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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, even though it is only 4 months till we move!! Bit scary as I haven't been able to organise anything yet due to an operation. However, I'm on it now!! I just wanted to ask all you knowledgable people about taking electrical items over with you.... - I see from a few posts that most people seem to take electricals/white goods with them. My husband is not so keen as he doesn't like the idea of using adapter plugs for everything - in that it might be unsafe to do this on a big scale. I'm clueless about this kind of thing....can you just change the plug to an aussie style one? Thanks so much in advance for any advice. Sx:err:
  2. Hi all, This will have to rank as the most boring forum post I've ever made, but I'm going to make it anyway... Coming from Europe, we're going to need to rewire everything of course. So the question is, how much can we expect to pay for an Aussie mains plug, both the three pin type and the two pin? Second question, where would you head to in Australia for DIY basics like that? What's the equivalent of, say, Homebase, in Oz? There, I've done it. Don't tell anyone I asked... Cheers,
  3. jo greenway

    Changing plugs?

    Hi All our stuff arrives in two weeks! What I would like to know did everyone just change all their plugs themselves or is there someone who will do it for you at a reasonable cost. I am in pymble Sydney.
  4. Guest

    Plugs - where to buy them

    Any suggestions? I want to buy some Ozzie plugs so that we can switch over our things. But heck I only seem to be able to find plugs as singles and the cheapest I have seen is $2.75 each. That is almost $30 for 10 plugs. I am after the flat to the wall variety rather than the ones that stick out and am assuming they are cheaper if I buy in a pack. I got the above prices at Mitre 10 and Bunnings - is this as cheap as it gets guys - maybe I am just being stingey. Cheers Vicky
  5. roflie


    Taking over a few electrical items and just wondered about the plugs... do i need to re-wire or buy adaptors? cheers
  6. Hi We arrived in Sydney at the beginning of March and our furniture etc all arrived last week. I need to arrange for the electrical items to have an Australian plug put on them in place of the UK plug that is currently there. I have been told that it is illegal to do it yourself and it should be done by a registered electrician over here. What has anyone else done regarding this? I am sick of having adaptors in every plug socket and really want to get everything converted asap but am concerned about how much this is going to cost if I go to an electrician. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cara
  7. I have been looking online for a UK to Australia adapter but am confused as some seem to have 2 pins and others 3! What is the norm? I thought Oz plugs were 3-pin like UK but slanted instead of straight? What's with the 2-pin plugs?? Also, if we just get a couple of adaptors am I right in thinking that we can plug a UK extension lead into them and run our UK appliances off that. It would save any bother changing plugs on appliances as we are only staying 1 year. Is it safe enough to do it this way?
  8. Guest

    Electrical Plugs for Oz

    I have just returned from a 3 year stint in Oz and have a large collection of plugs and extension leads etc that I had to put on my UK equipment that I had taken with me. I have posted these on ebay item number 320615454079. Starting price £5.00 Listing goes live at 8.00pm on Wednesday. I am located in Potten End near Berkhamsted if you are local and want to save on postage.
  9. Guest

    changing plugs?

    we have brought various electrical appliances with us - laptops, dyson, food mixer, telephone, google phones etc. I AM GOING MAD USING ADAPTORS. Is it straight forward channging plugs. Would be ok doing UK to UK but a bit nervous changing from UK to Australian plugs. Any one done this already and is it straightforward. Will probably just buy new cable for laptop
  10. I have brought over my brand new un-used Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer from the UK. But I have a problem. I cut of the pre-moulded UK plug and changed it to the 3 pin Ozzie plug, but it tripped the switched. Went back to Bunnings and changed the plug from a 10 amp standard ozzie plug to a 15 amp ozzie plug one. Only to realise that the pins were to big for my sockets, thus I went back to Bunnings, got the smaller pin 15 amp ozzie plug and yet again it always trips my main switch. I put the English plug back on with the right fuse and used it with an adapter and it still tripped also tried it with a extension socket and it still tripped. Not sure what to do? Any advice will be very much appreciated. Tony
  11. mrsb


    If we bring all our electricals over can we get the plugs changed over to australian ones? We are shipping a fair amount of stuff and it may work out cheaper to do this rather than buy all new appliances. TIA
  12. HI, after returning to the UK last month I have a Topfield TF4400PVRT set top box in good condition & 19 Aussie plugs ready to fit on your UK appliances. Any offers? I have photos if required & can post to anywhere in the UK
  13. I know they wont fit in the sockets lol i was just wondering if you have to change all your plugs over to AU ones and if so is it safe to do it yourself? I have lots of adaptors but i think i would be happier and feel safer is things like my washer, fridge, tv (things that are normally left plugged in for long periods of time) are changed. Is it easy to do yourself or should i get an electrician to do it? If so, how much approx do they cost as a lil on the side job maybe Thanks Emma x
  14. Hi, we are just considering whether to take certain bits and bobs of electrical equipment with us to Oz and wondered if anyone could answer a couple of questions for us. With things like the dishwasher and washing machine, we have decided to take them because they are only about four years old and are Miele, and when we looked at the cost of replacing them in Oz my hubby nearly fainted! So, when they arrive in Oz and we come to use them, is it just a matter of plugging them in with an adaptor plug, or is it better to change the plug? If we want to change the plug, is it something we can do ourselves like we would here, or would we need to have an electrician to do it? Also we have a couple of the oil-filled radiators that we used to use in the garage. When we were over in September it was absolutely freezing at night so we would like to bring those too. Again, is it just a matter of just using an adaptor, or can you just change the plugs? Thanks very much!
  15. Guest


    Just changed a few plugs on some uk appliances over to ozzy ones. My stereo amp went pop after a few hours use. The plug was wired correctly before any comments thanks:yes: Im right in thinking its ok just to swap plugs over right?.....or is there some sort of special reason for the $11 adapters at bunnings, dick smith etc?????? Just wary now of swapping any more over:unsure: thanks in advance
  16. Guest


  17. up4answers

    arrrgh, plugs!

    Hi all. we fly out on Monday to Sydney. It's just dawned on me I haven't got any adapters for plugs. can anyone suggest a shop in the uk we can get one in the next couple of days. or do they sell them at heathrow. stupid question i know!!!
  18. Guest


    :goofy: Hi just wondering what sort of plugs they use in oz, are they like ours i.e 3pin or are they the round 2 pin type. [ATTACH]481[/ATTACH]