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Found 28 results

  1. Hi all, Just wondering whether anyone could shed some light. We moved to Perth from England on 28th June thinking there was loads of plastering work available as last year we came over for a month & on seek.com there were 19 plasterers jobs but now there isnt 1!! We are totally beside ourselves as a few people are saying that WA is experiencing a downturn in the property market so this has had a knock on effect in the construction industry! What! we have come the other side of the world to get away from this & it has followed us! My husband has 8 years experience in plastering, is city & guilds qualified & has completed an AQF III with master builders in sold plastering & he just cant get work here, just like in the UK! He has gone upto construction workers on site but all they say is to have a look in the West Australian paper as the jobs come out on a wednesday & saturday, when he looks in there all it has in there is a couple of plasterers labourers jobs, he phones for them as we are now getting desperate so he is willing to be a labourer if this is what it takes but all they say is that the job has gone. A few people have passed him numbers & when he phones they just say that the plastering is quiet at the moment & they cant help him! We are beside ourselves, we have waited 20 months for the visa & now this!! This is not how we had thought things would work out. The problem is the children dont start school until 2 weeks so then I will try to get an office job for a couple of days a week but everything is so expensive here so my husband needs to get working asap. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem or are we just panicking too much??
  2. Guest

    attention all plasterers

    hi again everyone just a quick call to all solid plasterers in aus, could you give some info on workin hours,working enviroment,pay also where to live in aus as a plasterer thanks jonny JONNY 23 SOLID PLASTERER 6 YEARS ALISON SALON BASED HAIRDRESSER 7 YEARS LILY ELLA 9 MONTHS OLD
  3. will any construction Trades people be in a spot of bother here within the changes ????
  4. Carpenters , riggers , platerers & painters ...Ive got places available but you must have a license ... Its remote area work staying away for 4-6 week periods at a time ... PM me if your interested & we can have a chat Martin
  5. Guest


    Hello Is anyone out there plastering in Australia? I've heard that it is different from what we do here in England. I would be vey grateful if someone could tell me a bit about working out there in Oz Conditions, wages etc. Also if there is a good site to go to where I might find a possible sponsered job? Thanks for any help.
  6. Guest

    Plasterers tools

    Hi, We need some help. My OH is a plasterer and obviously has alot of tools. Would it be better to buy new out there or take his with us? Ship them? Any one know any good shipping companies? thanks Rosie & Lydon
  7. Please help need to know if there is any work for solid/fibrous/dry lineing work in or around gold coast area
  8. HI I'm hoping that by posting this we will finally get some honesty and truth about the true situation here. We have been living in WA for 16 months now, OH came over as plasterer - first 6 months were great and then it all went downhill from there. The guy he worked for let him go and although there seemed (and still seems) to be heaps of building work all around us, he was unable to secure REGULAR work in his trade. This resulted in us experiencing a severe financial downturn, he is now in employment in the steel trade, but in all truth, the money is horrendous and with 3 kids to support we are barely managing to breath, let alone feed and clothe them. Of course, because we have not been resident for 2 years, there is no extra help we can get from the state either. I am also looking for work, but if and when anything comes up, I will have the age-old problem of childcare to tackle so its just not that easy. Don't know whether OH has just been unlucky with the contacts he has made in the trade or whether this is a true reflection of the situation out here. There seems to be more adverts appearing for plasterers in the papers etc, but is it going to be a short term thing again and when winter comes (thats when it all went wrong last year), is everything going to go quiet again. We now have NO savings to back us up and if we fall this time, we are finished. I'm scared for my kids and for both our sanities, but OH just needs a break with someone to get back into his trade and start living (rather than barely existing) again. I'm not here begging for a job (though if anyone wants to offer.........lol) - just a truthful, honest view of the longterm prospects for him, if he decides to return to his trade. thanks guys

    melbourne bound plasterers

    Hi just wondering if there are any plasterers out there heading for victoria,im heading for frankston area once i get the house sold ,
  10. Guest

    State Sponsor for Plasterers

    Is Western Australia the only state that is sponsoring plasterers at present?
  11. Hey all, any newbies between Sunny Coast down to Brizzy who are experienced suspended ceiling/partition fixers, or plasterers, get in touch as I will need extra bods soon, busy busy!
  12. Guest


    Hi I have been here 18 months and my best Friend is thinking about doing the move. He currently has his own plastering business in the UK, I just wondered if there is any need for plasterers in Australia?
  13. Can anyone recommend a good plasterer in the Berwick area? Three times we have made appointments for a quote and three time the plasterer has failed to turn up (all the same guy). I guess this is not unusual but very frustrating, I just want my ceilings done.:no: Xtonite
  14. Guest

    plasterers thread

    hi to all plasterers, i am in queensland where the trade i did in the u.k. does not really exist here, i was a wet plasterer, mainly floating in sand and cement, bonding or browning, and overskimming using board finish or multi finish, i did cement rendering also and pebble dashing, none of what is done here, i know very few companies here do some cement render but not many at all, i have been informed on here that other parts of australia do this, for example i have heard that sydney, tasmanis, perth, and adelaide do this type of work, the only people i hear this off are people who are not in the trade, i would like to hear from plasterers in australia who are actually carrying out these tasks, i will bring bump this back to the top from time to time as i know some people dont come on very often, thanks. matt.
  15. Now I know things are hard in the trade at the moment but i am just wondering what the wages are like for a fibrous plasterer (taper + jointer) in normal circumstances and is their usually many companys to work for or is it subcontracting type work.... many thanks Scott........
  16. Guest

    Calling All Plasterers

    Hi, really hope someone can help. I'm Oscarsdad, plasterer for 20 years and hoping to relocate family to anywhere in Oz that needs plasterers! Our ultimate aim is to buy land in Tasmania and build our own house but that's a few years down the line yet. Anyway, moving on... Have any of you done the whole TRA through pathway E thing? I've just passed my AQF III with ACTS and was just wondering what to include in the work references for the TRA part. I'm guessing they have to be as indepth as possible!? If any of you can provide some helpful hints I'd be really grateful. Cheers Oscarsdad
  17. G'day to everyone Haven't been on the site for ages - had forgotten how addictive it is. Anyway here goes:- My OH is a Plasterer and we have two kids aged 8 and 4 and we are hopefully heading for the Sunshine Coast (Caloundra or surrounding areas) in February 2009 (hopefully the house will sell long before then) - Scottish Market sure is slow at the moment but I guess it is the same everywhere. Anyway I would dearly like to know if there is any work up there for a hard working Plasterer and, if so, how much are he is likely to earn. I have read conflicting advice on here about the Sunshine Coast not having a lot of work and maybe heading nearer Brisbane would have to be considered but we really do fancy the Sunshine Coast and its beautiful lifestyle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. With many thanks Lillian
  18. The Butlers

    AQF lll for plasterers

    Hi All Just wandered if anyone has done the AQF lll in solid plastering ? Thanks for your yime Emma
  19. Guest

    Plasterers In Oz

    Hi My OH is a plasterer and he has asked me to ask if the skim goes off quick in the heat or if it is ok? Hope I made sense of the above cos I was only half listening to him when he asked me to put this on Thanks Lorraine :wacko:
  20. Just wondering if you, or your company could sponsor me when i decide to come over, if thats a possibility? I know in Oz they mainly tape & joint/cornice/sand,lime mortor render? I only do board/dab then skim new builds, or re-skim renovations etc. I understand NONE of that is done in Oz, other then the boarding? :no: Also, if you think who you work for, or if you would sponser me, what would wages be like whilst i learn to speed up when rendering, tape & jointing etc? Dont get me wrong, ive done it all in college, and can do it, but i know onsite people have their own ways to do things. By the time i come over i would have been plastering around 5 years. p.s. my OH is a pediatric nurse, just qualified and cant find a job in Manchester, where were from (what a joke). Is it likely should could get a job also?
  21. Hi, Are there any plasterers currently in Adelaide? We are thinking of Adelaide as our detination and was wondering if there is plenty of work there for plasterers. Also what would be their average weekly earnings in South australia? Any replies would be much appreciated. Thank you Lisa
  22. Hi, Along with many others we are new to this site. We are in the process of applying for General Skilled Migration Visa.Paul has had TRA approval as Fibrous Plaster (in uk dry liner/tape and jointer) and we have just sent off the forms for the visa itself. We are looking into everything possible about Oz, in particular jobs. Whilst in Sydney last year we asked around and were told that he wouldn't have any problems getting a job. However, looking at recruitement agencies we don't seem to be finding much. Is there anyone out there doing this job? Can anyone make any suggestions to help? We would prefer NSW/Queensland/SA but if it means getting out there we will consider anywhere. Look forward to hearing from someone/anyone :arghh: Seff and Sarah
  23. :chatterbox: Hi does anyone know roughly how much a plasterer can earn in melbourne? We would be very grateful for any info'. Thanks, CCx:huh:
  24. Could any body give me info about plastering products ie Render, :unsure:I know internaly is taped and jointed not scimed, But i carnt wait to get some sun on my back rendering hopefuly july/aug time some where near Brisie, (whats the mt2 price like) would appreiciate any help, Thanks for looking Guy the plaster, Heanor Derbyshire but not for long