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Found 67 results

  1. ian and laura

    paint sprayer info plz

    im a car paintsprayer and moving to either brisbaine or perth depending if i can get work.are there any other sprayers on here?just wanted to know what the workshops are like ie does it get too hot?what sort of hours do u work and whats the pay like. thanks guys lets get a sprayer thread goin :biglaugh:
  2. Guest

    plz let me know....

    im working on 857 visa and want to leave employer after passing citizensip test..plz let me know if anyone has information about this..thanks..? and yes im eligible to sit in the test as im here from 2007..
  3. Guest

    Plz help..!

    I am applying for WA state sponsorship (sub class 475 provisional) and hope to get it on time.. I score enough points, IELTS is 8, and assessment is done (did my masters from Aus) how long does the High commission take to issue visa to work? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.. Thanks
  4. So got a problem...Can anyone help? We have been planning the move etc for months. We got our visa's 2 weeks ago and put the house up for sale thiw week. Houses have been going in 1 to 2 weeks for ages, but not at the moment. So leaving in 3 weeks and not sold house.... So i may need to come on my own and get the family to follow once sold (when ever that is). We are looking for any ideas of low rent for one person (43 year old professional) for short tterm rental, because still need to pay mortgage (by the way we are from UK, but have lived in Canada for 8 years. We have no family in Canada so cannot leave the house for anyone to sell on our behalf) Any ideas, comments or suggestions greatly appricated. thanks in advance.
  5. Hey All, I'm new here *waves* am am looking to relocate from London to Sydney. I have had a quick look online and have come across quite a few companies who offer this service, but am looking for some help from members here. I've done a quick search, but my n00b skillz aren't showing too much up - so if I'm going back over something that has been done over and over - I'M SORRY!! (if someone can point me in the right direction i'll stop re-inventing the wheel!) I have found the following companies (some of whom advertise on the forums) and am going to be asking them if they subscribe to any industry forums etc. but is this of any relevance? I want to make sure that when we book it we end up with the people who are going to ship the goods, not the people who farm it out to others - this way we can hopefully keep control over timelines and if anything were to break along the way and not end up in a war of finger pointing... although this may still happen... :confused: I don't have too much to ship, but there are some bulky items (piano keyboard, guitar, TV, lounge chair etc) - and then clothes, crockery, kitchen tools and a heap of cooking books (and my birthday present of a new Miele oven!)... weird choice I know, but hey - why not! All up I would think it's about 30m2 - maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less... haven't really gotten it down to a fine art as yet! I have read a short post on some people who used Pickfords (here) but it seems to sort of end with no suggestions etc. I have also found these companies: PSS Removals (http://www.pssremovals.com/about-pss-international-removals.php) Kelly's International (http://www.kellysmovingabroad.co.uk/overseas-moving/) Sterling Relocation (http://www.sterlingrelocation.com/movinghome/additional_services/index.html) and Pickfords (http://www.pickfords.co.uk/) We moved with Allied Pickfords when we moved out here, however this was managed by a relocation team from the office I was going to work in - and as such I never got to deal with them directly... has anyone used the above? Any advice? Any ball-park ideas on what this exercise will cost - and did you have the teams turn up, pack the boxes and take them or did you pack the boxes yourselves? If you pack the boxes yourselves how do you cover for breakages (as they are unsure if the items were broken before they were packed etc). Thanks!!! n00dlez
  6. My Agent told me that i have got CO. It has mentioned in My Online Application Status that "23/09/2011 Department has sent E-Mail regarding your application". But agent told that they didn't receive any email regarding this. Hence, agent sent an inquiry to the department on 26/09/2011. But they hasn't received reply from DIAC as yet. As I feel my agent is also not playing his role properly. :cry: My questions are.... Are there any Telephone numbers to Contact DIAC in order to inform them regarding this problem???. Can my agent inform DIAC over the phone about this problem??? If so, I can force my agent to contact them over the phone and get their response as soon as possible. Please Please Help me..................... :confused: Thanks Samk6
  7. Guest

    need visa help asap... plz

    I was told by a "austrslian visa expert" that i can not apply for a whv unless i had a job sponsorship... From what i readvwhv allowd me to stay in oz for a yr working at one job for up to 6 mon. Wih no job in advance. She was telling me i can only go pn youtidt vida for 3 mon find a.job to sponsor me but i will have to leave the country ans wait fir the job to send me an inventation. I think that is unfair and too much money. If tjis is true what are other visas i can apply for thst allows me to avoid this costly vist im ready to start my process...
  8. Guest

    im new here plz help me out .

    plz advise some one how to migrate to australia
  9. I am an Electrician and have been staying in Australia for around 1 year now. I have completed my TRADE RECOGNITION and was passed in NOVEMBER 2010. I then applied and got my ELECTRICAL LICENCE in January 2011 so i am now a recognised ELECTRICIAN in Australia. After this i then applied for my GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA which i paid for in January 2011 also. I now have 3 ELECTRICAL LICENCES for 3 STATES SOUTH AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA and QUEENSLAND I have since been contacted by a Case Officer who requires 1 IMPORTANT piece of information........a SKILLS ASSESMENT because my TRADE RECOGNITION is not recognised for the VISA i am applying for. I have since looked into how to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT and the recognised company is called VETASSES. This will cost me a further $3800 to complete and will also take between 3 - 4 months to complete but my case officer has only given me 28 days to do this which i am not very happy about I have also since found out that TRADE RECOGNITION have now changed there application process which was effective from 30th June 2011 which when you apply for your TRADE RECOGNITION you are also included your SKILLS ASSESMENT.......soo for the same $300 that i paid just under a year a go you get TRADE RECOGNITION with SKILLS ASSESMENT My case officer has since contacted me as i asked for a EXTENSION to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT but he replied he was UNABLE to extend my VISA APPLICATION and that my BEST OPTION would be to WITHDRAW my application where i would LOSE the money i have paid and i would then need to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT and then RE-APPLY for my GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA which would also mean that i would need to pay even MORE money and then need to wait another 12-18 months before my APPLICATION would even get looked at As you can proberbly tell i am VERY VERY ANGRY about this and so UPSET because after all this time and all the money spent it is just goin to be a WASTE of time If anyone could HELP or has any ideas of what to do i would really really LOVE the advise Thanks a lot Andy :cute:
  10. peggsgreen

    erm .... wage help plz

    Hi all, again ................... number crunching time:cute: We are just working out some figures for cost of living etc but just needed help on take home pay , bricklayer and myself registered nurse ( would like to work part time ). Like i mention take home would be best ........ and also does it cost to send money back to UK ie standing order? many many thanks Lisa
  11. Hi looking for a little advice in regards to migrating to Australia I'm English, 30 years old and unskilled... having spent 2 years in Australia on a working Holiday Visa I fell in love with this country and knew that this was the place for me, actually for us, i met my Fiance in Australia a girl from Hong Kong who i travelled with and spent everyday with anyway to the point... I know Australia requires skilled migrants to be able to move there. so i took it upon myself to do a bricklaying course. I am now approaching the end of my course Diploma lvl 2 in brickwork (Is this an accepted qualification in oz or do they require NVQ or?) i plan to study the 3rd year here in England and then get a few years bricklaying experience under my belt in England before i think about migrating. Perth/Western Australia would be top of our choice of places to go as my Fiance has her sister there and she said she would be a sponsor for us if needed Me: England, 30 years old, Studying Bricklaying (Diploma lvl 2) (otherwise unskilled) Fiance: Hong Kong, 30 years old, Higher Diploma in Design (5 years experience in designing Lingerie) Am i doing the right thing? Are we going in the right direction? Should we get married before migrating or after? Bricklaying the right choice? are there many opportunities for this? Would i still need to find a sponsor? Would i need still need to do an assesment before i would get considered? Would it be able to study my 3rd year of bricklaying in Australia? how would i go about this? How much does it cost? would it guarantee me a residency? who to contact? TAFE? Do i need a Diploma or NVQ? (What is recognised in Oz?) Would my girl be able to migrate with her skills alone and am i wasting my time doing my bricklaying course? We are not married yet but we will get married in the future and would like to migrate as a couple.. would this affect me? she is a designer but this is not a job that is needed on the SML (skilled migration List) Can you offer me anymore advice? anyway any advice would be helpful Thanks for reading and thanks for your time Jason
  12. Guest

    help plz

    thank you
  13. so i typed up a stat dec and had it signed by a solicitor stating we hvae no contact with my son for 6 months his father refuses his medicals so we cant meet the req for his medical. got email this morning to say they are not happy with the stat dec and that we have to provide one of two of the following Statutory declaration from the ex partner (custodial parent) stating they are unwilling to cooperate. cant get this we have no contact Failing this - 3rd party evidence from a Solicitor that the applicant has made reasonable attempts to contact their ex partner & request the medical clearances for the child. This evidence then needs to be submitted with a statutory declaration from the applicant detailing the circumstances & efforts made. The applicant will also need to acknowledge that as far as he is aware the child does not have a health condition which might preclude meeting the health requirement; and, that there are no clear intentions for the child to eventually migrate. what evidence do they want? a stat dec from a solicitor stating exactly what we have just sent along with the stat dec? im not sure what evidence they expect? help plz?
  14. Guest

    PLz add timeline on spreadsheet

    Plz add your time line on this link so we have latest info Only for CAT 2 applicants:wink: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=trvSLEeXO8luhhU03UkoI8g&hl=en#gid=0
  15. prussu

    plz help - Urgent

    Hi, I just wanted to know if any 475ers from high risk country and applied in 2009 has got CO? Pls write back
  16. kellyjamie

    Help plz prob with our 176

    Hi everyone we need your help please? when we filled out our 176 we had to put in jamies qualification which is an AQF Diploma received via RPL all done online, Now when i put it in it gave us 5 points for the aussie qual but i know we wont get the 5 points as the qual was done online in 6 mths so doesnt meet the reqs for the extra points. So thats the first issue the 2nd is jamies sitting ielts on saturday for the extra points (due to us being sure he wont get the 5 for the qual) and i need to then upload his results which is fine but how do we claim the 25 points when we have done the form already? Should we just upload the results then wait for a case officer to be assigned to explain? Help please many thanks kelly:wubclub:
  17. kellyjamie

    Help plz re. son not coming

    Hi can anyone help plz? my son isnt coming with us and is staying with his father, do i have to do a stat dec regarding this? i know i will have to do one for him not havin a medical as his father wont allow it but is there anywhere else i need to state this? also is there a standard form for the stat dec or do i literally type something up? thanks kelly
  18. Guest

    Plz Help!

    The following is displayed on onlie application status: "You and/or your dependant(s) are required to undergo a medical and/or X-Ray" Is this just a standard text or does this mean a case officer has been allocated?
  19. heloo to all can anyone plz tell me that whether there would be any effect on the student visa by deffering the semister to the next session actually i go my student visa in october 2010 but due to the delay of the passport in embassy for labeling the visa i missed out the november session 2010,coz the uni didnt grant further extension to me and my semis deffer to feb session2011,now i ve the passport with a visa grnated in noctober.the university issue new offer letter and coe for the febuary sssion. my question is that now whether there would be any effect on my visa by deffering the semister? would the DIAC would effect my visa? would the immigration would create problems for me? whether there would be any problem if i travel for first time on this visa after three months? plz answer to my questions plzzz
  20. kellyjamie

    Help with ss plz

    Hi guys looking for some advice plz? were applying to Tas tonite for SS and just wondered if anyone can help us with things to attach for evidence? just so we know were not missing anything, weve got email from the prospective employer, mortage statement and valuation letter to show funds, anything else? many thanks k and J x
  21. My friend has applied for 885 visa (onshore) he is currently on bridging and his girlfriend is on student visa and her visa is due to expire in june next year and they are getting married in jan next year so i just wanna ask can she be added to his application now and will she get transferred to bridging visa automatically after marriage . Any advice will be much appreciated :notworthy:. Thank u very much. KARAN
  22. Hi, I have been with my partner since Oct 2009. We met in a house share and did not share a room until after Christmas, therefore we do not deem ourselves de facto until Jan 2011. We plan to apply for de facto in Feb 2011, just to make sure we are over the 12 month period. However, during this 12 months we will have spent 10 weeks abroad (from mid Aug to end of Oct 2010). All of this time will have been spent together, bar my partner spending an extra wk in sth africa and I will stay an extra 2 wks in the UK. My only concern that although my parents will have been our 'base' during this time, we will have spent 7 weeks travelling in total. Do periods of travelling together go against the 12 month period? Although post etc will still be going to our unit during this time and my partner will be paying rent, due to my WHV coming to an end and my no longer being able to work, I am not contributing to rent during this period, my employed partner is paying for both of us and I will resume payment when I return to Oz. I also wondered if this would pose a problem? Thanks!
  23. Hi, I met my partner in a house share in Sept 2009. We became a couple by the end of Oct 2009. I had moved into his room by the end of Dec 2009. My room then initially became a storage/junk room until Feb 2010, when it was rented to someone else (I was on a WHV and work was intermittent, so this was done to reduce my rent). My WHV just expired and we have both come to the UK for time with my family/holidays. My partner returns to Oz at the end of October and myself a month after this, on a tourist visa. We then hope to apply for de facto early Feb 2011, currently unsure as to whether this would be better on or off shore? The only issue I have with off shore is that it could mean a long time apart whilst the visa is being processed and for any possible interviews, we would not be in the same country. My other concern is do we meet the 12 months? I understand that to be classed as de facto we have to have been living as couple, sharing a room, bills etc and so this was from Dec and our housemate can write a statement describing the nature of our relationship. Obviously having someone else move in Feb 2010 is proved by paper; rental agreement, bank statements etc. My concern is that there will be an issue with the month my partner spends in Oz whilst I am in the UK. He cannot stay any longer as he has a job to return to, whereas I obviously do not and would like further time with my family and friends, given I will hopefully not be returning for a while if we are successful with an application. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks!!
  24. Ok My name is Laura and me and my partner have decided to go to aus!! my mum dad sister and brother live there so i already have my visa but my patner has a working holiday visa. only problem is he does not have the $5000. is it compulsery to have this or would they take into account that we have a secure place to live and therefore not need as much money. any information would be really really helpful!!!
  25. Ok My name is Laura and me and my partner have decided to go to aus!! my mum dad sister and brother live there so i already have my visa but my patner has a working holiday visa. only problem is he does not have the $5000. is it compulsery to have this or would they take into account that we have a secure place to live and therefore not need as much money. any information would be really really helpful!!! :jiggy: