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Found 13 results

  1. Sunset

    Plastic shopping bags.

    On the news earlier the WA powers are trying to ban the use of plastic carrier bags from all shops, as it is having an impact on the local coastline apparently? I am all for clean beaches and a cleaner environment, but when ever we walk the beaches here i can honestly say hand on heart we never see any litter only washed up seaweed. Now the areas around some shopping centres are sadly beginning to show the signs of litter drop, but thats allsorts of rubbish not just the grey plastic bags?
  2. Guest

    Plastic surgery in Queensland

    I've been considering a boob job for a while, then before I knew it I was living in Brisbane. Does anyone know how much this sort of procedure would cost? Any recommendations? Anyone had it done out here?
  3. lavender776

    Plastic boxes

    Hi I will probably be moving in the next couple of months. We're just starting to have a sort out in the loft and so far we are putting a lot of stuff into plastic boxes. When we do have the shippers in, are we allowed to keep it in them or do we have to use their boxes? I only ask as there's quite a good deal on the boxes near me at the moment and I was going to buy a few more - but its not worht it if I have to empty them and use something else.
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been doing my research on shipping companies as we need to ship a few boxes (clothes, shoes and a few sentimental bits), aka excess baggage, out to Adelaide. Every company I have come across use cardboard boxes to ship stuff out in. We have a few empty plastic storage boxes we are thinking of using as they will come in handy once we arrive in Australia. Has anyone used these for shipping before? If so, how'd it go? Would you recommend using them? Would they have a higher chance of breaking or what? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Guest

    Plastic Grass

    Has anybody had artificiual grass laid ? and if so how are you finding it ?.
  6. Hi i am currently working for a top Plastic PVC & PET producing company and am looking for work/sponsorship in the same area. I currently work as a number 1 operator on a PET extrusion machine making recycled plastic sheeting for the food industry. I have also worked in the same company as a mixing plant operator and granulator. I hold a folk lift licence and have a very good work attitude with great references. Please if anyone can help point me in the right direction I would be very greatfull. :biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Plastic manufacturer sponsorship

    Hello looking for employer sponsorship in Victoria for visa 457. Working in the plastic PVC industry at the moment. Working as an extrusion operator on the PET production where we produce different gauge, width and colour of sheets. aslo limination of the sheet. I have a very good understanding of material handleing systems, e.g Gravicon feeders volumetric feeders and vacume systems. Also corona treatment. I have had training in America with my company Klockner Pent-a-Plast and also Training on and extrusion line in Italy where the mahine was commissioned (Bandera) Very hard worker with good attendance and im looking for sponsorship please any one who can help i would much appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hi folks, i have a question about storage boxes. I am about to start de-cluttering my home and beginning to have a long overdue sort out, with a view in mind of chucking stuff out that I am not taking to Australia with me. However, what I am going to keep, I want to store. Now my first thought is to store these things in plastic boxes but I think I read on here that if you putting things in a container for shipment they recommend not using plastic boxes, is this right??? Thanks Mandisfam
  9. Hi All My husband is a sheet metal worker by trade but has been doing plastic fabrication for the last few years. We are hoping to move to Victoria in the next few months we have our visa but are just waiting to sell our house. Is anyone in this line of work, will he find it easy to find work? I am doing all the panicing and hubby seems to be burying his head in the sand, I think he thinks a job will just drop into his lap!!:skeptical: We are looking at moving to Geelong area. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Dawn
  10. Guest

    Plastic Surgery xxx

    Hi just enquiring.......what is plastic surgery like ......is it frowned upon?.......read on another post that some peeps in oz don't look after themselves as much???.......is it readily available???.......do they have same regulatory boards to ensure all ok????..........just enquiring............as you never know????.........my husband may need some work done one day............oh and price wise..........any info would be great.......... Thanks, xxx

    clothing in plastic

    hi i read somewhere that it is not good to take clothing in plastic due to mildue is this correct ? also is there anybody who has moved and used those vaccume packs for putting clothes in or are these not recomended ?


    I currently work for Coca Cola as a plastic bottle maker (blower) I have vast experience on Sidel Machines and am looking for similar work in Melbourne>does anyone have any sugestions of Companies and rates of pay