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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there; My electric toothbrush uses a shaver outlet to to recharge which is fine whilst we're in temporary accomodation. However we move to our own place this week and there is no shaver outlet and I've been trying to source an adapter with no luck. In UK you can buy them easily and cheaply but of course they only convert to a UK plug. Will a European 2 pin adapter work so I plug the charger in the European 2 pin bit and the end into an Australian socket? Or can I get an adapter that will convert the shaver plug into an Australian one? If such a thing exists, please tell me where I can get one? Or do I get one that converts to a UK plug shipped over, use that with a UK to Australia adapter? Thanks in advance.
  2. rockola57

    Plug Sockets up the wall.

    Why are electrical Sockets 3 foot up in the middle of the wall here in Oz?Not at all conducive with aesthetics!Actually ,with wires hanging out all over the place it looks Shi.te.!Then,also the extension boards are compact,and don't allow for the various shaped plugs!WTF is that all about?Sometimes i'm lucky if i can get 2 appliances into a 4 gang extension board.Miles behind is a thought that oft springs to mind.!:wink:
  3. Basically I was employed in Brisbane on a 457 Visa from November 2009 to September 2010. The Visa was granted without any hassle whatsoever. Unfortunately personal family reasons meant that we had to return to the UK:cry: I sent my CV to a recruitment agent in November and had a lot of interest, a number of telephone interviews and 2 offers. After a lot of backwards and forwards I decided to accept one of the offers and respectfully declined the other. The Company that I accepted the offer from instructed a Migration Agent who contacted me on Christmas Eve with a list of the information he needed. This is exactly the same qualifications and work experience that I had when I applied the last time. I have had medicals done, arranged health insurance, everything asked of me. Today I received a call from my recruitment agent to advise that they were withdrawing the offer based on the advise of the Migration Agent that I may not get a Visa:arghh: Does anybody know if the rules on 457 Visa's have changed greatly since October 2009? I have over 12 years experience in my industry (including time in Australia) and numerous industry related and academic qualifications. I do not have a degree specific to my job but I have Higher Educations qualifications that are the equivalent to bachelor degrees in the UK. Anyway, glad I got some of that off my chest and have just drafted a grovelling email to the company I turned down as I know they are still looking for staff. Fingers crossed:eek:
  4. The Pom Queen

    Swimming Pools - Where's the plug?

    As you know coming from Melbourne we are not use to pools at all, can anyone tell me what happens when it rains really hard, is it like a bath and it has an overflow or does it literally come over the top? Please don't laugh we all have to learn somewhere:wacko:
  5. Guest

    UK extension leads on offer!

    Hi If you're moving back to the UK and fancy some free UK extension leads then we might be able to help. There's one heavy duty cable reel for use in DIY and five multi-plug extension leads. We've also got a few double adaptor plugs. We're in East Perth. We'd rather give them to someone who could use them than send them to landfill so if you are interested ring Scott on 0468 818 153. If have any Aussie ones that you are looking to get rid of prior to your move back that we could swap them for, that would be greatly appreciated, but essentially we just want to give these to a good home! Cheers! Down under, out west
  6. Guest

    Plug Adaptors

    Hi everyone - on countdown, we fly 5 WEEKS TODAY!!! OMG! Onto more serious matters. We are going to bring some multi socket extension cables and eventually get the plugs changed to Aussie ones, however in the short term I need some adaptor plugs. Have just been looking on ebay but am now confused as to whether I need 2 (flat) pins or 3 pin. Help?! Cheers Hels
  7. Guest

    Plug adaptors

    Well, I haven't sent my Visa app in yet, the OH hasn't sent the 888 off to his mum yet (as he needs to suggest to her what sorts of things to write and we both have a mental block on that!) and my medical is next Friday... Polioce Check was sent off a couple of weeks ago (yet to get it back) and the Xray was done on the 9th... so all going about as expected. Me - I'm worrying about what to write on my "Statement" about our relationship, how long it's going to take the MiL to be to fillin the form (she panics...) and send it back and what evidence to send off with the visa. The OH on the other hand, is worrying about plug adaptors... Can anyone recommend any decent grounded ones please? If I can sort him out on that front I *may* be able to get him to fill out his form!!
  8. Someone save me having to ask everywhere :notworthy:
  9. QUEENSLAND'S developers are pulling the plug on major unit projects, stopping millions of dollars in construction in the state's southeast. Their actions are also undermining the job market. more
  10. Mongrel

    Help plug adapters

    :cool::jiggy:Help !!! We are desparate in need of uk plug adapters, We are in Perth OH cant use hair dryer and straightner thingys. I wondered why the spiders refuse to come in :shocked:now Im getting scared its really scary:arghh: Also can any one advise us on the best mobile networks and deals we are in short term accomodation for 3 months we came Saturday I think that they do deals for all the media stuff. Does any Perthies know of anmy phone unblockers All help will be appreciated esp on plugs im gettin worrid Malc n Nic (medusa)
  11. Guest

    Plug and swapping them

    Hi ya all, Does anybody know how to swap over the plugs from the UK to a Ozzie plug on TV's and DVD's or even a good website that could tell me how to do it????? Thanks Dan PS - 5 weeks in - got a car, a rental house and a job!!