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Found 159 results

  1. Hi guys, I am looking to apply for a 175 visa, we are a gay couple and we have just found out that my partner is HIV positive and has Hepatitis B, my test came up negative. I was wondering if there is any agents or anyone who has gone through for a visa, or if it is possible?. Any advice would be grateful.:err:
  2. hi im im a solid plasterer from leeds with nvq's levels 1&2. im moving to the goldcoast in january. im writing on here just to get an insight into how they go about solid plastering in the goldcoast and if there is much demand for plasteres in this area. ive been told everything is mainly tape an joint an no wet plaster at all except for rendering. if anyone could help that'd be great. or if anyone knows of someone setting on that would be better lol cheers. kieran
  3. Hello All, This is my first post on this forum, and am here seeking advise from the Aussie Visa Experts I am Jai from India and have 6 yrs exp in IT field. I wish to apply for Aus PR visa, and have passed the points test (65) on Aus immigration website. Has anyone filed for a PR on their own without going thru an agent?? I have contacted a migration agent in India, and seem to charge too high for the services, so thinking to apply on my own. just want to know how complicated is the process? Appreciate all your help!! Thanks in advance.. I2wannafly!! :wink:
  4. Hey Guys I have just arrived in Perth WA and have applied to have my City & Guilds qualification transfered and because I am doing it in Australia I have to apply through the TRA as apposed to applying before hand in the UK and applying through VetAssses. The TRA have requested that I do a Trade test at Neca, college of electrical training. So here are the big questions: Has anyone done this trade test recently and what can I expect? Can you chose the specific tasks in the the different sections of the practicle or are you told which tasks you are required to do? I am worried about the theory and practicle with regard to Single phase and Three phase motors: 1 phase - Universal Motor? 1 phase - Capacitor Start - induction Run Induction Motor? 3 phase - Direct on Line? 3 phase - Star Delta? If any one has any advise or wouldn't mind a chat about the trade test please get in touch! Thanks guys, I'll let you know how it goes, I write on the 13 December 2010. For those of you who are in same boat I will let you know what is coming!
  5. Hi all My parents are hoping to apply for 12 months tourist visa in November 2011 to visit Australia and immediately after that will be lodging contributory parent visa (173) from offshore before they travel to AU. Is this acceptable? Will either visa would get rejected since they apply CPV immediately after tourist visa ? Thanx
  6. Dears, pls be so kind to help me to find out if my job is listed on SOL. I'm a forwarding agent working in logistic / shipping company (organising transport and goods distribution). I have a 3 year diploma degree at the university of maritime transport. If anyone can help me to recognise my proffession for visa aplication procedure. Many many thanks!!!!!! :sad:
  7. hi there... I want everyone to please take part in this thread with any n al of the suggestions that you can give me. My sister has applied for recruitment consultant occupation ..she is now planning to arrange docs for the DD..But she is confused to choose among these 2 1)WA 2)SA You can give suggestions in terms of 1) Job opportunities for Recruitment Consultant 2) Average Salary for Recruitment Consultant 3) Living Standard in either of the state 4) Expenses in either of the state 5) Taxes secutiry etc in either of the state... Pleas ekeep in mind a these aspects and then suggest what you think is the best state for my sister... I am awaiting alot of replies... Hia
  8. Guest

    Need some advices 119 RSMS pls

    Hi everyone !! I am currently in Category 5, Cook 885 onshore and I am on Bridging A Visa. I submitted my application on August 2008. I had a talk with the company the company will give the sponsorship to me If I want the company is in NT. I contacted the agent she said to me that I have to apply 119 offshore and I am not eligible for fee-free application. just wondering if u guys were me u wanted to apply RSMS 119? because I called to the immi call center. She told me that some of Category 5 applications would be processed before July 2012. However she is not 100% guarantee. I dont want to stay at NT for 2 years, However if there is no hope for Category 5 in the couple years I would get sponsorship from the company. Another thing that I am afraid of that the immigration might cap and cease the application offshore on 119 that I was going to apply. I am thinking that I will be better that I am just wait for Category 5 to process. How long does RSMS 119 take to grant Visa? The agent told me that I dont need to take ielts cause I have diploma from Australia and I dont need to have TRA either. So I am thinking that it is quiet handy to apply a new visa. Pls give me some advices Cheers, iboon
  9. Hey, I am off to Perth in 11 days and am currently waiting for AHPRA to prosess my paper work for Nursing Registration. I am aware that I will need a police check and a working with children check. How do I go about this? Do I need to contact the local police force here in the UK and also obtain another police check on arrival in Perth?? Any info would be much appriciated.. Thanks Carly
  10. Dear members, I have applied for subclass 475 on 23rd July 2010 through a migration agent, i got vetassess skill assessment for the occupation of Counsellor nec - ASCO Code 2513-79 and got the WA state nomination by June 2010 for the same occupation. Once i got the state sponsorship i couldn't apply for the visa in the month of June 2010 due temporary close of offshore GSM visas. When the New SOL 2010 came into effect, my occupation Counsellor nec was mapped into Psychotherapist - ANZSCO Code 272314 and the SOL 3 (Old) clearly indicated Applicants can only nominate an ANZSCO occupation from 1 July 2010 and An applicant with the relevant skills assessment in ASCO Occupation should map it to the relevant ANZSCO occupation. (pls find the attachment) I have been informed by my agent with the below email(from CO) saying my state nomination is invalid and they gave just 28 days to approach WA to consider as off list! I don't know what to do and my agent says we have to apply for SS again and i am wondering how will it be possible to get off list nomination since my occupation is not on the WA SMP?? Really worried and i am not getting reliable response from the agent also :cry: after paying 1800 $ as the agent fee any opinions please share :notworthy: Thank you and the below is the email from CO Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you in regards to the above Skilled migration application. Please be advised that I am willing to accept the applicants nominated occupation of Psychotherapist, ANZCO 272314 , pending provision of the new ANZCO skills assessment. However, please be advised that the WA STNI has not been accepted by the Department and has been deemed invalid as the applicants occupation is not on Western Australia's State Migration Plan and they have indicated to us that they are not prepared to sponsor the applicant as an "off list" application. I am now providing 28 days for the applicant to reapproach WA to ascertain if they will be prepared to sponsor them as a Psychotherapist and under their SMP or as an off list nomination. The applicant can ONLY be sponsored by their nominated state of WA, and cannot provide another state nomination. Please be advised if no state nomination is forthcoming from WA within 28 days the application will be subject for Refusal. Regards, XXXXXXXXX Case Officer, Team X, Adelaide GSM Department of Immigration And Citizenship sol '10-schedule3.pdf sol '10-schedule3.pdf
  11. Hi guys! This week I was appointed a CO from team 2 and they have requested work experience evidence. I have given payslips, P60's, my registration with general teaching council and crbs. My employer is also busy doing a reference letter. Will this be enough? I know I can send bank statements but I was hoping P60's and payslips would be sufficient. Can anyone help?
  12. Hi there guys, I do need some advice from others who have applied for the Land Economist or Internal Auditors nomination to Vetassess. Pls read below my situation and advice.. As per my education background, I have a Bachelors Degree (major in Economics and Finance) and a Masters of Applied Finance undertaken at RMIT and Monash University in Melbourne for the duration of 3 and 1 years respectively. For a nomination as an Internal Auditor - I have about 1 plus years working experience doing accounting work for a small textile trading company - preparing accounts, lodging returns etc in Singapore. This was some years ago and I am wondering what evidence is required to proof that I have worked for the company? More importantly, because my majors in my education background has not been Accounting, would I still be able to qualify as an Internal Auditor? I have done accounting modules however, around 3-4 during my entire education history. So I am wondering if this would still qualify me, please advice. For a nomination as an Land Economist - I have an education background (Bachelors with majors in Economics and Finance), would this put be in a better position having done economics in university and applying for a land economist position. Also with this position, if I own an office space and have rented it out, would this add further value if I can document ownership etc?? Please provide any advice here. Also in general, do people out there who have been assessed by Vetassess find them to be quite strict or lenient? I am trying to apply for a 485 TR visa for australia. many thanks guys!
  13. Hi I'm sure there are some wise members of the forum out there who may be able to help. Me, my OH & 2 children (12 & 14) are hoping to migrate to Perth. I've been told that as an experienced Midwife I should be able to secure employer sponsorship to get to Perth sooner than the whole independant visa route. Im not sure though wether I should start the whole independant/state sponsorship route just in case employer sponsorship doesn't happen. I know there are considerable costs associated with an independant visa which have the money to pay for but will I loose it if I end up getting a sponsor midway through the process.? Am confused, any help or people who have had similar experiences would really appreciate your input. Kind regards Kirstie
  14. Guest

    Help pls 442 or not ???

    Just a quick question, I have a 19yr old son who has been offered an apprenticeship ( stonemason ). My problem is how would we apply for a visa ??? we have looked at the 442 and can not make our minds up if this is the one for him or not. Any help/info would be appreciated. ER
  15. Dear All, I am currently out of Aus and hold Skilled Independent PR Visa. Have couple of queries: A) RRV - 5 yrs 1) My PR Visa expires on 5-Apr-2011 - Skilled Independent 2) I have been in Aus to validate the PR in May 2007 for 3 weeks 3) I have my brother-in-law and his family (PR holder) and cousin sister (Citizen) in Aus : can this be considered as strong family ties? 4) Could not return to Aus in last 4+ yrs due to ongoing medical treatment for wife and self : can this be considered compelling reasons? 5) I have a bank account and medicare registration in Aus Query A : Can I make a 5 yr RRV based on the above data and what are the chances of getting one? If they do not approve 5 yr RRV, will they automatically consider for 3 months RRV and grant it in turn reducing my overall time left in hand to return to Aus? B) RRV - 3months and future travel to Aus Query B: Can a previous PR Visa holder not living in Aus keep on getting a 3 months RRV and keep on travelling to Aus anytime as far as he/she visits Aus at least once in 5 years? Explanation: My 5 yr first tenure of PR visa expires Apr 2012 and I have been in Aus say in Apr 2010. Does that mean I can apply for 3 months RRV in say Apr 2013 and get is for sure as I have been in Aus atleast for 1 day in last 5 yrs? If yes, can I continue to do so for the next 10~15 yrs i.e. visiting Aus once at least in 5 yrs by getting a 3 months RRV? Really appreciate your help on this front as my clock is ticking to take a final call of being in Aus long term and being a citizen eventually. There is a lot at stake in terms of career and personal front for me to take this decision. Thanks in advance.
  16. Angekins

    Pls help - I'm confused!

    Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle!! I'm hoping some of you will be able to give me some advice/guidance on what to do, my situation is as follows (& apologies in advance for the length of this post!) I am currently a student nurse, due to start my third, and final, year of study in Sept. I was intending to complete my course, get three years experience, apply for state sponsership and then apply for a 475 visa. All the time keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that there were no further changes..... However; I picked up a copy of the Oz & NZ mag which has a breakdown of the new points system which I "think" means I could apply now for a 176 visa, using my previous occupation of Hotel Manager, which is a role I still undertake in a part time capacity to enable me to study the nursing - see confusing!! I worked out my points as: Age (40) = 15 English = 20 (Obviously will need to get IELTS sorted) Employment = 15 (Have worked as a hotel manager for 18 years) Qualifications = 10 (Need to get HND & experience assessed) State Nomination (NT) = 5 Total = 65 So, I'm looking for some advice as to whether I should apply now or wait? If I do go ahead, what order do I need to do things in? I'm thinking: IELTS, VETASSESS, SS, then Visa app, is this right? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated and many thanks for taking the time to read this very long post!! Angela
  17. Hi Guy's.... can anyone help with this BIG problem for the wife... We're moving to Brisbane but all the OH is worried about is Benders, Corrie, Emmerdale etc...as well as Neighbours and Home and Away. Can you please tell us when these are on or not, how far behind or infront r they or as she says I'M NOT MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.. :arghh: :notworthy: :embarrassed:
  18. My husband is currently preparing to undertake the IELTS test for his 176 visa. He is quite nervous about it; we believe you have to get a score of 7 to pass. As a challenge he has been practising on the academic test which is harder than the general test, just to see how he fairs with that. We would be interested to hear what peoples’ experiences are of the IELTS test? Anybody failed it? Found it easy? Best ways to practice? What type of questions do they ask? How long do you get for each test?
  19. I have just lodged my 457 visa...am slightly confused as when checking progress of my visa it states Application received processing commenced Application fee received Health requirements outstanding and lists my medical checks xrays blood tests etc It has a heading which you can click on to complete a health form just for myself but not for dependants on visa I have filled out the form and it has given me a referral letter to take with me for my medical Ok...if it says medicals, xrays etc outstanding or required does that mean I can book them now or do I have to wait to be officially asked to do so? I assume that I also book appts for my dependants although there was no form to fill out for them...I am sure they only need the medical but it does not list what is needed...it does not state that I have been allocated a C/O yet...does it normally let you know or does processing commenced mean I have one already? It states that you have to take forms A160EH and 26EH with you and yet I do not seem able to locate them on my application...is this because I should only book medicals once properly requested and the forms will magically appear or am I being daft and just cant find them? soooooo confusing lol Oh and arent medicals just soooooo expensive :arghh: Any help greatly appreciated Trace Partners
  20. Hi, I'm currently in the british army with just over two years left to serv and i'm thinking of transferring to the Australian army. Does anyone know if this is possible and how i go about making the first moves? Also if there is anyone who has does this already any experiences would be grateful to give me an idea. Many Thanks.
  21. Hello My OH,2 sons (8&4) and myself of course are thinking about emigrating on a skilled visa end of this year to Melbourne possibly. I read on the forums that there is a really useful document called "where to live in Melbourne" as a pdf. I need to start researching areas to live in Melbourne and believe this document would be invaluable help. Is there anyone out there who would be able to PM me and send me a copy of it as a pdf please? Many thanks for your help in advance
  22. Hi all I need some guidance, my mind is boggled with research and I cant take in much more. Landing in Brisbane on the 29th of this mth staying at city hotel for 2 nights and then 4 weeks at Brisbane Holiday village, in order to find work and nice area to live. I know its been asked lots but can someone advise on a beautiful area with good schools to suit 4yrs, 5yrs and 11yrs. I fancy a bit good size garden and a pool if poss. Nothing over 500 per week. If Anyone could recommend their suburb to me pls, so much appreciated! Kind Regards
  23. Hello All I just received a Negative Assessment from ICAA stating not suitable for nominated skilled occupation Accountant (General) 221111. I have been working as an Accountant for the past 11 years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Bangalore University in India. They have stated my degree is assessed as comparable to the level of an Australian Bachelor Degree based on AEI-NOOSR Guidelines. The reason they mention is that not all core knowledge areas have been covered in my degree. They have asked me to pass the following subjects and assess it again. The subjects are: Corporate Accounting and Reporting Accounting Theory, Professional and Regulatory Processes Information Systems Design and Development I had lot of hopes that the subjects I studied were sufficient for assessment. I am really not sure what course to take up now to cover these subjects. This has come as a very big blow for me. Appreciate if someone could please guide me as to the best possible way to overcome this predicament. Regards Nebujm
  24. Hi All, We have had to abandon Redcliffe as our chosen place to live as the commute has been much longer than anticipated. We are now looking south of the river in the bayside but we don't know this area well. Today I saw a house in Ormiston on Fletcher Tce which seems nice and I think we would like to go for it but what is the area like? What choice do we have for primary schools as we can't stretch to Ormiston College unfortunately? It seems like we would have to use the car to get to anywhere as I couldn't see any shops or parks nearby but maybe I missed them. I would prefer to walk sometimes at least. Also, is there much going on for under 5's? Redcliffe only seems to have storytime at the library and three playgroups which are full. Any local info very much appreciated as we are under pressure to find something soon. Thanks in advance Louise
  25. Hi all, Just in the middle of having around shipping companies out and would love to hear from anyone who used which shipping Insurance companies! Just getting our heads around the removal companies and now Insurance companies :arghh: Thanks in advance Heidi