kids cant go to school until we do due to the cathment areas. We dont really want to settle in Mindarie as weve heard its quite expensive & we have fell in love with Butler (we came last year for a month to suss out areas) but struggling as we want a pool. Thre doesnt seem to be any with a pool???? If anyone knows of any for rent in or around Butler (would consider other areas) please please let us know. Didnt think it would be such a headache!!!! Thanks Hayley:laugh:
  19. toughspiders

    Pool Installation - Brisbane

    Hi We are thinking of having a pool installed. We really have no idea of cost and really dont want to get ripped off. Would love to hear of peoples experience within the Brisbane area. I know we are going to spend a lot of dosh but any tips/recommendations regards to installers would be great ta very muchly Bex
  20. Guest

    Aussie pool

    Hey all, Moving to Melbourne (North) in June and was wondering if anyone knows of any pool teams and leagues (8 ball) that I could join. Been playing for a team in Cambridgeshire now for over 5 years and love it! Would anyone be interested in joining myself to set a team up and join in a league etc? John
  21. Sorry for the long header! But, as a guide, how much would a modern 3 bed house in Syndey (within 45 mins drive from MacQuarie Park, 30 mins to coast), ideally with pool cost to rent?? Thanks!
  22. hi we are going to be building a house soon, and are getting quotes for a pool in particular sapphire pools in rocko and wondered if anyone had used them, or can recommend a really good pool place thanks tracy
  23. Hi All We are moving to Sydney in a couple of weeks and will be trying to secure a rental for our family in the Hills area when we arrive. We have a young daughter who is desparate for us to try to find a house with a pool, but never having lived in a house with a pool (a hot tub is as far as we have gone on that score), we would be interested to hear any thoughts or experiences from those who have. In particular, we would be interested in getting an idea about costs of running a small pool (electricity, chemicals, water useage etc) and also how much work it entails to maintain it (ie cleaning, water checks, pumps, how often does the water need to be changed etc?). Do you think it is generally worthwhile, or would it be better to wait until we are more settled. Any thoughts, advice or experiences welcome. Many thanks! Damiane and Cara
  24. Does anyone know if any place that do short term rernal for Christmas for a customer of mine ideally 4-5 bedrooms top of the range stuff and also a pool willing to spend up to AUD20,000 Thanks in advance I have checked the usual sites with no luck he thinks they look like prisons!!!
  25. Does a 100 watt 12 volt halogen light globe get hotter than a 150 watt 24 volt one??? The cover on my pool light says no greater than a 100 watt to be used, but the old one was a 150 watt 24 volt. There is no such thing as a 100 watt in a 24 volt so thinking I was doing the right thing replaced it with a 100 watt 12 volt, well it blew after a few hours and has left scorch marks on the inside cover. Not sure if this was due to moisture inside the cover or it just got too hot. I'm totally confused on what globe to use now and the woman in the pool shop has no idea either. :confused: