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Found 172 results

  1. Hi, I've been looking on this site for over 2 years, i've had loads of information to do with visa applications which was a great help, now my husband,myself and two kids, my son who's 15 and my daughter who is 12 have finally arrived in Brisbane our dilemma is we do not know which areas to move to, my husband has got a job in Carrina, but we want to live by the coast, we loved Victoria Point, Wellington Point, looked at Redland Bay, Raby Bay/Cleveland, can anyone give us any advice/guidance about these areas and your opinions on the state schools, this would be really helpful as were so confused. thanks
  2. Guest

    Living in Point Cook

    Hi, We are considereing renting in Point Cook, I visited it in October and liked Point Cook senior school also thought that the shopping centre was lovely. However I have some questions that i wondered if a local could answer; How bad is the traffic into Melbourne during rush hour? Is it going to ages to get to work in Maribyrnong?Where is the nearest the train station? As it is a new suburb are there local clubs eg sports, social etc for teenagers (13 & 16)? Is sancturary Lakes difficult to access without a car? You certainly get a lot more house for your $ on the rental market but I need to be sure as I dont want to have to move the kids once they are in school. Thanks everyone - we leave the UK on Christmas Day :v_SPIN:
  3. Hi guys! Really feel like a night out. Anyone like to join me? This Tapas bar is really good and a lovely place to meet new people. Let me know if this sounds good and I can book it for a Saturday night in November. My daughter, who works there has just reminded me that on a Sunday there is live music. That might be an option. :jiggy: Look forward to hearing from you all. Kitty. :wub:
  4. Hi, I'm gathering my details to get assessed by the ACS, and I don't understand the difference between Group A and Group B. What does it change in the end? Thanks
  5. Paur

    Electrician Point Cook

    Does anyone know a good (and cheap!!) electrician in Point Cook? Our stuff arrived from Scotland yesterday and everything works, thankfully! We are wondering if an electrician would be able to change the UK plugs on our Fridge/Freezer and washing machine as we don't really want these running off a travel adaptor plug as I can't imagine that's safe in the long term. We have changed the power cords and plugs on most things but are unsure if it's safe to do on the bigger items as there is no fuse.
  6. Morning all We have just signed on a property in SL. Can anyone give any ball park figures on monthly costs for elec, gas, water etc on a 4/5 bed house in this area. Also any recommendations for best value service providers would be great. Does anyone have any thoughts on broadband vs cable - could anyone give a recommendation on this? Any help would be gratefully received. We have been contacted by Direct Connect (through the estate agents) who are willing, but can't give any figures on pretty much anything they connect! Thanks everyone - Fiona
  7. Northernpommy

    Meet up in Point Cook - coffee??

    Hi, We have been here for over a year now in Point Cook and are enjoying our time here. Met lots of people (mainly through PIO) and thought would be great to organise another meet up for coffee again in Point Cook Anyone fancy it (would probably have to be a weekend though for me). xx
  8. Hi all we are looking at opening our bank account in or around point cook, Altona. Please can anyone tell me what banks are in this area
  9. hey, when I move to Australia I will be 16 and I was wondering from people whO have already moved, if they could answer me some question:) What's it like and is it easy to meet friends What are the colleges like there? How is life there improved? Also I would love to chat to people, and I'm willing to chat! Laura
  10. Fingers crossed she is OK, maybe in the pound (at Austral I think which is a long way from Picnic Point) or in a 'friendly' household. He's got two dogs and one was handed in at the vets. The wind blew the gate open. My brother sounded angry but I think that just masked the worry. My niece's birthday too.
  11. Guest

    Good Orthodontist in Point Cook?

    Hi folks Can anyone living in Point Cook recommend a good child-friendly orthodontist? We have had one consultation which didn't go well, but desperately looking for an alternative as my daughter's treatment was started in the UK and we need to get her brace adjusted asap. Have had recommendations for Werribee, but if anyone has personal experience of Point Cook orthodontists, that would be really appreciated!
  12. Guest

    Point cook or Mornington???

    Hi everyone, Really stuck as I like the look of both places although they are miles apart! Just looking for advice from people that may live in either place. My husband is a builder and I am interior designer, want to build a business together in property development but not for a year or two. My husband will need to find work as a carpenter in the meantime....which area do you think would be best suited? We also have three children so good schools are a must! Thanks, Leanne.xx
  13. Hi, High schools question this time. Has anyone got any experience of either of these high schools. Any info welcome Many thanks
  14. BenandLou

    Point Cook

    Hi We are in the process of applying for our visas and we are looking at places to live. Point Cook seems nice. Can anyone give us an up to date review on this area? Thanks in advance Ben & Lou x
  15. Guest

    Woody Point or Mango Hill?

    Hi all. Been looking at both these areas for us to go to. We are family of 5, 3 girls aged 15, 13 and 4. Were looking for somewhere not to expensive, dont want anywere to remote, near to beaches and shops and with having to teenage girls, somewere were there is plenty to do for them. Both areas look nice but would like opinions from people living there. Thanks:smile:
  16. Hallo! I'm a 24 year old lad, just moved over too Point Cook from Manchester around 3 weeks ago with my GF (21) and her family. We are planning on staying in the area for around 6-7 months working, before heading up the east coast. We have been doing the usual tourist stuff, heading in to Melbourne regularly, Aquarium, Zoo's, Old Melbourne Gaol etc, just wondering if there is anything going on locally for more day to day entertainment (and a more cost effective way of keeping entertained!) and any more people around our age. Cheers Josh & Amy
  17. Hi, I have reached the 65 points mark using age, english language and education. I have 65 points. My question is should I go to the extra trouble and expense of obtaining the evidence to claim more points for overseas work experience? Do applications with higher points get higher priority?
  18. Dear All, I'm a IT Graduate Diploma holder ( offered by British Computer Society ) and successfully went through with ACS assessment and my Group is A. Which mean ACS confirm that my qualification is equal to B.Sc. degree. Now I have a question, with new points system starting from this July, will I be able claim points for my educational qualification ( Graduate Diploma ) and get 15 marks for that? (15 marks - Bachelor Degree including a Bachelor Degree with Honours or Masters)? Please kind enough to share your thoughts. Regards. Anne
  19. Hi, We are moving to Point Cook at the end of July. My hubby is starting work straight away so will just be me and the 3 kids. Well 2 really as my oldest will be at school. Jude is 6 , Rio is 3 and Kaia is 1. I am really hoping to meet some like minded Moms to meet up with and find some playmates for the kiddies. Would love to hear from any Point Cook moms who enjoy chatting aboutbooks /celebgoss/movies/cooking/trashy tv /complete rubbish?! just as much as the kiddie stuff. Would really like to get a book group (wine club) going at some point so anyone interested drop me a line - Cheers for now Faye x
  20. Hi, I'm after a short term rental house in point cook for about 4 months, lease break is perfect because I would like to be flexible due to work. Prefer small house 2 or 3 bedda at reasonable price. Please let me know thanks all
  21. Friends i am scoring 65 points under new point system. And 10 of those are via family sponsorship. but i read i cannot apply for PR when i have family sponsorship. And i will get work visa for 3 years. Is that true? And what i get this 3 years visa then what would be procedure for me to get PR in Ozz.. ??????????????? Regards KEVIN
  22. Hi All, been in Oz only 12 wks and just moved to Point Cook area. We are in our mid 30's, 2 children (4 & 12) and are looking for other families/couples to meet up with/get to know. I am a stay at home mum so definitely looking for other mums in the area to socialize with and keep me sane!:wacko: Also can anyone recommend any local mums and tots groups to attend? Thanks, Sharon.:smile:
  23. Wellington Point, Sat 25 June, 11am. The exact address for the sat navs is Main Road, Wellington Point, 4160. Just follow it all the way to the end until you reach the Pacific Ocean! As you drive down into the car park there is a childrens playground to your sharp left (under a huge fig tree and next to the man made beach). Suggest we meet there?. There are no BBQ's directly in the playground area but it is a short nip to one nearby. There is also a fish'n'chip shop for the less adventurous! Or a picnic is always an option. There is a nice long walk to King Island if anyone fancies it depending on weather / tidal timings etc. Hope to see you there
  24. Hi we have recently moved over from the uk and live in the point cook area. I have an Aussie partner and 2 kids, boy & girl, aged 13 & 11. We would like to meet some pommie's to socialise with as we are missing home and talking to people who are in the same situation. We would love it if anyone has children of around the same age to help our children settle too! Please leave a reply and we can arrange a meet up :smile: Thanks Emma
  25. Hi, our packers are arriving end of August and we are starting to de-clutter our stuff and decide what to bring. I know about the prohibited items but just wanting to know what are the things that there is no point in bringing that don't work or don't meet regulations in Aus. I know of two below, there are probably more if anyone can enlighten us. * skybox / sky + box * baby / child car seats (different regulations) Thanks Claire